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Strange Visitor from Another Planet Recap

Supergirl flies to a forest fire surrounding a camper and rescues the family inside by flying their camper off. The next day, she tells Alex what happened and talks about how she misses her best friend Winn after he kissed her. They go to Noonan's and when Kara asks for Cat's coffee, a young man expresses his condolences for Kara having to work for Cat. He wonders if Cat is as bad as everyone says, and Kara insists that Cat is tough but bad-ass. The man leaves and Alex points out to Kara that he was flirting with Kara. On the TV, there's a report about Senator Miranda Crane's anti-alien rally.

At CatCo, Kara tries to greet Winn but he tells her to just don't and takes the elevator down. Cat calls her conference and tells her staff that Miranda is a lightning rod for bigots and aliens. CatCo's top reporter has left and Cat makes it clear that Lucy will be serving him with a lawsuit. Jimmy offers to cover the rally and points out that with his connection Superman he can get a good quote from Miranda.

Cat gives in and dismisses the meeting, and Kara asks her why she's giving Miranda so much attention when she's horrible. The CEO figures that the more Miranda talks, the more she'll collapse. The man Kara talked to earlier is in Cat's office, and Cat realizes that it's her son Adam. She assures him that his showing up isn't a problem and asks why he's there, and Adam says that he got her letter. Cat realizes that Kara sent it and glares at her, and Kara quickly excuses herself. Adam thanks his mother for reaching out, and says that he'll be in town for a few days. He invites her to dinner and Cat accepts.

Once Adam leaves, Cat angrily calls Kara in and asks what she's done. Kara explains that Cat has been writing a lot of letters, and she finished one for her. Cat says that she's fired, and Kara insists that she lost her second chance with her mother and doesn't want Cat to go through the same thing. She reminds Cat that she said losing Adam was the biggest regret of her life, and says that it's easier to face the past with a little help. Cat reads Kara's letter and admits that it isn't awful, and tells Kara that she's rehired. However, she promises to make her life hell.

At the rally, Miranda warns that aliens are a threat to the country. Alex and Hank are on the perimeter checking for threats, while Jimmy takes photos. He catches a glimpse of a white figure speeding by but isn't sure what he saw. Suddenly the figure attacks Miranda's bodyguards. They get her to her car while Jimmy signals Supergirl.

The alien gets to Miranda's car ahead of the senator, knocking her bodyguards away. Hank and Alex arrive, and Hank stares in recognition at the figure, freezing in place. As the alien ducks into a nearby parking garage, Supergirl arrives and finds Miranda on the floor. There's no sign of the alien.

As the DEO secures the area, Hank warns Alex that the alien doesn't leave survivors and they have to Miranda before it comes back. She demands to know what happened.He doesn't answer and they take Miranda to the DEO along with Supergirl. Miranda has talked to General Lane and knows what he thinks of the DEO. When Supergirl reminds the senator that she saved her, Miranda suggests that Supergirl may have set the whole thing up. When Miranda objects to being held at the DEO, Hank tells her that she doesn't have a choice.

Later, Alex and Supergirl confront Hank and demand to know what's going on. He says that they're looking for a White Martian, and insists that the White Martians slaughtered his people, the Green Martians. They came from beneath Mars' surface and burned them all, and warns that the White Martians are dedicated to wiping outhis people. When Supergirl points out that it attacked Miranda, Hank says that he brought it to National City. He explains that if he uses his powers then it will know because of a link their races share. It attacked the rally to draw Hank out, and Supergirl scared it off. She assures Hank that he'll be able to move the next time he confronts it, and they'll help. After Alex leaves, Hank asks Supergirl to deal with the White Martian so that he isn't exposed and loses control of the DEO.

Kara meets with Cat and reminds her of her dinner with Adam. Cat insists that she can handle talking with her son after interviewing the rich and powerful, and Kara points out that Cat can be a little overbearing. She suggests that Cat be honest, but Cat makes it clear she doesn't want her advice.

At the restaurant, Cat talks to Adam about her career. She finally asks how Adam's college career is going, and he tells her that he dropped out. Cat turns the conversation back to her and Adam points it out. He wonders if she wrote the letter, and Cat claims that he did. Adam says that he came there to hear Cat apologize, and she says that she is sorry but she wouldn't have been a good mother. He says that just proves that it's all about her and leaves.

At CatCo, James and Kara go over the pictures he took at the rally. He says that he told Lucy he was going to be late getting home, and brings up a photo of the white Martian. It shows a similar glow in Miranda's eyes, and all of the photos after Supergirl rescued Miranda show the same glow.

At the DEO, Miranda's eyes glow as Hank takes her away. He tells her that Supergirl has agreed to bringthe White Martian in, and Miranda says that she's heard rumors that there is an alien mole in the DEO. Hank says that she's paranoid, and "Miranda" says that it would be very embarrassing if the mole was revealed. She suggests that Hank conduct a quiet internal investigation, and Hank dismisses her suspicions as comic book delusions. Miranda tells him to remember that he was warned.

Kara calls Alex and warns that the White Martian shapeshifted into Miranda's form. She draws her gun and aims at Miranda, who asks Hank if he's sure there are no hidden aliens there.Miranda mentions the White Martian, and Hank points out that he never said she was attacked by a white Martian. The Martian slams Hank away and attacks the other agents. Alex opens fire without effect as the Martian runs off through the DEO base, attacking anyone in her path.

The White Martian intruder gets to the central chamber and the agents firing manage to shoot off one of its fingers. Hank runs in and freezes up again as he remembers the White Martians wiping out his people, and Supergirl arrives and attacks the alien. The two are evenly matched, and the White Martian flees through the roof. Supergirl tells Alex to tend to the stunned Hank and flies out, but the alien has disappeared. Cat calls and says that she needs Kara in the office immediately.

Once they're alone, Alex says that it's her fault that she pushed him to use his powers, revealing himself to the White Martian. Hank insists that it's his war, but Alex says that he's not in it by himself. She promises that together they will protect Earth, and Hank says that it wasn't just his planet. The White Martians overwhelmed the Green Martians with their technology, herded them into camps, and then fed the women and children into furnaces... including Hank's wife and daughters. Hank escaped and survived, to his shame. Alex tells him that there is no shame in surviving, and he wouldn't want his family to be assured. Hank vows that he'll stop the White Martian from killing anyone else.

Kara meets with Cat, who complains that Kara wasn't there. Her assistant asks about the dinner, and Cat complains that Kara let her go there unprepared. She figures that Adam will never talk to her again, and Cat admits that Adam came there because of the letter. Kara promises to fix it and leaves.

At the hotel where Adam is staying, Kara finds him and he figures that Cat sent her to apologize. Kata says that Cat is scared of losing Adam, and insists that Cat isn't a heartless monster. She tells Adam that there is a hero inside of Cat, and sometimes being a hero requires sacrifices. Kara figures that Cat wouldn't change anything... except leaving Adam. Adam figures that Kara wrote the letter, and she finally admits that she did. She says that Cat is scared and asks Adam to give her another chance. He agrees... with Kara if comes with him.

Later, Cat and Adam get together at Noonan's. Kara plays referee and says that Adam wishes Cat had focused more on him because of all the time they apart. She tells them to say something real even if it terrifies them, and Cat says that she never got to be there when Adam grew up. Adam asked if Cat missed him, and she says that she did and she still does. Cat takes his hand and pulls away after a moment, and Adam takes it and admits that he missed her. Kara excuses herself and Cat thanks her before she goes. She then says that she's just sorry.

Hank and Alex examine the severed finger, and Hank says that he can track it if it's in his own skin. However, he says that they're not bringing it in. He's going to find its lair and then he will kill it. Alex warns him that he's not a murderer, and reminds him that they need the White Martian alive so they can find Miranda if she's still alive. She says that there's no honor in what he's about to do, and Hank says that it no longer matters.

In National City, Hank goes to the roof and scans the city, focusing on the fragment. He and Alex take a team into the sewers. Hank goes off on his own and Alex hears Miranda calling for help. Her team finds Miranda and Alex calls Hank. He's found Alex as well, and Alex realizes that it's a trap. "Miranda" attacks the team and kills them while Alex fires her gun.

Late, Alex wakes up and the White Martian in Miranda's form suggests that Alex tell her which DEO member is J'onn. Alex refuses and the White Martian says that the Green Martians are an infestation that her people. As it prepares to kill Alex, Hank makes telepathic contact with the White Martian. He's at the DEO with Supergirl, and says that he'll come to his enemy once he knows Alex is alive. Alex speaks up so that Hank can hear her, and the White Martian tells him to meet it in the desert. Hank tells Supergirl to get Alex out while he ends it. He's ready to die, tired of being his race's only survivor, and Supergirl says that she bears the same burden every day. She's realized that her mother didn't escape Krypton because she felt responsible for its destruction, and tells Hank that he has to go on. Hank says that his road is done, and once he helps Alex he'll join his people... wherever they are.

Hank goes to the desert and waits. The White Martian arrives with Alex, and Hank says that it's between them. His enemy says that he can see his dead children in his mind, and Hank kneels and asks it to send him to his family. The White Martian starts to strike... and Supergirl flies in. The alien flies into the air and Hank in his Martian form and Supergirl fly after it. They fight in mid-air, and J'onn finally brings it down. Supergirl tells him that it's over, and he slaps Kryptonite handcuffs on her and says that he can't let her stop her. Hank then prepares to kill the White Martian, and Supergirl says that she lost everyone. However, neither one of them can throw away what they are. If Hank does, then he dies.

Later, Hank and the others lock the White Martian in a cell. The White Martian tells Supergirl that there are millions of her kind and they will come, and Supergirl says to let them come. She and Alex tell Hank that he did the right thing but are sorry that he had to. Hank says that any man would be proud to call them his daughters. Supergirl hugs him until Hank says that it's enough and walks away.

The next day, Kara arrives at work. She passes Winn without saying anything, and when he mentions it she says that she's giving him space and time.

Miranda gives a speech explaining that she's reviving her stance on the anti-alien initiative. She says that they have a lot to learn before they take action. A reporter asks why she changed her mind, and Miranda says that Supergirl changed her mind by apprehending her attacker. From that she learned that not all aliens are enemies.

Cat is in her office watching a broadcast of Miranda's speech when Adam comes in. He says that he decided to stick around in National City a little longer, and agrees to have lunch with his mother. Adam asks about Kara and says that she has nice hair. Kara arrives and Adam makes it clear he'd like time with her alone. Once Cat takes the hint, Adam thanks Kara for what she did. He invites Kara to dinner and Cat calls over to say that Kara is available.

That night, Kara and Alex are having ice cream and talking about Adam. Kara worries about the date, and explains that it's with Cat's son. Alex tells her to go on the date and have fun before worrying what happens if the date goes bad. Kara says that when people need help, she helps them, and Alex tells her that she doesn't have to save everyone all the time. They watch as on the news, Supergirl makes a rescue and they wonder who it is.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 29, 2016

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