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Eve of Destruction Recap

I have been bent and broken, but, I hope, into a better shape.

Nick and the others stare after the departing Juliette. By the time they get outside, there’s no sign of her. The Grimm insists that it was Juliette, even though she died in his arms, and goes to talk to Trubel and find out what happened. Rosalee calls Hank and asks how Monroe is, and they assure her that they’re all right. Monroe tells Renard to take Xavier to the spice shop.

Trubel hears someone entering the bunker and grabs her knife. It’s Nick, who explains that he saw Juliet. He demands the truth, and Trubel saysthat she didn’t know for sure if Juliet was alive. She explains that Juliet was alive when Chavez took her, and she didn’t know what they were going to do to her. Trubel tells Nick that they were going to “break” Juliet. Adalind comes in and Nick tells her that Juliet is alive, and Trubel explains that Hadrian’s Wall wanted to use Juliet’s Hexenbiest nature as a weapon and took her.

The Wall operatives take Juliet out to their SUV and drag Trubel away when she tries to intervene

Trubel says that the Wall sent her to Bangkok that night and after that, she heard rumors that they were trying to turn a Hexenbiest into a warrior. Nick tells her that they succeeded and Juliet took out 20 Wesen who tried to kill her, and Adalind suggests that Meisner might know more. Trubel agrees, and tells Nick to call him on Chavez’s phone.

The others tie Xavier up in the spice shop basement and a furious Monroe punches the traitor. Renard pulls Monroe way and says that they’ll protect Xavier from him if Xavier tells them who set them up. Xavier says that Black Claw wanted him to join, and warns that it’s too late to stop them from taking over. All Wesen must join or die, and Xavier warns the others that it’s a revolution.

Nick calls Meisner and demands to see Juliet. Meisner warns that the woman Nick knew doesn’t exist anymore, and asks Nick to give him a little time before he can arranges a meeting. Nick tells Adalind and Trubel what Meisner said.

Xavier says that Black Claw took him to some old warehouse, and they picked him because of his connection to Monroe and Rosalee. Black Claw knows about Monroe’s connection to Nick, and they’re trying to get at him and the people around him. Xavier begs them for help, and woges out of control into his Hasenfussige Schnecke form. He gets control of himself and woges back. The group talks privately and Hank points out that Black Claw will kill Xavier since he’s seen them. Renard agrees to put him into protection, and he and Hank lead him off. As he goes, Xavier apologizes to Monroe, who tells him to save it. Once they’re gone, Rosalee warns that Black Claw will come after them. Monroe suggests that they talk to the Council and his wife agrees.

At the station, Wu tells Renard and Hank that Billie wasn’t among the Black Claws that Juliet killed. Renard orders Wu to hit her place, and Nick calls Hank to update him. He says that he’ll meet Hank at Billie’s place. Once he hangs up, Nick tells Trubel to stay at the bunker with Adalind.

Nick, Hank, and Renard take a team of officers into Billie’s place. They break in and find no sign of Billie, but do find bomb-making components. Renard orders 24-hour surveillance on the place, and Wu finds a photograph of Billie with her parents.

A man, Lucien, goes to the Black Claw warehouse and examines the bodies. He spots Billie hiding in the shadows, and she hesitantly steps out. Billie explains that a Hexenbiest killed them all, and apologizes for her failure. Lucien says that it’s just one battle but their army is growing, and assures Billie that they’ll honor their dead... and find the bitch who did it.

At the spice shop, Rosalee calls the Council and asks them to call back. The operator informs her that they’ll review her request and hangs up, and Monroe tells Rosalee that when they were ambushed, Juliet saved them and she’s alive. Rosalee insists that it’s impossible, and Monroe insists that they all saw Juliet.

In The Hague, the Wesen Council meets. Alexander brings De Groot word that Rosalee called, and tells his assistant Alexander to see what it’s about.

Monroe is telling Rosalee what happened at the warehouse when Alexander calls back. She explains about the Black Claw attack on the shop owners, and the mark they’re leaving behind. Alexander recognizes the mark’s description, and says that they’re aware of the problem. He insists that it’s being addressed and refuses to go into detail, and says that he’ll get back to her.

Trubel is eating when Nick returns to the bunker. She offers to leave, and Nick insists that she’s not going anyway. He doesn’t blame her for what happens to Juliet, and points out that he’d be dead if Trubel wasn’t at the house that night. As they talk, Monroe and Rosalee call and explain what the Council told them. Nick assures Rosalee that it was Juliet at the warehouse. He tells Trubel about Black Claw, and she says that her last two jobs in Lisbon and Bangkok had to do with them. They’re all Wesen who are willing to die for what they believe in

Adalind is putting Kelly to bed when Nick comes in. He promises he won’t let Juliet hurt Adalind, and Adalind worries that Juliet might come after her and Kelly. Nick insists that Juliet being back doesn’t change the way he feels about either one of them.

At The Hague, De Groot reports that multiple reports of the Black Claw are coming in from across the world. He warns that Black Claw’s activities threaten all of them, and insists that they vote on implementing their response. De Groot tells the Council that they are at war and can have no mercy on their enemies. Everyone votes in favor... except for one man. He woges and opens fire with a pair of hidden Mac-10s, and Alexander runs out as the Wesen guns down De Groot and the others.

Nick wakes up when he hears something outside. He checks the monitors and sees Trubel leaving.

Trubel drives off on her motorcycle and goes to the Wall manor in the country. Meisner is waiting and refuses to let Trubel come in. She attacks him and he fends her off, warning her not to make it worse. Meisner says that they did to Juliet what they had to.

\the next day, Nick makes coffee and tells Adalind that he hasn’t heard from Trubel. Adalind wishes that she could help, and that having Kelly was their choice. When she wonders if Kelly should have been Juliet’s child, Nick says that Adalind gave him a normal life when she took his Grimm powers. Adalind wishes that she could take back what she did for him... except for Kelly. They lean in to kiss each other, and then Adalind says it wasn’t a good thing to do. Nick warns that things are complicated, and figures that it’s safer to think about it. She says that if things do happen between them, it should be about the two of them.

Trubel comes up in the elevator and says that she saw Meisner. He told her that Nick would see Juliet that day in a public place later that day. Nick says that he has to deal with it, but Adalind is clearly concerned. Hank calls and says that they tracked down Billie’s parents. Once Nick hangs up, Trubel says that she’s staying and Nick heads out.

In the forest, Lucien and his people hold a funeral ceremony for their fallen brethren. He insists that their fellows gave up their lives to oppose centuries of humiliation and oppression, and vows that they won’t be forgotten. Lucien tells the others to spread the word that the time of hiding has ended. Billie asks about Xavier, and Lucien says that Xavier will pay for what he did even though he’s in police protection. He then talks to another Black Claw, Jed, and gives the man instructions on what to do.

Nick meets Hank at the Trump home and talk to Billie’s father, Gavin. His wife Sara comes out and Nick explains that Billie was involved in a violent accident. The Trumps haven’t seen Billie in several weeks, and have no knowledge of Black Claw or Dallas. Nick shows them the Black Claw mark, and the Trumps woge and realize Nick is a Grimm. They insist that they have nothing to say and start to walk away, and insist that they’re proud of what Billie is doing.

At the jail, Jed stages an incident and gets thrown into the cell next to Xavier.

Alexander calls Rosalee back as he packs, and says that the Council is dead. He explains what happened and warns that no help will be coming. Someone tries the door of his apartment, and Alexander tells Rosalee that he’s running before he hangs up and gets out the window just in time.

Jed rants about his supposed crime and then tries to hang himself with his shirt. When Xavier runs over, Jed grabs him through the bars, woges into his Coyotl form, and starts beating Xavier’s head in against the bars.

Hank and Nick tell Renard about their encounter with the Trumps. Wu comes in and tells them about the attack on Xavier. They get there as a young cop stares at the Coyotl Jed in horror. As Jed rips out Xavier’s throat, the cop fires before the officers can stop him. Renard and Wu enter Jed’s cell, and with his dying breath he leaves the Black Claw mark on the wall in his own blood.

The group goes back to Renard’s office and figures that Black Claw has someone on the inside. Monroe and Rosalee calls Nick and say that they have to talk to him in person about Black Claw.

At the Wall facility, Meisner is remembering helping Adalind in Europe and her kissing him in thanks. A man comes in and says that they’ve found out where a man named Samuel Rankin is going to be. Meisner says that they have one hour and leaves.

Nick and Hank arrive at the spice shop and Rosalee tells them that the Council is dead except for Alexander. They tell the couple that Xavier is dead.They realize that Jed woged in public and it threatens Wesen secrecy. Nick gets a text to meet Juliet alone at a restaurant in 30 minutes, andexcuses himself. The others warn that it’s a set up, but Nick insists that he doesn’t have a choice and he has to bury Juliet one way or another.

At the restaurant, Nick spots Juliet at a table. He goes over and stares at her, and she stares back. The Grimm says that he thought she was dead and sits down, and she says that her name is now Eve because she’s starting over. He warns that it isn’t that easy, and Eve says that it isn’t that easy. Nick points out that she set him and his mother up, and Eve finally tells him that she remembers everything. She admits that she would have killed him, and says that the Wall did what they had to, to her.

Eve remembers waking up and Meisner telling her that she doesn’t have to stay dead. She’s unable to speak, and tries to choke Meisner. Meisner grabs her hand and says that she’ll learn how to focus her rage... if she survives.

The woman that was Juliet says that the Wall saved her, and she saved him. When Nick wonders why, Eve finally says that the Wall needs her. A group of men leave, and Eve gets up and walks out after the men. Nick follows her, and Eve woges and psychically kills one of the men, Rankin. The other two men woge in public and draw their guns, and Nick attacks them as Eve walks out. The Grimm kills one of them with a dinner knife and throws the other one out the window. By the time Nick looks back, there’s no sign of Eve. The police arrive and Nick identifies himself, and says that he was meeting a CI.

As Nick examines Rankin’s corpse, Meisner calls and says that Rankin was one of the Black Claw organizers. It was the only opportunity that they had to take Rankin out. They wanted Nick there to protect the innocent people. Meisner admits that it was a test and says that he’ll be in touch.

Back at the bunker, Nick tells Adalind and Trubel that Juliet is now Eve, and admits that she has no idea who she is.

Meisner approaches Eve and she asks what’s next, and he tells her to get some rest. Eve removes her wig and goes to her room, and stares out of the view slot.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 30, 2016

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