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2. Win Some, Lose Some Recap

A man, Viktor Mirchev, is running a game of three-card monte on a street corner. A better, Syed puts down his money and loses, and tries again. Syed loses again and Viktor tells him “win some, lose some” before head-butting him.

In the river, Harry tries to reach the surface, his foot entangled in the line. He sees Yury in the Zodiac above, holding a machete.

On a nearby ship, Syed is on the phone arguing. A nearby chef slips and sets a pot of soup on fire. They toss it overboard before the fire can spread.

Yury is distracted when the burning pot goes over the side of the ship. Harry Manages to grab the machete before Yury can cut the bracelet off. The DS dives cuts himself free as the police arrive. As Yury and his people take off, Harry swims down and pulls the trapped Ben from the sunken speedboat. They get to shore and the EMTs check Ben to make sure that he’s okay. Suri comes over and tells Harry that it’s a mess, and they go over. Ben says that he’s fine and thanks Harry, and tells Suri that he’ll text her later.

The next day, Harry arrives at a flat house and tries to remove the bracelet without success. Anna lets Harry in and makes breakfast, and she asks when he’s going back to his meetings. Harry says that he’s already going back, and Anna asks what happened the previous night. When he says that nothing unusual happened, Anna doesn’t believe either one of his claims. He says that he had a rough night and just wanted to see his ex-wife. Daisy comes in and hugs her father, and assures him that her arm is fine.

At the station, Alistair is going over a file in his office. The file has a story about an officer being shot in a bungled raid, and photos of Harry and Alistair.

In the squad room, Suri is briefing the other officers on Kevin Grey, warning that he’s been on the move. Alistair calls Suri to his office and points out that she’s doing Harry’s paperwork. She figures that Harry could use a break after saving Ben, and Alistair admits that Harry is a good man in a crisis and very few of them could have done what Harry did. However, he then points out that few of them would have let the situation develop in the first place. Suri admits that it was risky, and Alistair points out that Harry wasn’t injured at all.

Later, Harry and Suri are driving and Harry wonders why Kevin needed a speedboat and a private plane to leave the county if Kaylee’s death was a simple crime of passion. He figures that Kaylee was murdered as a message for Freddie. When Freddie didn’t listen, someone manipulated Kevin into killing Freddie. The officers check the private plane and Suri discovers that the manifest is in Chinese. The address of the person who purchased the tickets is the Green Dragon Casino, and Harry figures that Lily-Anne wants Kevin out of the country. He wonders why she’d hire an expensive plane, and cuts open the seat. Inside are bundles of money.

Harry goes to the casino and demands to know where Kevin is. Lilly-Anne claims that she doesn’t know, and she hired the plane to take back relatives for her father’s funeral. She also claims that she doesn’t know about the cash in the plane, and Harry asks if she forced Kevin into killing Freddie. Lily-Anne denies it and he believes her, and figures that someone she’s afraid of did it. He offers protection if she tells him who is responsible, and Lily-Anne figures that he’s there to gamble. She says that Harry reminded Freddie of himself, which is why he gave him credit at the casino. Now Harry owes Lilly-Anne, and she orders him to leave. After a moment, Harry goes.

Alistair is praying at church and Steve meets him there. Afterward, Steve reports that Harry owed Freddie a lot of money, and Alistair demands evidence. The chief says that he came there to clean up the police from within, and he entrusts Steve to work with him on it.

Yury comes to Anna’s house and asks to see Harry. She refuses to let him in, and Yury refuses to give his name. He wishes her a nice day, addressing her by name, and leaves. Anna tells Daisy that it was no one and sends her to get dressed. She then calls Harry, figuring that Yury is a bailiff. Anna tells Harry that she handled it, but insists that she not go through it again.

When Harry gets at the station, Alistair calls him in and says that he has information that Harry owed Freddie money that he couldn’t pay back. Harry refuses to respond to what he claims is a rumor, and Alistair suggests that Harry let Kevin escape to keep the suspicion on him. He hints that Harry killed Freddie, and Harry points out that he almost died trying to catch Kevin. As Harry leaves, Alistair says that Steve will find Kevin if Harry can’t, but Harry is unimpressed.

Steve is coordinating a door-to-door search for Kevin, and Suri watches as he uses her map and pins. Harry says that he got plausible denials from Lily-Anne, and figures that Kevin is in the wind. Suri tries to work out who can get Kevin out of the country quick and quiet, and Harry says that he knows a man who might know.

Harry and Suri go to his brother Rich’s antique shop, and Harry talks to Rich in private. First Rich says that the scraping from the bracelet came back inconclusive because the machine broken down. Harry worries that the bracelet is “powerful,” and Rich promises to find out what it is. He goes back out and Suri asks for his help finding Kevin. Rich claims that he might know some back channels, and Suri drops the matter. However, as she goes out, Suri points out that one of his Iraqi items has a museum mark and threatens to call the Iraqi embassy. Rich gives Suri and Harry Viktor’s name and says that he can provide a transport and a false passport.

The DIs go to the street where Viktor is set up. They watch as Viktor’s plants in the audience pickpocket the players. Suri is ready to arrest them, but Harry goes over and bets. He wins and Viktor challenges him to play again. Harry agrees and wins again, much to Viktor’s confusion. Viktor challenges him to play again, no bet, and Harry picks the lady a third time without watching the cards. Furious, Viktor attacks him. When Suri flashes his badge, Viktor gets onto a waiting motorcycle and drives off... while two Chinese men watch. Harry shows Suri that he lifted Viktor’s phone when Viktor attacked him.

As they drive out, Harry has the phone traced. It shows up most at a lock-up garage, and the tech texts them the address.

Viktor goes to the lockup, and Harry and Suri are waiting for him. They handcuff him and Harry admires the forging equipment. There’s a casino chip from the Green Dragon. Viktor asks how Harry beat him, but Harry ignores the question and finds passport-sized photos of Kevin. He threatens to call the contacts on Viktor’s phone, but Viktor still wants to know how Harry beat him. Harry finally says that he’ll explain in return for Kevin’s location. Viktor agrees and says that Kevin begged him to get him a storage crate to Greece and it leaves at noon the next day. Harry claims that Viktor has a tell. As they leave, locking Viktor inside the lockup, Suri says that Harry lied. She wonders how Harry won, but Harry doesn’t answer.

Harry calls Alistair and gives him what they have on Kevin. He’s with Steve, but claims that he hasn’t caught up to him yet. Once Alistair hangs up, he tells Steve that he’s tired of the talk. Steve promises to get him something that Alistair can take to IA, and the chief says that he needs someone he can trust.

Suri suggests that they get dinner, but Harry figures that Ben wants her with him and tells her to check on her secret boyfriend. She agrees and Harry says that his personal affairs will be in order by the next day. Suri leaves and the two Chinese men open the lockup. Viktor sees them and screams.

That night, Harry visits Kalim and says that he has a line on Kevin. He suggests that Kalim tells him anything he knows before Kevin does, and wants to know who convinced Kevin to kill Freddie. Kalim finally says that Kevin was crazy about Kaylee, and when she turned up dead, Kevin blamed who he thought killed her. The club owner refuses to say anything else, and invites Harry to attend Kaylee’s funeral. As Harry drives off, he unwittingly passes a crate being loaded... which contains Viktor’s beaten body.

Suri visits Ben and admits that she loves him a bit, and they’re going out. He agrees and Suri kisses hi, and then asks to come in and get naked with him. Ben’s mother Maggie comes out and invites her in.

Harry attends a meeting and listens as a woman, Mel, talks about how her son is going blind. She talks about how there’s a new treatment and her mother has cashed in her savings, but Mel lost it all gambling. The counselor, Chaplin, asks Harry if he wants to share anything. Harry glances over at Mel and then admits that he’s a compulsive gambler. Chaplin wonders why he came back, and Harry echoes what Eve said about owning luck. Mel says that she would get rid of the object, and Harry asks what if she couldn’t. He then dismisses it as a joke, and Chaplin says that it’s his disease talking. The counselor tells Harry to go home and write down what he’s gaining and losing, and he’ll see what the bracelet is costing him.

Harry goes home and writes out everything that’s happened to him. After a moment he goes to the dog track and starts gambling. He wins his bet and on the next race, swaps his ticket with the man next to him, Roy. Up in the booth, a worker spills a drink on the button controlling the lure. It grinds to a halt and all of the dogs stop except for one. The race is declared void. As Roy leaves, Eve Approaches Harry and warns that the bracelet isn’t for playing games. He asks what it’s for, and she says that he knows. Eve says that she gave it to him to shine a light in the shadows, and then spots Yury in the crowd and says that they have to run. Harry spots him and goes after the man, and Eve says luck has a price and he has to do something good with it. Yury draws a gun and approaches Harry, and Eve knocks his arm away. Everyone runs off, and Harry is shocked to discover that Eve and Yury have both disappeared din the crowd.

The next morning, Harry and Suri meet at Waterloo station to catch a train to the docks. He teases her about being in love, and as they go in he finds the funeral invitation that Kalim gave him the night before. Harry figures that Kevin will pay his respects because he loved Kaylee, and insists on going despite Suri warning that it’s too big a risk.

At the funeral, a stripper named Lucie reads a poem in honor of Kaylee. Suri is inside the church and doesn’t spot Kevin. Harry is outside in the car, and gets a call from Alistair. The DI claims that he’s pulling into the dock, and Alistair asks him if anything happened. When Harry says nothing did, Alistair says that he’s looking forward to seeing him at the station and nervously hangs up.

After Lucie finishes, Kalim spots Suri and complains that she’s there. He says that it makes no sense, that Kevin would come back to the funeral of his victim, and introduces Suri to everyone as a DI. Suri tells Harry over the radio that nothing is happening and joins Harry outside as everyone leaves. Harry apologizes for misplaying his hunch, and remembers his childhood where his mother Jennifer crashed their car and got him out... just before the car exploded.

Harry tells Suri that his mother and twin brother died in a car accident, and he spent the funeral service hiding a pew. He thought everyone was blaming him and Suri suggests that maybe they were wondering why he was hiding. Harry realizes that Kevin couldn’t have attended the service if everyone thought he killed Kaylee, and goes inside. Kevin is there by himself, and runs when he spots Harry. He shoves past Suri and runs out into the church’s cemetery. Harry chases after him and jumps the fence, and runs through the nearby park. The DI goes after him and spots Kevin running across an overpass.

Realizing that he can’t catch up to Kevin , Harry touches the bracelet briefly and then walks out into the heavy traffic. None of the cars hit him, although they miss by inches. Kevin comes down on the other side and Harry tackles him.

Harry and Suri take Kevin to the station. Steve and the other officers are watching a news report about a train crash, and Suri realizes it was the train they were going to take. Alistair comes out and tells Harry that he’s a lucky man. The broadcaster says that there were 40 injuries but no fatalities.

In the interrogation room, Harry and Suri interview Kevin. He refuses to have a lawyer present, and Harry asks him who said that Freddie had killed Kaylee. Kevinpleads guilty to both murders, and Suri wonders why he’s lying. Anna comes in and says that she’s there to represent Kevin. The detectives suspend the interview and Harry talks to Anna privately. She says that her firm sent her, and insists that she’s doing a job. Harry points out that they’re still married, and Anna tells him to go home.

Mel is working her job at the convenience store when Harry comes in and buys a box of cereal. He asks how her son is doing, and then pays with the money he won gambling. Harry tells her to keep the change for the treatment. When Mel says that she can’t take charity, Harry insists that she’d be helping him by taking the money. Mel finally takes the money and thanks Harry.

At home, Harry takes out two pads of post-it notes and contemplates what to write.

After sex, Suri tells Ben that it bothers her that Harry put himself and Ben into danger. Ben isn’t concerned, and jokingly tells her to stop talking about Harry when she’s in bed with him. She suggests that they watch TV but Ben says that he’s a bit different.

Harry writes out his good luck on one pad, and the bad luck on the other.

Suri finds Ben clutching his head. She asks if he’s okay, and Ben passes out. Suri calls Harry and says that Ben is down and she’s called an ambulance. After punching the mirror where Eve wrote “good luck,” Harry drives to Ben’s place.

In the ambulance, Ben flatlines.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 30, 2016

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