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Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil. Recap

Lucifer walks the streets and comes across a street preacher talking about how the Devil walks among them. Amused, Lucifer insists that humans do plenty on their own, and the preacher privately asks what his problem is. He refuses to share his tips, and Lucifer congratulates him on his performance. When the preacher tries to walk away, Lucifer says that he hates charlatans and liars more than anything. He says that he's going to make the preacher a believer and briefly shows his true face. Screaming, the preacher says that Lucifer is the devil, throws his money to the crowd, and runs way.

In counselling, Lucifer tells Linda that he really is the Devil. However, now he's taking a vacation in Los Angeles. Linda isn't convinced, but agrees to work within his metaphor. When she points out that the last time they talked, he was concerned about his feelings of humanity, He assures her that's no longer a problem, but Linda figures that he's hiding his insecurity behind humor. She says that he's concerned that he's changing and doesn't know why, or who is responsible. Linda then says the session is over and jumps him for sex.

Lucifer returns to Lux and Chloe secretly takes photos of him. Maze brings a drink over to her and says that Lucifer sent it over. However, the demon refuses to say anything about how she knows Lucifer. Lucifer starts playing the piano and Chloe goes over. She says that Lucifer didn't exist five years ago, and wonders how he survived being shot five times. Lucifer insists that he's told her the truth but she won't accept it, and figures that she likes and desires himself. After a moment, Chloe warms up and sits next to him, giggling. She confirms that he isn't wearing a bulletproof vest and insists that she'll figure out his secret. Lucifer wonders why he doesn't affect her, and Chloe gets a call. She says that she owes the caller one and leaves, ignoring Lucifer.

The next morning, Chloe investigates the crime scene where a man died in a crime crash. The investigating detective, Dan, explains that the victim, Robbie Russell Jr, tried to lose paparazzo Nick Hofmeister, lost control of his car, and crashed. Robbie is the son of the famous movie star but Robbie Jr. wasn't in the business. When Chloe expresses an interested, Dab warns that she can't be working a case while she's officially on medical leave... and complains that she brought Lucifer.

Chloe goes over to confront Lucifer and demands to know why he's there. He says that he's curious to know what affects her. Chloe watches the police leave Nick away, and Lucifer notices her interest. She figures that Nick will figure a way out, and Lucifer tells Chloe to do what she desires and talk to Nick. He then drags Nick out of the car and Chloe points out that he killed someone. She promises that he won't get away with it, and Nick says that he'll confess. Surprised, Lucifer asks Nick what he desires and uses his power. Nick insists that he wants to confess because he deserves it, and figures that it's his chance. However, he refuses to go further, saying that someone will do something if he does. Dan comes over and warns Chloe and Lucifer that they're not supposed to be there, and shoves Nick back in the car. Chloe figures that the real murderer is out there, and Lucifer realizes that she's going to try and prove Nick's innocence even though she hates him.

As the EMTs take away Robbie Jr.'s body, Chloe tells Dan that Nick is innocent. He doesn't see the problem when Nick confessed, and doesn't understand when Chloe says that Lucifer made him confess. Dan says that he'll do his job and tells her to take her sidekick home before he arrests him for smoking pot. Chloe goes over and stomps out the joint, and Lucifer says that he found it in Nick's car. She points out that he's smoking evidence, but Lucifer doesn't see the problem. Lucifer says that there was another joint in the car but he smoked that as well. He wants to head back to Lux, but Chloe refuses and walks away.

That night, Lucifer is in bed with a man and a woman. Once they doze off, he goes to the bar and pours himself a drink, and Amenadiel appears. The angel says that he's disappointed in Lucifer, wasting away his existence. He says that if Lucifer goes back to Hell then he'll speak to Father. Lucifer figures that Amenadiel will have to take over Hell if he doesn't come back, and the angel insists that it would never happen. The Devil doesn't believe him, and the angel points out that Lucifer saved a human life because he cares about Chloe. He warns that Lucifer's time on Earth is affecting him, and Lucifer isn't the one controlling the change. Amenadiel says that should scare Lucifer, and Lucifer tells him to go.

Robbie's death hits the news, and Chloe watches footage that the paparazzi took. Robbie Jr. shows them an advertisement for the Red Cross, and Chloe admits he did a better job than she did. Trixie comes out and notes that her mother looks guilty, and she tells her daughter to get ready to meet with Dan. Lucifer turns up and wonders how Chloe afford the place, and Trixie hugs him. He tosses her doll away to get Trixie away, and Chloe leads her to her bathroom. When Lucifer mentions her brief movie career, Chloe says that Trixie doesn't know and she doesn't want her to. She explains that the house is her mother's and she moved in, and Lucifer sees a poster for her mother, actress Penelope Decker. He wonders how Chloe rebelled, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Chloe tries to get him out and locks the door.

At the station, Lucifer charms the dispatcher into letting him see Nick. He wants to know more about Chloe and insists that Nick is going to tell him everything. Lucifer explains why his power doesn't work on Chloe, and figures that it's related to his recent bouts of humanity. Nick says that Chloe's father died two weeks after she appeared in her movie. He tried to get the first shot of Chloe leaving the funeral, crashed it, and Chloe flipped out. The reporter worries about the cost to his soul, and then he tried to keep other people from making the same mistake. Nick refuses to say who he was protecting, and Lucifer concentrates his powers on him. The reporter screams at Lucifer to get out... and Lucifer leaves.

Chloe goes to see Robbie Sr. and he wonders why she's pursuing the case when Nick confessed. She explains that Nick didn't kill Robbie Jr., and the actor tells her that his son is dead because of him. Chloe says that her mother is Penelope Decker and it wasn't her fault that the paparazzi followed her, and she tells Robbie that it wasn't his fault that Robbie Jr. is dead. Robbie says that there was one other paparazzo, but Robbie only noticed him once and never got a name. As she goes, Chloe gets a call about Lucifer.

Lucifer is at Lux and maze asks what is wrong with him. She realizes that he feels bad for invading Chloe's privacy, and tells him that Amenadiel is right and Lucifer is changing. Lucifer angrily warns her not to disrespect him, and his eyes turn red. Satisfied, maze says that there's the Lord of Hell she knows. Chloe comes in and Maze realizes that Lucifer has gotten control of himself again. She leaves and Chloe warns Lucifer that the case has nothing to do with him. Lucifer tells her what he learned, and Chloe explains that someone has been uploading photos of Robbie Jr. from Nick's company. The last one was posted an hour ago from a party that's still happening. Chloe heads out and tells Lucifer to come with her so that she can keep an eye on him.

At the party, paparazzi are taking photos of the celebrities as they arrive. Lucifer and Chloe walk up, and Chloe figures that the killer never left the scene of the crime. She looks around nervously and Lucifer wonders if she's okay. Chloe figures that Nick told Lucifer what happened, and Lucifer figures that Nick wants redemption. He then spots a familiar face among the paparazzi and the man sees them watching him. The man, Josh Bryant, points out that Chloe is Penelope's son. The other paparazzi take photos of her, giving Josh time to escape. Lucifer encourages Chloe to punch the photographers, but she says that it isn't in him. As she walks off, Lucifer turns his powers on one of the paparazzi. He says that he wants a Pulitzer and they jokingly aunt him. He starts fighting them and Lucifer slips away, while Chloe watches Josh drive away before she can stop him.

The next morning, Chloe and Dan are at Chloe's house, looking at the photos that the paparazzi took of her at the party. She worries that Trixie is going to find out about her movie career, and Dan gives her the plate number that he ran on Nick's car. It was a company car, and the car that ran Robbie Jr. off the road belonged to Josh. Dan figures that his ex-wife is on to something, and tells her to be careful.

Josh is out taking photos of a celebrity when Lucifer blocks his shot. Chloe is with him, and Josh claims that he's a big fan of Chloe' as an actress. Lucifer asks him what he wants, and Josh says that he always wants to be first. He tells them that he learned a lot from Nick, and took photos of Nick being arrested for murder because he figures that Nick would have done the same. As Josh takes more photos of the woman, Chloe notices a joint in Josh's car. He says that he has a prescription, and a woman comes over and slaps his subject. When Chloe points out that it's good timing, Josh says that he's lucky and drives off. Lucifer figures that the photo was planned and Chloe wonders what else Josh planed.

Back at Lux, Chloe goes over the website Josh works for and notes that he always has the first photos of all of the incidents. Chloe figures that Josh followed Robbie Jr. and ran him off the road, and figures that nick decided to take the fall. Lucifer doesn't care as long as they get to punish Josh, but Chloe warns that she needs concrete evidence. She warns Lucifer that he doesn't decide how someone gets punished and leaves. Maze has watched the whole thing, and Lucifer says that there's nothing else she has to say. Lucifer agrees with her and says that it's time to deliver some punishment, and a smiling Maze follows him.

Chloe meets with Nick and tells him her theory about how Josh staged all of the incidents. She asks what really happened, and Nick explains that he took Josh in when he was 16. Josh was a natural and wanted him to stop making the same mistakes he did. Two days ago, Josh called and said that he was in a bad accident, and understood what Nick had been teaching him. Nick took the fall to spare Josh, and figures that Chloe is enjoying his downfall. Chloe forgives him and says that it's about Robbie Jr. She warns that Josh will do it again if Nick doesn't testify.

Dan calls Chloe and she steps outside. He tells her that Josh has gone missing. When Chloe goes back, she discovers that Nick is gone. The female desk sergeant readily admits that Lucifer took Nick away.

Lucifer drives Nick to the crime scene and says that he understands that the paparazzo is a necessary evil. He tells him that his mistake was trying to change, and Maze drags Josh out of the trunk of her car. She cuts Josh free and Lucifer explains that they won't receive the punishment when they die because it's his fault. He's going to fix it and says that they'll both get a gun. One of them will have to shoot the other. When Josh hesitates, Lucifer points out that Nick is ready to rat him out to the police. As for Nick, Lucifer notes that Josh is letting him take the fall for a murder he didn’t commit.

Maze sets the guns on the street, and Nick realizes that Josh killed Robbie Jr. Josh picks up a gun and says that his mentor lost his touch and figures that he was begging to take the fall. Nick says that he treated Josh like a son, and Josh pulls the trigger. The gun is unloaded, and Nick realizes that Josh would have killed him. He picks up the gun and gets ready to shoot Josh. Chloe arrives and reminds Nick that he tried to do some good. Lucifer tells Nick that he should embrace who he really is, but Chloe says that Nick tried to change and that's what's important. Lucifer and Maze watch, and Lucifer admits that they might be onto something.

Nick pulls the trigger... and Lucifer prays to Amenadiel. The angel arrives and time slows to a crawl. Lucifer admits that Amenadiel was right, and takes the bullet out of the air. He then kicks the frozen Josh in the groin, and tells Amenadiel that he has changed and it feels thrilling. Amenadiel is surprised that Lucifer invited him there to tell him that, and Lucifer says that he summoned him to remedy the situation and annoy him in the process. The angel says that Lucifer should have taken the offer and flies off. Time goes back to normal, and Josh collapses, clutching at his groin. Chloe realizes that Lucifer has moved in a split second, and insists that it's impossible.

As Chloe gets Nick and Josh into the squad cars, she asks Lucifer if he put blanks in the car. She figures that he staged the whole thing to get a confession out of Josh, but still doesn't understand how he moved instantly. Lucifer points out that she knows how he'll answer, and holds up the bullet.

Later at home, Chloe takes out a copy of her movie and tells Trixie that she was an actress before she was a cop. She says that isn't her anymore, and Trixie says that she knows. Trixie has seen the movie before on the Internet, and complains that the movie isn't in HD. The girl says that the movie was hilarious, and they share a laugh. When Trixie bumps her mother's arm from where Jimmy shot her, Chloe says that maybe she should see the man responsible.

After sex, Linda points out that Lucifer did a good deed. He admits that not knowing what's coming next is quite exhilarating, and admits that Linda was right about how someone may be changing him. Lucifer wonders what to do with her.

Chloe goes to the prison hospital, and the doctor wars her that heavily sedated and barely coherent. Once they're alone, Chloe asks Jimmy what happened in the studio on the night he shot her. When she mentions Lucifer, Jimmy panics and says that he can't get away from him. He slams his head into the protective window until blood flows. As the orderlies pin him down, Jimmy shouts that Lucifer is the Devil.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 2, 2016

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