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Unchained Recap

At Nanda Parbat, a woman--Taliban-- brings food to Nyssa and tells the guard that Malcolm wants to make sure the prisoner leaves. When Taliban goes in, she tells Nyssa that the pepper is from the garden and grows strong in her absence. Once Taliban leaves, Nyssa opens the pepper and finds a small knife inside. She runs for the gate and kills a guard, then takes his sword and fights her way out.

In the central chamber, the guards turn on each other. Nyssa and Dennis arrive and the turncoat guards kneel to Nyssa. Taliban says that the lotus has been found in Kyushu, and warns that it's well guarded.

In Star City at Amertek, Overwatch tells the team that the burglar is heading straight toward them. He parkours up the wall, and Green Arrow and Speedy move in on the roof. They split up to cover the two exists, and Speedy finds the man. They fight and she knocks him over the roof. As he hangs on, she draws an arrow and threatens to shoot him. Green Arrow arrives just as Speedy passes out, and the archer pulls her up while the burglar escapes.

After dropping Thea off at her apartment to rest, Oliver, John, and Laurel return to the bunker Thea claimed that she was exhausted, and Oliver points out that exposure to the Lazarus Pit hasn't caused Thea to pass out. He blames himself for not keeping a better eye on his sister. Felicity explains that the burglar took a network mapper designed to scan computer infrastructure and find vulnerabilities. Palmer Tech is one of the last viable businesses in Star City, and she has to present Curtis' new technology at the meeting. Oliver offers to go with her for moral support, and Felicity says that she's got it.

Later at Palmer Tech, Felicity rehearses her presentation for Curtis and Dennis. She bumps her wheelchair into the podium, and Dennis asks Curtis to leave. Once they're alone, Dennis tells Felicity warns that their stock has been down since she as crippled, and says that they have to put their best foot forward. He warns that anything less than a perfect launch of the power cell will sink the company, and after a moment Felicity agrees.

That night, Oliver visits Thea and finds Malcolm there. Malcolm insists that Thea needs to take life to balance her bloodlust, and the life will come from her if she doesn't indulge the bloodlust. He explains that Constantine restored Sara's balance, and Thea tells Oliver that Damien briefly sated her bloodlust by using his powers on her. Malcolm warns that even if Damien were willing to help, he and HIVE have disappeared. Laurel calls and says that the burglar has struck again at Cadmus Tech, taking a weapon. Thea tells Oliver to go because nothing will change, and he heads for Cadmus. Oliver spots the burglar on the roof and goes up after him, and finally cuts him off. He knocks the thief to the floor and yanks off his mask... and discovers that it's Roy. Roy punches Oliver and runs off.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells the others who he saw. Felicity confirms that Roy stole a miniature explosive, and Alex calls Oliver. Oliver goes up to the campaign office and Alex tells him that someone else is running for mayor: Ruve Adams, who came out of nowhere. Oliver recognizes her from when he saved her from Anarky, but tells Alex that he's never seen her before.

Five Years Ago

Reiter tortures Oliver for information on the maps he recovered from the freighter. When Taiana objects, Reiter has a soldier take him out. Suddenly an archer breaks in and shoots down first Reiter's men, and then Reiter. Oliver looks up and realizes that it's Mei: Shado.


Ruve leaves her campaign headquarters and finds Green Arrow waiting for her. He says that he wants to meet Damien and has a proposition for him, and walks off.

At the bunker, Felicity examines the schematics of the two stolen pieces of equipment. She realizes that if the two pieces are somehow combined, they would make a web nuke capable of destroying the Internet. The device needs a power source, and Palmer Tech's new power cell would be ideal.

Curtis is working in his lab when Roy comes up on him from behind. Curtis tries to run with the cell, and Roy attacks him. The technician throws one of his "t-spheres" at him, and Roy catches it and throws it back. It knocks Curtis through a wall… and the team arrives. Overwatch warns says that there's something wrong with Roy, and Roy throws the cell out the window to a waiting drone. Overwatch gives Green Arrow instructions over the radio, and the archer then shoots Roy in the chest with a tranq arrow.

The team takes the unconscious Roy back to the lair. Felicity says that the Faraday Cage built into the walls should nullify any broadcast waves, and has them remove the camera contact from Roy's eye. Oliver gives Roy a stimulant and they explain that they made it look like they killed him. He heard what happened to Felicity and offers his condolences, and says that he got made. The blackmailer threatened to expose Roy, which would lead the police to Green Arrow. Roy says that the blackmailer calls himself the Calculator, and he couldn't come to them without Calculator learning about the team. Felicity warns that Calculator has all of the components he needs, and starts backtracking the components.

Five Years Ago

Mei frees Oliver and says that she's a vision that he's having because of his injuries. She says that Oliver has to forgive himself for what he's done, and should return to his family. Oliver says that he can't go back to his family the way that he is, and Mei tells him that it's time to start changing. She says that he has to let go of his darkness. When Oliver says that he doesn't know how, Mei says that she will teach him.


Nyssa and Taliban go to a Shinto shrine in Kyushu, and Nyssa says that she must go in by herself. She tells Taliban to go back and tell the others that the war is over if she doesn't reemerge, and then goes inside. Tatsu Yamashiro--Katana--is there and Nyssa greets her by name as a member of the Crescent Order. Katana says that she has found a purpose, and it is her responsibility to keep the lotus safe. They draw their swords and fight. They're evenly matched, and Nyssa says that she has to be somewhere on a matter that concerns Oliver. She suggests that they lay down their swords and Tatsu listens to what she has to say.

Oliver apologizes to Roy for letting him claim to be Green Arrow. When Roy wonders what he's guilty about now, Oliver tells him about Thea. Roy goes to see Thea. She starts coughing and the wound from Ra's opens on her chest. Malcolm and Laurel come in, and Malcolm tells Thea to stay strong until it passes. After a moment, the wound heals.

At the bunker, Felicity tells Oliver that she found a flaw in the OS code of the contact camera and can find Calculator. She does it and Calculator is waiting for her. He congratulates Felicity on breaking through his encryption, He says that he doesn't want to bring down the Internet, and realizes that she's keep him talking while she breaks through his firewall. As he counters her, Calculator says that he's going to make a statement by taking down a city. He shuts Felicity out, and she realizes that if Calculator overloads Star City's electrical grid, he could kill everyone in the city.

The others arrive and Felicity runs a search to see where the web nuke would cause the much damage. She remembers that Ray worked out a "battering ram" that will let her get through Calculator's firewall.

Five Years Ago

Mei tells Oliver that he's in love with Taiana. He insists that he doesn't love her, and Mei points out that she has done nothing but help him despite the fact he killed her brother. Oliver finds a stone in his hand... and Mei disappears.


Felicity goes up to Curtis' lab and asks about the battering ram. He's surprised to see her easily wheel herself around. She finds the battering ram, and Curtis points out that she's much better when trying to save the city. He knows that Dennis is giving the presentation, and sys that her presentation would have been successful if she set aside her doubts. Curtis says that Palmer Tech needs the self-confident Felicity.

Oliver visits Thea and says that he arranged a meeting with Damien. He tells his sister that he has something to trade Damien, and insists that he won't let Thea die. Thea tells him that it's not up to him, and he can't fix it. Oliver walks out to the living room, and Malcolm knows that he's going to bargain with Damien. He agrees with Thea that it's her decision, and tells Oliver that sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all.

At the bunker, Felicity uses the battering ram to track down Calculator to the Flint Hill Data Farm. Green Arrow gets there first and watches as a squad of mercenaries break in and attach the device. Calculator is monitoring them and detects Felicity hacking him. Meanwhile, the rest of the team arrive and attack the mercenaries with Roy's help. Felicity warns that the web nuke could kill eight million people. Calculator warns that she can only remove the web nuke from on-site, and Felicity says that she has friends to do it.

Diggle, Black Canary, and Roy get to the web nuke, and more of Calculator's mercenaries surround them. Green Arrow drops down and takes out the men. Meanwhile, Calculator expresses the web nuke... and nothing happens. Felicity says that she pawned him, and Calculator starts hacking her firewall. Meanwhile, Felicity tells them that they have to blow up the web nuke because it's hardwired in. Calculator is jamming the trigger frequencies, and they realize that someone will have to stay behind and do it manually. Roy volunteers, insisting that he can outrun the blast, and says that he has to do it because it's his life. After a moment, Green Arrow agrees. Diggle and Black Canary head out, and Green Arrow tells Roy to run like hell before following them.

Roy tells the mercenaries to get out, and then aims an arrow at the C4 charge attached to the web nuke. He shoots and runs just as Calculator triggers the web nuke. The bomb goes off... and Roy slides to safety on a line.

Back at the bunker, Roy tells the others that he'll have to go even deeper underground now that calculator knows who he is. Felicity installed a virus to wipe out everything Calculator had on Roy, and Roy assures Oliver that Thea will be okay. Oliver says that he'll back Thea no matter what she does, and he and Roy hug.

Five Years Ago

Taiana tends to Oliver in his cell. He wakes up from hi fever-induced hallucination, and tells Taiana that he killed her brother rather than Conklin. Oliver warns that there is a darkness inside of him and he thinks that he's found a way to escape it. First he needs to earn her forgiveness, and tells Taiana that there's no excusing what he did. She breaks into tears and turns away, and Oliver looks at the stone in his hand.


At the presentation, Curtis assures Felicity that she'll be great. She goes up and gives the presentation as Oliver watches from the audience. Felicity unveils the Power Cell, a 100% recyclable battery that is powering the entire building. Everyone applauds, and Calculator--sitting next to an unwitting Oliver--says that Felicity is something else.

Roy tends to Thea before he goes, and admits that he thought about staying for her. Thea tells him to live an amazing life and have a family, and Roy says that he would do it with her if he could. They say that they love each other and hug.

Oliver leaves with Felicity and assures her that she was amazing. He goes to check on Thea, and Felicity turns to see Calculator... and calls him dad.

Malcolm comes out as Oliver arrives, and Oliver says that he never made contact with Damien. He admits that he couldn't have done it without Malcolm, and thanks him. Laurel comes out and tells them that Thea is in trouble. They take the comatose woman to the hospital, and the doctor warns Oliver that the prognosis isn't good. Oliver begs her not to go. Nyssa slips in and says that Ra's once told her of a lotus that can counter the effects of the Lazarus Pit. She will give it to Oliver on one condition: he must kill Malcolm.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 4, 2016

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