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3. Evil Eye Recap

At 25 Hatton Garden, Gabriel Franks is walking along the street and a man follows him. Gabriel walks into the diamond board and passes through the security system. He then meets with a man, Nelson, and shows him a photo of a diamond. Gabriel says that the diamond is safe and needs one more week to persuade the other owner to sell. Nelson refuses and says that both owners have run out of time.

Harry and Suri go to the funeral home where Doug’s body is resting. Suri kisses her dead lover on the forehead and Harry leads her out. Outside, Ben’s mother Maggie walks up to the detectives. Harry offers his condolences, and Maggie says that Ben told her that Harry could never have kept control of the boat on the night of the chase. She shoves past Harry and goes inside, and Harry takes Suri home. She points out that they’re on call, and Harry insists that she isn’t going to work.

Eve is on the sidewalk on Hatton Garden and tracks Harry’s progress on her phone. She calls him and says that he needs to meet her, and gives him her address. Harry tells Suri that they’re going to Hatton Garden, claiming it’s to meet one of his CIs. They get there and Harry parks and gets out, leaving Suri in the car. He goes to the location but there’s no sign of Eve. Meanwhile, three helmeted men arrive at Gabriel’s jewelry shop nearby and break in. One of them breaks Gabriel’s fingers, and the other two grab all of his jewels. They drive off past Harry and then Suri, and a police report comes in on the robbery. Suri calls in what she saw just as Harry comes back.

Suri tells Harry what’s happening and they go to Gabriel’s shop. He finds Harry dead on the floor and tries to revive him, and a shocked Suri looks on without moving. The MEs arrive, and the forensic ME can’t find a cause of death. The safe is empty, and Harry figures that’s what they came from and they took the rest of the jewels on the way out. The ME points out Suri to Harry, and Harry realizes that she’s crying. He tells her that it’s time to go home and escorts her out. She reluctantly leaves, and Harry notices a Hasidic man saying a prayer. The man walks away and Harry follows him and introduces himself. The man, Joseph Ackerman, says that Gabriel was his second cousin, and he was in a meeting when Gabriel was killed. Joseph walks into the Metropolitan Diamond Board and tells Harry that he’ll meet him that night if he has more questions. Harry leaves his card with the receptionist and goes.

At Whitecross Prison, Anne meets with her client, Kevin, and tells him that the only thing tying him to her murder is his confession. She says that she can help him if he tells her the truth, and Kevin says that no one can help him now.

Alistair gives a press conference about Ben’s death. A reporter points out that after Gabriel’s death, there have been four murders in the last few days. Alistair insists that they have Kevin in custody and he’s confessed to the first two murders.

Harry goes into Alistair’s office where Suri and Steve are waiting.

The reporters ask how Kevin fits into Freddie’s death, and Alistair refuses to give out any more details. He goes back to his office and pints out that Ben is the first officer that they’ve lost in ten years. Suri says that Kevin didn’t kill Kayleigh, and Alistair offers his condolences, aware of her personal connection to Ben. However, she tells him that she has to take some leave, and Harry nods in agreement. Once Suri leaves, Alistair points out to Harry that they’ve been in a similar situation before. He points out that Harry has recklessly gotten officers killed, and he’d fire him if it was up to him. While the inquiry is going on, he can’t trust Harry on his own so Steve will partner with him... with Steve in charge.

Later, Harry goes to see Rich to get the bracelet off. He figures that Ben died instead of him because of the bracelet, and tells his half-brother to get it off of him. Rich takes an electrical saw to it... and nothing happens. Josie comes in with coffee, sees them, and screams. Rich loses control of the saw and the blades shatter. The fragments just miss Josie as they hit the doorsill next to her. The half-brothers go off for coffee, and Rich takes photos of it to see what he can find out. Harry asks him about the Diamond Board, and Rich warns that they’re a private group that don’t discuss business with outsiders. He says that Gabriel’s shop is the second to get hit in two days.

Harry goes to Octavo Diamonds and talks to Live Solomons, the son of the owner. Liev Live says that the police are already there, and Harry finds Steve inside. Steve is talking to the owner, Max, who describes the same robbers that hit Gabriel’s shop. Harry notices that Max’s left hand is bandaged, and asks why they beat Max up so badly if he cooperated. Max says that the men were vicious and one of them kept on hitting him. Live, listening, says that he came back just in time and the robbers still escaped. The owner says that they’re a close community and he knew Gabriel, and says that they weren’t friends. Steve abruptly cuts off the interview and Harry goes with him.

On the street, Steve figures that Max is lying to them. Harry figures that the robbers had a grudge with Max because they beat him so badly, and says that he’ll meet Steve later after he takes another look at Gabriel’s shop.The DS goes back and examines Gabriel’s workshop. A pigeon lands on the windowsill outside, and Harry drops a tool. When he kneels down to pick it up, he spots a photo taped to the underside of the workbench. It’s the photo that Gabriel showed Nelson,

Later, Harry meets with Joseph and confirms that Gabriel was in serious debt. Joseph figures that he was running out of options to cover his debt, and insists that his cousin didn’t own anything valuable enough to sell off. Harry shows him the photo, and Joseph identifies it as a Golconda Blue. However, he admits he has no way to tell from the photo if it’s real or not. Harry wonders if Gabriel might have owned it, and Joseph assures him that no one in the community has ever had a diamond like that.

That night, Harry visits Suri. She asks him how he grieves, and he says that there’s no way to handle it. She’s shocked to learn that Steve is in charge and warns that he has it in for Harry. Suri asks if Harry was really driving too fast to keep control, and Harry admits that he doesn’t know for sure. She says that maybe Ben was just unlucky.

The next morning, Anne visits Harry at home and asks him for advice on Kevin. He warns her that he’s no longer on the case because she is. Anne persists and Harry admits that he doesn’t think Kevin killed Kayleigh. He doesn’t know why Kevin is confessing to her murder, and Anne figures that Kevin is scared. She says that she’s going to represent Kevin as best he can, and insists that she can handle it.

When Harry goes to his car, he finds Eve waiting for him. He demands to know how he can remove the bracelet, and she says that he can’t. He figures that she knew about the diamond shop robbery, and eve warns that everything isn’t happening in isolation. Someone has an invested interested in it and is running everything, and she wants to see him stopped because he killed her mother. When Harry says that she doesn’t know him, Eve says that she knows him and he knows her. Harry asks about the price his luck costs others, and Eve walks away, saying that the people he’s up against are killers.

Rich has Harry met him at the museum. He explains that he showed the photos to an expert, Barbara Haleton, and she wants to show them something. Inside, she shows them Chinese prosperity coins. They have the same yin-yang symbols as Harry’s bracelet, but the bracelet has an extra yang line. The coins are used to foretell someone’s fate, but the extra yang line in the bracelet disrupts fate. Barbara says that there’s a legend of a bracelet like Harry’s. In the legend, a Chinese woman received a bracelet that was forged in error with the extra line. She ultimate became the Emperor’s Consort and wielded tremendous powers. The Emperor’s soldiers forced him to execute her rather than see the empire ruined, and the bracelet disappeared. As they leave, Rich insists that it’s only a story.

Steve reports to Alistair that Harry went missing and he has no idea what he’s doing. Meanwhile, Harry is having a DI, Kane, run a background check on the missing Blue-Eye Golconda Diamond. It disappeared in the 1600s in India and hasn’t been seen since. Harry has Kane run a background check on Gabriel. In his office, Alistair tells Steve that he wants the entire unit to see that Harry is working for him.

Kane discovers that Max was the guarantor for Gabriel’s debts. Steve comes over and says that he’s got something for them. Harry leaves with them and Steve explains that he has a mate in Robbery Squad that is tracking a gang of motorcycle thieves robbing security vans. He figures that the robbers have switched to vans now that Robbery Squad is tracking the vans. They go to the morgue and Doug suggests that Gabriel died of stress brought on by the robbery due to his poor health. When Steve questions him, Doug wonders who is in charge and Steve insists that he is. The coroner says that someone jabbed needles under his fingernails. There are melanin spots on the corpses’ fingernails, and Doug admits that they’re rare in Caucasians.

The officers leave and Harry figures that the robbers didn’t get what they came from if Gabriel died under torture. He shows Steve a photo of the missing diamond and shows him the photo of the diamond. The finger held next to it for scale has the same melanin pigmentation, and Harry points out that it was Max’s name on the guarantee so he lied to them about knowing Gabriel. Steve tells him to go back to Max, and figures that Harry’s forte is getting into the heads of weak men like Gabriel. Harry agrees and leaves.

Back at Max’s shop, Harry talks to the owner and his son. He says that each diamond has a unique clarity, making a rare gem unfenceable. He figures that the Blue-Eye would bring in $50 male, but owning the diamond would be more about power. Harry asks why Max lied to him about his association with Gabriel, and points out that their names were on the deed to Gabriel’s shop. He shows Max the photo of the Blue-Eye, and figures that the robbers will come at him again. Max tells Harry to arrest him or leave, and Harry warns Liev that the next time the robbers will kill his father.

Suri is at home trying to play a game app. She finally puts it aside and goes over the files on Lily-Anne. She then goes to the Green Dragon and leaves Harry a voice mail that she’s checking it out. Inside the casino, Suri watches the gamblers and notices one man take a hit on 18 in Blackjack. She confirms that there’s no maximum on the table.

At Whitecross, a guard brings Kevin a tray of food. It has a razor on it.

Anne is waiting in the interview room for Kevin.

Kevin takes the razor and cuts his own throat.

Anne has a guard call to see where her client is.

Harry watches Max’s shop. Eventually Max and Live leave and go separate ways, and Harry follows Max. A truck cuts him off and two motorcyclists go by. Harry abandons his car and runs after them. He spots Max’s car and the motorcyclists down an alleyway and runs down in. The robbers are taking a briefcase from Max Solomons when they’re forced to stop in the dead-end alley. One of the motorcyclists drives past Harry. The other one comes at him, and he tells the bracelet to work. He then stiff-arms the robber, knocking him off of his bike. Harry grabs the briefcase and confirms the robber is unconscious, and then runs to the car and finds Max dying from a chest wound. The other robber returns and picks up his accomplice, while Harry calls for an ambulance.

Anne meets with the prison governor, Julian, and demands an explanation for how Kevin died in his custody. Julian says that Kevin wasn’t’ flagged a suicide risk so he wasn’t under watch, but Anne isn’t satisfied.

At the station, Steve looks on as Harry tries to open Max’s briefcase. He guesses the combination from the door number on both Max’s and Gabriel’s shops, There’s no sign of the Blue-Eye inside, but Harry finds a recutting plan for the Blue-Eye... and Joseph’s initials are on it.

At the Green Dragon, Suri watches the same gambler go to the roulette tables. He receives advice from another man reading off numbers from his phone, then places his bet and wins big. The gambler then asks Suri if she’s going to keep following him around, and she points out that he’s on a hot streak. Once he leaves, Lily-Anne comes over and asks Suri if she’s okay. Suri says that she’s off-duty, and Lily-Anne points out that Harry was such a bad gambler because he thinks that he can beat the odds even when everyone else knows better. The DI says that Harry is fine, and promises Lily-Anne that they’re going to make Kevin talk. Lily-Anne smiles and says that she’ll find it hard.

The next day, Harry and Steve confront Joseph. Harry figures that Gabriel sold his share of the diamond to a ruthless man who doesn’t want the Blue-Eye cut up, and they want a name. Joseph refuses to tell outsiders, and Steve puts him under arrest. An exasperated Harry follows him out. As they go, Anne calls Harry and asks to meet.

At the park, Anne meets Harry and tells him that Kevin called her in and sounded desperate to tell her the truth... and then killed himself. Harry asks if someone knew that when she was put on the case, he’d be taken off of it. He wonders who is paying for the cake, and Anne admits that she doesn’t know. She impulsively hugs Harry for comfort and he assures her that it’s going to be okay.

Steve reports to Alistair, who tells him that Kevin killed himself. There’ll be no conviction so the case will go down as unsolved. Steve doesn’t see the problem, and figures that they all know Kevin killed Kayleigh and Freddie. He explains that if he can get Joseph to give up the name of the cutter then they can set up a sting on the motorcycle gang when they come back for the priceless diamond. When Steve points out that the people running the gang have been one step ahead of him, Alistair irritably says that they’ve been one step ahead of Harry and two steps ahead of Steve. Steve meets with Joseph and points out that they’ve checked the prisoner’s International VAT status.

Harry goes to the hospital where Live is sitting with his father. Live thanks Harry for saving Max, and Harry figures that Gabriel wanted to recut the diamond and sell it, but Max refused.The younger man admits that his father was enchanted by the diamond and could never agree to cut it up until Gabriel was killed. Then he agreed to recut and sell it on, but now it’s too late. Harry warns that the cutter is in danger, and Live admits that the robbers already came by an hour ago and he gave them the name. Harry pressures him and Live gives up the address.

As Harry drives to the address, Suri calls him and says that the roulette table where Harry won was rigged to pay off. She figures that it’s a money-laundering scheme.

Steve calls Harry and gets his voicemail, and leaves a message that Joseph gave up the location of the Blue-Eye.

Harry admits that he won big money at one of the tables, hangs up, and listens to Steve’s call. He realizes that the robbers will get there first, and speeds up. He gets there and heads down to the vault, and arrives just as Nelson and his two accomplices get there. Steve comes in and the robbers hold him at gunpoint and demand the diamond. When Steve says that he doesn’t know, Nelson pistol-whips him. The lights stat flickering, and Harry knocks out the man on guard. Nelson prepares to shoot Steve, and Harry comes in, hands up, and says that he knows where the diamond is. The leader gives him ten seconds, and Harry looks around desperately as a clock chimes. Playing a hunch, he goes over to the clock and removes the diamond from the swinging pendulum. He hands it over to Nelson and then knocks him out. The third robber heads for the door. When Harry orders the robber to stop, the person removes their helmet... and reveals that they’re Eve. He stares at her in surprise and she walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 7, 2016

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