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The Would-Be Prince of Darkness Recap

A woman stands on the edge of a rooftop, staring at the drop behind her. Lucifer comes up behind her and tells her to jump, and promises that there's warm welcome waiting for her. She jumps into the pool below and the party-goers cheer. Lucifer goes down and sees a woman inviting a young quarterback named Ty Huntley to have a drink with her. Once the woman, Ali Thornton, leaves, Lucifer introduces himself and Ty says that he doesn't need anything from him. Lucifer says that he desperately needs his help with his virginity, and is intrigued by the celebrity virgin. Ty explains that his agent wanted him to throw the party and loosen up, and Lucifer asks what he'd really want to do if Ty let go. Ty's idea of letting go is watching Master Chef,, but finally admits that he wants to get laid. He broke up with his girl, and Lucifer tells him that Ty really wants him. Ty refuses, saying that his mother taught him better, and Lucifer says that it's about him. After a moment, Ty goes over just as the young woman comes over. She says that she's meet the real owner of Lux, and he performed at a rap battle in the Valley a week ago. The young woman complains about Lucifer's accent and walks off, disgusted. Lucifer is briefly thrown off until he spots three women staring at him and goes over.

The next morning, Ty wakes up Lucifer as he sleeps among the three women. He says that something really bad happened and asks for a favor.

At home, Chloe is checking the Internet about magic when Roxie comes in and asks if Dan forgot to pick her up. She assures her daughter that he's probably stuck in traffic, and Roxie suggests that Chloe ask Lucifer how she does her "tricks." Lucifer calls her unlisted number and asks her to come by. When Chloe arrives at Ty's house, Lucifer takes her to the pool and shows her Ali's corpse floating in the pool.

Chloe calls in a CSI team and the coroner confirms that the victim was strangled after a struggle. She interviews Ty, who says that woke up early and had a hangover. He came down to the kitchen and saw Ali's corpse in the water. Chloe says that she was murdered, and wonders why he didn't call the police. Ty explains that he told Lucifer, and Lucifer said he would call the police. Chloe insists that she's going to find the killer because it's her job, not because Lucifer wants her to. Ty gives her a guest list... with 250 names.

Lucifer starts poking around the crime scene until Chloe tells him to stop interfering. Ty brings up photos from the party and they spot Ali. Lucifer keeps commenting and Chloe finally shoves him outside with the other party guests. Dan arrives and tries to apologize, and Chloe tells him to apologize to Trixie. They go through the unclaimed items from the party and Chloe finds Ali's purse... and her car keys. The detectives identifies from the car registration that shows Ali was from Boise, ID. A CIS tech shows them a missing fingernail that matches the one on Ali's hand. It's in Ty's bedroom, and Chloe hears a woman groaning from nearby. She goes out in the hall and finds Lucifer playing porn on Ali's phone. It shows her with Ty, and Lucifer says that he heard it ring and followed the noise. Chloe continues watching the video and Ty realizes that he's being taped. She goes over to put Ty under his arrest, and Ty blames Lucifer for getting him into trouble.

As the police take Ty away, Lucifer tells Chloe that she's arrested the wrong man. She figures that Ty learned that Ali was taping and killed her so that she wouldn't release the video and ruin his image. Lucifer wants to make sure that Chloe punishes the right person, and tells her to look at something else in the phone. Chloe abruptly says that the LAPD will look into it and Lucifer can go. Once he goes, Chloe checks the phone and stares at what's on it in surprise.

Later at Lux, Maze is on the phone when Lucifer comes in. She says that the LAPD's Financial Investigation Unit was calling and they claim Lucifer destroyed the honeymoon suite at a hotel in Tarzana. Someone with Lucifer's name and credit card left a $2,000 tab. Lucifer insists that someone is posing as him and tells Maze to find them. She refuses, saying that she's fascinated to see what the human does next.

Lucifer meets with Linda and complains that someone is posing as him. The therapist suggests that he's overreacting, and says that someone stole her identity a few years ago and it was no big deal. Lucifer insists that it is, and Linda changes the subject to the case. He says that Chloe has the wrong suspect, and Linda wonders if it bothers him that someone got Ty into a bad situation. Lucifer admits that it bothers him because he punishes the guilty and Ty isn't guilty.

Chloe goes to an office to meet with Ty's agent, Joe Hanson. Lucifer is already there, talking to a group of agents. He asks which one of them is into killing women, and Chloe comes up and demands a word. Lucifer explains that he's there to find and punish the real killer, and he got the agency's name from Ali's phone because she traded calls with Ty's agency. Chloe is there to find out how Joe's agent knew Ali. She tells Lucifer to go, insisting that he can't help, and Lucifer points out that he's been helpful before. Chloe reluctantly agrees and they go to Joe's office.

Joe says that Ty wouldn't have killed Ali, and Chloe asks if he knew Ali. When he threatens to lawyer up, Lucifer uses his power to make him says what he really wants. Joe admits that he wants to be the greatest agent of all times by protecting his client. Once he snaps out of Lucifer's spell, Joe tries to cut a deal. Chloe says that Ali was an actress looking for a break, and Joe set her up with Ty. Joe admits that he set Ali up with Ty to help him get over his ex. The agent shows him a threatening letter from Debra McCall, Ty's fan. Debra got possessive and started managing Ty. When Joe told Ty to break up with her, he refused. The agent made Ty file a restraining order after Debra broke a girl's nose for buying Ty a drink. Joe suggests that Debra might have killed Ali.

Later, Chloe and Lucifer wait outside of the college where Debra is attending class. Lucifer insists that he wants to punish the real killer, and Chloe suggests that he might feel guilty. Debra comes out and Chloe goes over to ask her some questions. The girl refuses to talk and goes to her SUV... and it explodes. The blast knocks her down and Lucifer insists that they're getting warmer.

As night falls, the police secure the crime scene. There's a remote detonator on the bottom of the SV, meaning the bomber was nearby. As the police check the CCTVs, Chloe finds Lucifer talking to Debra and suggesting she set the whole thing up. The detective says that the bomber wanted to scare Debra, not kill her, and Debra admits that she went to Ty's party despite the restraining order and looked in through the window. She insists that their "breakup" is just a phase. When she saw Ty and Ali kissing, she got mad and went to an all-night froyo store.

Chloe gets the CCTV video and watches it at home with Dan. The video shows that Debra was there during the coroner's estimated time of death. Dan suggests that Ronnie Hillman, a big Hollywood fixer, rigged the car. A security cam shows her near Debra's SUV right before the explosion, and Dan explains that they've never been able to file charges against Ronnie because she always lawyers her up. He warns that she won't talk to cops, and Chloe suggests someone they'd never expect to work with them.

Dan and Chloe go to Lux and Lucifer calls Ronnie to arrange a meeting. Chloe wants Lucifer to vouch for Dan, and then Dan will hire her to fix a problem. When Ronnie goes there, his people will arrest her and they'll have leverage to force her to give them information on Ali's murder and the bomb attempt on Debra.

Lucifer goes down to the main floor where Dan is waiting. Ronnie comes in and Lucifer greets her. She checks him for a wire. Once she's satisfied that he's clean, Ronnie says that she can help Lucifer with the imposter ruining his name and his sexual reputation. Lucifer glances over at Dan and then plays along with Ronnie's assumption. He whispers something in her ear and then she leaves. Chloe and Dan catch up to Lucifer at the bar, and he says that he hired Ronnie.

Later, Ronnie brings in the imposter with a bag over his head. Lucifer confronts the would-be Prince of Darkness and Maze removes the hood. He looks nothing like Lucifer, and "Lucibro" demonstrates his mock-British accent. Lucifer points out that Lucibro is cheapening the Lucifer brand. Maze and Lucifer discuss torture methods, and Lucibro says that he just wanted to get chicks and free drinks. He tells Lucifer that his real name is Justin, and he just came there and a few girls mistook him for Lucifer. Lucifer promises to destroy him, until Maze says that it's like Lucifer punishing himself. After a moment, Lucifer tells Justin to go and orders him to never sully his name again. Maze is disappointed that they didn't torture Justin and walks off.

Ronnie gets her money and Lucifer apologizes for his friends, and Chloe comes in and arrests Ronnie for kidnapping and assault. When she threatens to connect her to Ali's murder, Ronnie insists that she had nothing to do with it. The fixer says that Debra is the murderer, and Chloe explains that Debra has an iron-clad alibi. Ronnie admits that she told Ali that she would protect her. But Ali ran out of money and Ronnie helped set her up with Ty. Joe set up the whole thing: Ronnie gave Ty a roofie and then took photos of him with Ali. Lucifer wonders why Joe is blackmailing his own client, and Chloe realizes that Joe was the one who told Ronnie that Debra killed Ali. Lucifer wonders how they get evidence on Joe, and Chloe figures the agent knew that Debra went to Ty's party so she'd be the perfect suspect.

Joe is running a rebranding presentation for Ty, assuring him that they kept him out of jail and will turn him into a big star. Chloe, Lucifer, and two policemen come in. They start to take Ty out, and Joe insists that Debra is the killer. Chloe says that Debra was with a friend the night of the murder so Ty remains the suspect. Desperate, Joe says that he went by the party and saw Debra, but never made it inside. Chloe confirms that he's admitting he was there that night, and then tells Joe that they have Ronnie's sworn statement that Joe hired Ali to make the sex tape to blackmail Ty. Ty wonders why Joe was going to blackmail him, and Chloe explains that eventually Joe thought he was going to leave him for another agency. The quarterback admits that he met with another agency once to keep Debra happy, and Joe decided to strike first and get some leverage. When Ali refused to give Joe the video, Joe struggled with her for her phone and lost control.

As Joe walks out to the station, Lucifer casually shoves him through the conference room window and into a desk in the next room. He advances on the agent, and Chloe stops him. After a moment, Lucifer gets control of himself and invites Chloe to take her turn.

As the police lead Joe out, Ty tells Chloe and Lucifer that he was never going to leave Joe. He thanks Lucifer for his help, and Lucifer points out that he owes him one. Debra runs over to Ty and they hug. Chloe tells Lucifer that she solved the case to spite him, after he almost destroyed evidence and co-opted a sting operation for his own purposes. After a moment, Chloe finally admits that Lucifer didn't completely destroy the case and he can stop blaming himself. Lucifer insists that he just wanted to catch the true culprit, but Chloe doesn't believe it.

After sex with Linda, Lucifer tells her that he decided not to punish the fake Lucifer. He admits that he was displacing his anger at Lucibro by finding Ali's killer. Linda asks Lucifer why he came to LA, and figures that he wanted to reinvent himself. He doesn't believe it, and Linda points out that he likes working with Chloe. Lucifer says that he enjoys punishing people now that he can do it on his own, but Linda suggests that he's starting to like seeking justice for the good people like Ali. Lucifer denies it and leaves.

Chloe reviews video from the agency of Lucifer shoving Joe through the window, and wonders how he did it.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 9, 2016

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