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The Atomic Job Recap

Peggy is sleeping when she hears a voice whispering to her. She jerks awake and draws her gun... and discovers that it's Jason. He invites her to the lamp and shows her the tissue sample from Jane's autopsy. Jason holds his hand to the jar and a piece of zero matter breaks off and moves to his hand. He moves his hand and the sample follows it, and Jason says that it's calling to him. The zero matter penetrates the side of the jar and enters Jason's hand. when Peggy instinctively grabs him, she discovers that he's solid for a moment. Jason recovers and tells Peggy that knows where Jane's body is.

Jarvis brings a map and Jason points to a location on it, and says that the body is calling to him. Peggy confirms that the location is a county cold storage building, owner by Thomas. Jason figures that he could cure himself with the zero matter in Jane's corpse, and Peggy tells the two men that they're going to steal Jane's body.

Violet returns home and discovers that the front door is open. She goes inside and grabs a baseball bat, and discovers that Daniel has set the table for dinner. He's dozed off on the couch waiting for her, and Violet wakes him up. Daniel says that he hoped to surprise her, and Violet explains that she had to cover an extra shift. She goes out to get coffee, and Daniel searches through his coat and then the curtains for the engagement ring. Violet comes back and Daniel says that he lost something. When she offers to help, Daniel takes her hands and says that he got through his physical therapy because of her. He finally admits that he lost his engagement ring for her, and Violet starts searching for it... and then says yes and kisses him.

Calvin is lying awake in bed next to Whitney, who is mumbling in her sleep. He finally gets up and gets some clothing, and turns to find Whitney behind him. She says that she needs his help.

The next morning, Jarvis lifts Peggy up to the facility vent so she can pry it open. She goes in and then pulls Jarvis up. They crawl through the shaft to the vent leading to the cold storage room. As Peggy prepares to climb down, Calvin and Whitney enter the room. Whitney goes to Jane's corpse in a sealed container and says that it wants to be let out. She has Calvin open the case, and then touches the body. The zero matter enters her arm, and after a moment Whitney pulls away. Peggy watches as Whitney tells Calvin that she needs an atomic bomb.

Back at Howard's estate, Peggy and Jarvis tell Jason what they saw. Jason figures that Whitney plans to replicate the original atomic explosion that unleashed the zero matter. To succeed, Whitney must set off the bomb in the same location to open the rift. Jason insists that they can't let Whitney do it, and the two remaining Roxxon warheads were put in storage after the original test. They have no idea which Roxxon facility is housing the warheads, but Jarvis admits that Howard has kept up on Roxxon activities. He knows of one highly-security facility a few hours outside of LA. Jarvis warns that the only way in is via an elevator that re4quires a special key, impossible to duplicate. Any attempt to bypass the door will kill them.

Calvin tells Whitney that they can't steal the warheads, and Whitney insists that if they get more zero matter than the Council will answer to them. She insists that the plan will work and tells him to imagine what they could do with a large sample of zero matter. Once they do, Calvin would get the respect he deserves. Calvin asks how they'll do it, and Whitney says that it's time to lean on their connections.

Peggy arrives at the SSR office and finds Daniel telling the other agents about his proposal to Violet. She offers her congratulations and then talks to Daniel in private. She explains that she needs to sneak into Hugh's office at Roxxon, and Daniel says that the lab has something new. They take some pie to Dr. Samberly to bribe him to loan them the memory inhibitor. Samberly demonstrates how to place it to the temples of the subject, making them forget the last two minutes. Their tests on an assistant, Jerry, have been highly successful except for the chance of brain damage.

At Roxxon, Peggy calls away Hugh's secretary and goes in, disguised. She's going through the file cabinets when Hugh comes in. he finds the disguised Peggy vaguely familiar, and Peggy says that she just started there. Hugh tells Peggy that he's going to lunch and they can crunch numbers later. Peggy goes into his desk and starts searching.


Hugh remembers where he saw Peggy and goes back to find her searching his office. He starts to call security, and Peggy uses the memory inhibitor on him. Hugh start flirting with her again and Peggy tells him that he needs to get to lunch. Once he goes, Peggy starts searching again. Meanwhile, Hugh remembers where he saw Peggy and goes back to his office. She uses the memory inhibitor on him again and knocks him out. She realizes that Hugh is wearing the key and start searching him. He wakes up and she uses the memory inhibitor again… and again, and again. Peggy finally locates the key in Hugh's belt buckle, and zaps him one more time before going. Hugh staggers out as his secretary returns, sees his unbuckled pants, and figures he had a nice lunch.

Calvin and Whitney go to a restaurant to meet with Joseph Manfredini, Whitney's former boyfriend. Whitney offers Joseph major construction contracts in return for some men to move equipment. She assures Joseph that she doesn't need guns, just men who can be discrete. Joseph says that he needs assurances that his name doesn't appear in the newspaper. When Calvin hesitates, Joseph calls a bodyguard over and starts beating him, screaming that he's undressing Whitney with his eyes. Once Joseph is done, he catches his breath and returns to the table. He then asks if they have a deal, and Whitney agrees.

Jarvis, Peggy, and Jason go over the plans of the Roxxon facility exterior. Daniel is practicing defusing a mock bomb, and Jason points out that one misstep could destroy all of Los Angeles... just as Daniel accidentally drops the mock core. Jarvis doesn't have any plans of the inside, and Daniel admits that they have no idea who they can trust inside the SSR. Peggy points out that there is one person that they can trust. She and Daniel go back to the theatrical agency and Peggy insists that they can trust Rose. When Daniel points out that Rose doesn't have any field experience, Peggy insists that they can trust her with their lives. Rose knocks out an auditioning act, and then waves to Peggy and Daniel.

Later, Peggy, Daniel, and Rose go to the SSR lab and look for equipment they can use. Samberly comes in and Peggy assures him that his memory inhibitor works. He irritably complains until Rose starts flirting with him. Samberly immediately agrees but warns that the equipment are prototypes and he needs to go with them. When the others agree, Samberly points out that Daniel said that he could use his expertise in field operations. Daniel finally agrees and Samberly starts packing his equipment. When Peggy wonders how Daniel knows Samberly isn't a Council spy, Daniel points out that everyone hates him. The team heads out and Jarvis goes to get the car.

That night, the team pulls up to the Roxxon facility in a van. Rose and Samberly go over to the fence, claiming to be a couple, and say that they're lost. Samberly awkwardly plays along but the guard tells them to leave. Rose says that they should leave, and Samberly tosses a device over the fence. The guards see it just as it shocks them unconscious. Jarvis and Daniel drag the guards out of sight, and notice that they're wearing expensive shoes.

The team gets into the elevator using Hugh's key. When they reach the bottom, they find an unconscious guard and realize that Whitney has already arrived. Samberly goes into the circuit room and accesses the security system. He unlocks all of the doors, and they spot one room with extra security.

Whitney, Calvin, and the two men that Joseph supplied search every room for the bombs.

As the team heads through the corridors, Samberly picks up Whitney's people on his motion sensor. Rose says that she has it and confronts one of the men. He comes at her with a knife and she punches him.

Peggy and the others find the room with the warheads, and Samberly detects someone coming toward them. Samberly tries to relock the door, and ends up locking Jarvis in the room with the warheads. The scientist can't get it open, and Peggy tells Daniel to talk Jarvis through the procedure while she deals with their opponents. Once she leaves, Daniel tells Jarvis to calm down and then walks him through the procedure.

Peggy attacks Joseph's second man.

Jarvis opens one of the warheads, puts on the protective gloves, and starts removing the core. Meanwhile, somberly admits that he's not doing well. Rose returns and tells him to calm down, assuring him that he's the smartest person in the building and he's got it. As he works, Samberly starts to invite rose to dinner and she tells him to focus on opening the door.

Following Daniel's instructions, Jarvis puts the core in the case they brought along and starts working on the second warhead.

Peggy finally knocks out her opponent and radios to Daniel that she's going after Whitney. She follows their voices to where Calvin and Whitney are arguing about whether to stay.

Rose asks Daniel if he wants her to back Peggy up, and Daniel says that they have to focus on getting the bombs out.

Peggy confronts Whitney and Calvin, and Peggy says that the SSR can fix Whitney's condition. She says that she doesn't want to be fixed and reaches for Peggy, who ducks her grasp and punches her. Whitney barely notices.

Samberly gets the door open and a stunned Jarvis walks out. Daniel tells Rose to get the others out and goes to find Peggy. He calls to Peggy that they have the rods on the radio, and Whitney hears him. Furious, she grabs Peggy's arm, and Peggy manages to break her grip just in time. the effort knocks her back over a railing, and she grabs the remains of the railing. Whitney walks over and knocks her hand loose, and Peggy falls down and lands on a block of rebars. Daniel arrives and tells her to stay calm, while Whitney and Calvin escape.

The team takes Peggy to Violet's house and warn that a hospital wouldn't be safe. Violet takes charge and puts the team to work. Daniel stares at Peggy, concerned, and finally goes to get linens. Violet pours antiseptic on Peggy's wounds as the agent screams in pain.

At home, Whitney tells Calvin to call Hugh and convince him that they need uranium to run the test. Calvin finally snaps and says that he won't put himself in a ridiculous situation again where he may die. Whitney tries to calm him down, but Calvin points out that he's now at the mercy of an underworld mobster. He blames Whitney, pointing out that the mission was a discovery. Whitney grabs him by the throat and tells Calvin to watch his tone, and then releases him and walks away.

After Violet does what she can, Daniel calls Samberly and Rose and assure them that Peggy will be okay. Peggy wakes up and Daniel tells her that they've secured the uranium rods. As Violet listens from the door, unseen, Daniel says that Peggy scared him getting hurt. The nurse interrupts and says that Peggy's bleeding is under control, and she needs to rest. Jarvis comes in and helps Peggy out to the car. Once they're gone, Daniel thanks Violet for her help. She says that Daniel didn't tell her that he ran away from New York to get way from Peggy. Violet figures that Daniel is in love with Peggy, and asks him for the truth.

Calvin looks in on his sleeping wife, and then calls an emergency meeting of the Council. He insists that they're going to want to hear what he has to say.

Jarvis tucks Peggy in and tells her to get some rest, as Jason looks on. Once the butler leaves, Jason says that the place zero matter comes from is dark and painful. He puts off saying how he knows, and Peggy turns on some music. It's playing Jason's song from the club, and he suddenly fades out of sight.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 10, 2016

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