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Sins of the Father Recap

In Thea's hospital room, Oliver points out to Nyssa that if she truly cared about Thea, she wouldn't require Malcolm's life as price for the cure. Nyssa insists that family is no boundary when war is involved, and she is at war with Malcolm. Oliver tells her to deal with Malcolm herself, and realizes that Nyssa can't defeat him. He warns Nyssa that he can't defeat Nyssa now that he knows that Malcolm is Thea's father, and Nyssa points out that Robert made a similar bargain. Nyssa says that Thea is dying because of something that Malcolm did, and she has no choice before leaving.

Felicity has coffee with her father Noah, still unaware that he's Calculator, and he says that he protected her and her mother by staying away from them. She wonders why he's there now, and Noah explains that he was working a job and almost got beat by someone very exceptional. He investigated further and learned that his opponent was Overwatch. Felicity starts to wheel away, and Noah says that his work is hardly diabolical. He reminds her that he's trying to change society through hactivism, and he's not so different from Felicity and her vigilante activities. She points out that Noah promised to kill 8 million people, and he insists that it was an empty threat. To prove he's sincere, Noah offers Felicity a record of hacks that he's done over the years that she can confirm, and says that he wants to earn her trust back. Felicity takes it and leaves.

At the bunker, Oliver tells Diggle and Laurel about Nyssa's offer. Laurel wonders why Oliver won't do it, and Oliver reminds them that Robert threw in with Malcolm. He wonders how he can take Malcolm away from Thea, and figures that if he convinces Malcolm to give up the demon ring, then Nyssa will have what she wants and hands over the cure. Laurel agrees to talk Nyssa into it, and Oliver goes to see Malcolm.

Five Years Ago

In their cell, Oliver says that Vlad attacked him to defend Taiana, and Oliver didn't know Vlad was his brother. When he says that he didn't have a choice, Taiana says that she's done with him. Oliver shows her the rune stone and says that they can use it against Reiter. Taiana calls a guard over and says that she has something for him that he wants.


Oliver meets Malcolm atop a parking garage and explains about Nyssa's offer. Malcolm doesn't believe it but Oliver has confirmed that the order that guards the lotus gave it to Nyssa. Despite that, Malcolm doesn't believe Nyssa is telling the truth. He agrees that he needs to do something to save Thea, and tells Oliver to stop wasting his time with Nyssa's game.

The assassins bring Laurel in to Nyssa's temporary base, and Nyssa points out that Laurel stood by while she rotted in a dungeon. Once the guards leave, Laurel says that Sara is whole and happy, and asks Nyssa what she's doing holding Thea's life hostage. She says that she will never forgive Malcolm for taking two special people away from her, but tells Nyssa that she has to kill Malcolm herself or negotiate a compromise. Nyssa agrees to hear her out, and immediately agrees when Laurel explains Oliver's plan. However, she warns that Malcolm will never accept the terms. Laurel is sure that Malcolm would do anything to save his daughter, and Nyssa has her men surround them. She then says that if Malcolm doesn't surrender or die then there will be war in the streets.

Oliver returns to the bunker and warns that Malcolm wasn't convinced. Laurel passes on Nyssa's agreement, and Felicity arrives and tells the team that her father came back and he claimed that he is Calculator. She wishes that there was a test they had to prove who he is, and Oliver says that a test is a good idea... and he has a way to bring Malcolm to the bargaining table.

Five Years Ago

Reiter arrives and demands answers, and Taiana shows him the rune stone. The mercenary stares at it in surprise, and then pulls it from her hand. Taiana says that Oliver killed her brother, and Reiter tells her to care for him as if he were her brother, because Oliver is an important part of his plan. If Oliver dies then Taiana will die with him.


Oliver arrives as Nyssa spars with her assassins. Once she's done, she points out that Malcolm isn't there. Oliver asks for proof that what she's offering is real, and Nyssa has Taliban bring a sample of the lotus. As they wait, Nyssa warns that battle for League leadership cannot be solved without bloodshed. Taliban returns with a sample, and Nyssa says that it won't cure Thea but it's enough to prove it's effective. Before Oliver goes, Nyssa warns that someone is going to die.

Oliver gets Thea discharged from the hospital and has her moved to the lair, and then brings Malcolm. Diggle administers the injection and the wound on Thea's chest heals. Oliver tells Malcolm Nyssa's terms, and Malcolm contemplates his daughter while stroking his demon's head ring.

Donna arrives at the loft and realizes that Felicity is upset. Felicity has her mother sit down and then tells her that Noah is in Star City and came to see her. Donna admits that she thought Noah might have hurt Felicity, and insists that he has some ulterior motive for seeing his daughter. She says that Noah always tells people what they want to hear, they get sucked in, and then they're out of their money. Donna tells Felicity that people don't change even if they want them to.

As they wait, Laurel tells Nyssa that she's doing the right thing. Nyssa doesn't believe that Oliver's plan will work. Oliver, Malcolm, and Diggle come in. He removes the ring but then says that he has seen Nyssa's death. Malcolm puts the ring back on and his League assassins move in. Nyssa draws her sword and orders her men to attack. The two sides fight but Nyssa soon realizes that they're outmatched. She orders a retreat and escapes after knocking down a brazier as a distraction. Oliver blocks Nyssa's escape and tells Malcolm to stop, and Malcolm insists that everything he does, he does for Thea. Diggle joins Oliver, and Malcolm reluctantly leaves.

Back at the bunker, Oliver admits that he's shocked that the leadership is more important to Malcolm then his daughter. He refuses to allow a League civil war, and figures that they have to take down the leaders of both sides. Oliver vows that no one else dies... particularly Thea.

Five Years Ago

Taiana tends to Oliver, and he says that he knows what she's going through. She doesn't want to hear him, and angrily says that a man like him is incapable of understanding loss. Oliver says that his father shot himself in the head so that Oliver would survive and right his wrong, Since then he has lost people that he loves and knows that it doesn't get easier. Taiana admits that she always knew that Oliver was lost and shattered, and tells him that he becomes the man Robert wanted him to be by saving them from Reiter.


Oliver and Diggle arrive at a crime scene where several assassins fought and killed each other. Quentin is there and they warn him that it's just the beginning. Once they're alone, Diggle warns Oliver that Oliver will have to kill Malcolm because he's the only one that he can. He warns Oliver that he's been in denial about his hate, and tells him to use it to do what needs to be done: kill Malcolm.

Felicity calls Noah in and says that all of his files check out. She admits that they're not that different, and shows him around the Palmer Tech R&D lab. Noah notices Curtis' communication sphere and admires it, and then thanks felicity for giving him a second chance.

Black Canary finds Nyssa and her men at an abandoned complex, and Oliver tells her to keep them there. The heroine leaps down and warns Nyssa that she won't let her wage a war in Star City. The League draws their bows... and Malcolm's assassins attack. They kill Nyssa's men, and Black Canary leads Nyssa and Taliban out. They head through the streets and Malcolm's men open fire. As people panic and die, hit by stray shots, Green Arrow and Oliver right and attack the assassins in hand-to-hand. Once they've taken everyone down, Taliban escapes. Green Arrow apologizes and has Diggle tranq her unconscious.

The team takes Nyssa to a cell in the bunker, and tells Laurel that the lotus is safe. Laurel insists that her surrendering the lotus will save Thea, and says that letting people die for a lost cause isn't who she is. It's who Ra's was, but Laurel says that Nyssa can finally be free by choosing a different path.

After Laurel and Diggle head out to find the lotus, Felicity arrives at the bunker and Oliver tells her what happened. She explains that Noah planted a data tap in the R&D lab during the tour, and Felicity figures that he failed her test. Oliver says that she's shocked because she had hoped Noah was the parent that she always wanted him to be. Felicity echoes Donna's words about people not changing, and Oliver says that some people do and he had hoped that Malcolm would. Felicity agrees with Diggle, but Oliver doesn't want to kill Thea's father. He's still holding out hope that with time, Malcolm will get a normal relationship with Thea. Felicity says that Malcolm will never change.

An alarm goes off showing Malcolm visiting Thea. Oliver goes to see him and Malcolm says that he wants to be at Thea's side when she dies. When Oliver yells at Malcolm to give Nyssa the ring, Malcolm describes how he first met Thea when she was four months old. He always knew that he was connected to her, and Oliver says that a real father wouldn't let his child die to hold power in his hands. Malcolm insists that what is happening is larger than him or Thea, and the League is a force for world change. He refuses to give that power to Nyssa, and asks what Oliver would do if Damien asked him to surrender even if it saved William's life. Malcolm admits that he knows all about Oliver's son, and is sure that Oliver would never sacrifice Star City to save William. Oliver says that he wouldn't stop looking until there was a third option, and suggests that Malcolm challenge Nyssa to a trial by combat. Malcolm warns that Nyssa will die, and Oliver admits that she brought it on herself.

Later, the two sides meet on a rooftop while Oliver and his team look on. Oliver warns Felicity that he has a crazy plan coming. Nyssa and Malcolm step forward and prepare to fight. However, Oliver tells them to stop and says that he will fight on behalf of his wife. Nyssa wonders why he's doing it, and Oliver says that if he has to choose between Malcolm's life and hers then he will see justice done. Nyssa hands Oliver her sword and steps, and Malcolm reminds Oliver of the role he played and making him Ra's. Oliver says that it's time to finish it and they fight. When he loses his sword, Malcolm grabs a bow from one of his men and shoots at Oliver. Oliver deflects the arrow and knocks Malcolm down, and tells him to yield. Malcolm says that Oliver will have to kill him to end it, and tells him to do it. Oliver glances at Felicity, who nods in agreement... and then cuts off Malcolm's hand. Malcolm moans in pain and Oliver knocks him out. He then takes the ring from the severed hand and tells Nyssa to bring him the lotus. Taliban brings it forward and Nyssa give sit to Oliver. She thanks her husband and puts on the ring, and all of the assassins bow to her.

Later, Thea wakes up and confirms that she's feeling fine. Oliver assures her that the cure worked and her bloodlust is gone, and Laurel takes her to get dressed. Felicity wonders what they're going to tell Thea about Malcolm, and Oliver tells her that they'll handle it in baby steps. She then contemplates what Malcolm said earlier.

The next day, Noah brings Felicity a portable ramp. She tells him goodbye and says that she hated herself when she was a girl because Noah abandoned her. Felicity wonders what was so wrong with her that he left her, and Noah says that he was the problem because he had to go on the run. When he says that he did it for Felicity and Donna, felicity says that she doesn't believe him. Quentin and his men come in and Felicity tells Noah that she is nothing like him. With that, she turns and leaves, ignoring Noah's plea for her to stop.

Nyssa summons Laurel and Oliver to her lair, and asks how Thea is doing. She admits that Laurel was right and Ra's turned her into someone she isn't. Oliver and Laurel showed her what she has to do, and her men escort Malcolm in. When he calls her Ra's, Nyssa removes the ring and throws it into a brazier. It melts, and Nyssa says that she disbanded the League earlier that day. She promises that no one will be held by her prisoner any longer. Once Nyssa leaves, Malcolm tells Oliver that he once thought of him as a son. The reason Oliver gets to live is that death would be a mercy for him compared to the revenge he will take on him.

Five Years Ago

Oliver takes Taiana's hand and promises that she will free her friends for Vlad. Taiana says that her brother is dead, and they do it for them. Reiter returns and says that the stone was the final piece to the puzzle. The treasure he seeks is beneath their feet, and they dig at daybreak.


Oliver visits Felicity in her office, and he asks if she's okay. She says that she knows that she did the right thing, but the look on Noah's face when she betrayed him will haunt her for the rest of her life. Oliver assures her that the remorse she feels shows that she's a very different person from Noah. He says that closure doesn't come easily and she isn't done with Noah. Felicity wonders if Oliver is punishing himself for betraying Malcolm, and points out that he found the best way out of an impossible situation. Oliver asks Felicity if he will marry her now that they have a window of relative peace. Felicity suggests that they have a small ceremony with a few of their friends, and says that she's in.

Malcolm asks for a meeting with Damien, and says that he knows who Olive cars about more than anyone else. It's not Felicity: it's his son William.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 11, 2016

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