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Star-Crossed Recap

Only you shall not eat the blood; you shall pour it out on the earth like water.

At Nick’s bunker, Nick prepares to explore the old tunnel beneath the building. Adalind warns that perhaps the door was locked for a reason, and he tells her to lock the door behind her.

At the HW command center, Trubel gets a match on facial recognition and brings in Meisner. She explains that the same unidentified man was spotted just before several Wesen riots. Now he’s in Portland. Eve comes in and warns that they can’t take him out until she knows who he is. Meisner says that they have to find out where Nick and his allies stand.

At a barn, a man drags a cross inside.

Nick hammers away at the tunnel door but is unable to pry it open. Adalind calls down to say that Trubel is there, and he comes back up. Trubel is holding Kelly and he hands him over to Adalind for a changing. She then tells Nick that Meisner wants a meeting with whoever is willing to help. Trubel says that a Black Claw provocateur has arrived in Portland and gets a text. As she leaves, Trubel says that HW needs to know who they can count on.

The man, Robert Lewis, digs a hole in the barn floor and says that it’s deep enough, and demands his money from his employer. The employer woges and kills the man.

The next day, two surveyors are checking a field during the current drought and find an old barn. They find the man dead, shard of glass in his eyes and a hole gouged in his side. He’s strapped to the cross that he dragged in the night before. The surveyors call 911.

At the spice shop, Rosalee gets a call from her old “friend,” Tony. She tells him to stop writing and has nothing to say to him. Monroe takes the phone and angrily tells Tony to stop calling his wife, and Tony hangs up. Nick arrives and tells them about Trubel’s offer, and says that it might be worth talking to HW. They worry about whether Nick can handle meeting with Eve again. Before he can answer, Hank calls and tells him about the dead man. Before he leaves, Rosalee says that they need to find out more about HW and Nick agrees.

Renard and Rachel are in bad watching Renard’s recent endorsement commercial. Once it’s done, Rachel assures Renard that he looks good on camera and people trust him, and they kiss.

Nick arrives at the barn and Wu takes the detectives inside. There’s a circle on the ground made in blood, and Wu has confirmed that the victim, Lewis, is from New York. He has a record of petty crimes. Hank notices a symbol carved into the top of the cross, an upside triangle, and takes a photo of it. Back at the station, Hank determines that the symbol means “water” and was used by a Wiccan group known as the Order of the Golden Dawn. Wu discovers that the victim made it to the West Coast five years ago and showed up at a shelter in Chinatown occasionally. He has no history with occult crimes, and Nick tells Wu to run Lewis’ history in New York. Before Wu goes, Nick tells him and Hank about Meisner’s request. Hank and Wu want to know more about HW and Meisner, and refuse to commit until they know more. The detectives head to Lewis’ last known address in Chinatown.

A commercial real estate agent takes a man, Eric Sanders, down to a long abandoned building. They’re surprised to find a dead man, his eyes filled with shards of mirror, crucified in the middle of the basement.

Nick and Hank bring in another homeless man who recognizes Lewis from a photo. He says that Lewis was bragging that someone offered him $100 for a job, but he doesn’t know anything about the guy who hired Lewis. Wu calls Nick and tells him about the new victim. When the detectives get there, Wu explains that the building is in probate. The corpse has been there for a couple of weeks, and he was also gored to death. There’s a different carving on the cross. Back at the station, the partners confirm that it represents water in Celtic lore. Nick and Hank head to the spice shop to check the books.

Meisner, Eve, and Trubel fight her way into a Black Claw base. Eve manages to capture one prisoner and they take him with them.

At the spice shop, Rosalee and Monroe explain that the ritual is a Fulcre, and the Fulcre are an ox=-like Wesen. Whenever the crops weren’t doing well, they would make a sacrifice to their god. The last ritual was 500 years ago, after Grimms wiped out anyone who participated. Monroe finds a book with the symbols indicated, and Rosalee is able to translate the ancient Gaelic. The ritual says that blood will spill on the earth like water, and seven sacrifices are necessary. The rest of the pages are burnt, and they figure that there will be five more sacrifices. Nick calculates the amount of wood necessary to build seven crosses, and Hank says that he’ll have Wu check lumberyards.

Back at the station, Hank confirms the identity of the second victim. He was also a homeless man. Wu checks down a lumber order at Columbia Lumber, and the owner, Duncan Fargo, wouldn’t give the information over the phone. The detectives go there and Fargo shows them the paperwork in his office. The lumber was charged to Mark Halloway, and the address is on the order. Nick and Hank go to the Halloway address, and Mark’s son Jonathan asks who they are. Once they identify themselves , Jonathan directs them to his father in the back. Mark freely admits that he buys a lot of lumber, and says that the beams were stolen. Nick shows him a photo of the dead victim, and he woges into his Fulcre form. Mark realizes that Nick is a Grimm and attacks him, and Nick easily subdues him. He surrenders and they take him totheir car as an astonished Mark wonders what his father did.

At the station, Mark insists that he’s never seen the two symbols. He didn’t report the lumber stolen because it was only $300 worth of wood. Mark says that he doesn’t know when the lumber was stolen because it was delivered when he wasn’t there and stored in the barn. Hank points out that everything leads to Mark, and his farm is having trouble with the drought. Mark finally says that a couple of weeks ago a man from the Black Claw came by and said his organization represented the ancient traditions. He describes the man, Donald, and admits that he threw away the flyer that the man gave him. Nick shows him the Black Claw mark and Mark recognizes it from the flyer.

The detectives meet with Renard, who warns them that they have to connect him to the murders with physical evidence. He tells them to hold Mark, and says that his great-great-grandfather was burned for performing rituals and sacrifices.

That night, a Fulcra sets up another victim in a field, pouring the blood in a circle around the cross.

At the bunker, Nick tells Adalind about the murders. She recognizes the Fulcre ritual and explains that it was centered on the seven stars of Ursa Major. The crime scenes will form the same pattern as the constellation.

Meisner and Trubel question the Black Claw prisoner, and Meisner warns that if he doesn’t cooperate then someone else will interrogate him. The prisoner recites the Black Claw motto, and Eve takes over as Meisner goes to get coffee. She seals his mouth over, and then his eyes. Trubel points out his ears, and Eve seals those as well. Meisner comes back with coffee and tells Eve that he wants everything the prisoner knows. They leave him alone.

The next morning, Wu calls the detectives to the next murder scene. There’s a new rune on the cross, and they figure that Mark is innocent since they had him in custody. The detectives go to the spice shop and Monroe agrees to find out more about them. Hank lays out the locations of the three murders on a map, and Rosalee notes that the last star in the pattern refers to a cemetery. They use it as a reference plate to place the other three points, giving them three more locations.

The trio returns to the prisoner’s cell and Eve unseals his ears and eyes. He agrees to talk to them, and Eve unseals his mouth. The prisoner says that he doesn’t know the provocateur’s name, but he knows that he delivers messages. Trubel asks who he’s giving the message to, and the prisoner gives them Lucien’s name. The prisoner warns that nobody knows where Lucien is because he moves constantly, and Meisner tells Eve to find out everything else he knows.

Mark returns home and calls to Jonathan. He finds the flyer in his son’s bedroom and drives to the local grange. Mark goes inside and hears Donald promising the locals--and Fargo and Monroe--that there is a new era of change with Wesen in charge. Donald woges into his Blutbad form and says that they must take back their transgression. Monroe slips out and Fargo sees him go. Mark finds Jonathan in the crowd and tries to drag him out. Two Wesen go after him

Nick and Hank brief Renard on what they’ve discovered, Wu calls in that a sheriff has found a body at one of the sites, and it’s been there for two weeks. Monroe calls Nick and explains that Donald is recruiting members. Mark drags a protesting Jonathan out, and Mark says that the Black Claw are superstitious fanatics. Jonathan shoves his father away and woges, and says that he’s not going. He goes back to the grange hall, and the two Wesen come out and beat Mark. Monroe comes over and tries to stop them, and convinces them to let him take Mark away. Once the Wesen go inside, Monroe helps Mark up. The farmer goes to his car and Jonathan hesitantly goes back inside.

At the station house, Nick confirms that the fourth victim is another homeless man. They get calls about the fifth and sixth victims, and Wu has confirmed that there’s nothing at the cemetery.

That night at the cemetery, the Fulcre is hanging up the seventh still-living victim. Nick and the others arrive and see the Wesen, They get out of their cars and order the Fulcre to surrender. When he tries to gore his victim, Nick and the others are forced to shoot. He woges back to his human form of Fargo, and he dies swearing the Black Claw oath. They release the victim and Wu tells him that he hallucinated the Wesen. As the coroner arrives, Nick and Hank get in their car. It starts to rain like the ritual predicted

Written by Gadfly on Feb 13, 2016

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