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4. A Higher Power Recap

At the Financial Regulations Security Authority building, worker Kate Olsen takes the elevator up and sees Yury watching her from the plaza outside. As she gets to the top and runs, Yury cuts off the power and tracks Kate in the building. She goes to the stairwell and sees someone coming up, and goes to an office and tries to call out. When Kate discovers that the line is dead, she hides under the desk and calls the police on her portable. Meanwhile, Yury comes in and finds Kate and she begs him to stop.

Harry attends a Gamblers anonymous meeting and describes what it feels like when he goes in to gamble.

Earlier, Rich watches as Harry burns his 70,000 pounds in winnings.

Harry says that believing in good luck is madness, and they’re all there because the same belief consumes all of them. Chaplin has them recite the steps and they place themselves to a higher power.

Rich says that burning the money is the stupidest thing that Harry has ever done, and Harry says that he won the money on a crooked roulette wheel. His half-brother wonders why Eve gave him the bracelet and helped him win.

The next day, Harry comes in and everyone applauds his breaking the diamond shop case. Steve approaches him afterward, and Harry reminds him that he risked his life to save his life. Despite that, Steve thanks him for saving his life. Harry asks about the two robbers in custody, and Steve says that the younger of the two will break. He asks if Harry can give a description of the third robber who escaped. Harry points out that all three robbers were wearing helmets, and Steve says that the sergeant will talk it through with him. Suri comes in and says that Alistair wants to see them.

In Alistair’s office, Alistair plays the two officers the 999 call. He says that Kate has disappeared and they’re treating it like a high-risk missing person with a significant threat of murder. When Harry asks if he’ll be working under Steve again, Alistair points out that Harry charges into a dangerous situation against planning and yet recovered the diamond. He’s decided to put Harry on another carry, and Harry sarcastically asks if he gets a reward for finding the diamond.

At the FRSA building, Suri and Harry check the office that Kate made the call from. They check the security tapes with Courtney Warwick, the head of security. The tapes show her coming in but no sign of her leaving, and he has no idea how she could have left without the security system registering her. Harry has Courtney check the CCTV on the 15th floor at the time Kate made the call. The video shows nothing, but Harry notices a ten-minute time discrepancy.

Steve meets with Alistair and demands to know why he’s letting Harry come back as SIO. Alistair reminds him that Harry saved Steve’s life, and they have no proof that Harry is rotten. He tells Steve to visit Lily-Anne so they can get a physical record of what happened between Harry and Freddie.

Suri tells Harry that she still sees Ben even though he’s dead, and then says that she tipped off a friend in vice about the rigged tables at the Green Dragon. Brett Stonewood, Kate’s boss, meets with them and says that Kate has been working on one case for several months. He says that Kate’s behavior has been erratic and she sometimes disappeared for several days checking out leads on a foreign case. There’s a photo of Vincent Lermontov, the former CEO of the company Kate was investigating. Vincent died two weeks ago, leaping off of a building. He was a gold bullion dealer and Kate became convinced that Vincent was too good at it. Among the photos is one showing the bracelet on Vincent’s wrist, and Brett says that Kate thought Vincent was too lucky. Kate had an appointment to meet Vincent’s son Paul just before she went missing. Brett asks them to keep him up-to-date on the investigation and leaves for a meeting.

Harry and Suri go to Kate’s home and discover that the place is almost clean of any personal touches. Suri finds an emergency insulin case in Kate’s refrigerator, and she tells Harry that Kate will die without it. At the morgue, Harry tells Doug that Forensics found tiny traces of anesthetic on Kate’s desk. The coroner confirms that it can be bought on the black market, and Harry notes that if Kate dies while she’s held captive, it’ll be a perfect murder.

Back at their desks, Harry asks Kate to try and make sense of Kate’s charts. He then goes to the lounge and brings up the online photos of Vincent, and confirms that he’s wearing the same bracelet. He calls Rich and tells him to get online to look at something. Rich is in bed with the museum curator, Barbara.

Daisy is sleeping and wakes up in her bed. She hears something on the street below, goes to the window, and sees Yury below.

Rich believes up the photo of Vincent and admits that the bracelet looks similar to Harry’s. Barbara agrees just as Anna calls Harry and tells her that Yury is there. As he drives away., Eve pulls up to the station behind him. She removes her biker’s helmet and goes inside.

Suri is at her desk and a tech tells her that it would be difficult to hack into the FRSA CCTVs. She has him check the CFTVs on the roads leading away from the building. Kane comes over and says that Eve is looking for Harry.

Harry arrives at Anna house, and Anna tells him that Daisy saw Yury on the street. He assures her that everything will be all right.

Suri brings Eve in and says that Harry won’t be long. As they wait in the lounge, Eve gives her first name.

Harry settles Daisy back into bed and holds her hand until she goes back to sleep. Anna comes in and tells Harry that he doesn’t have to stay. He tells Anna that it’s not safe for them to stay, and offers to sleep in the armchair. Anna half-sarcastically says that he’s their hero.

Eve refuses to be drawn into conversation with Suri, and starts to leave. When Suri grabs her arm, Eve orders her to let go and tells her to tell Harry that he doesn’t have to believe in her: he just has to believe in “it.” She says that time has ran out for her and walks out. As she gets on her motorbike, Yury watches from down the street and drives after her.

The next morning when Harry meets Suri, she asks who Eve is. He tells her that he doesn’t know, and Suri explains that Kate was obsessed with Vincent because there were major upheavals right before Vincent made his biggest investments. She figures that Kate was crazy because no one could have known the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Chernobyl, and 9/11 were going to happen. They visit Paul at his expensive penthouse, and he explains that he wears sunglasses because he has been sensitive to light since birth. Paul explains that the penthouse belongs to his father, and he threw himself from the roof on his 70th birthday. He figures that Harry knew Vincent, and Harry says that he didn’t.

Paul says that Kate was obsessed with Vincent, and wanted to talk to Paul about probability: the probability that he couldn’t be as successful as he was. As Suri steps out to take a call, Paul comments on the bracelet. He asks where he got it, and Harry claims that he picked it up at market. Harry asks why Vincent killed himself after such a successful career, and Paul says that in the end, luck always balances out.

After the interview, Harry calls Anna to make sure everything is okay and leaves a message. He tells Suri what Daisy saw. She has video from the roads leading away from the FRSA. It shows a SUV driving away eight minutes after the video blackout, and they have a houseboat address from the vehicle registration.

Eve is at home packing when she hears someone outside. She picks up a knife and looks down the stairs, and sees Yury coming out. She hides behind the door and he spots her. She slashes at him and he disarms her, and then slams her into the wall.

Suri and Harry arrive at the houseboat and see no one inside. Harry smashes in the door window and they go inside, calling for Kate. Suri finds hand and leg ties on the floor and they realize that Kate was there. There’s a syringe filled with a drug that neither officer recognizes, and Harry bags it.

A woman in an orange jacket with an albatross logo comes along, puts a padlock on the door, pours gasoline on the houseboat, and sets it afire. Suri passes out from smoke inhalation, and Harry manages to break open the door. He pulls Suri out as the fire engines arrive.

Steve goes to the Green Dragon and asks Lily-Anne for the document showing Harry’s financial involvement with Freddie. He gives her his word that any such paperwork would only be used in the case against Harry, not Lily-Anne, and she insists that her father’s murder investigation remained closed. Once Steve agrees, Lily-Anne says that she’ll consider it and see what she can find.

Anna checks with her senior partner, Nate Kelso, and asks who paid for them to take Kevin Grey’s case. Nate says that Kevin paid for it himself, but agrees to look into it when Anna points out that Kevin couldn’t afford them.

At the station, Harry tells Suri that the forensics techs are checking what’s left of the boat. He admits that he thought they were both dead, and Suri figures that Kate found something out about Vincent that was worth killing for. She gets a report on the drug, which is used by the Soviets as a truth serum, and they figure that Kate’s abductors were interrogating her... and they’re dealing with someone with military training.

That night, Anna is at home going over her file on Kevin. Harry knocks at the door and says that he’s there to make sure Daisy is okay. Anna says that their daughter is at her mum’s, and invites him in. She pours drinks and Harry admits that he spent the whole day thinking he should have been there protecting his family. He suggests that they start over again and Anna bursts into laughter. Harry promises that he can always get it back, and Anna admits that he was never shy of self-belief. They kiss but then Anna pulls way and says that he should go. Harry agrees to leave in five minutes, and they kiss again.

At the station, Suri continues reviewing Kate’s files.

After sex, Harry and Kate lie in bed together. He gets a text from Suri and says that he has to go back to work, and Anna says that things aren’t okay between them just they went to bed together. She insists that nothing has changed: they still have to move and Harry still could lose everything that she and Daisy have.

Suri finds a note that Kate made, that she met an old man who knew Vincent before he became an investor. Vincent is actually Vincent Nolin, a hired killer for the Kirov mob. There’s another of Kate’s notes saying that she met with Brett at a hotel and he told her the new information about Vincent was false and advised her to drop the case. There was a supposed FRSA with Brett: a man fitting Yury’s description.

Harry is in a poker game and his associate Michael Kanza says that he’d heard rumors that Harry gave up gambling. The DI says that he has, and Michael points out that he’swinning big for once. Harry says that gambling is for losers so he’s given up, and makes another winning hand. Suri texts Harry that Brett lied and asks him to meet her, and Harry walks away, telling them to burn his winnings. As he drives to the FRSA< Suri calls him from outside the building and tells her partner what she’s found. Harry tells her to wait for him, but she ignores him and hangs up.

Suri confronts Brett in his office and says that he lied to them. She accuses him of knowing all along why Kate was taken away, just as Harry storms in, slams Brett against the wall and warns him that he’s an accessory if Kate dies. Harry asks who Yury is, and Brett admits that he was never told. He confirms that Yury isn’t an FRSA officer, and that he told Yury that Kate hypoglycemic. Harry puts Brett under arrest.

Steve tells Alistair that Lily-Anne is going to help them, and that she hinted that she has a lot on Harry. Suri comes in, and Alistair asks where Harry is. She tells him that Harry is questioning Brett, and she’s decoded some of the information Kate gathered on Vincent. She had more than enough to indict him and Brett set her up for Yury when she wouldn’t drop the case. She and Harry hope that they’ll keep Kate alive until they learn everything she knows, and Alistair points out that they’d have to smuggle Kate out of the country. Suri realizes that Vincent has a shipping company, Albatross Freight, that ships to Russia. Alistair tells her and Steve to get over there with Harry while he sorts the warrants.

Harry and the others arrive and find hundreds of cargo containers. Suri is surprised when Harry seemingly drives around at random. Steve radios and says that they have to interview all the crane drivers, but Harry says that they don’t have time and he’s putting his faith in a higher power. He spots an Albatross cargo container . He cuts off the vehicle carrying it, and the driver runs off. Harry goes after him while Suri and Steve open the container and get the unconscious Kate out, and drive her to the hospital.

In the maze of cargo containers, Harry chases the driver and loses him. Yury knocks him out with a crowbar.

Later, Harry wakes up zip-tied to a chair. Eve is tied to another chair, unconscious and gagged. Yury comes in with a revolver and sets it on a table, and says that who he is doesn’t matter. He asks why Harry is wearing the bracelet, and reveals that he knows all about him. Yury tells Harry that Eve should never have given the bracelet to him, puts the revolver to her head, and says that it’s her fault. Eve wakes up and Yury says that he can’t kill her before he kills Harry.

Yury ungags Eve and tells her to tell Harry the truth. When she says that he wouldn’t understand, Yury puts the gun to the kneecap and repeats his request. Eve says that Harry is the only one who can remove the bracelet. The Russian figures that it’s joined to Harry and cutting it off won’t do any good. Eve says that it’s not the real bracelet, and Yury says that they’re going to test it. He takes all of the bullets out of the revolver except one, and explains that Vincent used to play Russian Roulette a lot... because he was a lucky man.

The Russian puts the bullet to Harry’s head and pulls the trigger... and nothing happens. Harry, sobbing, says that it’s just a cheap bracelet, but Yury points out that before he got the bracelet, Harry wasn’t very lucky. He puts two more bullets in the chamber and explains that when Vincent accepted a contract to kill the most dangerous man in Moscow. Eve’s mother visited Vincent and gave him the bracelet. Eve warns that Yury has no idea what he’s playing with, but Yury puts the revolver to Harry’s head. Eve tells Harry to believe in the bracelet, and Harry remembers everything that has happened.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2016

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