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Faking Miracles Recap

The Past

Scaramantula captures the original Team venture and enjoys a fine wine while unleashing his mecha-tarantula. A massive Chinaman, Kano, drives through the window in a car, guns down Scaramantula's henchmen, and gets out to take on the remainder. Jonah warns that he's not on their side, just as Kano's boss Blue Morpho gets out and calls upon Scaramantula to surrender. Scaramantula warns Blue Morpho that he can't muscle in on his racket, but Blue Morpho knocks him out with a stun dart. He and Kano free Team Venture, and Jonas pins him.


Henchman 21 explains to Monarch that after that, they become friends and Blue Morpho shows up in a later issue. He says that Blue Morpho was Monarch's father, thus explaining his base in the basement of his home. Monarch doesn't believe it, pointing out that his father was a boozed-up socialite who collected butterflies in his spare time. Henchman 21 points out that millionaire playboys is the #1 superhero alter ego, and a Morpho is a kind of butterfly. Monarch apologizes because it's a lot to process, and Henchman 21 admits that Blue Morpho's comic book was canceled after six issues.

Brock and Hank go jogging, and Brock insists that Hank can't have steroids. Dean catches up to them, gasping, and they realize that Dean is wearing shoes. The girl that Hank saw at Wide Wale's penthouse jogs by and Hank follows her, unaware that three henchmen are following him. They harpoon-tase Hank and their leader, Rocco, makes sure that the girl is okay. She tells the henchmen to lay off of Hank, who waves to her... just as Brock tackles the other two henchmen and kills them.

Pirate Captain takes Dr. Venture and Pete to a lab while Billy drives around in a Go-Pod. Dr. Venture wants to mass-produce it, but Pirate Captain warns that it's been known to cause sterility and heart murmurs. Billy runs into a wall and Pirate Captain admits that it doesn't stop too well. Undeterred, Dr. Venture is ready to make miracles.

At the Guild meeting in Wale's penthouse, Dr. Mrs. My Wife is busy texting while the rest of the Council votes to invite Phage to join the Council. Radical Left thanks Wide Wale for hosting the meeting in his home, and he thanks them for accommodating his daughter's 18th birthday party. His daughter Sirena comes in and complains that her henchmen are following her round. He checks with Rocco, who explains what happened and admits that the other two henchmen didn't make it.

At the Monarch's house, he receives texts from Dr. Mrs. My Wife. She reminds him about Wide Wale's party and Monarch says that he doesn't want to go to it. Dr. Mrs. My Wife reminds him that the Council are the people he needs to impress to improve his Guild rank, and Henchman 21 reminds that the people arching Dr. Venture will be there as well. Monarch reluctantly agrees

Pete is going through shutdown files on possible projects, while Billy tries out mecha-bot. Dr. Venture admits that he's been out of the business for a while, but Billy wants to do something. He opens a cabinet and finds a vial of metal liquid. The vial breaks on the floor and crawls up a vent.

Dean is taking a shower when the liquid comes out of the drain and enters Dean's body. Brock ears him yell and checks in via the interactive smart-surface mirror, and Dean wonders if a Candera attacked him. He dismisses it as nothing and Brock agrees to help him study.

That night at the party, the council members mingle. Redusa comes by and Red Mantle remembers his sexual history with her. Dr. Mrs. My Wife waits for Monarch, and a man, Copy Cat, hits on her. He isn't deterred when she says that she's waiting for her wife, and says that his power is being in the right place at the rest time. Dr. Mrs. Wife isn't interested and goes to look for her husband.

Wide talks to Sirena and she complains that she just wants a normal life. He reminds her that there was one thing in the world that could already make her smiles, and orders a pizza from Vincenzo's. At the pizza place, the chef tells new employee Hank that they have a new customer and warns him not to screw up.

Hank takes the Go-Pod and delivers the pizza to the penthouse at the same time that Monarch arrives. They end up in the elevator together, and the butler Badhul greets them. Sirena arrives to get the pizza, and helps Hank when he drops it. Rocco comes over and recognizes Hank from the park, and Hank runs for it.

Monarch enters the party and Wide grabs him. He angrily reminds Monarch that it isn't a costume party, and orders him to get out. Copy Cat comes over and offers to take Monarch to his apartment downstairs, get him some appropriate attire, and bring him back.

Red Mantle and Redusa kiss in the hallway, while Monarch thanks Copy Cat for bailing him out. As they go inside, Copy Cat splits off a clone of himself. Dr. Mrs. My Wife is waiting for Monarch when the clone comes over with drinks.

At Venture Tower, Brock reads Dean's application essay and tells him that he has to sell himself if he wants to get accepted. He gives Dean some advice and play down the truth, and Dean reminds him that he promised to help him with his entrance exams.

Pete checks the files for metal liquid, and Billy gets the inventory number from the vial. The liquid contains nanobots.

Monarch goes through Copy Cat's closet looking for suits. Copy Cat puts on Monarch's suit and darts Monarch unconscious. He then enters the lobby of Venture Tower. Hazard orders him to leave, not realizing that it's an imposter, and Copy Cat creates dozens of clones and knocks hazard unconscious.

Billy and Pete find a tutorial for the nanobots and tell Dr. Venture that they can go anywhere in the body.

Dean gets an upset stomach as he studies with Brock. He finally vomits.

Dr. Venture admits that the nanobots are amazing, and Pete suggests that they can use the nanobots to make the subject superhuman.

Dean suddenly picks up Brock.

Billy warns that someone could misuse the technology to stop someone's heart.

Dean's heart stops and he collapses.

Pete starts it back up again and Dean comes back to life. He then starts chanting in Babylonian as Billy hooks his brain up to the Internet. Brock runs out to get his dart gun, while Dr. Venture tells Billy and Pete to bring the nanobots back. They don't respond, and upstairs Brock darts Dean unconscious.

The Copy Cat clones enter the Venture penthouse. Across the street, the Copy Cat with Dr. Mrs. My Wife points out that "Monarch" is breaking into Venture Tower. The clones are pissing on the furniture, and Dr. Mrs. My wife calls over. The Copy Cat ignores the call, and Wide notices as well and complains that Monarch has a habit of ignoring Guild rules. Dr. Mrs. My Wife excuses herself, and Copy Cat tips a nod to Wide.

Rocco and his men continue searching for Hank. He ducks into a bedroom and finds red Mantle with Redusa. Rocco kicks his way in and Redusa runs out when she discovers that Dragoon's head is with them.

As Billy and Pete try to get the nanobots to respond, Brock calls Dr. Venture and tells him to call Dr. Orpheus because Dean is possessed. When Brock describes the symptoms, Dr. Venture realizes what's going on and says that he knows what's possessing Dean.

Monarch wakes up in costume at the base of the tower. Dr. Mrs. My Wife comes out and he runs after her. She doesn't want to hear his explanation and says that he ignored his call. Monarch says that he lost his cellphone, just as Henchman 21 calls to say that Manolo got the Morpho-Mobile started. Dr. Mrs. My Wife drives off, and Monarch tells Henchman 21 to come get him.

Sirena is watching a movie when Hank trips across her patio. She comes out and recognizes him from the park, and when he was peeping in her window a week ago. Hank insists that he didn't know she could breathe underwater. Rocco knocks on the door, and Hank says that he has to go because his dad and Sirena's are enemies. Sirena asks if he's willing to risk his life to go on a date with her, and Hank casually leaps off the balcony. Rocco bursts in and Sirena says that there was nothing. Once he leaves, she peers over the balcony, and Hank hovers up on the Go-Pod and asks if they have a date.

The next day, Dean screams in agony as he urinates. His father is on the mirror, telling him that his body is trying to pass the residual nanobots through his urethra. Dr. Venture also tells Dean that he passed his college admission exams, and is happy that they've made their first miracle.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 15, 2016

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