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For the Girl Who Has Everything Recap

Kara wakes up and a robot, Kelex, asks her how she's feeling. Kelex explains that she's Kara's medical attendant and that Kara has been running a fever. The robot offers Kara Alura's tunic, and Kara wonders where it came from. Alura comes in and says that she stayed home every day while Kara recovered from Argo Fever. She explains that the fever brought on hallucinations, but now Kara is home and she's safe. Kara goes to the window and looks out over Krypton.

At CatCo, Cat asks Winn why Kara isn't answering her cell phone. He suggests that she can't since they're in the middle of a solar storm, and it's been scrambling communications. Cat figures that Kara is afraid that she's going to retaliate for Kara driving Adam away, and insists that she doesn't do upset. She tells Winn to tell Kara that it's safe for her to restore her duties, and walks off. James goes by and Winn asks him if he's seen Kara. They call Alex, who meets them at Kara's apartment. She breaks in and they find Kara on the floor unconscious, an alien plant attached to her chest. Alex calls the DEO and requests a medical evac.

At the DEO base, Alex tells the medics about Kara's condition. Hank wonders why James and Winn are there, and they say that they go where Kara goes. When Hank goes into the medbay, Alex explains that Kara is unresponsive to outside stimuli but her brain activity is normal. They go to Max's cell and Alex grabs him. She demands to know what he's done to Kara, and Max says that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Hank pulls her away, and figures that Max would tell them anything to save his own neck. As Alex storms out, Hank promises that he'll send Alex back if they find out Max is lying.

Non informs Astra that the humans are unaware of their plans because of the solar storm. He assures Astra that they'll be ready when the satellite network goes down, but Astra reminds him that Kara is a dangerous opponent. She realizes that Non did something to her, and he insists that Kara is at peace. Astra realizes that he used a Black Mercy on him, and says that it's time to implement the next phase of Myriad. When Astra says that there's always another way, Non reminds her that Alura thought the same and Krypton was destroyed.

At the DEO, Alex tries to remove the Black Mercy from Kara. Kara goes into convulsions and they have no choice but to stop. They realize that if they pull the Black Mercy off by force then it will kill Kara.

Kara realizes that she doesn't have her powers and tells Alura that someone is using her memories against her. She sees a sculpture that she made for her father, and Alura assures her that Zor-El loves her. Kara remembers what happened, but also remembers saying goodbye to her parents in the launch bay and promising to take care of Kal-El. She insists that she's going to find out what happened and then she's going home.

James and Winn return to CatCo, and James says that they have to protect her life. Winn worries that he won't have the chance to tell Kara how he feels about her, and James assures him that she'll be fine. Cat asks Winn where Kara is, and he says that she had an allergic reaction to a tick bite. He over exaggerates and Cat tells him to tell Kara to be back to her desk within the hour or she's fired.

At the DEO, Hank tells his techs to get the satellite signals back. Alex advises him to calm down, and she explains about Cat's threat to fire Kara. She says that CatCo is more than a job for Kara, and asks Hank to help.

Soon, a shapeshifted Hank arrives at CatCo and tells James and Winn that he's an agent of the DEO sent to maintain Kara's cover. Hank insists that he can handle Cat and goes into her office. Cat snaps at her and explains about the solar storm, and tells Hank/Kara to set up the story. Hank tries to take it all in, and Cat complains that there's whole milk in the coffee that Hank/Kara brought him. Kara/Hank suggests that she be clearer in her instructions, and Cat accuses her of pretending to be someone she's not. She advises Hank/Kara to strap in, and Hank/Kara walks out.

At the DEO, Alex questions the Alura AI about the Black Mercy. It has no information on it, and Alex is furious that she can't help Kara when her foster sister is counting on her. She wishes that she had been a better sister when Kara arrived on Earth, and now she can't do anything. Alex tells the AI that she used to be irritated with the strange girl that embarrassed her in front of her friends at school, and begs the AI to help her. It repeats that it doesn't have sufficient information.

Kara insists that her home is back on Earth, but starts to forget it. Alura reminds her that Earth is thousands of light-years away, and Kara runs out. Zor-El arrives with Alura, and Kara finds herself back in her family apartment. She sees a crack in the furniture that she caused when she tripped chasing after Astra... and Astra comes in and reminds her of what happened then. Kara, furious, says that Astra and Non are responsible for what's happening, but continues losing her memories of her home and her powers. A young Kal-El appears and asks Kara to help her open a hologram projector. It shows Krypton's system, and Kara takes in the beauty.

At the apartment, Alex is looking at photo of her and Kara as children when Astra arrives. She easily disarms Alex and says that she's there to help Kara, who saved her from a death without honor. Astra explains that the Black Mercy has Kara trapped in her perfect fantasy life. Kara has to reject it herself, and Astra can tell Alex how to help... if she trusts her. Astra sees a photo of Alex and Kara, and realizes that they are sisters. Alex tells her that the two of them have nothing between them, and Astra asks if she's ready to listen.

After Astra tells Alex what to do, Alex meets with Hank, James, and Winn. Hank refuses to let Alex enter Kara's mind using their virtual reality tech, insisting that it's too risky. Winn warns that pulling Kara out of the equivalent of Heaven will be traumatic, and Alex says that Kara will need James and Winn at her side when she wakes up. Hank immediately agrees to let them come to the DEO, and says that he'll meet them once he deals with Cat.

Hank/Kara goes to Cat and tries to apologize, and offers to take the day off. Ca makes it clear that's a bad idea, and Hank/Kara breaks into tears and insists that he's dreadfully sorry. Cat doesn't buy it but tells her to take the day off because she can't stand her anymore.

At the DEO, Winn begs Kara to wake up. Hank arrives and meets with Alex, who warns that the lab needs days to modify the tech. He figures that the Kryptonians knew about the solar storms and they're going to make their next move. The guards bring in Max at Alex's request, and she says that Kara needs her help. Alex warns that the aliens that attacked his lab are coming back or more, and figures that they have a common enemy. Max considers and then agrees.

At the Kryptonian lair, Astra and Non tell their soldiers that they have to plant packages at six locations simultaneously, before the humans uncover their plans. Once the soldiers leave, Non asks Astra where she was earlier. He asks if her heart is in the war, and Astra insists that once Myriad is in place, the humans will be brought to their knees and Earth will be saved. Non admits that he thought she went to the humans because of what he did to Kara, and apologizes for questioning her loyalty.

Alex asks James to stop Hank from pulling her out of the VR if it looks like she's in trouble. She insists that she's coming out with Kara or she's not coming out at all. Alex then checks with Max, who says that the VR helmet will let her experience with Supergirl is experiencing. They put the helmet on Alex and activate it. Alex wakes up in Kara's apartment on Krypton.

Vasquez tells Hank that their satellites are off-line. Winn suggests that Non is using their own technology against them, and Hank assigns him to the technicians. When he points out that there needs to be an Earth left for Kara to return to, Winn agrees.

Alex looks for Kara and finds her with her family. Kara has fully embraced into the fantasy and doesn't recognize Alex. She insists that she has no sister, and Alex explains about the Black Mercy. Kara insists that she is home, and knocks Alex unconscious.

Hank orders Max to pull Alex out, and James stops him.

Kara takes Kal's hand and says that he's safe because she's there.

James begs Hank to give Alex some time. He says that Alex asked him to stop Hank, and realizes that Alex is family to Hank. James warns that if Hank pulls Alex out then she will never look at him the same way again. He assures Hank that Alex--like Supergirl--always finds he way.

Alex wakes up in front of the High Council. Astra orders the maximum penalty: banishment to the Phantom Zone as an alien spy. Alex warns Kara that if she's sentenced then they will both be trapped there forever, and Zor-El tells Kara that once Alex is gone, they'll be happy. Alex, crying, says that she can't promise Kara a life without pain and loss, but it's that pain and loss that makes Kara a hero.

Krypton shakes and Alex breaks away from her guards. She runs to Kara but the guards subdue her. Alex begs her sister to remember her life and reject the fantasy, because Earth needs Supergirl. Kara remembers her life as Supergirl, and Alex insists that she needs her sister. Kara stares at her family and wishes that it could be true and she could stay... but it isn't real. When Alura tries to stop her, Kara says that her mother taught her to be strong and she promises that Krypton will be in her heart forever. Mother and daughter hug... and then "Alura's" eyes turn black and she says that they'll never let her leave. As the reality tears apart, Kara reaches for Alex's hand.

Alex wakes up and assumes that Hank pulled her out. Winn arrives and tells Alex that she convinced Supergirl to come back, and they watch as the Black Mercy falls to the floor. Supergirl wakes up and asks who did it to her. Alex says that Non did it, and Supergirl demands to know where he is.

The team meets and Hank figures that the Kryptonians were trying to distract them from their next move. Winn analyzed the satellite traffic with the DEO computers and learned that there were hidden transmissions. The Kryptonians use Lord Tech servers based in the facility that they attacked earlier, and Non left behind a virus to take over the civilian computers. Peter figures that the six satellite farms in the city are the next target, and Supergirl insists that Non is hers while the DEO teams head out.

Supergirl finds Non at one of the satellite farms and attacks him. She tells him that he made her lose her parents and her world again, and beats him. When Supergirl throws Non across the yard, he triggers a device.

Astra arrives at another farm and plants her device. Alex arrives, shooting, and Astra warns that her duty to save Kara doesn't extend to Alex. Alex figures that Astra helped Kara because she loves her, and her heart isn't in the war. Astra grabs Alex by the throat, and Alex points out that she had better of chances to kill her and Kara but hasn't because she doesn't want to. She tells Astra to give it up and asks her to help them.

J'onn arrives in his Martian form and knocks Astra away. He says that he is the last and he won't let her take Earth from him. They fight and Astra throws J'onn into the sky.

Non warns Supergirl that she can't stop them, just like Alura couldn't stop them. Supergirl punches him and says that the people on earth are her family and she will protect them with her life. She knocks him down, and Non says that humanity is the disease and Myriad is the cure. He blasts her back.

Astra attaches the device to the satellite, and J'onn returns to the attack. She gets the upper hand and prepares to cut his throat... and Alex runs her through with a Kryptonite blade.

Non tells Supergirl that he won't die again and brings the radar dish on the satellite farm with his heat vision. He flies off and Supergirl catches the dish. Alex calls Supergirl to her location and says that there was a fight. Hank lies and says that he killed Astra, claiming that there was no other way. Supergirl goes to her aunt and Astra says that she's happy to see that Alex was able to bring her back. Supergirl says that Astra was in her fantasy as her family, and Astra tells her that Non will kill Supergirl and everyone she loves if she stands in her way. Supergirl begs Astra to tell her what Myriad is before it's late, and Astra says that it already is before dying. As Supergirl weeps over her mother's body, Kryptonians fly down. Alex and Hank tell Supergirl that they have to go and she reluctantly leaves with them.

Later, Non looks at the body of his wife. His lieutenant, Tor, promises that Astra didn't die in vain and Myriad is operational.

Hank has Vasquez examine the device Astra was using, and Alex reports that they lost two squads. Her superior says that she made the right decision as a soldier, and Alex warns him that Supergirl is taking it. She asks why he lied to Supergirl about killing Astra, and Hank says that he doesn't want her to see Alex as anything other than her hero.

Kara returns home and finds Alex, Winn, and James cleaning up her place. She explains that she imagined herself on Krypton because for the past few weeks, she's been feeling lost like she did when she first came to Earth. However, Kara came back because they're her family. Winn assures her that they're friends, and James gets out pot stickers and ice cream. As James and Winn set up, Alex tells Kara that there's something she should know: Hank tried to cover for her with Cat. They decide to set the problem together until the next day and celebrate for the night.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 15, 2016

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