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Escape from Earth-2 Recap

On Earth-2, Zoom searches Central City for Harry, leaving messages with the police telling them to bring him the scientist. He vows to scour the city and find Harry, promising that all of his enemies will feel their wrath.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry watches a newscast about Zoom's messages. Henry comes in and Harry tells him to get everyone out. Cisco comes in and says that Zoom killed Deathstorm and Reverb, left Killer Frost alive, and took Flash. Harry figures that Zoom left Cisco alive for a reason, but Cisco insists that the speedster didn't follow him there. He shows Harry the googles he took from his doppelganger, but Harry insists that Zoom is coming for them. As Cisco says that they will get Jesse back, Barry-2 calls over the monitor and demands to see his captors.

Cisco and Harry release Barry-2 and he complains that they locked him up in a supply closet. Barry-2 warns that his wife Iris will be upset with Harry when she learns that he's been holding Barry-2, just as the proximity alarm goes off.

Zoom arrives in the S.T.A.R. Labs lobby, and the security guards draw their guns on him. The speedster easily knocks them down, grabs Henry, and slams him against the wall. He demands to know where Harry and his friends are.

Harry, Cisco, and Barry-2 run to the time vault, and Harry gets them in. He seals the door just as Zoom arrives, and vibrates through the wall. He doesn't see the trio through the hologrammatic wall, and speeds out. Once he leaves, Harry warns that Zoom won't fall for another fake wall and they need to hide and make a plan. Barry-2 demands an explanation before he goes anywhere.

In Zoom's lair, Barry examines his cell for an escape. Jesse warns that there's no way out, and the third masked prisoner knocks repeatedly on the glass. She tells him to stop, and Barry suggests that he's trying to help them. He insists that Harry will find them, and Jesse says that her father only cares about himself. Surprised, Barry says that he used to think the same. However, he's learned that everything Harry has done is to save Jesse. Barry tells Jesse not to give up on Harry. Zoom speeds in and says that the only reason Jesse is alive so that he can kill her in front of Harry... and Harry is only alive to get Barry's speed. Once he does, Zoom promises that Barry will die as well.

At S.T.A.R. Labs at Earth-1, Caitlin and Jay watch the newscasts about Geomancer's attacks. Jay says that he has stabilized the breach, giving their friends 20 hours to get back. He admits that he was too slow to fight Geomancer, and asks Caitlin how soon the Velocity-8 drug will be ready. She's still working to stabilize the compound, and Caitlin warns that the Velocity-7 he took earlier is accelerating his cellular degeneration. Jay insists that she'll have to give her the new drug if the city is to have any chance against Geomancer.

At Picture News, Iris' new editor Scott Evans introduces himself to her. He says that he's not running her story on Geomancer because people need to know the truth that Flash can't always save them. Iris offers to get an exclusive interview with Jay, and Scott warns that if he isn't impressed then he's going to run a story about how Flash isn't the hero they all thought.

On Earth-2, Barry-2 finds Iris-2 at the station and she wonders where he disappeared to after her father died. He takes her up to his lab where Harry and Cisco are hiding out, and Barry-2 tells Iris-2 what happened. Iris-2 is shocked that Barry kissed her and Barry-2 is upset. Harry explains that they need to rescue Barry and Jesse, and Iris says that the only person who would know where Zoom is would be Killer Frost, who works for her. She warns that Killer Frost won't help them, but Cisco figures that she'll be upset with Zoom for killing her lover, Deathstorm. She turns to Barry-2, and he brings up the meta-data on Killer Frost. Using it, Barry-2 traces her to the woodlands outside of Central City, and Iris0s insists on going with Cisco and Harry. When Barry-2 objects, Iris-2 says that Zoom and his followers killed her father. Barry-2 insists on going with his wife, and Harry agrees.

The prisoner continues tapping on the cell window, and Barry tries to work out his pattern. Jesse insists that there is no pattern, and Barry says that Harry told him that Jesse is even smarter than her father. The prisoner keeps tapping, and Jesse agrees to work with Barry. When Jesse points out the pattern, Barry realizes that it's five-by-five code used by POWs.

On Earth-1, Caitlin finds the flaw in Velocity-8 and creates a new formulation, Velocity-9. Iris comes in and Jay assures her that the others will get back. She then explains about her new story concerning Jay so she can calm people down, and Jay warns that it may not be the best idea. Iris asks him to think about it, just as an air-raid siren goes off. Geomancer is on the news and calls out Jay, and then unleashes another earthquake. Jay tells Caitlin to give him the injection, and she reluctantly does so.

As the Flash, Jay speeds to Geomancer and gets everyone out before the building collapses. He then speeds back to S.T.A.R. Labs and collapses, and admits that it took a lot out of him. Caitlin warns that she still has to run some tests, and Iris says that she has everything that she needs.

Barry and the prisoner tap down, and Jesse works out that he's saying, "Jay." When Barry says that Jay is alive, the prisoner rams his head into the glass. Jesse asks for more information, and Zoom arrives and tells the masked prisoner not to talk to them. He then vibrates into Barry's cell and throws him to the floor, and Barry promises that he'll get out and destroy him. Zoom hauls him up and says that Barry only needs to be barely alive, and beats him. Once he's done, Zoom speeds off and Barry tells Jessie that he's okay... and that Zoom showed him how to escape.

Cisco and the others go to the location and Killer Frost confronts them. They aim their guns at her, and she reminds Iris-2 that she killed her father. Killer Frost taunts Cisco, saying that he doesn't know how to use his abilities, and Cisco reminds her that Zoom killed the love of her life. She points out that if she gives Zoom away to them, he'll kill her. However, if she kills the group and takes them to Zoom, then he'll be pleased with her. She attacks them and moves in, and Harry provides cover fire as the others move. Killer Frost manages to grab Iris-2, but Cisco gets close enough to aim his gun at Killer Frost's head.

On Earth-1 at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin continues checking the Velocity-9 and Jay's DNA. She tells Iris that she's figured out how to save Jay's live and calls him in. However, Geomancer arrives and says that he's there to kill Flash. He sends a shockwave through the cortex, and the two women run to the workshop. Geomancer brings a shelf down, stunning Caitlin, and the villain drags Iris out. As he prepares to unleash an earthquake, Caitlin shots him with Cisco's boot.

Cisco warns Killer Frost that Zoom will kill her no matter what, and figures that she doesn't want him to call her "Caitlin" because it reminds her of who she used to be. He says that the Caitlin he knows loved Ronnie and it devastated her, and losing Deathstorm did the same to Killer Frost. Cisco begs Killer Frost to tell them where Zoom is and then she'll never hear from them again. After a moment, Killer Frost agrees to show them where Zoom's lair is... on Ascension Cliffs.

Barry tries to vibrate through the glass but can't. He realizes that something is wrong and Jesse suggests that he's resonating at a different frequency because Earth-2 vibrates at a different frequency. Barry needs to go faster to make up the difference.

Killer Frost leads the group to Ascension Cliffs, which only a speedster can ascend. She offers to provide them with an ice ladder to climb, and Iris-2 suggests that Barry-2 stay behind. He refuses to leave his wife's ide, and Killer Frost starts creating a sculpture.

Joe arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and puts a damper on Geomancer, and takes him to Iron Heights. Jay apologizes for not arriving sooner, and Caitlin shows him that his cells have stopped degenerating. The Velocity-9 kickstarts his regenerative abilities, and figures that they're on the right track for a permanent cure. Caitlin kisses him just as an alarm goes off. Geomancer's tremors damaged the speed cannon, and they run down to the chamber and put out the fires. The breach destabilized and if they don't fix it, their friends will never come back. Iris and Joe return and Iris confirms that their friends have an hour left. Jay warns that they may not be able to fix it in time.

Cisco's group enters Zoom's lair and find Jessie and the other prisoners. Harry goes to Jesse and opens her cell door, and hugs his daughter. They ask Killer Frost to help freeze through Jesse's manacle, and she reluctantly does so. Barry's cell glass is proof against her powers, and Harry realizes that the glass is made out of carbyne. Barry tells them to go before Zoom comes back, warning that he's not fast enough, and Barry2 tells his counterpart that they're not going to abandon him after everything they've done. He did things that he never thought possible because he had to prove to himself and his wife that he could do the impossible... and now Barry has to do the same. Barry concentrates and then goes faster than he ever has before. He phases through the glass, and Barry insists that they have to free the other prisoner.

Zoom arrives and says that none of them are going anywhere. He thanks Killer Frost for bringing them to her, and she tells Cisco that her heart is colder than he thought. Barry tells Zoom to let them go and Harry points out that Zoom only needs the two of them. Zoom admits that he can't kill them, but he can kill the others. He speeds forward and grabs Jesse, and Killer Frost freezes the speedster. She tells the others to get out and continues to pour on the ice, and admits that Cisco was right. Cisco thanks her while Barry promises the masked prisoner that he's coming back for him as Zoom stats to break out of the ice.

On Earth-1, Jay prepares to create a vortex so he can get close enough to reset the insulators. Caitlin warns that he can't do it, and Joe says that he'll do it. Jay shows him how to do it and then generates the vortex at superspeed. The Velocity-9 starts running out, and Joe manages to reach the last insulator and reset it. Jay staggers out as his speed runs out.

Barry gets everyone to S.T.A.R. Labs and tells Iris-2 and Barry-2 that they need to get out of Central City. they agree, and Barry assures Barry-2 that he's a hero even if he doesn't have superpowers. Iris-2 asks if Joe is alive on Earth-1, and asks Barry to give him a hug for her. Harry says that they're going the only place that they'll be safe, but Jesse refuses to abandon her home. He admits that Zoom is too powerful to him to fight, just as the proximity alarm goes off.

Iris and the others wait, and Flash brings Cisco and Jesse through. He goes back to get Harry, only to find that Zoom has grabbed him. Harry stabs Zoom with the drug to slow him down, and Flash grabs Harry and takes him through the breach. They come through and Jay seals the breach. However, Zoom reaches through the closing breach and rams his hand through Jay's chest.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 17, 2016

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