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Map of the Seven Knights Recap

History is the nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

In Leipzig, Germany, Felix is working in his bookshop office when Andrea calls him and says that she’s in Prague doing an appraisal and found an old text that she thought might be of interest to him. It’s leather-bound and handwritten, and thinks Felix should come to Prague to take a look at them. Felix immediately agrees.

The next day in Prague, Andrea explains that the owner, Joseph Nebojsa,died six months ago and lived alone for a long time. The court wants everything sold as quickly as possible. She takes Felix to the owner’s attic and shows him the journals hidden in the false bottom of a trunk. Felix assures Andrea that she didn’t waste his time and he has to take them back to his shop.

In Portland, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Wu meet at Nick’s bunker. Nick and Adalind welcome them in and Rosalee offers a housewarming gift. Adalind takes Rosalee and Wu to see Kelly, while Nick shows Monroe the view from the roof. Monroe wonders how things are going with Adalind and Eve, and Nick says that Adalind has been great. He admits that they don’t talk about their relationship, or if they have one, and says that he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel about her. Monroe says that Adalind feels like a completely different person, and asks if Eve has any idea who she used to be.

Andrea is assessing Nebojsa ‘s collection when two men--Oscar Vasicek and Krisztian Ajandok-- arrive and demand the books. When she objects, they grab her and demand the books. Andrea says that the books have been taken to Leipzig, Once they have the information, they woge and kill her.

Back in Leipzig, Felix finds a secret compartment in the trunk concealing a collection of medieval weapons. He then calls his nephew Monroe, who is surprised to hear from him. Felix explains that he called because he knows of Monroe’s connection to a Grimm. He’s emailed him photos of the books and warns Monroe to delete them when he’s done. Once Felix hangs up, Monroe tells Rosalee what his uncle said, and she insists on looking at the photos. The couple is shocked to discover that the books are Grimm journals.

The next morning, Monroe gets down a box from the attic. There are family records of Monroe’s ancestors. Nick arrives in response to their call and Monroe shows him the photos. Felix knows what the books are, and Monroe is sure that they’re real. The couple figures that the books can replace what Nick lost in the trailer fire, and Nick insists that he’s interested.

The two Wesen are tearing up Felix’s shop at night when Monroe calls. One of them takes the call and says that Felix isn’t there, and he’s an employee. Monroe leaves a message that he called. The Wesen then go back to searching the shop.

At the station, Nick and Hank are going over the Black Claw case files and wonder who they can go to. Nick describes the situation with Grimm journals.

Eve is in her cell levitating when Trubel comes in and says that it’s time to set a couple of things straight. She says that she wasn’t trying to kill Juliette the night at Nick’s house, but she would have. Eve understands and Trubel asks how eve feels about Nick, Kelly, and Adalind. When Eve says that Juliette is dead, Trubel asks if she would kill Adalind. Eve says that she doesn’t have any feelings toward Adalind one way or another.

Andrew, Rachel, and Jeremiah meet with Renard to discuss the mayoral campaign. They warn that their opponent isn’t taking the high road, but Jeremiah, Rachel, and Renard all agree that they should fight back against Gallagher. Renard says that he knows all about Gallagher’s gambling debts, youthful indiscretions, covered-up drug charges, and mob payoffs. Gallagher buried the charges with political favors. Andrew doesn’t want to use the information, but Rachel says that they can leak it to the press.

After dinner, Rosalee worries that Felix hasn’t called back. Felix arrives at their door and says that he has to talk to Nick immediately. He says that he had to leave Leipzig in a hurry, and they have to reach Nick immediately.

As Nick and Adalind unpack groceries, Adalind says that her mother’s birthday would have been that day. She points out that they don’t know each other’s birthdays, and Nick reminds her that he knows hers from when he arrested her. Monroe calls and Felix takes the phone to insist that they have to deal immediately. He has one of the books with him, and Nick says that he’s on his way.

At the HW base, Meisner receives a report on Andrea’s death and a Black Claw mark on the wall. He calls in Eve and Trubel and says that they’re going to find out who the owner is. Nick calls Trubel and tells her what’s going on, and asks her to provide backup. He arrives at the couple’s house with Trubel and Monroe introduces them to Felix. They explain that Trubel is a Grimm, and Felix woges. Monroe and Rosalee tell everyone to calm down, and Felix woges back. He has Nick don gloves to examine the book, and says that there are 20 Grimm journals. Nick is sure they belonged to a Grimm, and Felix explains how he acquired the journals. He couldn’t bring himself to destroy them, and offers them to Nick for $100,000. Felix figures that whoever killed Andrea is coming for him, and says that he will contact them in 24 hours for their decision.

Once Felix leaves, Nick warns that he can’t raise the money in time. Trubel says that Black Claw was involved with the murders, and Monroe suggests that HW comes up with the money. Trubel takes Nick and Monroe to the HW base with the book, and they show it to Meisner and Eve. Meisner says that he’s seen a few of the Grimm journals, and Eve points out that the journals would help replace what was lost when the trailer was burned. She notes that one of Black Claw’s missions is to wipe out the Grimms and any knowledge, and Meisner says that he’ll do what he can to raise the money.

The next morning, Felix receives a call and confirms that he has the receipt. He asks when and where he can pick it up.

At the spice shop basement, Monroe tells Rosalee about his encounter with Eve. She finds a reference to Grigory Wolf, a Knight Templar at the Siege of Constantinople. They call Nick and remind him that they have ten hours left, and then explain that the Grimms who owned the Journal can trace their lineage back to the Crusades. Grigory is from the Black Forest, and the couple suggests that they pool their money and stall Felix as long as they can. Hank tells Nick that they have a body downtown and the officers head off.

At the hotel, Wu tells the partners that the victim was attacked in his hotel room. It looks like he bit someone, and the room is torn apart. Nick recognizes Felix’s corpse and realizes that Black Claw killed him.

At the spice shop, Monroe reads from the journal about how the Black Wolf may have been involved in the Crusades. Nick calls and breaks the news that Felix died, and asks for Monroe to come down to help. At the hotel, Monroe stares at his uncle’s corpse in shock and breaks into tears. Nick says that he checked with the manager, and Felix arrived by the cab. He figures that Felix never had the books there, and Monroe realizes that Felix’s killer is wounded. Felix’s cell phone rings, and Nick answers it. Monroe poses as Felix and translates the German caller. Once they hang up, he tells the others that someone trashed Felix’s shop in Leipzig. Wu goes to the station to check the phone log.

The two Wesen killers pull over and the wounded Krisztian tells Oscar to call an ambulance.

At the station, Hank doesn’t get a hit on the killers’ prints. Nick figures that they’re the same people who killed Andrea, and Monroe describes the call he made earlier. They realize that they might trace Monroe by the call, and Nick suggests that they check with HW as well as any hospitals.

The EMTs arrive at the killers’ car and claim that Krisztian was attacked by dogs. As the EMTs call it in, Oscar kills him.

Nick and Monroe go back to the HW base, Meisner identifies Oscar and Krisztian to a Clack Claw cell in Europe. They’ve connected them to Andrea’s death in Prague. Hank calls Nick and tells him about the EMTs’ deaths, and Nick gives his partner the names. Nick agrees to work the HW angle while Hank deals with the field investigation. Trubel finds the killers via CCTV and begins checking airports. Wu calls Nick and reports that there was one incoming call from a cargo company. Felix is expecting a shipment later that day but they don’t have a shipment number. Monroe figures that the killers took the shipping order. Trubel traces their rental car and Eve figures that they’re going to get the books. Nick thanks them for their help and Meisner refuses to let Trubel go.

Nick and Monroe arrive at the shipping office and find the killers’ rental car. They go inside and find a murdered security guard, and hear the killers in the warehouse. Nick and Monroe go in and confront the two Wesen as they open the crate with the trunk, and Monroe woges. The killers woge as well and lunge forward, and Nick arrives and takes on one of them. Monroe finishes off his opponent and then kills Nick’s as well. Once Monroe woges back to human form, he helps Nick get the truck out.

At the spice shop, Monroe picks the lock on the trunk. They remove the 19 remaining journals and find the hidden compartment with the Grimm weapons. Monroe realizes that the lock is bigger than it needs to be, while Hank finds a family tree of the Nebojsas. Joseph is the last one, and the group realizes that it’s a family tree of Grimms. There is a page with the Burkhardt line, including Nick. Meanwhile, Monroe opens the lock and finds another secret compartment. Inside are three of the Keys.

Rosalee brings down the other two Keys and they realize the patterns on them form five-sevenths of a key. Monroe realizes that the pattern matches a map of the Black Forest. Nick figures that they can find the buried cache and says that they’re going to the Black Forest.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 20, 2016

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