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5. The Last Chance Recap

Yury holds the revolver to Harry’s head, and Harry stares at Eve. The Russian pulls the trigger but nothing happens. He figures that Yury believes, but he hasn’t learned how to manipulate luck and now it’s too late. Yury puts the sixth bullet and final in the chamber, spins it, and prepares to shoot Harry again. Eve tells the Russian to look Harry in the eye when he shoots him, and after a moment Yury walks over to Eve and says that there’s no way Harry can survive. She insists that if he doesn’t look Harry in the eye then the bracelet will curse him, and Yury steps in front of Harry and aims the revolver. As he does, Eve spots the knife that he dropped on the floor. Eve tells Harry to believe, and Harry looks up into Yury’s eyes as Yury pulls the trigger.

A teenager is playing video games in his flat above where Yury is keeping his prisoners, unaware that his tub is overflowing.

Eve pulls her foot out of her boot just as a drop of water falls from the ceiling. She lunges forward and knocks Yury over before he can pull the trigger, and they both land on the floor. After a moment, Eve gasps for breath and pulls herself off of Yury’s body where he shot himself in the chest hest. She cuts herself free and then Harry, and warns him that he can’t call in the police because he can’t explain what happened. Eve tells Harry to go and she’ll deal with it. Harry stumbles out and leaves the building. He runs down the street and finally stops, gasping for breath as he takes in what happened.

A man, Tim Larson, gets a gun and a devil’s mask out of a locker. He goes to a private club, puts on the mask, and walks up to a man and shoots him. Tim then runs out, dropping the gun.

Harry is walking down the street when Suri calls him. She asks if he captured the driver, and Harry claims that he lost him. Suri explains that Kate went into an insulin coma, and they have a new case at the Hoxton Ditch, a private members club, and tells Harry to meet her there.

Harry arrives at the club and tells Suri that the driver ambushed him. He vaguely answers her questions and then goes into the club. DS Kane tells them that the victim is Caleb Pursey and he owns the club. Harry looks at the bullet holes and remembers the wound in Yury’s chest. Caleb’s wife Gina is upstairs, and the detectives interview her. She says that no one has been threatening Caleb. The detectives then talk to the barman, Finn Belman, who says that he saw a bottle opener from the Old Slaughter Bar on the shooter’s belt.

At the Old Slaughter Bar, Harry and Suri talk to the manager. He confirms that all of the staff have the bottle openers and they’re all there. They go in the back and the bar girl says that one of the staff, Tim, is gone. Harry opens Tim’s locker and checks it, and there’s a photo of him with a mate on the mirror.

Suri calls the address Tim listed and discovers he left owing six months’ rent. Harry abruptly tells Suri that he has to go. Suri asks where he was during his missing hours, and Harry only says that he’s walked into something and trusted someone he doesn’t know.

Harry goes back to the tenement and discovers that Yury’s apartment is totally cleaned out. He cleans the blood off of his sleeves and then drives to the station. Harry calls the morgue and asks if any unidentified bodies brought in, but the woman Donna confirms that there wasn’t. As he drives, Harry notices that all of the lights are turning green ahead of him.

Paul leaves his father’s penthouse and gets into his limo. Harry gets in the back with him and says that they found Kate and she’s going to make a full recovery. He asks if Paul knows Yury, who used to work for Vincent, and points out that Yury failed to kill him or Kate. He explains that Kate was investigating Vincent to see why he was so lucky, and says that Russian Roulette is good for clearing the mind. With that, Harry gets out and walks away.

At the station, Harry goes to his desk. Suri says that she has an address from Tim from his ex-girlfriend, and he’s a gambling addict. They talk to the ex, Carmen Fordwych, and she admits that she was worried about what Tim would do next. Carmen says that she heard of a game Tim was interested in where anything is up for grabs. She figures that Tim owed Caleb money andshows the detectives of her and her daughter that someone slipped underneath the door. She also has a chip from the club, and they realize that there’s gambling there.

As they leave, Harry suggests that Tim was killing on behalf of the person he owed money to. Suri wonders if the case is too close to Harry’s own problems, but he insists that he’s fine. They talk to Gina, who says that Caleb didn’t send the photos. She doesn’t recognize Tim from the photo, and Harry has her take them to the casino in the back, and the croupier—Don Marinsky--tells them the minimum bet. Harry figures that Tim couldn’t afford to play there. Harry leaves but Suri hangs behind and shows Marinsky a photo of Tim. He says that he had work to do and Gina admits that she let him in. Suri catches up to Harry and says that Marinsky led her to the stacked roulette table at the Green Dragon. He says that he’s going to find Tim and he has to do it alone because people at the casinos will clam up if they see someone with him.

Julian invites Anna back to Whitecross to show her what they would have offered Kevin: a restaurant with on-site training. He admits that Kevin killing himself was a personal failure, and wanted Anna to see that he could do better. Julian admires her work defending criminals like Kevin, and asks her to become a mentor for his outreach program.

At the station, Alistair asks Suri where Harry is. She says that she brings in the croupier, Don, because he won big at the stacked table at the Green Dragon. Suri figures that Don is the link in a money-laundering scheme between Hoxton Ditch and the Green Dragon. Alistair tells her to keep him posted on the case, and find Harry.

Harry is playing cards and winning, and Michael warns him that his luck can’t hold out forever. A player, Sami Kapsalis, offers to tell Harry where he can find a place where no money is exchanged, if Harry sits out the next hand. Harry agrees and the gambler says that they bet with whatever they’re prepared to lose... including their lives. Michael tells Sami to shut up, but Sami says that there’s a Game Master who evens out the stakes.

Julian goes to talk to a guard and a prisoner turned waiter, Billy, comes over to take Anna’s order. He says that he’s been working there six months, and she asks Billy about Kevin. Billy glances nervously over at Julian and then walks away without a word. The governor asks for her answer, and Anna says that she’d be glad to help.

Suri goes to Rich’s shop and explains that Harry is getting too close to their cases. She admits that Harry is unstable and paranoid, and disappeared for 12 hours. Suri asks Rich what is happening to his half-brother, and Rich says that Harry has always felt that God picked on him. Since then, Harry has always felt the need to test his luck.

Harry goes to the secret casino and overhears a woman, Frances, recite a password code to the Game Master. He’s not close enough to make out all of it, so he goes to the Game Master once Frances goes inside. The Game Master insists that there is no game there, and two bouncers emerge from the shadows. One of them trains a gun on Harry, and he says that Magdalena told him about the game. The Game Master asks for the code, and Harry recites all but the last number. Touching the bracelet, he guesses the last number correctly and the Game Master lets him in.

A covered table fills a room, and several people are seated at it. The Game Master asks Harry what his stake is, and Harry puts up his car. The Game Master collects everyone’s stake except for Tim, who has nothing, and removes the cover to reveal a glass structure. He gives everyone a cube of sugar and has them put their hand in an opening in front of them. The Game Master removes the cover in the center of the structure, revealing a rat. Once the rat chooses the “winner,” the game is over.

The rat moves through the maze, and Tim stakes watches it nervously. The creature finally goes to Harry, and the Game Master gives him the stakes. He puts on a pair of rubber gloves and his bouncers grab Tim. The Game Master takes out a knife and tells Harry that the other man’s stake was his tongue. Harry finally offers all of the stakes in return for the man’s tongue. Frances says they know each other and they’re cheating, but Harry insists that he’s never met him before in his life. The Game Master asks who sent Harry, and he reveals the bracelet and says that it grants enormous luck to the wearer.Harry bets the bracelet against Tim’s life. The Game Master tells him to put it on the table, and Harry warns that it won’t come off. A bouncer is unable to remove it, and Harry invites them to cut off his hand to get it... unless he wins against everyone else at a roll of dice.

The other gamblers agree, and they all pick a number. Harry gets the last number 1, and the Game Master rolls the dice. It comes up 1, and Harry leaves with Tim. Harry flashes his badge and says that Tim is nicked, and claims that the bracelet is junk. He asks why Tim killed Caleb, and Tim demands to see a lawyer.

At the station, Suri meets with a Fraud detective, , Simon. He hasn’t seen Marinsky come back to the Green Dragon even though they’ve had the place under surveillance, and Suri says that she wants to be there when they raid the place. Harry comes in and tells Suri that they’re questioning Tim. Tim confesses to killing Caleb, and Harry ask who told him to kill Caleb. Tim glances over at his duty solicitor and then says that he owed Caleb money. Harry warns that he doesn’t believe he ever gambled there, and figures that Lily-Anne sent Tim to kill Caleb. Tim gambled and lost at the Green Dragon, and then Lily-Anne had him. She wanted to expand her operation into Hoxton Ditch so used Tim to get rid of Caleb. Tim refuses to say anything else. Out in the hallway, Suri points out that Harry torn apart Tim’s confession. She warns that they don’t have enough to connect the Green Dragon to Hoxton Ditch.

While Harry goes to get more evidence, Alistair calls Suri into his office. He knows about her plans to go in with Fraud, and says that Harry owes Lily-Anne a lot of money. Alistair asks if she has any evidence that Lily-Anne is linked to Caleb’s murder, and suggests that Harry is trying to pint it on her for personal motives. He gently says that he’s there if she needs to talk about anything, and warns her not to let Harry change her.

Harry goes to see Gina and tells her that Caleb’s killer has made a full confession. He wonders why Gina is still scared, and figures that Lily-Anne is still controlling everything. Gina denies knowing Lily-Anne, and Harry figures that the club got into money troubles. Caleb hung out with gangster types and asked for a favor, and he and Gina both got in over their heads. They were forced to launder Lily-Anne’s money. Gina finally says that she made Caleb stand up to Lily-Anne and shut down the casino. Lily-Anne didn’t want it to stop so they killed Caleb.

At the Green Dragon, Fraud breaks in and Simon has his men arrest the gamblers. Simon finds the electronic device beneath the roulette table, and goes with Suri to confront Lily-Anne. She claims that she doesn’t know what it is, and Simon arrests her on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and money-laundering acts. As they talk, the officers take out the items on Lily-Anne’s desk, including a black box with mother-of-pearl inlay.

Kalim calls Harry at the station and says that Harry’s debt is being called in.

Steve meets with Lily-Anne in an interrogation room, and she says that she has CCTV footage of Harry gambling at the Green Dragon after Freddie called in Harry’s debt. She offers the footage... eventually.

Harry goes to Kalim’s strip club and the owner warns that Lily-Anne wants Harry to return the black box. Kalim reminds Harry that Harry owes her, and Lily-Anne has some serious people behind him. When Harry wonders what he means, Kalim points out that Harry is a family man.

At the station, Steve tells Alistair that Lily-Anne may use the footage as a bargaining chip. He warns that they may have to make a deal with her to get Clayton and leaves. Alistair takes out a rosary and mutters a prayer.

Harry goes to Fraud and finds the box. He then asks Simon to see a map of the tables... and realizes the one rigged table wasn’t the one he won at. Once Harry leaves, Harry gets the box and goes into the bathroom to examine the contents. There are a few pieces of jewelry inside, and Harry finds a secret compartment with a thumb drive. He brings it up on his computer and finds hundreds of files with Chinese names. Contemplating the bracelet, Harry clicks on one file at random...and discovers that it’s a scan of a promissory note. Suri comes over and Harry explains that it’s the promissory note showing that Tim owed Lily-Anne 110,000 pounds. He figures that it’s enough evidence to prove she ordered the hit on Caleb. When Suri wonders how Harry found it, he shows her the box in his desk drawer. Harry warns that the people that they’re fighting don’t play fair, so sometimes they have to fight dirty. He gives Suri the thumb drive and tells her to decide what they do with it.

Later, Suri meets with Lily-Anne and puts her under arrest for conspiracy to kill Caleb. Lily-Anne figures that Suri is doing it for Harry, and Suri says that she’s doing it because Lily-Anne is guilty.

Harry goes home and finds Eve waiting for him. She says that it’s safer if he doesn’t know what happened to Yury’s body, and hands him a file. Eve says that it’s her mother’s murder case file, and Harry was one of the detectives on it. Her mother’s name was Marie Alexandri. She apologizes for giving Harry the bracelet, and admits that she made it up that someone has to look Harry in the eye to kill him. With that, Eve kisses Harry on the cheek and leaves.

Suri sees Kalim come in and give an envelope to the guard. Once Kalim leaves, she goes over and the guard says that it’s for Alistair. Suri says that she’ll deliver it.

Harry goes over Marie’s file and finds several clippings about Vincent and his luck.

Suri opens the envelope and finds a thumb drive inside. She plays it and discovers that it’s the footage of Harry gambling at the Green Dragon on the night Freddie died.

Harry discovers that the lead officer on Marie’s murder was Superintendant Karl Frierson.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 20, 2016

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