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Rapacity in Blue Recap

Rusty wakes up to the Jonas hologrammatic alarm clock, which reminds him that he has three days until he's presenting the O.S. Sparkle Dream at the Science Now Conference. Irritated, Rusty tells it to shut off.

Pete is working in the lab at a breakfast burrito when Rusty comes in. he's more impressed with the Segway that Billy is driving around, and Billy tells him that it was invented a long time ago. Pete points out that Rusty was banned from the Science Now Conference and wants them to show him what he has to present.

At the Monarch's home, Dr. Mrs. My Wife tells Monarch to stop bothering Rusty. However, he's busy in the Morpho Cave examining his father's Blue Morpho costume. Henchman 21 wants him to go out in the costume, but Monarch reminds him that his wife is watching him after Copy Cat framed him. He's not impressed with Henchman 21's plan to put on the Blue Morpho and Kano costumes and takes out all of the villains lined up to arch Dr. Villain. Monarch insists that he's not a good guy and wants to turn the Morpho Cave into the Egg Sac. Manolo warns that Dr. Mrs. My Wife is coming downstairs, and Monarch and Henchman 21 run up through the secret passageway and cover by pretending to tango. She says that she'll present his case to the Guild that night, and Monarch reminds her that it's date night. However, he insists that she doesn't have to cancel.

At the tower, Hank admits to Dean that he doesn't want to blow his upcoming date and asks his brother for help on how to satisfy a woman.

Pete presents the Whisper Washer, but Rusty isn't interested in appliances. Billy presents the Prometheus Drug, which can regenerate livers. However, it keeps making livers. Rusty wants what works, and Billy admits that they have God Gas, which stimulates the temporal lobe, causing pseudo-religious visions. They realize that it can lead to mind-control gas, and Rusty tells Billy to make it.

Monarch is ready to paint the Egg Sac, but Henchman 21 says that Monarch has to go alone. In the cave, there's a video of Blue Morpho where he claims that he's a bad guy. However, he starts playing the rest of the video. Dr. Venture escorts in two women and the men drop their pants, and Monarch is shocked to realize neither woman is his mother: it's Jill St. John and Stella Stevens.

Dean watches as Peter and Billy try the gas on mice. The teenager explains that he's trying to avoid Hank.

Hank is in the kitchen asking Brock for advice on kissing women. Brock moves in, demonstrating, and Hank takes noes. Hatred calls to ask for backup, and admits that he's the hostage.

One of the mice declares himself a religious prophet, and the other mice pray to the statue he's had them made of him.

Monarch considers everything that is happening to him, and Manolo isn't really interested in hearing it. Dr. Mrs. My Wife calls to remind him that he has to fill out the paperwork. Furious, Monarch decides that he wants to be a villain and will become the new Blue Morpho.

The villain, Haranguetan, drags Hatred out into the street and demands to see Rusty. Brock comes out and tells him to release Hatred, and Haranguetan obliges. He invites Hatred to hit him, and Hatred punches him without once luck. Once Haranguetan defeats Hatred, he tells Brock to hit him. Overhead, Warriana is passing and drops down to intervene. She knocks out Haranguetan from behind, and Brock complains that he was his. He insists that there is a code, but Warriana insists that justice has no gender. They invite each other to hit them while Haranguetan slips away.

Henchman 21 is painting the Morpho Cave when Monarch says that they're going with his idea. They don the costumes and realizes that they don’t fit. Once Henchman 21 alters the costumes, they head out in the Morpho Mobile.

Pete tries the God Gas on Billy.

Hank goes to see Brock for more advice, but Brock is too busy considering what happened with Warriana. He admits that her muscles and personality are a huge turn-on, and a confused Hank leaves.

Henchman 21 drives through the Lincoln Tunnel and gets caught in a traffic jam. They check the Guild activity reports and discover that Haranguetan is harassing Venture all day. Henchman 21 suggests that Monarch trim off his beard so that no one realizes Blue Morpho is Monarch, and he agrees to donate it to Locks of Love.

Billy and Pete tell Rusty that the Gas' effects last about an hour and makes the subject more suggestible. Pete has developed an injection gun, but Billy warns that the Gas needs more testing. The mice set their cage on the fire and Rusty reminds his employees that they only have a couple of days until the conference so they have to move on to human subjects. Brock calls in to say that Haranguetan is back, and Rusty tells Brock to hold him there because they need him.

After Monarch trims his beard, he and Henchman 21 pay the parking meter and run toward Venture Tower.

Rusty, Billy, and Pete run to the lobby as Brock drags Haranguetan in. Billy hits him with the gas, and Rusty tries to control him. Haranguetan sees them as demons, grabs Billy, and prepares to throw him into a construction hole. Brock, who breathed the gas, runs off to find Warriana. Monarch and Henchman 21 watch as Rusty runs off as Venture. Confused, they go in and tell Haranguetan to release Billy. Billy recognizes them as Blue Morpho and Kano, and Henchman 21 grabs Billy and tosses him to Monarch. Surprised, Billy recognizes Monarch's beard but assumes that he's Rusty. Henchman 21 punches Haranguetan into the construction hole and runs off with Monarch, and Billy says that Monarch's secret is safe with him.

The doorman refuses to let Rusty into the Crusaders Action League building. When he tosses Rusty out, the disguised Monarch offers to help him up. Rusty is shocked to see that it's the Blue Morpho.

The gas-influenced Brock uses a doorman to knock on Warriana's door and says that he's submitting to her and asks to know the pleasure of a real woman. Making sure that no one is watching, Warriana drags him into her room and promises to break him on her wheel.

Rusty returns to Venture Tower, and Pete suggests that they present God Gas as-is. Billy smiles and assures Rusty that his secret is safe with him.

Monarch and Henchman 21 take a bus home and Monarch admits that it's the most fun that he's ever had. They go inside and find Dr. Mrs. The Wife waiting for them. She says that she came back early for date night and warns that she knows what's on. Dr. Mrs. The Wife accuses the husband of going out with Henchman 21 on date night to spite her. She goes upstairs and the two men high-five each other.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 22, 2016

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