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Sweet Kicks Recap

At a fashion show, Lucifer and Maze are in the audience appreciating the shoes. A model waves a sword in Lucifer's direction, and Maze insists that since he was shot, he can't have any sharp objects near him. Lucifer disagrees, intrigued by the notion of mortality, and goes backstage off the model past the designer, Benny Choi. Meanwhile, Lucifer uses his power on the model and she says her deepest desire is a cheeseburger.

A shot rings out and people scream and run. Lucifer ignores the commotion and goes back to the model, but Maze finds him and says that they have to leave. They head out and Lucifer comes to a dead model, Paola Cortez, and figures that he's found his danger.

The next day, Chloe is talking to Paola's mother. She assures them that she'll find their daughter's killer, Dan comes over and tells Chloe that Gang Unit is working with Homicide, and Benny won't talk. As they go to meet with Benny, Dan tells Chloe that it might get bloody and complains that she keeps ending up in shootouts with Lucifer. Chloe assures her ex that Lucifer is out of her life, just as they realize that Lucifer is at Chloe's desk flirting with an officer. When Chloe goes over, Lucifer says that he's there to talk to her boss Olivia about the shooting. He lets Chloe think that he's talking about when he shot her and goes into Olivia's office.

In the lieutenant's office, Lucifer tells Olivia that he was at the show and wants to explore his mortality by investigating the death. Olivia warns that they don't explore mortality there, and Lucifer uses his power to admit that she wants a big close to become chief of police. She says that she'll never be appointed without the support of the minority communities, and Lucifer offers her the support she needs if she lets him investigate cases. They then go to Chloe and Olivia explains that Lucifer will make Benny talk.

Lucifer tells Chloe how he persuaded Olivia to let him help, She refuses to give him a gun or let him drive, and admits that for a moment she actually believed he might be the Devil. As they get in the elevator, Chloe slaps Lucifer so he can experience new sensations. She says that she's taking him home and Lucifer says that they'll be right on time.

Benny is waiting at Lucifer's apartment with his assistant Hector, an ex-Marine, and his pet pig Pig Diddy. Lucifer tells Chloe that he helped get Benny started. Benny says that he has no idea who would take a shot at him, but he wouldn't say even if he knew. Lucifer calls in his favor to force Benny to talk, and Benny says that Hector clashed with some Latin Kings gangers. He didn't mention it at the crime scene because he has a reputation as a man of the people and used to be a ganger. If he had talked then the Latin Kings would have retaliated on principle. Hector gives Chloe the names of Diego and Dani, the two gangers who came by, and Benny warns that the Latin Kings are going to raise hell.

As they leave, Cloe complains that Lucifer didn't tell her about his connection to Benny. Lucifer wants to go drinking but Chloe says that they need an ID on Dani and Diego. However, Lucifer guilts her into doing it by complaining about his leg.

Chloe takes Lucifer to a police bar and the detectives there glare at Chloe. She asks about how he provides people with favors, and Lucifer admits that he usually takes them as an IOU. When Chloe wonders who would do that, Lucifer says that they all do. Detective Anthony Paolucci comes over and calls Chloe "Palmetto Bitch," and Lucifer asks Chloe for details. She explains that Anthony was partners with Malcolm Graham, who took a bullet in the Palmetto case. Chloe thinks that Malcolm was on the take, but the other officers think he took a bullet. Lucifer confronts Anthony and tells him that he's an ass, and then punches him. Chloe quickly gets Lucifer out.

Maze is ordering at a coffee shop when Amenadiel finds her and approaches her in normal time, wearing a suit. The demon explains that the coffee shop is her favorite place in the city because she gets to watch the guests torture themselves with dreams they'll never achieve. Maze then tells Amenadiel that she wants to go back to Hell, but admits that Lucifer doesn't confide in her anymore. However, she knows that Lucifer is talking to Linda. Maze insists that she wants what's best for Lucifer, and getting him back to Hell is the way to do it.

That night, Lucifer is leaving her office for the day when she hears the sound of wings. She goes out in the hallway and finds Amenadiel waiting for her. He claims that he moved into the next door office and introduces himself as Dr. Canaan.

At Lux, Lucifer tells Maze about punching Anthony earlier. She warns Lucifer that he's being foolish, and warns that he might be turning mortal. The demon warns that Chloe is not Lucifer's partner, and Lucifer figures that Maze is jealous of Chloe. Maze laughs it off and warns that the next time she won't be around to protect him, and Lucifer reminds her that she exists to protect him.

Dan comes in and says that he's spent the last couple of hours persuading Anthony not to press charges. He says that he did it for Chloe, and warns Lucifer that it's easy for a gang vendetta to spiral out of control. Dan tells Lucifer to take care of Chloe, and Lucifer mockingly salutes him.

The next day, Chloe and Lucifer head to Latin Kings turf in East Lost Angeles. She's found out that Dani and Diego Ramirez are married and real hotheads, and tells Lucifer to control himself. Lucifer comments that he talked to Dan, and Chloe gets out and locks the car doors behind her before Lucifer can get out. Chloe goes up to the house and knocks on the door, and inside Dani shrieks. The detective kicks in the door and discovers that Lucifer is already in the bedroom with the couple. They point out that witnesses saw the couple at the club, and Paola was Diego's cousin. Diego admits that he promised to get her into the show so he gave her his spot. He breaks into tears and Diego hugs him, and Chloe asks them to help her get justice for Paola. The couple agrees and Diego says that Yellow Viper is the one with a grudge against Benny. Yellow Viper was a graffiti artist back in the day, and ran with the Benny. He took the fall on a B&E and ended up in jail for five years. Diego promises that if they find Yellow Viper then they'll kill him, and Lucifer encourages him to kill the man because he's bored. Chloe apologizes for Lucifer and drags him out. Benny texts and says that someone else is dead.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Benny's loft and find a pool of blood on the floor. They track it to its source: Pig Diddy. Benny is crying over his pet, and explains that when he and Hector came back from an opening, they found the pig dead. He had no idea that Yellow Viper got out a week ago, just as Hector comes in. Benny explains that he send letters and money to Yellow Viper but he wouldn't take a dime. The designer figures that Yellow Viper is after him and warns that his former friend won't stop until he's dead. As they go, Chloe calls Viper's parole officer so they can touch him down.

Linda is in her office when Amenadiel comes in. He invites her out for a drink so he can confide in her about a troubling patient. He offers to listen if she has any patients that she wants to talk about, and Linda agrees to one drink.

Chloe learns that Viper is at a community center and goes there with Lucifer. As they enter, Chloe wonders if Lucifer got Benny off on the B&E charge that put Viper in prison. Lucifer admits that he did, and Chloe points out that Paola would be alive if Lucifer hadn't helped Benny. The Devil insists that he can't be held responsible for what happened after he gives someone a favor, and Chloe agrees.

Viper is teaching a class on tagging, and refuses to talk to Chloe without a warrant. He tells them to back off and goes back to the class, and Lucifer is surprised that Viper cares about the kids. Diego and Dani drive in with other Latin Kings and Diego says that he's there to get justice. Lucifer encourages them to open fire, and the gangers draw their guns. Chloe tries to convince Diego to back off, and Lucifer says approaches Dani and secretly signals to Chloe while he draws their attention. Meanwhile, Viper gets the students out, and Dani finally realizes that their target is gone.

Diego prepares to shoot Lucifer... and the lights go out. Chloe drags Lucifer to the ground and tells him to stay put. Before she can get back up, someone takes out the gangers from the shadows. Lucifer realizes that it's Maze, counts off the injuries. Dani is the last one standing... and Chloe punches her unconscious. Maze tells Lucifer that she saved him, not Chloe, and walks out.

As the police take the Latin Kings away, Dan says that he found a .38 in Viper's bag: the same one that was fired at Benny's show. He then says that he talked to Lucifer but didn't get anywhere, and figures it all worked out because she got the shooter. Lucifer approaches Chloe and points out that he saved kids and arrested a shooter. Chloe says that she's figured out that :Lucifer is addicted to chaos and performing favors, and has some kind of god complex. Lucifer, offended, insists that he doesn't. However, Chloe points out that Lucifer damned Viper to prison twice whether he's guilty or not.

As Chloe drives Viper to the station, Lucifer figures that she's having another gut feeling. He figures that viper is innocent and Viper agrees, and Lucifer asks him what he desires to do with the rest of his life. Viper says that he just wants to do his art, and points out that if he wanted Benny dead then he would have kept shooting until he killed him. Chloe realizes that the person shooting was an expert and spins the car around.

Back at Benny's loft, Benny gives Lucifer his new piece in return for saving his life. Lucifer says that he abhors a fake and tells Benny that he failed to mention that if he got him off on the B&E charge, Viper would go to jail. Chloe brings Viper in and Chloe explains that Benny knew Viper was the real talent. He took down the competition by framing him for the B&E. Then he had Hector fire into the crowd, and Chloe points out that Hector has a sniper unit tattoo. When they suggest that Hector can get off if he was doing someone a favor, Hector immediately says that Benny promised to make him a partner if he fired into the crowd and planted the gun on Viper. The bodyguard breaks into tears, admitting that Benny had him kill Pig Diddy even though Hector loved the pig, As Chloe handcuffs Hector, Benny yells at Viper that he was never as good as him. Lucifer slams Benny through one of his paintings and says that now it looks authentic as he flashes his demonic face at Benny.

Later, Lucifer and Chloe go to Paola's shrine. Olivia gives a press statement about how her LAPD means justice for all. Chloe points out that Olivia will be chief of police because of Lucifer, and he says that he got what he wanted and so did Oliva. Now he's an official consultant for the LAPD.Chloe admits that they're partners and she can keep an eye on him. When Lucifer wonders going to take him home with her and consummate their partnership, Chloe smiles suggestively and gets into her car... and locks Lucifer out before driving away.

Later at Lux, Lucifer offers a toast to Maze for saving his life. He admits that there are consequences to becoming mortal and almost got Chloe killed, and figures that he can depend on Maze protecting him. Maze says that she'll be there to stop any danger against him whether he sees it or not. Later, Maze goes to Chloe's home and looks at her while she's sleeping... and then disappears when Chloe wakes up.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 23, 2016

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