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A Little Song and Dance Recap

Peggy wakes up and finds herself alone in the SSR office. The lights are off, and she realizes that she's in black-and-white. Her brother Michael is in Daniel's office, and he points out that she's gotten in quite a fix. Peggy reminds Michael that he was the one who recruited her and then got him killed, and he says that she's doing what she wanted to do. Michael says that he's be there with her if he could, and the lights come on.

Peggy finds herself at the automat in New York. Angie is working at the counter and asks what she wants. When Peggy admits that she doesn't know, Jason turns to her and asks if she wants him. They dance and he admits that he did hold a gun to her hand. Jason tells her that he was only doing what she wanted. Daniel comes out, tosses away his crutch, and starts dancing. Peggy dances with him, and he says that what she does is up to her. More dancers tell Peggy to decide what to do, and Dottie appears in a waitress' uniform.

Daniel and Jason join Peggy, who sings about how both men are a nice distraction but it's up to her. Everyone asks Peggy what she's going to do, and a tuxedo-wearing Jarvis interrupts to tell her to wake up and Rose punches her.


Peggy wakes up and finds herself tied up in the back of a truck with Jarvis.

Jack, Daniel, and Samberly wait and wonder if Peggy and Jarvis are coming back for them with the vehicles. A SSR car drives toward them, and they realize that it's two of Vernon's men, Vega and Blackwell. Jack says that he has a plan.

she frees herself, Peggy unties Jarvis as he wakes up. She doesn't want to hear his explanation for why he shot Whitney, and Jarvis insists that she deserves to die. Peggy tells Jarvis to finish untying himself and checks the truck for a way out of their predicament.

Vega and Blackwell pull up and discover that Daniel is training a gun on Vega. Daniel tells them that Jack is under arrest, and the agents turn their guns on Daniel and Samberly. Jack says that Vernon sent the agents to shoot whoever fired the gamma cannon. Vega admits that he's supposed to kill Jack as well, but Jack insists that he followed Peggy out to the desert to stop her. After a moment, Vega and Blackwell lower their guns and put Daniel and Samberly in the car. When Daniel objects, Jack punches him in the gut.

Once Jarvis unties himself, he and Peggy try to get the back only to discover that their chained shut. Peggy removes her bullet and reveals a hotwire gadget. She uses it to burn through the chains, and then tosses Jarvis out onto the road. Peggy jumps out as well and orders Jarvis off the side of the road. He points out that they're in the middle of the desert, and Peggy says that they start walking. Jarvis complains but has no other options so he follows after her.

Whitney and the others drive back to LA, and Jason wakes up in the back of Whitney's car, his eyes a solid black. Jason says that he's not well, and Whitney asks him what he saw in the rift. The scientist says that he just saw blackness, and Whitney wonders why he came back. After a moment, Jason's skull shrinks to its normal size. He warns them that they can't take him to a populated area, and tries to get out. Whitney says that Jason needs a lesson in doing what he's told, and Joseph's thugs drag him out. They open the back to show Jason their hostages, and realize that Peggy and Jarvis have escaped. Joseph kills the truck driver for his failure and then turns the gun on Jason and orders him back in the car. He tells Whitney that he'll send some men back to find their missing hostages and they drive off.

Peggy and Jarvis continue across the desert and Jarvis points out that they haven't seen anyone. She says that she isn't interested in his opinion, and Jarvis says that he won't apologize for doing the right thing. Jarvis points out that she saved Dottie to assuage her conscience and Ana paid the price. He snaps at her that everyone around her dies, and then apologizes. Peggy stops and tells Jarvis that he's begged her to bring him along on her missions, but he knows nothing of loss and his wife will survive. She starts walking again, and Jarvis tells Peggy that Ana can't have children because of her injuries. Peggy goes back and apologizes, and Jarvis admits that nobody knows, including Ana, because she's married to a coward who can't tell her the truth. He apologizes for shooting Whitney, and Peggy assures him that there's no need to apologize. They hear a truck approaching and realize that it's Joseph's men.

The truck pulls to a stop and find Jarvis tending to an unconscious Peggy. He says that Peggy collapsed, and one of the thugs take Jarvis to the truck while the other one starts to pick up Peggy. Peggy knocks him out and then takes his gun and captures the other man. They leave the two thugs off and Peggy tells Jarvis that he needs to be with his wife.

At the SSR, Vernon comes to the cells and finds Jack watching Daniel and Samberly in a cell. Vernon demands an explanation for why they're still alive, and Vega says that they were following Jack's orders. Jack tells Vernon about the gamma cannon and says that their prisoners can repair it. He points out that Vernon can use the gamma cannon on Whitney, and Vernon sends Vega out. Once they're alone, Jack says that they fix the cannon, take it to Whitney, and shoot it at her. Vernon wonders if Daniel will cooperate, and Jack points out that Daniel's career is on the line. Daniel admits that he'll stay quiet if they take down Whitney because she's too dangerous to stay free, and Samberly eagerly pledges his support. Jack tells Vernon that he's with him whether he wants Daniel and Samberly to live or die. After a moment, Vernon says that they'll do it Jack's way. Once Vernon leaves, Jack releases Daniel and Samberly and says that it went as well as could be expected. As for punching him in the desert, Jack says that he had to sell it.

Joseph takes Whitney to a waste-management facility, and she assures him that it's perfect. She kisses Joseph and they go inside. Joseph's men have set up the lab equipment from Isodyne, and tied up Jason to a gurney. Jason insists that he's not safe and can't fight it much longer, and Whitney says that he doesn't have to fight it. She plans to take the zero matter from him, and then rams a large syringe into Jason's chest.

Peggy enters the SSR and strides into Vernon's office. She punches him and demands to know where Daniel and Jack are. Daniel and Jack run in and stop her, and Jack says that Vernon is an integral part of their operation. They take her to the lab where Samberly is working on the gamma cannon, and Peggy warns that they can't trust Vernon. She wonders what happens once Vernon eliminates Whitney, and Vernon says that he won't kill her because he doesn't have to. He has dirt on all of them, and he'll take down anyone who tries to take him down. Daniel is okay with using Vernon to take down Whitney, and Vernon figures that Peggy will play ball. He warns that Whitney is demanding the gamma cannon, and Samberly warns that he needs another hour. Jack volunteers to go and tell Whitney in person.

Whitney is unable to extract any zero matter from Jason. Joseph suggests that they give Jason a break before his heart gives out, and Whitney reluctantly agrees. Jason warns that the zero matter will kill her, just as Jack arrives. He introduces himself and explains that he volunteered to come. Jack turns on the charm and Whitney tells Joseph to back off. He tells Whitney that she can deal with Jack herself and leaves with his men. Once they're gone, Whitney demands the gamma cannon. Jack says that it's at the SSR undergoes repairs and he's there to buy time to get it fixed. He admits that Vernon plans to use the gamma cannon on Whitney, but he has another idea. Jack offers to bring Whitney the cannon and Vernon, and in return he gets a seat on the Council.

Later, Jack meets the others and says that Whitney bought it. Peggy figures that he's up to something, and Vernon is surprised that Jack got out alive. Daniel and Samberly bring the cannon components, and Samberly explains how to fire the cannon. Jack and Vernon drive off in the truck, and Peggy and Daniel get in their car to provide escort. Their car doesn't start, and Jack doesn't respond on the radio. Daniel confirms that the fuel line is cut. They find Samberly talking to Rose and tell him what happened, Samberly says that Jack told him to secretly turn the cannon into a bomb. They realize that the bomb will kill everyone, including Jason, and the bomb is on a remote trigger. Peggy confirms that Samberly can build a jammer to block the trigger, and Rose tells him to get going.

At the hospital, Jarvis fusses over Ana. She asks where Peggy is and if Jason is safe, and Jarvis ignores her questions and suggests that they take a holiday. Ana points out that he hates holidays, and Jarvis finally tells his wife what is happening. She wonders why Jarvis isn't helping Peggy, and Jarvis says that he's there because Ana needs him. Ana points out that she has doctors and nurses,but Peggy only has Jarvis. She orders Jarvis to render any assistance that he can, and Jarvis agrees. Once he does, Ana asks what else he's not telling her. Jarvis braces himself and then tells her the truth.

Peggy, Daniel, and Samberly get to the plant and confirm that Whitney's people have the cannon. Samberly is unable to get the jammer to work, Peggy slips inside to rescue Jason.

Inside the plant, Jack and Vernon deliver the cannon to Whitney. She says that she's going to take the zero matter from Jason. Vernon goes over and activates the cannon.

Peggy slips into the plant and finds. He tells her to leave, warning that he can't hold it back for long. Jason says that he doesn't deserve her help, and says that everything he did was of his own volition.

Vernon aims the cannon at Whiney, but she shuts it down. Jack draws a gun on Vernon and says that there's been a change of plans.

Jason warns that something cataclysmic is happening to him, but Peggy refuses to abandon him. She helps him toward the door, but when she goes through, Jason locks it behind her and says that he's ready for it to be over. He tells her to go and runs back.

Somberly finishes the jammer, and Daniel looks for Peggy through the binoculars.

Vernon warns Jack that he's making a mistake, but they can still walk out together. Jack says that he appreciates everything Vernon has done for him, and he's learned that he should never let a good opportunity go by. He leaves Vernon to Whitney and says that they have a lot to talk about. Once Jack goes outside, he gets clear and activates the trigger. Nothing happens, and Jack realizes that Peggy is responsible. He finds Daniel and tells him to shut down the jammer, just as Peggy arrives. She insists that Jason is innocent, but Jack says that he's doing what needs to be done. Jack warns that Jason is more dangerous than all of the others put together, and tells Samberly to shut down the jammer. He draws a gun on the scientist, and the man quickly turns it off. Jack prepares to activate the trigger, and Peggy aims her gun at him and tells him to put it down.

Whitney lets the zero matter start consuming Vernon, who insists that Jack doesn't have the power to help her. He sees the trigger light on the cannon and realizes what the others did, and tells Whitney that they got her. She releases Vernon and goes to the bomb, just as Jason staggers in and the zero matter explodes from his body.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 24, 2016

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