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Taken Recap

Once the surgeons have placed Curtis' implant in Felicity's spine, Oliver and Paul help her to start walking. She gets out of her wheelchair but falls back. Paul says that Curtis came in with tendonitis and all he cared about was results. Eventually Paul got Curtis focused on healing, and he tells Felicity that it takes time.

Five Years Ago

Oliver warns Taiana again that Reiter will kill all of the prisoners once he has what he wants. Reiter comes in and says that he wants them both at his side when he claims his prize. The mercenaries lead them out.


As Oliver and Felicity go to their car in the parking garage, Felicity admits that she's still disappointed and had hoped for the best. Oliver assures her that it isn't stupid... and Damien steps out of the shadows. When Oliver goes after him, Damien paralyzes him with a gesture and then releases him. He says that things are over between them, and points out that nothing he did stopped Oliver. Oliver's cell phone ring and Damien tells him to answer it. It's a video of William at Damien's home, and Damien says that William thinks that he's his mother's friend. As Damien gets in his car, he tells Oliver to drop out of the mayoral race. Once Damien leaves, Felicity wonders who William is and Oliver says that he's his son.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tries to explain but Felicity doesn't want to hear him lie again. She says that she doesn't care that he has a child, but is angry that he didn't tell her about William. Oliver says that Samantha made a condition that he couldn't tell anyone about William's existence. Felicity point out that he plan didn't work. Laurel and the others arrive in response to Oliver's call, and Felicity tells them that Damien is holding a 10-year-old boy hostage. Oliver tells Thea to have Alex schedule a press conference when Damien specified, and then tells his team that the hostage is his son. Felicity offers to call Barry in William's home town of Central City, and realizes that Barry knows about William as well. Oliver admits that Malcolm knows as well and he's going to contact him. Samantha arrives upstairs at the campaign office and Oliver goes up to talk to her.

In the office, Alex tells Oliver that Samantha showed up. He remembers her name from the check and figures that it's connected to Thea's text that Oliver is pulling out of the race. Oliver talks to Samantha privately and says that he's trying to track down William, and she figures that her son's disappearance had something to do with Oliver. Samantha demands answers, and Oliver says that she needs to tell him what happened. She says that William disappeared from their house 48 hours ago. Barry told her that she needed to talk to Oliver, and Oliver says that he will do everything in his power to get William back. When Samantha wonders what he can do, Oliver says that he's Green Arrow.

Oliver takes Samantha down to the bunker and introduces her to the team. Samantha remembers Laurel and says that it was one time that she was with Oliver, and she knew Oliver and Laurel were together. She apologizes for not being honest with Laurel, and Laurel says that Oliver is the one who should have been honest. Felicity reports that the CCPD has nothing, and Diggle points out that they've been beaten by Damien every time they've fought him. Oliver figures that they need to fight harder, but Felicity warns that they need a new strategy. Diggle suggests that they contact Constantine, but Oliver warns that he's not available. However, he suggests that he contacts Mari McCabe, who uses a magic totem and calls herself Vixen.

In Detroit, three skels run down the street and duck into a building. Animal sounds echo behind them as they shoot wildly, and one of them trips and falls. The other two keep running and something grabs one of them from the shadow. The last one calls on their attacker to come out, and Vixen steps out of the shadows.She slams the skel across the room, and Green Arrow wounds the last man as he draws a gun on Vixen. Once he's down, Green Arrow explains that he needs her help.

:Oliver takes Mari to the bunker and Laurel greets her. Diggle, Thea, and Felicity introduce themselves, and Oliver introduces Samantha. Mari says that she'll track down William using her magical totem, which lets her channel the spirit of any animal. Samantha provides an action figure that William owned and Mari picks up the boy's scent. She then tells the others that William is in the Star City and she can find him. Oliver coordinates the others and asks Felicity to sit with Samantha

Five Years Ago

Reiter goes to the entrance that the prisoners have excavated. As he feels the energy, the lights flicker and Reiter says that it's destiny. The figure of Conklin steps out and says that "they" are something much greater than destiny.


Thea returns home and tells Malcolm to step out. She knows that Green Arrow cut off his hand, and Thea points out that Malcolm was unwilling to give up the League to save her. Malcolm insists that he was going to save her and keep the League, and Thea asks if he told Damien about William. Her father refuses to answer her, saying that she should know him better. He insists that he will always love Thea no matter what and leaves.

Vixen flies through the city looking for William. Diggle and Green Arrow watch her from a rooftop, and Diggle says that he understands why his friend did what he did. Green Arrow admits that William was safer when he didn't know about him, and Diggle tells him that he'll eat himself up considering possibilities. He says that he pulls off being a parent because Sara knows that he's there for her and would never let anything bad happen to her. Diggle says that parents keep their children safe by keeping them close.

In the bunker, Samantha describes William's clothing when he disappeared. Felicity works up a profile, and Samantha says that Oliver wanted to tell Felicity but she didn't let him. She asks Felicity to remember that she's the one who made Oliver choose.

At the station, Quentin tells Laurel that he has his men searching for William. He's not surprised that Oliver had a son, and Laurel explains that Samantha was with Oliver at the same time Oliver was with her. Her father hugs her and Oliver calls to tell Laurel that he knows where William is being held.

Green Arrow and Spartan check the roof of the target building. Vixen moves into position, and Green Arrow takes a line across and attacks the guards. Black Canary and Thea break in and fight more guards, Meanwhile, Green Arrow smashes in through Damien's window. Damien says that William is fine and he had him moved two minutes ago. He points out that the hero's arrows are useless against him, and Vixen leaps in and attacks Damien. Damien laughs and paralyzes both heroes, and recognizes her totem. He knocks her across the room but she comes back. She summons the strength of a gorilla and breaks Damien's hold on her. Damien knocks her away and Green Arrow attacks him. The two men fight and Damien sends Green Arrow flying through a window with a gesture. Vixen grabs him and by the time she pulls him up, Vixen says that she's lost Damien... and William.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells Samanthathat they failed. Damien calls Oliver and tells him to drop out of the race immediately and endorse Ruve. Once Damien hangs up, Oliver tells the others what happened. Mari apologizes for failing and suggests that Damien has some kind of totem like hers. Quentin arrives and says that he saw an idol that Damien kept close. He goes to draw it for Mari, and Oliver tells the others that he has to save William.

Five Years Ago

Reiter has one of his mercenaries open fire on the guardian wearing Conklin's image. The bullets have no effect, and Reiter orders his men out. However, he locks Oliver and Taiana in the room, and the guardian advances on them. The guardian looks at Oliver in recognition, and then says that he's worthy to pass. The guardian disappears and the rune on Oliver's stomach glows red.


Oliver begins his press conference and says that now he has inspired Ruve to run, he's dropping out of the campaign and giving her his full support. He thanks his supporters and ends the conference.

He next day, Alex is packing things away when Oliver comes in. He tells Oliver that Oliver was leading, and demands an explanation. Oliver says that he's sorry that he can't give one and they shake. Alex goes out past Felicity as she comes in, and she tells Oliver that Samantha explained about her ultimatum. Oliver insists that he wanted Felicity to be a part of William's life, and that he should have kept William close to keep him safe. Mari calls and texts that she has something.

Back at the bunker, Mari says that a friend of hers at Detroit University, Professor Macalester, recognized the idol that Quentin drew. It's a Khushu Idol, and its power requires a constant connection to a ley line. Mari explains that the Idol lets Damien tap into the magic, and Diggle figures that Damien is near one of the lye lines. Samantha asks why Damien isn't giving William back, and doesn't believe Oliver when he says everything will be fine.

Oliver walks away and Mari goes after him. He explains that Damien took Felicity, Diggle, and Thea earlier, and Damien didn't live up to his end of the bargain to trade them for Oliver. Mari says that they'll get William back, and tells Oliver to consider that letting William goes would be better. She explains that she grew up in a foster home, but she's realized that she wasn't ready for the truth as a child. Mari says that William can't carry the burden anywhere, and tells Oliver to let his son keep his childhood as long as he can. Thea calls them over and Felicity says that Damien moves the Idol around. However, she's pinpointed him at a compound in Sky Woods. Damien calls and tells Oliver that William be at Nelson Plaza in three hours. The others want to go after Damien, and Oliver asks Samantha for her input. She says that William is Oliver's son as well, and tells Oliver to get William back and take Damien out.

The team soon storms the compound and takes out the Ghosts. Vixen smashes through the roof and confronts Damien, and he throws her across the room. She grabs the Idol and escapes, As the Ghosts close in on Green Arrow, Speedy and Black Canary arrive. Damien comes out and chokes them with his magic. Vixen joins Spartan in the woods, and Felicity reports that Damien's powers are undeterred. Felicity tells her to go to Plan B, and Vixen starts smashing the idol.

William runs out and tells Damien to stop hurting the others. Vixen finally destroys the Idol, and Damien loses his magic. Green Arrow attacks him and soon takes him down. The police arrive and Green Arrow looks at William for a moment. He nods to the boy and leaves just as the police cars show up.

Later, Samantha, Oliver, and Thea go to get William at the station. William says that he wants a Green Arrow action figure now, and Samantha says that the hero is very amazing. Quentin tells Oliver that the man who took William had a missing hand.

Five Years Ago

Reiter reenters the room and says that he had faith that Oliver would have survived. He insists on taking Oliver with him, and Tatiana to use as a hostage.


Oliver leaves the station and meets with Mari. He thanks her for her help, and Mari says that the best thing her parents did were give her was freedom. She tells Oliver to call her if he needs her and leaves.

Thea returns home to where Malcolm is waiting and says that she knows he took William. Malcolm insists that he did it to protect them, and Thea says that there is no "us" to protect. She says that Robert raised her and loved her, and she wishes she didn't throw it away when Malcolm revealed he was her biological father. Furious, Malcolm tells Thea that she would be dead ten times over if not for him, and he turned her into a warrior. He warns that she has no idea what they're up against, and he'd rather she hate him and be alive then dead.

Oliver makes a video message for William and explains that he's his biological father. He admits that he hasn't earned the right to be William's true father because he hasn't been there for him.

At home, Diggle holds Sara.

Laurel and Quentin have takeout at Quentin's office.

Oliver says that he failed to keep William safe, and now he's going to tell him why. He admits that he's Green Arrow and explains that his life is dangerous. What happened to William in Star City is his fault, and he won't let it happen again. Oliver has asked Samantha to move far away and tell no one... including Oliver.

In the car, William looks at his Green Arrow action figure.

Oliver says that he asked Samantha to show William the message after his 18th birthday. He wanted to give William a real childhood, and says goodbye. Felicity comes over and says that they need to talk. She takes off her engagement ring and says that she can't do it anymore. Now that she's had some space, she's realized that she needs space. Oliver should have told her, and he didn't. Felicity doesn't think that Oliver can include her, and he left her out of the decision to send William way. Her legs move, and Felicity discovers that she can stand up. After a moment, she walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 25, 2016

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