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6. A Twist of Fate Recap

Men are working at a construction site for a city building, and checking the older foundation of the existing site. The foreman notices some rats crawling into a door vent and goes over to check it out. He looks inside and sees a corpse in the next room.

Harry arrives at an underground fight ring in response to a call from Eve. He approaches her and eve says that she wanted to show him something. She explains that the fight is rigged and points out the fighter, Flanagan, who is supposed to go down in the third round. Eve points out the boss who has rigged the fight and tells Harry to put everything he has on Flanagan. When Harry wonders what the point is, Eve explains that she wants to show him what the bracelet is capable of.

Doing what Eve asks, Harry goes down and places his bet. The boss watches him as he places the bet and then goes back to Eve. As they watch, Eve explains that Flanagan taught her how to fight before he started throwing matches, and he'll make it to the third round. As Harry watches, Flanagan's opponent slips on some of Flanagan's blood, slams onto the floor, and knocks himself out. The referee calls the knockout, and Eve tells Harry to get his money. The boss' men approach them and Eve tells Harry to leave the money as she hustles him out. She admits that she called Harry there to send a message to the boss.

Later at the station, Harry reviews the file on Maria Alexandri, Eve's mother. He confirms that Det. Superintendent Karl Frierson. As Harry clears the screen, Suri asks him what he did with the money and shows him the video of him winning money at the Green Dragon. She says that he won 70,000 pounds with Eve at a fixed table, and Harry says that he burned the money. As Suri takes that in, they get a call about the corpse in the foundation. As they go, Harry asks what she's going to do about the footage, and Suri says that she's still working it out. She wonders who Eve is, and Harry says that she's just some girl he met playing roulette.

At the building, Suri tells her partner that he needs to tell her the truth. He insists that he wasn't taking a bribe from Freddie, and he burned the money because he thought it would connect him to Freddie's murder. The foreman takes them to the body, and Suri says that they'll have to stop demolition until they get everything that they need. The foreman warns that the people in charge won't like that, and Suri explains that there is a Metro Point project being built there and there's a press call to watch them blow the place up.

At the morgue, the coroner Polly confirms that the dead man is Luke Bangura of Sierra Leone, and Luke's mother came in that morning. She listed Luke as a missing person 14 months ago, and Polly identified Luke's remains from his dental records. The building has been sealed off for the last six months, and Polly believes that the remains were moved there recently. Analyzing the dirt on the body, Polly believes that Luke was buried in a shallow grave and recently moved. The left kidney is completely missing and there are clean incisions where it was.

Up in the squad room, Suri confirms that Kelly Harrington, reporter for the Evening Reporter, has been doing stories on how ritually-killed bodies have been connected to London's African community and voodoo rites. Kelly quotes an unnamed source on Luke's remains, and Harry figures that the leak came from within the department. He goes to talk to Alistair, and Suri warns that their superior is with the deputy mayor.

The deputy mayor--Frierson--is expressing the mayor's displeasure with Alistair's performance and the crime wave that has taken place under Alistair's watch. Frierson tells him to nail Luke's murder ASAP. Harry goes in past the deputy mayor as he leaves, and he asks Alistair how Luke's murder MO was leaked. Alistair doesn't believe it, but Harry points out that it couldn't have come from anywhere else.

Next, Harry and Suri go to the Ministry of Blessed Heart Pentecostal Church where Pastor Tejan-Tsie is holding a memorial for Luke. Tejan-Tsie says that Luke was involved with politics, and Marianne breaks into fresh tears. Afterward, Harry and Suri talk to Marianne and asks if she knows anything about the removal of Luke's kidney. Tejan-Tsie complains about how the press and the police are racially stereotyping their community with stories of voodoo, and Marianne insists that the murder has nothing to do with who they are or how they live. Harry persists and asks if Marianne can tell them anything about the day Luke went missing. Marianne explains that Luke was going to give blood at a clinic connected with the African Health Union, and never met her afterward. Luke had rare blood, "Bombay Blood."

As the detectives leave, Suri confirms that Bombay Blood is an O-type variant and requires a special test to be detected. Harry gets a text that their forensics team has been pulled out of the demolition site, and he heads there for another look while Suri tracks down Kelly.

Harry checks the building foundation and discovers that the room door was padlocked but is now unlocked. As he goes in, he hears something behind him and goes to investigate. Someone shoots at him and when Harry runs, workers almost run him over as they drive in. The shooter, dressed as a worker, runs past them and out.

The next day, Suri calls Kelly to the station, and she and Harry question her. The reporter refuses to give out her source, and Harry figures that whoever leaked the story picked Kelly knowing she would put the proper slant on the crime. He figures someone at City Hall gave her the story, and Kelly takes offense and walks out.

At home, Anna and Daisy are moving into their new house. Daisy wonders why Harry isn't there to help them, and Anna claims that Harry is busy with work and couldn't make it. She reminds her daughter that it's just the two of them moving in.

Harry and Suri meet with Marianne again at the church, and Harry asks if she remembers anyone from the medical agency contacting her. She remembers that a Dr. Marghai came to their house once after Luke posted on a Bombay Blood forum. After they leave, Suri confirms that there is no Dr. Marghai registered with the NHS. Harry spots Jim Stepton, the other detective that worked on the Alexandri case, and goes after him. He follows Jim into a betting parlor, writes down the name of a horse that is posted at 25 to 1, and then gives the tip to Jim. After they place their bets, Jim figures that Harry is there because of him. Harry points out that Jim's last case was the Alexandri murder, and Harry's first case. Harry took leave when Daisy was born prematurely, and Karl brought Jim in. The files show that Jim and Karl dropped all of the leads Harry uncovered before he took leave. Harry wonders why Jim rolled over for Karl, and points out that the race isn’t over when Jim tries to walk away. As they wait, Jim admits that Karl blocked every lead that he tried to follow, and their one suspect disappeared when they took too long. He advises Harry to let it go because Karl is a powerful man who always gets what he wants. Their horse comes in, and Harry tells Jim that he let a murderer go before putting his racing ticket in Jim's pocket and walking out.

Back at the station, Harry runs into Lily-Anne in the hallway. She promises Harry that she'll remember how he's treated her, and tells Harry to give her regards to Anna and Daisy. Harry then meets with Alistair, who says that his superiors didn't think they had enough evidence to make the charges stick against Lilly-Anne. Tim is still maintaining that he killed Caleb, and Alistair wants Tim to take the fall so that they get the conviction. Harry reminds Alistair that they got into police work to go after the bad guys and walks out.

At Whitecross, Anna meets with several prisoners to provide counseling on what happens when they're released. Billy goes by, sees Anna, and quickly leaves.

Suri fails to track down anyone who has heard of Marghai, and leaves a message on Harry's voicemail with the news.

Harry goes to Kamil's club and walks behind the bar, and says that Lily-Anne has been released. He says that Lily-Anne threatened his family, and he wants Kamil to give her a message: if she goes near Harry's family, he'll find and finish her. When Kamil points out that Harry is a man of the law, Harry grabs him, shoves his head beneath a tap, and opens the tap so the beer pours into Kamil's mouth. The detective tells Kamil to make Lily-Anne understand and then leaves.

After the session, Anna approaches Billy and reminds him that they talked about Kevin. Billy tells Anna to leave him alone, but he finally says that it was Goldie before walking away.

Harry goes to a press call where Karl is announcing the city government's new initiative against crime. Alistair is there and advises Harry to save his marriage, stop gambling, and do nice things. He figures that his faith bothers Harry, just as Karl takes the podium to speak. As he talks, Harry is surprised to see Anna comes in with Nikhail. Karl talks about how he retired a year ago after he took ill, and Harry confirms with Alistair that Karl had chronic kidney failure. The deputy mayor talks about how against all odds, a donor kidney was found... one day after Luke disappeared.

Suri goes to the Sierra Leone community office and tells the head woman, Ekua, about her search for the African Health Union. Ekua has never heard of the AHU, but recognizes Marghai's name. She hastily denies it and Suri says that it's important that they find Marghai. After a moment, Ekua writes down a note telling Suri to meet her there at 6:15 the next morning.

After Karl's speech, Harry approaches Anna and she introduces Nikhail. Nikhail explains that Anna just signed up to be a mentor in his prison's outreach program, and Karl overhears them and comes over to congratulate Nikhail. Harry reminds him that they worked together many years ago and the Alexandri case was never solved. Karl claims that he doesn't remember it, and Harry congratulates him on his speech.

That night, Harry meets with Eve at an abandoned pub and asks about Maria. She talks about how they moved around a lot, and Maria told her that they were part of a long line of Torch guardians who protected the bracelet. That was why they moved so often, and Eve eventually resented her family duty. The Torches are the only ones who can transfer the bracelet from one wearer to the next... when the previous owner dies. Eve explains that she ran away from home when she was 18, sick of her mother's stories and the constant moving. When she came back, Maria was delusional and said that her days were numbered. She described how she would be murdered., and a week later it came true. Since then, Eve has been tracking a man using the pseudonym Golding who she believes killed Maria and Freddie, and is after the bracelet. She was with the diamond thieves because they worked for Golding. After a moment, Harry walks out.

The next morning, Suri goes back to the community office and Ekua introduces her to her cousin Grace. Grace had an operation to have a kidney removed, and she tells Suri that they cheated her. With some prompting from her cousin, Grace admits that Marghai did it to her. She gives Suri the address of a private health clinic on Corinth Road where Marghai works.

Later, Harry waits outside while Suri enters the health clinic posing as an immigrant. She asks for Marghai, and the receptionist claims that there's no such doctor working there. Suri says that she's desperate, and the receptionist offers to talk to her manager.

Outside in the car, Harry brings up an Internet article on Karl. In it he mentions his rare blood type,

A nurse, Aboko, asks Suri why she's there. Suri says that she has a kidney problem, and says that her friend Grace came there five weeks ago. A few minutes later, Suri goes out to the car and tells Harry that they want her back at 9 that night to see Marghai. She wants to do it properly through covert ops, and points out that once she's in the clinic alone, she's in Marghai's hands. Harry insists that it's their only shot and it will take too long to go through channels, and Suri points out that she's been doing all the legwork and has the evidence that will sink him. She says that she doesn't have to go undercover again and leaves.

Suri goes to a café and watches the Green Dragon footage of Harry. She notices a newspaper headline about the police ignoring Luke's murder, Kelly has written the story, where she details how Harry attacked the newspaper's initial reports and is too busy attacking the press to find the killer.

Anna invites Nikhail over for dinner and he explains how he was raised as an orphan after his parents died. Daisy comes down to get a drink of water, and Anna orders her back to bed.

Harry waits outside the clinic, and Suri arrives a few minutes after 9. She's wearing her disguise, and figures that it's their only chance to find Luke's killer. Harry thanks her, and Suri says that she'll call him as soon as she spots Marghai. Aboko leads her to a room and tells her to put on a gown, pointing out that Marghai has to examine her. The nurse then leaves, locking the door behind her. Suri sees the operating tools laid out on a tray and calls Harry.

Harry is waiting in the car when his phone rings. It's Daisy, who says that she went to his flat but he wasn't there. The girl insists that Harry doesn't love her anymore,

When Suri gets Harry's voice mail, she tries the back door and finds it locked. Aboko comes in with Marghai and an assistant, and he assures Suri that she's in good hands.

Daisy says that she caught a bus and doesn't know where she is now. She tells him where he is and Harry tells her to stay there until he sends someone to get her.

Suri starts to call Harry again. When Marghai sees her, Suri claims that she's calling her sister. When he tries to stop her, Suri punches him, grabs Aboko's keys, and runs to the door. The assistant grabs her and Aboko injects Suri with a sedative.

Harry calls Anna and tells her that he knows where Daisy is. Anna and Nikhail are driving out on the streets, and Harry tells Anna where she can find their daughter. He realizes that Suri called and goes to the clinic, and discovers that the door is locked. A courier man arrives on a motorbike.

Marghai is preparing to remove Suri's kidney when the courier rings at the door. They let him in... and Harry, wearing the courier's helmet, runs into the operating room. He knocks Marghai and the assistant out and goes to Suri, and confirms that she's okay but unconscious.

Anna and Nikhail run up to Daisy.

The EMTs take Suri out on a gurney, and Harry puts Marghai in his car. As they drive to the station, Harry tells Marghai that they know all about how he killed Luke for Karl. He looks at the bracelet and then speeds up, running red lights. Harry demands that Marghai confess, and Marghai finally snaps and says that Karl's men pulled a gun on him during Luke's operation and forced him to kill Luke.

The next day at the press call, Karl addresses the press and prepares to hit the button that will demolish the building. Harry walks up and they watch as the building goes down. As they watch, Harry tells Karl that he wants him to come in for questioning in connection to Luke's murder. At the station, Harry talks with Karl and his lawyer, Donna Lewison. He lays out his case against Karl. Karl insists that he has the paperwork proving that his kidney came from France, and dismisses Harry as delusional. Harry figures that Karl had the body moved to the building to cover it up when the building came down.

Alistair comes in and shuts down the interrogation, and apologizes to Karl. He orders Harry to his office and tells him that Marghai is recanting his confession as forced. Alistair warns that now Karl thinks Alistair sent Harry after him, and points out that Harry not authority to risk Suri's life. He tells Harry that he's out of control, and Harry walks out.

Later, Harry goes to the hospital and visits the sleeping Suri. He takes her hand and concentrates on the bracelet, and she wakes up and asks if Harry got Marghai. Harry tells her that he did.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 29, 2016

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