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Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze Recap

Jim testifies to the police board, including Dent, about how he located Bruce at Theo's residence and killed Father Creel and his men. Barnes is present and listens as Jim says that he was unable to arrest Barnes arrested him. Jim then testifies that Oswald and his men abducted Theo and he followed them, but was unable to locate them. He then fled the city out of concern for Leslie. Dent points out that Theo was found beaten and shot to death, and Jim says that he wasn't present at the time of his murder even though he was. Dent has Jim testify that he had nothing to do with Theo's murder.

After the hearing, Jim sees Leslie waiting for him. he tells her that the charges are lifted and he was reinstated. She says that they had no choice when he told the truth. Barnes watches them from above, and Leslie asks Jim if he wants to go back to work. He says that he is and dismisses his fatigue as a long day. Meanwhile, Dent joins Barnes and asks if he believes Jim. Barnes simply says that Dent found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, but Dent clearly isn't convinced. They discuss Oswald, and Barnes says that Oswald's men have deserted him and they will soon find him.

On the streets, Oswald hides among the homeless as the police search the streets for him.

Edward is working and listens to a radio report asking who is running Gotham's underworld.

At Oswald's manor, Butch is torturing a man and finally has his men take him away. Tabitha slips in and points out that he's the king of Gotham now, and points out that it isn't as fun as he thought it would be. Butch wonders why she's there, and Tabitha reminds him that he made him a free man. She admits that she's kind of fond of Butch,, and she wants to be his partner. Butch says that he's not looking for a relationship, and Tabitha points out that they have history. She deflects his drill hand with her knife and kisses him... while Selena secretly watches from the window.

Anofficer is called to an abduction and finds a man, Victor Fries, loading something into a blue van. He says that he hasn't seen anything and claims that he doesn't live far away. When the officer questions him, victor says that he used to live there. She orders him to open the back of the van and he does. Inside is Victor's equipment and a frozen corpse. Victor grabs his gun and shoots the officer, freezing her solid in seconds. Sirens sound in the distance and Victor drives off.

The next morning, Jim arrives at the station and Harvey greets him with a new case on the frozen officer. They go to the lab and Edward explains that the killer used super-cooled liquid helium. When Jim wonders where they can find liquid helium, Edward wonders why and Harvey calls him a dummy. Edward takes offense and angrily says that he doesn't like being called names, and Jim calms him down. The scientist says that helium is rare and offers to research manufacturers, and Harvey thanks him. Jim asks Harvey to go on ahead, and then asks Edward what his relationship was with Oswald. Edward says that he nursed him back to health, and believed Oswald when he claimed he was giving up the criminal way. Someone yells from the squad room, and Edward and Jim go to investigate. Barnes hauls in Oswald and tells the applauding officers that they're not cheerleaders, and Oswald is just another scumbag. As they lock Oswald up, he yells that they've got him and it's all good. Barnes tells Jim that now that they have Oswald, they'll learn the truth about what really happened to Theo. Jim looks over at Oswald, who smiles.

Later, Barnes interrogates Oswald and demands to know what happened to Theo. Oswald readily confesses to killing Theo, and insists that he's just insane. Barnes asks what Jim did, and Oswald smiles. Afterward, Barnes calls Jim into his office and asks if Jim has something he wants to tell him. Jim says that he doesn't, and Barnes tells him that Oswald backed Jim's story. He's clearly skeptical, and warns Jim not to make a fool out of him. Jim agrees and walks out.

Victor returns home and checks on his sick wife Nora. She wakes up and talks about how they were at their cabin by the beach. Victor says that he's tired because of work, and it's coming along well. he admits that he's having trouble with reanimation, and he can freeze her as they planned and stop the disease from killing her. However, he can't bring Nora back yet. Victor insists that he'll find a way, and assures Nora that his lab rats don't feel anything.

Harvey tells Jim that Edward learned that Wayne Enterprises is the only company in Gotham that manufactures liquid helium. He's also located three abductions tied to the same blue van, and wonders what the killer is doing with his victims.

Victor goes to the basement where he has his lab. His victims are frozen in containers.

Edward is working in the squad room near Oswald's cell, and gets the prisoner's attention. He asks what he can do to help, and Oswald advises Edward to forget him. However, he asks Edward to visit Gertrude's grave occasionally and place lilies. An officer takes Oswald to Arkham.

Victor tries to revive one of his frozen victims.

Jim and Harvey meet with Lucius, who confirms that Wayne Enterprises manufactured liquid helium for cryogenic experiments. The project was shut down three years ago by Thomas Wayne, and it was all kept very quiet.

At Arkham, the guards put Oswald in with the general populace. Everyone stares at him, and someone throws pie at him. The prisoners laugh, and Oswald gets up on a table and says that his name is Oswald. He tells them that he is the King of Gotham. When the other prisoners echo his words, Oswald sits down.

Victor's reanimation experiment continues and his subject slowly thaws out. The temperature reaches the critical threshold of 41 degrees, and Victor realizes that he's succeeded. However, the man's body melts into goo in a matter of seconds and Victor realizes that he's failed once more.

Victor comes back upstairs as Nora starts coughing up blood. He gets her the medicine that she needs, and Victor realizes that she used her last pill. He warns his wife that she could die without the medication, and insists that it matters that she live. Victor goes to a medical supply store and tells the pharmacist that he needs to get the pills refilled. The pharmacist points out that the original prescription doesn't have a refill order, and tells Victor to have his doctor write a new prescription. Victor demands the medication anyway, and snaps at the pharmacist when he refuses. Furious, Victor says that he'll be back and leaves.

The guards take Oswald to the chief of psychiatry, Dr. Hugo Strange. Hugo is just done meeting with one of the patients, Nigel, and tells him to see no evil and do no evil.

Wearing his insulated costume, Victor returns to the pharmacy that night and freezes the security guard. He then demands the medication that Nora needs, and the pharmacist quickly gets it. Victor says that the pharmacist and the guard will help save his wife's life and then freezes him. He then asks the fleeing customers for some help.

Jim and Harvey get the call on the pharmacy robbery and drive there. Victor drives off in the van, and the officers follow him. However, the killer drops off the frozen guard in the street, and Harvey hits it before he can pull over, shattering the corpse into frozen pieces.

Hugo assures Oswald that he's not being punished, and he meets with all incoming patients. He asks how Oswald's adjustment has been going, and Oswald says that Arkham is a pillow fight compared to what he's been through. Hugo is well aware of his recent activities, and Gertrude's death. He suggests that Oswald might be feeling regret over the death of Theo, and Oswald says that the only thing he regrets is that he couldn’t kill Theo more than once. Checking his watch, Hugo says that they'll pick it up at their next session, and assures Oswald that he's confident they will be able to facilitate his rehabilitation. He tells Oswald that he is sick and they will cure him.

Victor takes the frozen pharmacist to his basement and then goes back to his van. Nora wakes up and calls to her husband, but gets no answer. She looks for him in the basement and finds his frozen subjects, and realizes what he's been doing.

At the pharmacy, Jim and Harvey find the pill bottle that Victor gave to the pharmacist. They head for the address on the bottle and call for backup. Jim and Harvey go to the basement and find Nora sitting with one of the frozen corpses. Harvey gets Nora out and Jim finds Victor's freeze weaponry. Outside, Victor watches from the shadows and realizes that they're taking his wife.

The guards take Oswald to his cell. Nigel is giggling in his cell and turns to show Oswald that he has gouged out his own eyes while reciting Hugo's mantra over and over.

At the station, Jim and Harvey tell Nora that they have to find Victor. She explains that she doesn't know where he is, and Jim threatens to charge her with obstruction of justice. Nora says that she's dying and Victor is trying to save her, and refuses to betray him.

In the morgue, Edward is examining the pharmacist's corpse. Meanwhile, Victor enters the station and asks to speak with Jim. When Alvarez wonders why, Victor says that he wants to confess that he's the killer. Alvarez says that they've had five people come in to make the same confession, and sits him down with the others. Victor waits, holding Nora's pill bottle.

Edward steps out for a moment and when he returns, discovers that the corpse is gone.

The pharmacist staggers through the squad room, wondering if he's dead. Victor sees him and realizes that his last injection of the reanimation formula worked. As the police secure the pharmacist, he sees Victor and screams at him, and Victor walks out.

At Arkham, Hugo takes an elevator down to the secret lab. As he goes down, he makes notes on his regiment of extreme treatment for Oswald. Hugo then meets with Mrs. Peabody, who gives her a status report. She ends by telling Hugo that someone has solved the issue of cryogenic reanimation. Hugo studies the newspaper and the story on Victor, who the papers have dubbed "Mr. Freeze."

Written by Gadfly on Mar 1, 2016

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