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Truth, Justice and the American Way Recap

Kara and Alex are at Kara's apartment, and Kara worries about everything that has happened at CatCo with Adam and Cat. Alex hugs her, and Kara says that she misses Astra. She's sure that she was getting through to her, and with a little more time had gotten her through. Alex starts to tell her sister that she was the one who killed Astra, when Non arrives via the balcony window. He tells Kara that she needs to come with him, and he's coming for Astra rather than himself. Kara agrees and leaves with Non.

The other Kryptonians are floating in the air above the city with the container holding Astra's body. Non says that Astra would have wanted Supergirl there, and that it is there custom for the surviving female family member to lead the Prayer for the Dead. Supergirl performs the prayer and Non sends the container off into space. He then tells Supergirl that he will observe the period of mourning and then kill her.

Supergirl flies to the DEO HQ and tells Hank that Non will return in two weeks. She insists that Non will follow the proper mourning period and snaps at Hank when he suggests otherwise. Vasquez comes over and tells Supergirl that Max is demanding to see her. Once Supergirl leaves, Alex tells Hank that they have to tell Supergirl the truth. He assures his subordinate that he can take Supergirl hating her, and Supergirl needs to blame him so that she can keep going.

Max greets Supergirl and reminds her that she owes her for saving her life. He insists that he's just trying to protect Earth, and screams at her that she'd be dead without him. Supergirl insists that the world is a better place without him and walks out.

The next day, Kara arrives at work with Cat's coffee and Winn tells her that they have a problem. Before he can explain, Kara discovers that there is a new desk there belonging to Siobhan Smythe. Cat comes in and Siobhan comes over. The CEO explains that she hired another assistant to help Kara, and Siobhan gives Cat hand-pressed coffee. Cat takes Siobhan's coffee and tells Kara to cover the phones while Siobhan joins her in her office. Once they go in, Winn comes over and Kara figures that Cat is trying to teach her a lesson and Siobhan is a pawn. She insists that she feels sorry for Siobhan, but Winn tells her that it's okay for Kara to be upset. Kara tells Winn that she isn't upset, and Kara breaks her phone.

Once Winn goes back to his desk, Kara listens in via super-hearing and hears Cat telling James and Lucy that there's a major glitch in Max's new phone that lets the last caller eavesdrop on the next caller.She wonders why Max sent his PR hack out to make a statement, and figures that the man is missing. James tries to misdirect Cat's suspicions, but she figures that something is up. Cat says that is' her burden to save Max, and dismisses Siobhan. She then tells Lucy to check her contacts at the Pentagon, and James to start investigating.

Outside, James tells Kara that they need to talk. Siobhan interrupts and starts flattering him, and James quickly leaves with Kara. Once they're alone, James asks what he's supposed to do when he knows where Max is. He's worried that the DEO are holding Max without due process, and Kara points out that Max's lawyers would have Max out in two minutes. Siobhan watches through the window as James tells Kara that it's not the DEO's ethics that he's worried about.

At the DEO HQ, Hank briefs his agents on a rogue Fort Rozz prisoner, who has been hiding out in National City using the alias Gabriel Phillips. He feeds off rotting flesh and has been spotted at an abandoned warehouse. Alex leads a team to the warehouse and they break in. A man calls for help, and Alex finds Gabriel chained up to a car. A figure moves out of the shadows and starts blasting down agents. He's proof against small arms, and flies off with Gabriel.

When Alex returns to the DEO, Hank deliberately doesn't call Supergirl in and confirms with Alex that the abductor was using advanced alien technology. Supergirl arrives, and Hank explains that he wanted to give her some time off. She angrily insists that she wants to be involved in any cases involving the Fort Rozz prisoners, and Hank suggests that Gabriel could be wanted for crimes on other worlds. They start checking with the NCPD to see if any other missing persons have turned up.

The abductor, Master Jailer, locks Gabriel in a cell and informs him that he knows that he is an alien. He warns that Gabriel has broken the law and forfeited his right to exist. Gabriel points out that there is no death penalty on Krypton, Master Jailer says that they're not on Krypton. The prisoner says that he knows who Master Jailer is, but Master Jailer decapitates him with an energy guillotine.

The next day, Alex and Hank pose as FB agents and meet with Detectives Warren and Draper at the NCPD. They show them a photo of Master Jailer, and Alex likes to point out that they have less crime to deal with since Supergirl arrives. Warren excuses himself and Draper apologizes for his partner's manners. He says that Master Jailer has kidnapped and killed five people down by the river, each one decapitated. The mayor has kept it quiet, and the police have learned that all of the prisoners were aliens.

Kara and Siobhan are working at their desks, and Siobhan finally texts Kara asks if she and James are involved. Kara denies it, and Siobhan texts back that she doesn't believe her. As Kara snaps at her, Cat comes in and reprimands her, and points out Siobhan as an example. Alex calls and tells Kara that they need her at the DEO, and Kara excuses herself. Siobhan already knows what Cat wants for lunch, and assures Kara that she'll do her job. As Kara goes, Siobhan winks at Winn.

Lucy visits James and shows him the plates of the cars they spotted at Max's company. She knows that they belong to a secret government agency that tracks aliens, and figures that they're involved with Max's discovery. James vaguely says that they shouldn't pursue the lead and warns Lucy that they shouldn't mess at the DEO. She realizes that he knows who they are, and figures that Supergirl told her. Lucy wonders how close James and Supergirl are, and angrily walks out.

At the DEO, Hank and Alex work out that all five victims were Fort Rozz prisoners. Alex realizes that they're being killed in order of their prisoner numbers. Since Gabriel was 2444, the next victim is 2445.

Master Jailer confronts Professor Luzano and orders him to reveal his true face. Luzano runs and Master Jailer easily brings him down with a thrown baton. Supergirl arrives and Master Jailer attacks her with high-tech chains. She manages to grab them and they engage in a tug of war. He tries to ensnare her, but Supergirl knocks him backHe manages to ensnare her to the surround pillars, and by the time she frees herself, Master Jailer has escaped.

Cat finds James out on the balcony and joins him. He claims that he's enjoying the view, but she figures that it's something personal. Cat talks about how she was assigned to do a gossip article about an actor. She finally learned that the actor beat his wife, but she caved to the studio's PR hack's pressure. Three months later the actor shot his wife in the head. Every day Cat considers whether she could have saved the wife's life, and says that they're journalists because they want to be good people.

Supergirl takes the chains to the DEO, and they discover that it's made of black star allow. Hank says that Alura put away Luzano, and Supergirl angrily says that he can't discuss her family. Vasquez comes in and says that James wants to see Supergirl. They talk and Supergirl insists that they've captured the most dangerous man on the planet. James points out that now the DEO are holding humans without any accountability, and explains that Max is terrified by Supergirl's ability to hold him. He explains that Supergirl stands for something, and what she's doing isn't strength. James then tells Supergirl that Siobhan told Cat about it, and warns his friend to look out for her.

Alex calls Supergirl out into the hallway, and says that the metal baton as covered in human DNA. They have a match with Warren.

Warren and Draper are out on the streets, and Draper tells Warren that another alien went missing. Supergirl drops down in front of their car and tells Warren that they need to talk. Alex comes up behind them with a gun and orders Draper to stand away, and Warren insists that he's one of the good guys. Draper says that his partner is telling the truth, shoots Alex and Warren, and then activates his Master Jailer armor.

Alex wakes up a few minutes later and confirms that her Kevlar vest protected her. There's no sign of Supergirl, and Alex tells Hank that Master Jailer took Supergirl.

Supergirl wakes up in a cage bathed in red light. Luzano is another cell, and suggests that the light mimics the red sun of Krypton. He explains that he was born on Starhaven, and one of his wives fell ill. He became a drug smuggler to pay for his wife's medical expenses, was caught on his first run, and sentenced to Fort Rozz by Alura. Luzano admits that he hated Alura at first, but eventually understood that one tragedy couldn't be undone by another. When he escaped, he became a professor and taught astronomy.

Master Jailer comes in and says that justice has come from Luzano. Supergirl tells him to remove his mask and Draper does so.

At the DEO, Alex works out that Master Jailer will soon kill Supergirl. Hank assures Alex that they'll find her, and Alex suggests that Draper was a guard rather than a prisoner. She checks the records and comes up with a match. Alex figures that Draper is recreating Fort Rozz on Earth. Vasquez reports that they've traced Draper's GPS signal and located him in a cabin outside of National City.

Draper tells Supergirl that Alura would be proud of her for punishing those who sin. Supergirl insists that isn't what she's been doing, and Draper suggests that they join forces so they can carry on Alura's great work. He insists that he's protected Earth and justice must be absolute. Disappointed, Draper releases Luzano and tells him that justice is upon him.

Alex takes a team out to Draper's cabin and they move in.

Luzano insists that he hasn't hurt anyone, but Draper orders him into the guillotine.

The DEO agents prepare to break into the cabin.

Supergirl tells Draper to kill her instead of Luzano, and Draper realizes that he'll have to kill her as well.

The DEO agents break in and search the place. The cabin is empty and there's no sign of Supergirl.

Master Jailer prepares to execute Luzano. Luzano says that he's scared to die, but asks Master Jailer to grant his last request and releases Supergirl. Master Jailer refuses.

Alex notices a glow from beneath the floorboards. She pries open the boards and finds Draper's escape ship, and asks for C4.

Supergirl tells Luzano to look at her, and Master Jailer prepares to lower the blade. Alex rappels in, firing, and attacks Master Jailer. He attacks her and the other agents, and Master Jailer grabs her and forces her head back onto the guillotine. Alex fires into the ceiling, opening a hole to let the sunlight in on Supergirl. She breaks free and Supergirl breaks free. She ignores Master Jailer's weapon blasts and knocks off his helmet, and then chokes him for a moment. Luzano asks what happens to him.

That night, Supergirl takes Luzano back to his university. He wonders why she's letting him go, and Supergirl says that he's already served his time.

At the DEO, Supergirl and Alex tell Max that he's free to go. He wonders why, and Supergirl says that it's the right thing to do. Alex says that Supergirl is a better person than Max, and Max wonders how they can trust him not to expose them to the world. Supergirl says that she doesn't, and all she can do is hope that Max will listen to his better angels. Once Supergirl leaves, Alex tells Max that they have a dossier on his crimes and will release it if he exposes them. Amused, Max leaves.

The next day at CatCo, Kara arrives at work and Siobhan tells her that she did all of her work for her. Irritated, Kara says that she's tried being nice and she doesn't like her. Siobhan says that she's there to be the next Cat and will soon be a junior reporter and then work her way up to a major celebrity. Kara then visits James and thanks him for pushing her to do the right thing. He says that she makes him better, too, and then explains that Lucy caught him lying. James wants Kara's permission to tell Lucy the truth, but Kara says nothing.

Later at the DEO, Supergirl talks to the Alura AI and explains that she met a Fort Rozz prisoner who didn't hate either one of them. It made Supergirl feel closer to Alura, and then asks about Myriad. The AI says that it's not authorized to discuss Myriad, and warns that continued questioning will result in its self-destruction. Hank comes in and shuts down the AI, and Supergirl insists that Hank should have found another way to deal with Astra. She says that she can't work besides Hank and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 1, 2016

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