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Solitude Recap

The Phantom Zone: 13 Years Ago

As Young Kara travels through the Phantom zone, her capsule activates and she wakes up. She passes by Fort Rozz and Kara watches as the station follows her.


Kara wakes up and Alex arrives at her door with powdered donuts. She figures that Kara sugar-kick before coming back to the DEO, and Kara insists that she can't work at the DEO with Hank. Alex tells her sister that Hank was just doing his duty, and as a solider he had to kill. Kara believes that she could bring Astra back into the light, and she can't forgive Hank for cheating her of the opportunity. She suggests that it might be time for her to be her own Supergirl and heads off to work.

At CatCo, Siobhan arrives with a letter for Cat. Cat arrives and tells Siobhan to get staff into her office for a meeting. Once everyone arrives, Cat demands new stories. Siobhan gives her the letter and James offers to open it. Inside is a thumb drive and a letter, and the letter tells Cat to make liars and cheaters pay for what they've done. An editor identifies it as the motto for a website,, for adulterers. The site is supposed to be unhackable, but it was attacked by an anonymous hacker. Cat figures that the hacker wanted CatCo to report it, and she tells Siobhan to microwave the thumb drive. Lucy points out that the site caters to powerful people and the public has a right to know. Cat says that no one bats an eye at such stuff, and refuses to give the hacker legitimacy. As Siobhan leaves, she considers the thumb drive.

At the DEO base, Alex and Hank are sparring. Hank manages to subdue her and transforms back into his Martian stuff. He tells Alex to have coffee the next time she's angry. Alex says that she misses having Kara there, and Kara isn't there because she let Kara believe that Hank killed Astra. She wonders will happen if the DEO fails a mission because Supergirl is gone, and Hank points out that the DEO went on before Supergirl joined them. Alex points out that Hank has lost Supergirl like so many others in his wife, and he says that he's accustomed to it over hard experience.

That night, James brings Kara potstickers and asks if she thinks Cat did the right thing by keeping the hacker's secrets. She realizes that he's hinting at telling Lucy about her secret identity, and insists that things are too complicated and dangerous. Lucy comes over and says that there's nothing she hates more than liars. A woman appears on all of the TVs and says that she's disappointed in all of them, particularly Cat. Cat figures that she's the hacker, and the hacker says that since Cat failed to act, all will suffer. She says that the age of chaos has begun and signs off. Cat tells Winn to fix things and goes to her office. Every traffic light in the city turns green, causing dozens of collisions. Kara flies off as Supergirl and stops a major crash just in time.

The next morning, financial marks are plummeting because of the cyber-attack. Cat orders the staff into her office and sys that National City's mainframe has been breached by the hacker. She tells James to put every investigative team on identifying the hacker. When she tells Siobhan to get her investment broker on the phone, Siobhan freezes up and Kara volunteers to get her.

In James office, Lucy offers her help. He says that he's going to run down some old contacts and Lucy wonders if he's going to work with Supergirl. James says that they should talk with dinner that night, just as Kara comes in and tells James that they need him. James and Lucy kiss and he heads off.

That night, Winn is working at Kara's apartment writing code to track the hacker. He tells James and Kara that he has figured out a way to trace her. The hacker, Indigo, comes on and congratulates Winn on his efforts. She offers to meet with immediately, and materializes out of the computer in a digital blue-skinned form. Indigo knows that Kara is Supergirl, and Kara recognizes the symbol on her head as the computer symbol from Krypton. The hacker says that she knows everything about Kara, and slams Kara out the window. She grabs Winn and James, and Supergirl flies back in. Hank and Alex burst in, and Indigo tosses her captives away and disappears back into the computer.

Hank and Alex tell Kara that they tracked the Wi-Fi signal from the computers controlling the traffic lights, and detected something alien that led them to Kara's apartment. Hank says that the rest is classified and only available to active DEO agents, but Kara says that she'll handle it on her own and tells them to leave.

A man is preparing to propose to his girlfriend when Indigo materializes. They run and Non lands nearby. He wonders where she has been leaking, and Indigo says that she was once linked to the Great Coluan cyberconstruct. She says that she's her own woman, not Brainiac 8, and knows that Astra has died. Non says that his wife was an exceptional woman, and insists that Myriad will soon make Astra's dream for Earth a reality. He grabs Indigo and asks why she has revealed herself. Indigo easily breaks his grip and says that Astra's plan of living alongside the humans should die with her. She warns that predators cannot live without prey, and Non realizes that she's done something. Indigo says that Hell is coming to Earth and only she and the Kryptonians will survive it. With that, she disappears back into the Internet.

The next morning at CatCo, Siobhan is trying to get the copier to work. Winn helps her and Siobhan refuses to thank him, figuring that there's no point in pretending that she can count on her friends. The IT worker realizes that Siobhan's father was a member of the website. Siobhan explains that she found her father having an affair with his personal assistant. She tells Winn not to tell anyone what she just said and walks away.

Alex comes in and tells Kara that she came there to get Winn's help dealing with Indigo. Kara says that it's fine that Winn helps the DEO, and he reluctantly goes. James comes in and sees Alex and Winn leaving, and Kara tells him what just happened. She wonders how she can track down Indigo without help, and James says that there's one place they can go to find out about aliens.

James has Supergirl fly him to the Arctic and shows her the giant dwarf-star key that Kal-El uses to unlock the door. Supergirl picks it up and unlocks the door, and they enter the Fortress of Solitude. Among the mementoes is the pod that brought Kal-El to Earth. A robotic helper, Kelex, comes over and Supergirl describes Indigo to it. It confirms that her description matches the Coluans, who served as supercomputers on Krypton. One of them, Indigo, was a prisoner on Fort Rozz. She was trying to terminate Krypton's population when she was captured. James suggests that they tell Hank, but Supergirl refuses because she has an ally: James.

Later back at CatCo, James tells Lucy about Indigo. He says that he knows it from Supergirl, and Lucy points out that James forgot their date to be with Supergirl. She says that she'll call the military and have her father put them on alert, and pointedly remarks that James keeps hurting her. Kara sees her and offers Lucy a latte, and asks if she's okay. Lucy says that it's hard to compete with Supergirl, and Kara says that James is the most committed and passionate man that he's known. She figures that James is always trying to live up to that commitment after his father gave him a camera, and Lucy is surprised that James told him about his father since he's never mentioned him to Lucy. Kara insists that James could be with anyone but he chose Lucy, and Lucy says that Kara's advice has helped a lot.

Kara and James go back over the information from the Fortress, and James points out that she has him. Lucy comes over and figures that Indigo started with DiamondDiscretions to get information on General Jonathan Mathers. He was exposed with thousands of others when the site was hacked, and Lucy figures Mathers is the reason that the hack happened.

At the DEO, Winn tries to decrypt Indigo's signal. Alex wishes that Kara was there.

Lucy says that Indigo's attacks were a distraction to conceal the fact she was declassifying Mather's entire online footprint. That let her determine he has access to the military's nuclear missile launch sites

Winn makes the same determination and Hank points out that no one can hack the site, Fort Pemberton, from the outside.. They fight and Indigo completes the launch sequence.

Lucy figures that Indigo is using Mathers to get into Fort Pemberton.

Mathers enters the Fort Pemberton missile silo. His cell phone ring and he answers it, and Indigo materializes in the chamber, entering via the phone signal. She takes out the soldiers and kills all of them but one. When he points out that two people have to turn the keys, she knocks him out and takes the keys. Indigo then elongates her arms, activating both key switches. As the missiles begin their preflight launch, Indigo sees an incoming on radar.

As the nation goes to DEFCON 4, Winn warns Hank that they can't get a team to Fort Pemberton in time.

Supergirl flies into the missile silo and confronts Indigo, and they fight. Indigo finishes the launch sequence, and then manages to get her opponent in a crushing grip and they watch as the missiles prepare for launch. Supergirl breaks free and flies off after the missile.

The DEO track the missile approaching National City and realize that they have three minutes until it arrives.

As she flies after the missile, Supergirl contacts James and warns him. There's no time to evacuate the city, and Supergirl promises to stop the missile.

The DEO detect Supergirl approaching the missile.

Supergirl pushes the missile off-course but it reverts to course. James warns her not to use her heat vision for fear it will detonate the warhead. Supergirl has no choice but to call Hank and ask for his help. He says that they'll stop it together and tells her to shut down the missile's onboard flight computer. Supergirl manages to grab the missile, and Winn tells Alex that he has a computer virus that can shut down Indigo.

Supergirl manages to input the kill code in the flight computer. It lands in the harbor without the warhead detonating. Supergirl then flies back to the silo and attacks Indigo. Indigo realizes that she's talking to Alex and infiltrates the DEO computers. She attacks Winn in the DEO base, and warns Supergirl that Winn will die. However, Winn manages to input his virus. He tells Indigo that he's just fed her a mass of malware code. As she "dies," Indigo tells Supergirl that she wouldn't be on Earth without her. When Kara's pod passed by Fort Pod, Indigo linked it to Fort Rozz. Indigo led the pod out of the Phantom Zone, and Fort Rozz followed. Indigo then breaks apart as the code destroys her.

Later, Winn arrives at CatCo and suggests to Siobhan that they talk. He says that he thought his family was perfect and then his dad became a murderer and went to jail. Winn knows how it feels when a father lets his child down, and tells Siobhan that most people want to be there for her. She abruptly kisses Winn, and then drags him into the elevator.

In Cat's office, Cat and James watch news reports about the missile being dismissed as a space shuttle. Cat realizes that it wasn't a rocket, and James admits that they came close to dying. Kara comes in and Cat tells them that she's going home to hug her son. Kara tells James that she's all right, and then admits that she doesn't want Lucy to know her secret because she likes just her and James working together. She tells James to tell Lucy her secret, and James thanks her.

James finds Lucy out on the balcony and says that he has something important to tell her. Lucy says that it's over between them, and tells him what Kara said earlier. When Kara mentioned James' father, Lucy realized that James has never shared that story with her and he told Kara because he loves her. Lucy tells James that Kara feels the same, even if she can't say it yet.

At the DEO, Supergirl finds Alex and Hank sparring. She admits that they're stronger as a team and need each other, personal feelings aside. Alex finally tells Supergirl that she killed Astra to save Hank's life. She explains why Hank lied to Supergirl, and she was afraid of losing Supergirl. As Alex breaks into tears, Supergirl hugs her foster sister and Hank starts to leave. Supergirl stops him and offers her hand, and he takes it.

At the Kryptonian base, Non uses a computer sphere to reconstruct Indigo. He asks if the compute construct is ready to do things his way.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 2, 2016

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