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Key Move Recap

It is not down on any map; true places never are.

At the spice shop basement, Nick and the others try to work out where the cache is in the Black Forest. They figure that someone built a village over the cache, making it harder to find.Rosalee goes to make some coffee while the group tries to figure out what they’re missing.

Rachel joins Renard in his car for their secret meeting, and he gives her the flash drive with incriminating info on Gallagher. He assures Rachel that it can’t be tied to him, and Gallagher used his contacts in City Hall to make the evidence disappear because the DEA was looking for the dealer, not Gallagher. Rachel insists that they’re doing it for the right reasons and Renard agrees. Rachel then suggests that they go to his apartment for sex.

At the spice shop, Nick remembers what Kelly told him about the keys. She told him that the seven knights were Grimms, and they thought that whatever they took from Constantinople was valuable enough to hide. Trubel suggests that the holy knights buried the treasure in a church, and there are seven churches in the area. Nick points out one church that has a foreshortened cross rather than a steeple, and it looks like an X. Monroe insists on going with Nick since he speaks German, and suggests that they go immediately before Black Claw follows their trail. Rosalee offers to get Nick and Monroe fake passports, and Nick says that he’s going to tell the Adalind the truth about where he’s going.

Later at the bunker, Nick tells Adalind their plan and shows her the keys. She warns that the keys lead to death and it’s not worth Nick’s life to find the treasure. Nick insists that he has to go, and Adalind worries that the treasure their seeking is evil. She admits that she knows there’s a chance that Nick won’t come back, and she can’t let him know how she feels about him. Adalind kisses Nick and starts undressing him, and says that she loves him. They kiss again and make love.

Trubel returns to the HW base where Meisner and Eve are trying to pick up the trail of the Black Claw provocateur, Marwan Hanano. The Grimm suggests that Eve is Black Claw’s target, but she’s unimpressed.

Lucien and his man are waiting to meet with Marwan. As they wait, Lucien insists that they need to use a gun so it doesn’t look like a Wesen killing. Marwan arrives and checks the sniper rifle, and puts it together himself. He takes one bullet from Lucien’s lieutenant, woges, and tests the rifle on a basketball that teenagers are using. Satisfied, Marwan says that the rifle will do.

The next day, Nick lies next to a sleeping Adalind and remembers Adalind taunting him back when they were enemies. Adalind wakes up and asks Nick if he’s okay, and admits that everything in their lives is complicated. Trubel calls to arrange a meeting, and comes over to show Nick the photos of Marwan. She explains what he does for Black Claw, and that he’s been spotted in Portland. Rosalee calls and says that their flight to Germany has been arranged and it leaves at 5.

Later, Nick, Hank, and Wu meet with Renard and Nick passes on the information on Marwan. Renard puts out a find-and-follow APB on Marwan, and Nick tells him that he’s going to be off the grid for a couple of days. As he leaves, Nick tells Hank and Wu to keep the APB local, and Hank tells his partner to be okay.

That night at the bunker, Nick is packing for his flight. He tells Kelly to take care of Adalind and kisses his son, as Adalind comes in. She tells him to come back and Nick promises that he will. They hug and then Nick leaves.

Nick goes to Monroe’s house. The couple figures that the target church must be Catholic, Rosalee passes out the fake passports, and Nick takes their luggage to the car while Monroe promises Rosalee that he’ll be careful. They kiss and Monroe goes to the car.

Marwan goes to the site of an upcoming Dixon campaign rally at Lovejoy Park and scouts the area for sniper positions. He spots someone on a balcony watching the area, steps into the bushes, and woges for better eye sight. Once he gets a good look at the man, he leaves. Two patrolmen spot Marwan at a coffee cart and recognize him, and one of them calls it in while the other one follows the Wesen. Wu gets the call and tells Hank, and they head out.

The patrolman, Foley, follows Marwan into a pedestrian crosswalk and briefly loses sight of him. He spots Marwan’s coffee and a nearby open door, and goes in after him. Marwan jumps and attacks him.

Nick and Monroe arrive in Germany and present their passports. The customs officers let them through and the two men drive to the village of Wolfach in the Black Forest.

At the HW base, Eve gets a report that Marwan has been spotted near the Lovejoy Fountain Park. Marwan assaulted the cop but didn’t kill him.

Hank and Wu arrive at the crime scene, and Foley’s partner Ricci tells them what happened. She confirms that Marwan was the man that they spotted. Once Ricci leaves, Hank and Wu figure that Marwan didn’t kill Foley to avoid attention, and go to check surveillance.

Renard joins Rachel at Lovejoy and she tells him that Gallagher’s indiscretion is all over the news. She asks Renard to stand with Dixon on the podium during his speech. Rogers calls Rachel over to check on some banners, and Hank calls Renard to tell him what happened. The detective reports that Marwan woged before attacking Foley, and Renard tells him to find him.

Marwan meets with Lucien and tells him that he was made. He wonders how they knew about him, and blames Lucien. Lucien insists that they don’t know why Marwan is there, and Marwan woges. The Black Claw leader insists that it has to be done and woges, and after a moment both men woge back to human form. Lucien gives Marwan a photo of his target: Renard.

As they drive through Wolfach, Nick admits that he slept with Adalind. Monroe is shocked and Nick admits that he was with the mother of his child so it was different. Both men agree that Adalind has changed, and Monroe hopes that she stays that way. Nick admits that he doesn’t know if he’s in love with Adalind. They find the church and park nearby, and then go inside, and Monroe points out that it’s way too new

Nick and Monroe find a deaf worker, Gottlob, and touch him on the shoulder to get his attention. He woges and realizes that Nick is a Grimm, and quickly runs off. The priest, Father Eickholt, greets them and the men introduce themselves with their fake IDs. Eickholt says that the church was built in 1594 and is the oldest church in Wolfach. Monroe describes the church they’re looking for Eickholt and says that there is nothing that old in Wolfach. As they leave, Gottlob returns and says that Nick is a Grimm, and admits that Nick saw him woge. He figures that Nick will kill them all.

Outside, Monroe figures that they made a mistake and checks the map. He’s sure that a church existed there during the 13th century, and Nick suggests that the cross marks the spot, closer to the confluence of two nearby rivers. They check the current map and find a location outside of town on high ground. Nick figures that they’re not looking for a church, and they head out before it gets dark. Eickholt watches them go and woges.

At his apartment, Marwan dyes his hair and shaves his beard.

Eickholt concludes his evening service and then he and Gottlob meets with two local Wesen. They confirm that they’re ready to do what must be done, and Eickholt tells them to find Nick and kill him.

Nick and Monroe follow the map to the hill and proceed on foot.

Rachel begins the rally, and Marwan rides up on a bicycle and enters a nearby building. He goes into the apartment of the man he spotted earlier and knocks at the door. When the man answers the door, Marwan confirms that no one else is there and then woges and kills the owner.

At the station, Hank wonders why Marwan was in the area. He confirms that Dixon’s rally is there, and figures that Marwan’s target is someone in the crowd. Hank calls Renard but gets his voice mail, and he drives out with Wu.

Dixon arrives at the rally while in the apartment Renard sets up his sniper rifle.

At the HW base, Eve spots Marwan on CCTV via facial recognition software despite his disguise. They check his path and realize that he’s heading back to the park.

Rachel calls Renard to the podium and he gives Dixon his endorsement. Marwan woges and draws a bead on the stage.

As they head for the hill, Monroe talks about the local history and all of the people that were massacred there, until Nick tells him to spot.

Trubel confirms that there’s a rally at the park. Meisner tells Eve to stop Marwan but to keep him alive so that they can interrogate him for his local contacts. He tells Trubel that he’s heading for Santiago for another mission. After a moment, Trubel goes.

Hank and Wu arrive at the rally and try to spot Marwan. Renard sees them in the crowd while Rachel receives a call and steps away from the stage. As Dixon finisheshis speech, Marwan shoots Dixon in the chest. As Renard goes to him, Hank and Wu call for backup and start searching the area.

Nick and Monroe reach the top of the hill and find nothing there. Monroe notices a line of rocks forming a rectangle, and they find a foundation. While the two men start digging, Eickholt and the others find their rental car and Eickholt woges into his Blutbad form to pick up their scent.

Nick and Monroe finish digging, and the foundation collapses beneath them.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 5, 2016

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