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It Happening One Night Recap

Deep within the Gawanis Canal lies the headquarters of the Doom Factory. Ten of the most self-involved villains on Earth loosely align forces against the powers of Good: Frigid, Serpentine, Eenie-Meanie, Gerard the Gorilla, Black Maria, Trashenstein, Ultra-Violent, Billy Maim, She-Hemoth, and Hard Candy. All are clinger-ons to the evil genius of Wes Warhammer. Warhammer suggests that they should get Dr. Venture

At the Venture Tower, Brock meets with the Ventures and shows them a video of a threat that came from the Doom Factory. Dean starts to mention that Hank has a date, but Hank quickly shushes him. Brock says that he's locking down the penthouse, just as the video bursts into announcement that the Ventures will meet their Doom.

At the Monarch's home, Dr. Mrs. My Wife meets with holograms of the Council and warns that the Doom Factory is walking into a trap. Phantom Limb doesn't believe that Rusty is a danger, but Dr. Mrs. The wife shows the video of Blue Morpho and Kano showing up within 20 seconds. The Council suggests that Monarch's obsession with Rusty is rubbing off on his wife. Meanwhile, Henchman 21 is trapped in the Morpho Cave because of the Council meeting above and calls Monarch to get the council out. Monarch goes in as the Council disbands, and she explains that the Council won't let her stop Blue Morpho. Monarch suggests that she take the day off and kisses her, and Henchman 21 sneaks out.

Hank takes Sirena for a carriage ride in Central Park, and she wonders why he's wearing Michael Jackson's outfit from the video "Bad." They brake to a stop and Peter comes over posing as a mugger. Hank breaks into dance and Peter runs off. And Sirena checks the knife. Dean is playing the bongos and Hank comes over and plays a ballad to Sirena. She takes off and Dean says that they should go to Step 2. He tells his brother that he's made reservations at a brasserie that Brown Widow works at, and they'll rendezvous there.

At the Go-Pod, Hank finds Sirena using the knife to cut out the chip that her father Wide Wale injected into her. She says that she digs them out when she's having fun, and Hank is surprised to learn that she's having fun.

As the sun goes down, Brock calls Rusty up to the panic room. Rusty is playing video games against Hatred in the lobby. Brock finds Hatred and forces him to say that the brothers are in the park on some kind of double date. He tells Hatred to lock the doors behind him because they have another level 10 coming at them. Once Brock leaves, Eenie-Meanie injects him with a dart.

At the park, Brock finds the empty Go-Pod at the same time that Rocco arrives tracking Sirena's chip. They figure that each of them abducted the other and fight.

Monarch and Dr. Mrs. the Wife play Farmer Daughter and Salesman until Monarch darts her unconscious. He then goes to the Morpho Cave and dons his costume, and Kano reports that the Doom Factory are a post-modern artsy gang of villains. Blue Morpho vows to take it downtown, but Kano refuses to kill anyone. Irritated, Blue Morpho reminds him that they're super-villains and they head off to the Morpho Scooters.

In Central Park, Brock and Rocco fight to exhaustion. They compare notes on their fighting techniques and discuss the merits of Brad Pitt in Troy. They finally decide to work together to find Hank and Sirena.

Hank and Sirena are walking down the street and talk about what they'd do if they were king. They arrive at the brasserie, Yumi. Dean and Peter jump out, posing as newspaper photographers, and gush over Hank. Hank complains about the paparazzi and leads Sirena in. It's really dark, and a ninja jumps out and stabs Hank with a fake knife. It's made up as a fake ninja headquarters.

Rusty enters the penthouse and discovers that the doom Factory has occupied the place. They've redecorated the place, and they let slip that they're the Doom Factory. Rusty runs for the panic room and locks himself in, only to find Warhammer running a photo session there. They start filming him in black-and-white, and Warhammer tells him to be himself. They ask rusty to take his shirt off, and he tries to explain that he's wearing a onesie.

As Brock and Rocco drive through the streets and Brock finally pulls over when Rocco touches his hair.

At Yumi, Sirena talks about her blog. Brown Widow finally shows up dressed as a ninja to take their order. Sirena says that he was a stalker and Brown Widow goes to get their drinks.

Blue Morpho and Kano head up the river to the Doom Factory headquarters. When Blue Morpho hits a dead dolphin, he falls into the water and the headquarters rises up under him. Kano breaks in but discovers that no one is there. Blue Morpho drops in through the roof and says that they can take down his lair.

Rusty gets into posing on a mattress in his underwear, and finally realizes that Warhammer took off. Warhammer is hosting a psychedelic party in the penthouse and finds him. Warhammer ignores him, and Serpentine says that Rusty is old news. The other Doom Factory members leave with Rusty's super-scientific equipment, and Serpentine reminds him that he's being arched.

Brock and Rocco find Yumi and mistake the waiters for real ninjas. Rocco wants to go in, but Brock admits that his gun is unloaded. He gets his knife and heads in.

Hank wonders if Sirena is using him to get back at her father. Sirena knows all about what Hank is up to, and admits that nobody has put on skits to impress her. Hank says that he doesn't believe in getting her drunk and messing around. He lists all the things that he does believe in, and Sirena suggests that they do something crazy.

At the Doom factory HQ, Kano tapes Blue Morpho's bombs up around the place. Blue Morpho wants to jump up as the place explodes, hits the remote, and runs. Kano runs after him, and they jump out. However, Blue Monarchsnags his coat on the window and hangs there. The bombs turn out to be duds, but the headquarters flies off.

Brock and Rocco disguise themselves as ninja and go in with real weapons. Brown Widow attacks them, and Brock demands to know where Hank and Sirena are. Removing his mask, Jared is glad to take him to the teenagers... only to discover that they're gone. Brock and Rocco run out and Dean and Peter take photos of them. Realizing that it's Dean, Brock tells him to wait in the car.

Hank and Sirena go to the docks and Sirena dives in. She assures Hank that she's not a mermaid and invites him in, and he finally dives in. He yells from the cold, and Sirena shoves him underwater and then kisses him to provide him with oxygen.

Blue Morpho tries to get his grapple gun when the Doom factory HQ lands on the Venture Tower. Warhammer admits that his whole plan was to distract Rusty while he stole his inventions. Warhammer offers Rusty his spray-painted gold watch back and admits that their thieves, and fly off in the Doom factory HQ. Blue Morpho falls on the roof and drops the trigger, and the HQ blows up.

Brock and Rocco collect Hank and Sirena.

The next morning, Dr. Mrs. the Wife wakes up and realizes that she's been drugged. Monarch is feigning waking up, and his wife assumes that Blue Morpho drugged them both unconscious. Phantom Limb calls and admits that Dr. Mrs. the Wife was right, and asks what she needs to stop Blue Morpho.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 7, 2016

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