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Bouncing Back Recap

Three Months From Now

A derelict spaceship floats above the earth, and one person is still alive as the ship bursts into flames.


In Bogota, Columbia, a police convoy is driving down the street and come to a flaming car blocking their path. Someone shatters the windows of the lead car, and the officers realize that the attackers want the guns. They get out and something rips the guns from their hands. The officers go back to the lead truck and discover that the guns are gone.

The next day in an apartment, a woman named Elena opens the crates and smiles.

Coulson is in his apartment looking at the bloodstain where Rosalyn died. Melinda figures that it isn't easy, and Coulson says that it's fine. He says that he wanted "him" to see where it happened. President Ellis comes in with a Secret Security escort. He and Coulson shake hands, and Ellis says that Rosalyn told him that he should work with S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson gets down to business, and Ellis explains that the heads of state are in an uproar over the Inhuman threat. He insists that they have to do something, and Coulson tells him that they already are.

In Bogota, Daisy and Joey go to the local police station. Using fake IDs, they ask to see the senior officer. While they wait, Joey chats about his family. Colonel Victor Ramon comes out to escort them to his office. Daisy explains that they're following up on a report that Ramon's officers were attacked by a powered assailant. She assures Ramon that they have a team on the ground and they're there to help.

Ellis tells Coulson that he's glad to have S.H.I.E.L.D.'s help, but the public isn't ready to forget what happened so soon. However, the President needs Coulson to keep doing what he's doing... privately. The ATCU will be the face of the government, but they will answer to Coulson. Coulson agrees and asks about Malick, and Ellis says that he can't help him. Malick is too well-connected with too many world leaders. The President says that his hands are tied, but Coulson's are not. He thanks Coulson for his services and says that he'll be in touch after he names a new head of the ATCU. Once Ellis leaves, Coulson tells Melinda that Ellis may have given him an angle to go at Malick.

Mack, Bobbi, and Lance check out the hijack site, and Mack spots a metal scraping on the ground. They call in to base where Lincoln and Jemma are waiting, and Mack sends a sample of the scraping. Jemma calls Fitz over and he agrees with her that it's inconclusive. Bobbi talks to the police on the scene and they say that whoever attacked them was invisible. The trio splits up to cover more ground, and Mack finds more of the metal scrapings. He spots Elena standing in the street, and she sees him and takes his gun at superspeed. And then knocks him out and shoves him into a waiting SUV.

Mack wakes up later and finds himself tied to a wash basin. Elena and another man are arguing in the next room as they move the crates. Elena notices that Mack is awake and closes the door, and Mack finds a loose wire to cut himself free.

Daisy and the others check the security camera at a nearby grocery store. They see something hit Mack, and slow down the tape to make out a blur. They send the video to Jemma, who warns that Elena may be difficult to contain. She reconfigures the containment module by remote and Lincoln says that they were taught that each Inhuman power manifests to address a particular evolutionary need at the time. Meanwhile, Fitz is working on his own project. Coulson comes in and tells Fitz to stop what he's doing and come with him. They discuss Lincoln, and Fitz says that he's been keeping Jemma busy. He warns that things have been different after what he did to Will, and Coulson tells Fitz that they both did what they had to do and that's the job. He then takes Fitz through a secret door and tells him to set up the mind-scanning machine to use on the one person who might have information on Malick.

In Bogota, Elena tells her compatriot Francisco Rodriguez that she'll deal with Mack. Once Francisco leaves, Elena goes into the bathroom and asks Mack why he's in Bogota. He kicks her and reveals that he's gotten free. Elena manages to close the door before he can get out and then reappears where she was laying, and Mack realizes that she always snaps back to the same spot where she started. He grabs a knife, but Elena disarms him and draws a gun on him

Jemma informs Coulson that Werner is in a persistent vegetative state.

Giyana informs Malick that he dispatched a team to Bogota. Malick says that they need to replace their losses, and Giyana points out that their guest can barely stand. His leader points out that their guest lived for years on almost nothing, and tells Giyana to stay on alert. A guard tells Malick that their guest is asking for him, and Malick and Giyana go to see him. Malick asks what he needs, and the possessed Grant says that he's hungry.

Once Elena ties Mack back up, and Mack says that she's a criminal. Elena insists that she wouldn't use her gift from God to commit a sin, and Mack says that her power came from fish. She remembers that she was eating fish when her power manifested, just as Daisy blasts in. When Elena tries to speed out, the team's force field blocks the door and knocks her out.

Jemma hooks Werner up to the machine and they prepare to dig the images out of his brain. Coulson comes in and tells Lincoln that he's not comfortable with the procedure. However, he won't accept that Malick is untouchable. Jemma starts the machine up and Coulson tells Werner to concentrate on Malick. Werner remembers Malick's men torturing him, and echoes what he said about wanting them to kill hm.

The team takes Elena to the containment module aboard the Quinjet, and Mack confirms that she works a clerical job at a museum. Lance figures that the powers turned Elena into a criminal, and Bobbi turns up information on Francisco. He's Elena's cousin and there's no record on either of them. Bobbi takes lance to track down the weapons, and Elena wakes up and tries to break out of the module. She fails, and Joey speaks to her in Spanish.

The alien eats the raw meat that Hydra brings him, and Giyana asks if he is trying to regain strength. He says that Grant's body was dead and he's dying, and says that the humans have advanced but they haven't changed. The alien realizes that Giyana isn't human any more, and says that once he's strong enough then Giyana will believe he's who he says.

Werner is stuck in the memory of a trauma, and Coulson suggests that Lincoln use his powers to shock other areas of Werner's brain. Lincoln reluctantly agrees and manages to snap Werner out of the memory loop. Werner says that Malick sold him out, and remembers how he found the Hydra director.

Elena tells Joey that she didn't ask for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s help, and he says that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't with anyone. The woman insists that God gave her powers to end injustice, and explains that they took the weapons but weren't going to use them.

Francisco is unloading the weapons when Lance and Bobbi fid him. He dumps one box in the nearby river and then surrenders.

Elena explains that they're making sure no one uses the weapons, and the police are thieves in uniform. They are only powerful because they have the guns, and now Elena has the power to protect her friends on the streets. Bobbi calls to report that Francisco was dumping the weapons, and the team realizes that Elena is telling the truth. The police pull up on the bridge, and Daisy says that they're on their way. Bobbi talks to Ramon, but he sees the weapons and says that they're not going to drive away. When Bobbi prepares to fight, Ramon's lieutenant inflicts rigor mortis first on her and then Lance and Francisco with a glance. Ramon tells him that they're taking Bobbi and Lance to the station, and shoots Francisco dead as a message.

That night the team finds Francisco's corpse and Daisy goes to tell Coulson. Mack and Joey figure that Ramon has an Inhuman working for him, and they open the module so that Elene can go to her cousin's corpse.

The rigor mortis begins to wear off. Ramon and the Inhuman come in and the Inhuman paralyzes Lance again. Ramon demands to know why Bobbi is really there, and threatens to shoot Lance if she doesn't tell the truth.

Mack has Joey translate for Elena that perhaps the powers are part of a plan. Elena says that she has a duty to do good with her power, and Mack says that they believe the same thing. The woman agrees explains that her power is connected to her pulse. She can go as far as the distance covered in one heartbeat.

That night at the police station, the team arrives outside. Elena speeds in, grabs a security badge, and returns to the others. They scan the building and locate Bobbi and Lance, and Mack gives Elena a snap-bracelet. The team goes in using the badge and finds the weapon.

Bobbi tells Ramon about the alien invasion, just as the building shakes. Daisy uses her powers to fight past the guards, and Elena helps her. Meanwhile, the Medusa Inhuman discovers that Joey has melded the weapons together.

In the squad room, Elena disarms the guards and ties them up before they can blink.

Ramon tries to raise his men on the radio without success. He goes out and Mack knocks him out, and Bobbi tells him that the Inhuman's powers are in his eyes.

Elena confronts the Inhuman and binds his hands. However, he manages to make eye contact with her and she collapses, paralyzed. Joey melds the glasses to the Inhuman's face, and Daisy knocks him out with a seismic blast.

Coulson goes to the shop where Werner went. He convinces the shop owner that he's there on Hydra business and turns over his weapons and his hand. He then enters an empty room with a phone, and attaches a bug to the phone. Melinda runs a trace on the call as Coulson picks up the phone. Malick answers and Coulson introduces himself. The Hydra director says that the man who killed Rosalyn is gone, and Coulson promises that everything Malick has will soon be gone as well. Malick warns Coulson not to get too far ahead of himself and hangs up.

As the team takes the Inhuman out, a hydra helicopter arrives and grabs their prisoner.

The next day, Joey suggests that Elena come with them and learn how to use her powers. She refuses, saying that she has to take her cousin home. Daisy agrees with her, and Elena insists that she can do good closer to home. Mack figures that it's safer for Elena keeping her close, and Daisy suggests that with the right tech solution, they can keep her new team in contact across the world.

Later, Mack gives Elena a communicator watch that will let her reach S.H.I.E.L.D. whenever she needs them, or they need her. She apologizes for kidnapping him, and Mack says that he'll see her soon. Meanwhile, Daisy suggests to Joey that now he can go home at least for a little while.

At the lab, Jemma finds Fitz hard at work. She finally says that she misses Fitz, and Fitz wonders if there was another way to save Will. Jemma says that Will died saving her, and Fitz killed a monster. She suggests that they start over again and introduces herself. Fitz takes her hand and returns the introduction.

Lincoln tracks down Daisy as she returns, and she says that his APB has been lifted and he can go back to his old life. The Inhuman says that it's interesting there, and they kiss.

In his office, Coulson pours Melinda a drink and she admires the new artificial hand that Fitz made for him. She warns that there are some things that people can't get past, and tells him that on the alien planet he joined the cavalry. They watch a newscast about Malick's businesses closing offices. Coulson figures that Hydra is still collecting Inhumans, He suggests that Malick may be creating a balance to the Inhumans on their side.

Malick and Giyana watch the alien, and Giyana confirms that they obtained Ramon's Inhuman. The alien turns and figures that Malick wants to believe but doesn't know if he can. The director points out that Coulson survived, and the alien stands up and tells Malick that he'll believe once he makes a believer out of Giyana. He then extends his hand and particles flow from it.

Ellis contacts Coulson and tells him that he's chosen the new head of the ACTU: Talbot.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 9, 2016

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