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Into the Schwarzwald Recap

What's past is prologue.

Nick and Monroe recover from their fall and find themselves in an ancient church catacomb. Monroe realizes that it's the church from the map and they start searching.

In Portland, the crowd panics as Hank and Wu spot the balcony that the shooter used. They go inside and tell the other officers to secure the building. Meanwhile, EMTs arrive to try and stabilize Andrew. Eve is in the crowd and looks up at the building.

Hank and Wu break into the apartment and find the owner dead on the floor. The assassin has long since left and they figure that he went out via the roof. Hank goes up after Marwan and looks around, but fails to find him.

Marwan climbs down the side of the building, and Eve spots him.

The EMTs try to stabilize Andrew as Renard and Rachel look on.

Nick and Monroe find nothing, and Monroe figures that the knights wouldn't have hid the treasure any further. He suggests that they think like the knights, and they check the catacombs. They notice a series of skull and crossbones-type shapes, and figure that one of them marks the treasure.

Adalind stops by the spice shop to help Rosalee. They worry that Nick and Monroe haven't called back in, and Adalind goes to check on a crying Kelly.

Nick and Monroe don’t' find anything, and but Monroe accidentally triggers a hidden door. It shifts open revealing a passage up to the surface but there's nothing inside. The two men wonder if they're looking too hard, and Nick tries to think like the knights. He figures that the knights would have had torches, and figures that light prevents someone from seeing the treasure. Monroe reluctantly agrees and they turn off their portable lights. Nick points out seven glowing skulls that form a crude letter G, representing the seven Grimm crusaders. They turn the lights back on and realize that all of the skulls are looking in. The two men start removing skulls and find the X that they're looking for that marks the treasure.

Marwan calls Lucien and says that it's done, and tells him to send a car with his documents. Eve walks by,waring a hoodie, andtelekinetically redirects a bicyclist into Marwan. She tells the bicyclist to call 911, hangs up Marwan's phone , and briefly reverts to her Hexenbiest form and knocks him out.

Nick and Monroe realize that the X is on a shield. They move it aside and find a case, and Nick removes it. It has seven keyholes, and they insert the five keys. It still won't open, and Nick figures that they have to take it a locksmith in Portland. The men split up to find another entrance, and Nick finds a flight of stairs leading up. The entrance is blocked by a cave-in, and they start digging.

At the spice shop, Rosalee and Adalind learn from a customer that Dixon was shot at a rally. A man comes in and Rosalee realizes that it's Tony from Seattle. She tells him that she's moved on with her life, but Tony says that he needs her help. Tony reminds her that he robbed people for her, and she's the only one left of his new friends. He demands $5,000, and Rosalee tells him to leave. Tony smashes a jar and warns Rosalee not to piss him off, and starts pulling jars off the shelf. When Rosalee tries to stop him, he hits her. Adalind comes in and tells Tony to stop, and he woges as he advances on her. He tries to slap her, but Adalind monas in pain and Tony's hand freezes in mid-air and then his fingers break one by one. Tony runs out and Rosalee locks the door behind him as Adalind realizes that her powers are back.

Rosalee tries to calm Adalind down, and Adalind makes her promise not to tell Nick. The Wesen agrees but warns that Nick will find out eventually. Adalind says that being a Hexenbiest changes the way that she thinks and feels, and Rosalee suggests that they find a way to boost the suppressant.

Nick and Hank dig their way to the surface, and they spot Eickholt and the local Wesen approaching. The two men hide, and they spot the priest. They figure Eickholt knows that they're a Grimm, while the priest finds the opening in the earth. He calls over the others, and Monroe and Nick head back to their car. They come face to face with Gottlob, who woges and attacks them. He bites Monroe and runs off, yelling a warning, Eickholt and the others hear him and head over.

Renard returns to his office, and Hank and wu arrive. They tell the captain that they found nothing, but figure that it's Marwan based on Trubel's report. Renard figures that Black Claw would go after bigger targets, but isn't sure if Dixon was Wesen or not. FBI agents arrive outside, and the three men realize that they can't point them toward Marwan without identifying their source. Renard tells the others to let the FBI run he investigation and stay out of it, and looks at Dixon's blood covering his hands.

Nick and Hank discovers that more of the locals are guarding their car. The Grmm tells Monroe to Woge and call them over, hoping to catch them by surprise. Monroe runs up and says that the Grimm has attacked the others. Once they leave, Nick and Monroe take out one tire on each car.

The two Wesen find Eickholt, who realizes that it's a trick. He leads the others to the cars. Nick hears them coming and he drives off with Monroe just in time. The locals are unable to pursue.

Eve returns to the HW base and gives Meisner Marwan's phone. She assures him that Marwan will be out for a while, and suggests that they trace the call Marwan will make when he wakes up. Meisner agrees and Eve goes to work.

As they drive for the airport, Monroe winces in pain but tells ick to keep going.

Once she's put in a new card, Eve goes to the hospital and replaces Marwan's phone. She wakes him up and leaves, and Marwan realizes where he is.

At the spice shop, Rosalee finally tells Adalind about Tony and how she knows him. Adalind admits that she was a nerd as a student, and warns that the dead Hexenbiest that Rosalee needs for the suppressant isn't easy to come by. Monroe calls to say that they're heading by taxi to the airport, and they will be back in Portland the next morning. He hints that they found something, and Nick checks with Adalind. She says that she and Kelly are good, and Nick tells her that they're okay.

Lucien is watching a newscast of the shooting when Marwan calls. He explains that a bicyclist hit him, and tells Lucien to pick him up. HW traces the call as Marwan leaves.

Hank and Wu tell Renard that they're pulling surveillance but found nothing. Lucien calls anonymously and tells them that the shooter is at the hospital, and hangs up. Renard figures that just the three of them have to go in to avoid tipping off Marwan, and the three men leave.

Marwan leaves the hospital and Eve tracks him. the shooter waits for his ride, and Hank and the others pull up. Marwan starts to walk off, and Hank follows him. Marwan runs for it and Hank chases him, and Wu cuts him off in another car. Watching on the monitors, Meisner and eve realize that something is going on.

The assassin runs into the park and finds Renard waiting for him. He and Renard woge and fight, and Renard finally kills him. Meisner figures that someone has screwed up their operation, and Marwan's contacts will drop him now that he's been compromised.

As Wu calls it in, Hank wonders how the tipster knew it was Marwan when he dyed his hair. He figures that someone set them up.

Eve tells Meisner that Marwan's cell phone is heading to Renard's precinct.

Renard is watching a broadcast of the shooting and sees Rachel making a call just before Marwan shot Dixon... and then looking up to Marwan. As he goes to his car, Meisner confronts him and says that Renard screwed up their operation. Renard explains about the tip, and Meisner says that Black Claw set up Marwan to get caught.

As Renard returns home, Rachel greets him and says that she needs him. He ushers her in and then kisses her, but then slams her against the wall and woges. He figures that Rachel knew that Dixon was going to get shot. Rachel woges for a moment, and then says that she works for the people who are going to change Renard's life.

Adalind is at the bunker and looks at her glass of water. It bubbles ad boils, and she realizes that her powers are coming back stronger than ever.

Lucien arrives at Renard's home and says that Dixon was meant to die and Renard was intended to kill him. Rachel says that Renard is one of them, and Lucien offers to make Renard the most powerful man in the city. Renard realizes that they're Black Claw, and Rachel shows him a poster announcing Renard's mayoral candidacy. She assures him that now that he's a hero, he can win.

The next morning, Nick and Monroe get back and go to the spice shop. Nick tells Rosalee to get everyone there. Rosalee tends to Monroe's bite wound and warms that it's infected. He's more interested in the case. Nick picks the locks and they use the keys to open up the other five locks. Nick tries to open the lid, but it won't budge. There's a sealant holding it shut, and Monroe suggests that Nick use his blood. Nick agrees and cuts his hand, and then places the blood on the sealant. It breaks, and Nick removes the lid. There's a wrapped package inside, containing a single wooden stick. Rosalee suggests that it's from the Tree of Good and Evil, capable of opening up the gates of Hell.

Rosalee starts to take Monroe to the hospital, and Wu realizes that there's writing on the cloth. None of them recognize the language, and Monroe stares at it... and then collapses. Rosalee realizes that Monroe has blood infection, and they apply a tourniquet while Wu calls 911. The wound suddenly heals in a matter of seconds, and Monroe recovers. Nick realizes that the stick he was holding healed the wound.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 12, 2016

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