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8. My Brother's Keeper Recap

Rich wakes up covered in blood, and finds an antique flintlock pistol in his hand. He looks around the apartment that he finds himself in, and calls to Barbara. He finally finds her... lying in a corner, a messy bullet wound in her chest.

The next morning, Harry arrives at the crime scene. After he finishes placing a bet, he meets with Suri and she shows him the corpse. She’s talked to the neighbor, who identified a boyfriend coming by just before she heard a shot. Both detectives figure that it’s a domestic gone wrong. However, Suri points out that the murder weapon is a Napoleon pistol. Harry checks the corpses and realizes that it’s Rich’s current boyfriend, Barbara. Suri wonders if the gun came from Rich’s shop, and a shocked Harry says that he’ll find his half-brother and leaves.

When Harry goes to Rich’s shop, he finds Rich sitting on the doorstep. He asks his half-brother what happened. Rich says that a man, Duncan Ortiz, came by to see Barbara with something he wanted to show her. The item was a Tang Dynasty dragon. When Rich woke up, he found himself holding the flintlock and Barbara was dead. Harry tells Rich to tell the police what he told him and everything will be okay.

At the station, Suri tells Alistair how Harry reacted. Alistair figures that the case will be difficult for Harry, and tells Suri that she wants him to second Steve. She assures her superior that her connection with Harry won’t interfere with the job.

Harry brings Rich in and tells his half-brother that he’ll see him in a few hours. Steve comes over and Harry hugs Rich before Steve leads him off. Harry then walks over to Alistair, who tells him that Steve and Suri are working the case. The superintendent tells Harry that he’ll have to stay out of the case and walks away.

Steve and Suri show Rich a liquid ecstasy tab that they found in Barbara’s drawer. It has Rich’s fingerprints on it, and Rich doesn’t have an explanation. Rich explains that he was drinking and heard the doorbell ringing. He gives a vague description of Ortiz, and remembers him and Barbara looking at a book of Tang Dynasty artifacts. Rich insists that he and Barbara weren’t arguing. Afterward, Suri conspicuously leaves a ballistics report on her desk where Harry can see it. Once she leaves, Harry goes over to get a rubber band and looks at the report.

When Suri returns to the interrogation room, Steve asks Rich why he ran if he was innocent. Rich says that he panicked and went to find Harry. Suri asks how the flintlock got from Rich’s shop to Barbara’s apartment, and he insists that it should have been in his lock-up as part of a pair. He suggests that they go back and check the lock-up to see if whoever took it left fingerprints.

Suri goes back to her desk and realizes that Harry read the ballistics report on Rich. He points out that residue was on Rich’s right hand, but Rich is left-handed. Harry figures that someone put the gun in Rich’s hand and forced him to fire the gun. Suri warns that Harry messing about with the case will only hurt Rich, and Steve calls Suri over. She tells Harry to give her some room and goes over to assure Steve that Harry isn’t bothering her. Steve tells her that she doesn’t need Harry doing her thinking for her, and shows her CCTV footage of Rich five minutes’ leaving Barbara’s flat. He goes back ten minutes later for his jacket, and Steve figures that he wasn’t that panicked.

Harry meets with Anna, who warns that it doesn’t look good. She tells Harry that he needs something to prove that another person was there, and warns that the evidence is against Rich. Anna asks how Rich is coping, and Harry says that he isn’t.

Josie takes Steve and Suri to the lock-up. Both guns are gone and the records show that they were never checked out. Suri finds a vase from the London Museum of Chinese History, and Steve figures that Rich stole it and shot Barbara when she found out. Josie insists that Rich would never do it.

At the station, Harry sees the vase and asks Suri and Steve what it is. Steve tells him to follow Alistair’s advice, but Suri tells Harry that it was stolen and recovered from Rich’s line-up. Harry asks for five minutes with Suri, and she reluctantly agrees. He insists that Rich is being set up, but Suri points out that the only Duncan Ortiz is 84 and just had hip surgery. She points out that there’s no forensic evidence to show anyone else was in Barbara’s apartment, and walks away when Harry insists that his brother is innocent.

Back in the interrogation room, Rich admits that he went back to get his jacket and his phone so he could call Harry.

PC Tariq is standing watch at Barbara’s flat. He hears awoman calling for help and finally goes to help. It’s Eve, who says that someone knocked her down and then pretends to faint. Meanwhile, Harry sneaks into the apartment and searches the place. He notices a book and reaches for it, and it falls opens to a page about the Tang Dynasty.

Suri lays out the case against Rich, including the ecstasy in his blood, and says that he’s given them nothing to believe them. Rich insists that she has to believe him, and Suri finally says that she doesn’t know what happened. Steve advises Rich to confess early for a reduced sentence, and gives him some time to think about it.

Harry returns to the station as Rich and his lawyer leave the room. Steve and Suri comes out, and Steve congratulates Suri. Harry gives the book to Fingerprint Services and tells them to check the Tang Dynasty page for prints.

At Whitecross, Nikolai meets Anna at the restaurant. She finally says that that she took the mentor job to learn what happened to Kevin. Nikolai already knows that she’s been asking questions about Golding, and warns that there are serious problems there. He assures Anna that he wants to find out who Golding just as much as she does, and Anna thanks him for his support. Nikolai then invites Anna over for the night.

Fingerprint Services sends Harry their match with Charles Collins. Charles’ records shows that he served as a soldier overseas, and now works for Kenilworth Security Services. Harry glances over at Suri and Steve, and then prints out the file.

Later, Harry meets with Kamil and says that he knows Charles is connected to Golding. He demands answers, but Kamil denies knowing anything about the man. Once Harry walks away, Kamil calls Charles and tells him what happened. Charles figures that it’s a trick and hangs up.

Harry is waiting in the station as the guard brings Rich back to the interrogation room. The officer concentrates on the bracelet, and the lawyer’s phone rings. She steps away to take it, and Harry shows Rich a photo of Charles over the guard’s objections. Rich identifies the man as Ortiz, and Harry tells him not to confess. Suri comes over and tells the guard to get Rich into the interrogation room, and angrily rounds on Harry. Harry shows her the photo of Charles and reminds Suri that he works for Sasha. He figures that Rich mentioned Ortiz looking at the book, and tells her about the fingerprints. Harry admits that he broke into the crime scene, and insists that he has to protect his brother. Suri points out that he hasn’t told her the truth for months, and says that Rich will be charged in the morning.

At Whitecross, a guard takes Rich to a cell His cellmate stares at him and smiles.

The next morning, Harry follows Charles to a meeting with the under Secretary. He barges past the guard and enters the Under Secretary’s office, and talks about Charles’ military background. Charles asks the Under Secretary to give them a moment alone. Once the man and his staff leaves, Harry mentions Barbara’s murder. Charles points out that someone else has been charged, and he learns things for a living. Harry says that he has proof that places Charles at the sceneof Barbara’s murder, and Charles points out that Harry is a rogue officer and Alistair will suspend Harry. When Harry says that it’s just a matter of time, Charles points out that Rich is already in Whitecross and it’s a dangerous place. Harry says that he knows what Charles wants, and Charles suggests that they meet at the dome that night. The DS agrees and walks out.

Suri gives Alistair the flash drive with the video of Harry at the Green Dragon on the night that Freddie died. She asks what he’s going to do, and Alistair says nothing yet. However, he figures that the video shows that Harry was party of Freddie’s criminal network and the wins are Harry’s payoff. However, they’ll need something concrete to arrest Harry

Later, Charles meets with Lily-Anne and asks her about Kalim. The security chief says that Kalim’s lips are very loose. Lily-Anne starts to protest, and Charles warns that there’s no room in their business for sentiment. They need her to prove her loyalty by killing Kalim herself, and warns that she’s either a part of the future or she isn’t.

Harry returns to his desk and Alistair calls him into his office. There, Harry explains that Golding has London under siege, and Charles is Golding. He insists that Charles framed Rich for murder to get leverage on Harry, and asks Alistair to give him some time to get the evidence against Charles. Harry tells Alistair that he’s meeting with Charles and the superintendant should send a surveillance team to monitor the conversation. Once Harry gets Charles to talk, they’ll have the evidence that they need against him. Alistair warns that he can’t get involved because of Karl, and Harry points out that Karl is on the board of Charles’ company. The superintendant says that he needs evidence and it can’t come from Harry, and Harry says that he needs Alistair’s help to convince Suri to pursue the case. Alistair warns that Suri isn’t Harry’s biggest fan at the moment, but says that he’ll discretely look into Charles. However, he warns that Harry won’t be around long enough to see it through.

Back at his desk, Harry calls eve and says that he knows who Golding is and he’s meeting him at the dome. He goes there and waits outside until Rich calls. He was told to call Harry and say that there’s been a change in plans, and Charles will meet him at the Royal Docks. The man with Rich yanks away the phone, and Harry heads for the Royal Docks. Eve calls and warns Harry that Charles will try to kill him. She tells him that the bracelet won’t protect him.

Harry goes up the stairs and takes a cable car to the Docks across the river. Charles is in a van and draws a bead on Harry and shoots. The first bullet misses, as does the second one. Eve runs over to the van and attacks Charles, but Charles knocks her out. Harry can only watch as Charles drives away in the van.

Alistair calls Marghai’s lawyer Linton and offers to send a photo of a man. If Marghai can identify the man--Karl--then he’ll have the court reduce the charges against the doctor to manslaughter. Linton agrees and Alistair sends him a photo of Charles.

Harry goes to the flat of a woman named Freya. When she wakes up, Harry tells her to do what he says. He then sends a text to Charlie from Freya’s phone, saying that the bathroom is flooding. Harry then goes to Charles’ office and searches the place, and finds the second missing flintlock along with a pair of overalls.

As Alistair leaves for the night, Charles calls him and says that he has information about Harry.

When Charles arrives at the flat, he finds Harry waiting for him with the flintlock... and a loaded gun. He figures that Charles wore the overalls when he killed Barbara, and her bloodstains are on them. Harry asks where Eve is, pointing out that she’s the only one who can put the bracelet on Charles. Charles says that he’s not Golding, and Harry demands to know who gave Charles the orders. He orders Charles to pick up the bag because he’s taking him in. Charles talks about how there was a man in his platoon that didn’t care if he died, and always got away with it. Then one day he died. Charles figures that everyone’s luck runs out in the end, throws the overalls at Harry, and beats him unconscious. He then ties Harry up and tosses him in the back of his van.

Alistair tells Suri that he received an enormous tip and has a search warrant to check out Harry’s flat. He invites Suri to come with him, and she accepts. They break in and make sure no one is there, and then start the search.

Harry wakes up and confirms that he’s still wearing the bracelet. He concentrates on it, and a truck slams into Charles’ SUV. Once it grinds to a halt, Harry kicks his way out of the back and confirms that Charles is dead. He cuts himself free on the jagged metal, grabs the bag with the overalls, and runs off as police sirens sound in the distance.

Suri finds something in a drawer and calls Alistair over. It’s a severed head.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 12, 2016

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