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A Party for Tarzan Recap

Dr. Mrs. the Wife and Wide Wale observe Blue Morpho come out on the balcony of the Venture penthouse. Wide Wale points out that their enemy is covered in blood, and tells Dr. Mrs. the Wife to kill him. She draws a bead on Blue Morpho and fires, and Blue Morpho goes down.


Henchman 21, aka Gary Fischer, explains that when he went on his high school trip to Washington DC, Monarch's henchman mistook him for a senator, abducted him, and took him to the Flying Cocoon. Monarch wanted his captive to instate a law making the name Venture illegal. Gary signs the law but warns that he's not the senator, and Monarch realizes that his henchmen kidnapped the wrong man. They recruited Gary and he became Henchman 21.

Not So Earlier

At Monarch's house, Monarch proposes to thwart Dr. Heinie. Dr. Mrs. the Wife assures her husband that it's a good thwart, and will get him promoted in the ranks of Guild villains. Then he'll soon be thwarting Rusty again. As Monarch goes, Dr. Mrs. the Wife warns Monarch that there's a vigilante out killing Level 10 villains, and wants her husband to be careful.

The New Council of Thirteen assembles a team, the Five Point Five, to deal with Blue Morpho. The team consists of Watch and ward, who sit at the kiddie table. Blue Morpho never applied to the Guild because he was a vigilante, and someone claimed a bounty on the vigilante in 1976. The Sovereign buried the information, so no one knows who it was. Dr. Z suggests that Blue Morpho was a black ops member of Team Venture, and tells the others about how he fought Blue Morpho in 1973 in Singapore. Blue Morpho was disguised as Billy Jean King, and after sex he threatened to shoot Dr. Z unless he handed over a Jade Dragon. He tells the others that if they want to find Blue Morpho then they have to start with Rusty.

At the Venture penthouse, Rusty demands full-security vigilance from Hatred and Brock. He tells his sons not to embarrass him, insisting that it's the most important night of his life.


Rusty went to a party disguised as a waiter with Pete and Billy. They sneak in and remove their costumes, but no one will talk to them because everyone is too impressed with Christopher Lambert. Billy advises Rusty that if gets Lambert then they'll have everyone else in their pocket. Rusty approaches the actor and makes his acquaintance.

Not So Earlier

At the Morpho Cave, Monarch and Henchman 21 prepare to change into their Blue Morpho and Kano customers. However, Henchman 21 has sent the Blue Morpho costume to a dry cleaner. Monarch reminds his henchman that he has to be in costume and kill the next villain on the list, Wandering Spider, while Monarch thwarts Dr. Heinie. That way, no one will suspect him of being Blue Morpho.

Rusty and Dean go to Enzo's to collect Rusty's speedsuit. Enzo is shocked when Rusty asks if he's ever made anyone The Patriarch. Rusty doesn't believe his denials, and demands The Patriarch speedsuit. He's throwing a party for Lambert during the coming lunar eclipse, but Enzo says that he'll make a blue tuxedo for him instead. Rusty notices Blue Morpho's suit in a dry cleaner bag on the counter and leaves with it when Enzo goes in the back.

Monarch tells Dr. Mrs. the Wife that he's going arching, and finds Dr. Z on his doorstep. Dr. Z is there to see Dr. Mrs. the Wife, and Monarch irritably sends him in.

Kano follows his target, Wandering Spider, to a bar. When the villain comes out, Kano lures him into his car and then shoots him with a gas gun.

Monarch takes the train to Dr. Heinie's office and remembers how a villain, Turnbuckle, abducted Rusty and challenged the original Team Venture to a fight. Action Man easily beat him down, and then shot him in the brain. After that, the Guild came up with a system to match villains to suitable heroes.

Dr. Z insists that Rusty is Blue Morpho, but Dr. Mrs. the Wife warns that the evidence isn't sufficient. He points out that Blue Morpho has been killing his way through Rusty's arching list, and says that they have to stop him as villains. Dr. Z confirms that Wandering Spider is already missing, and takes Dr. Mrs. the Wife with him.

Kano takes Wandering Spider out to the Pine Barrens to kill the villain under the lunar eclipse. He doesn't want to kill anyone, and remembers Professor Vibration dying of happiness during his mission.

Dr. Henie enters his waiting room and finds Monarch waiting for him.

As they drive across town, Dr. Mrs. the Wife admits to herself that she wants to do things old-school. She hopes that Rusty messes up.

Rusty comes down to the penthouse and discovers that Billy has over-decorated the party for the eclipse. He's coated the masks and hats with "eclipsium" to protect against the lunar rays, and rusty tries a hat on.

Kano drags Wandering Spider out of the car, and his mechanical spider legs automatically activate. When he pokes Wandering Spider, Kano accidentally triggers a dart gun. It shoots into Kano's leg, numbing it.

Rusty waits for Lambert to arrive, and figures that he's being fashionably late. Hank is wearing a fake mustache and working the bar, and rusty shows him how to make mixed drinks. Meanwhile, Wide Wale prepares a sniper rifle and gloats to Red Dragon and Dragoon about how they're doing it old-school. Dr. Mrs. the Wife and Dr. Z come in, and Dr. Mrs. the Wife suggests that they calm down and think it over.

Monarch prepares to operate on Dr. Heinie with his own hemorrhoid laser.

Rusty's eclipse alarm goes off, and he goes out to watch. Before he does, he spills his red Ruddy Bottom on himself.

After removing the mechanical spider legs, Kano carries Wandering Spider into the woods and wakes him up. He hands his prisoner a phone, dials a number, and tells Wandering Spider to say that Blue Morpho has kidnapped him. It goes to Dr. Mrs. the Wife's voice mail.

Rusty comes out on the balcony wearing the hat and the Blue Morpho suit, covered in grenadine.

Monarch takes a photo of the lunar eclipse to prove when he arched Dr. Heinie.

Kano contemplates the sobbing Wandering Spider, who begs him not to kill him.

Wide Wale has Dr. Mrs. the wife take the sniper rifle. She doesn't believe it, but he tells her to take the shot before Blue Morpho kills Monarch. Dr. Mrs. the Wife fires and realizes that it's a mistake.

Kano realizes that he has no choice but to kill Wandering Spider, because he's a tiny part in a big machine.

The bullet hits Rusty in the chest and he goes down. He wakes up and discovers that the Kevlar in the Blue Morpho jacket protected him. Rusty assumes that the pocket blew up. Since he stole the suit, he was too ashamed to admit it and takes the suit back to Enzo's the next day. Dr. Mrs. the Wife finally checks her phone and saw the "evidence" proving the Blue Morpho was busy elsewhere and couldn't be Blue Morpho. As far as Kano, he buries Wandering Spider in the woods. Overall, Monarch figures that it's a happy ending.

Later, Dr. Mrs. the Wife lectures the Council as they go to the limo, and notices Christopher Lambert going in.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 14, 2016

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