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Et Tu, Doctor? Recap

At Lux, Lucifer walks through his club as they celebrate his "birthday," and tells Maze that he feels reborn now that he's destroyed his wings. Chloe comes in and Maze points out to Lucifer that she brought a date: Dan. They come over and offer Lucifer a present: whiskey with a pickle juice chaser. They share a toast to Lucifer's birthday, and Chloe says that they're just stopping by before a department meeting. She gives Lucifer a hug and Dan quickly escorts her out, as a shocked Lucifer stares after her.

At the Paddock, Chloe and Dan arrive for Malcolm's welcome-back party. Anthony brings Malcolm over and says that they need to talk. He asks if she's back with Dan, and then admits that he's just giving Chloe a hard time. Malcolm gets up and Anthony jokingly says that Heaven didn't want him and Hell couldn't keep him. His partner looks at Chloe and says that Anthony has no idea.

In therapy, Lucifer nervously apologizes to Linda for losing his temper the last time he was there. She wonders why Lucifer thought he'd be mad, and points out the hole in the wall. The therapist says that there last session was a breakthrough because he's finally getting in touch with his emotions. Lucifer says that he'd rather have his barriers back, and complains that emotions are inconvenient. Linda asks what's bothering him at the moment, and Lucifer admits that he's uncomfortable when he sees Chloe with Dan. The therapist tells Lucifer that he's jealous. Lucifer insists that the Devil doesn't get jealous, and suggests that Linda fix Chloe by healing her fixation on Dan. Linda warns that they deal with Lucifer's issues, not someone else's.

Later, Lucifer gets called to the office of a therapist, Dr. Bernie Shaw. Chloe explains that he was killed the night before and apparently knew the victim. Lucifer suggests that Chloe might see a therapist, but she tells him to focus on the case. Shaw's website shows that he encouraged couples to cheat on each other to save their marriages,, and Lucifer doesn't see the problem. They talk to Shaw's wife, Alexandra, who was out of town and just returned. Jonathan Medina, Shaw's comrade, is with Alexandra. Alexandra insists that her husband just wanted to help people, and Chloe assures her that they'll find the murderer. Outside, Chloe tells Lucifer that all of Shaw's patients are suspects, but they can't look at the therapist's files without a psychologist to protect doctor/patient confidentiality. Lucifer volunteers Linda to help them, eager to have Linda analyze Chloe. Chloe warns that it's out of their hands because a judge needs to appoint a therapist.

Later, Lucifer sleeps with a judge and convinces her to sign off on Linda before having sex with him. Later, Lucifer meets with Linda as she goes over Shaw's files. She refuses to let Lucifer look at them, and he turns on his charm to convince her to analyze Chloe. Chloe calls Lucifer out into the hallway and demands to know how he got Linda appointed. She wants someone impartial, but realizes that Lucifer is more interested in the new doctor that moved in: Amenadiel, using the alias of Dr. Canaan. Lucifer notices that the alias is Biblical, but is interrupted when Chloe wonders how he knows Linda. The Devil explains that he's Linda's patient and boasts that he recently had a breakthrough.

Linda comes out and says that she found something. Shaw had a patient named Richard Kester, and his wife convinced him to try Shaw's therapy. She had an affair, the couple got a divorce, and Richard sent Shaw a death threat a year ago. All of Shaw's other patients were happy with the therapist, and Lucifer mockingly suggests that Chloe should have tried it with Dan. She glares at him, and Lucifer suggests that's why they got a divorce in the first place. Chloe tells Linda that she'll look into it and leaves.

As they drive away, Lucifer wonders why people should be jealous when they can just take what they want. He apologizes for his earlier comment and asks why they really separated, and Chloe finally admits that the job was more important to Dan than his family. However, recently, he's been giving them more of his time. Lucifer is less than thrilled at the news.

As Chloe and Lucifer go to see Richard, Linda calls to warn Chloe that Richard may be unstable and dangerous to himself. They discover that Richard is on the ledge outside of his building. Lucifer goes up on the ledge next to Richard and waves to Chloe. When Richard warns that Lucifer can't stop him from jumping, Lucifer invites him to go ahead. However, he first asks Richard to explain jealousy to him. He threatens to drop Richard off the side and the man begs Lucifer to pull him back up. Once Lucifer does, he asks how jealousy drove Richard to kill Shaw. Richard insists that he was going to jump because Shaw is dead. He admits that he was in a bad place and made death threats, and Shaw talked him down. Afterwards, Shaw kept seeing him free of charge. Lucifer tells Richard that his life sounds bleak and he has nowhere to go but up. Richard figures that the worst is over and goes back in.

Once Lucifer returns to the street, Chloe confirms Richard's alibi with his neighbor for the time of Shaw's murder. He knows that Alessandra went by the nickname Sandy, and insists that he wasn't involved with her. Richard says that he ran into Sandy two days ago and she was planning a surprise for her husband. Chloe points out that Sandy said she was in Phoenix two days ago, and she had plane tickets to prove it. Richard doesn't know what the surprise was, and she asked him not to tell Shaw that she was in town.

Linda goes to Lux and recognizes Maze from Lucifer's descriptions. Intrigued, the demon comes over and realizes that Linda is Lucifer's therapist. Maze warns that Linda sleeping with Lucifer won't end well, and Linda figures that people who are rude are terrified of not being in control. Smiling, Maze tells Linda that she likes her and walks away. Lucifer and Chloe come in, and Lucifer admits that he called Linda there to get her input on the case. Chloe explains that Sandy drove back from Phoenix a couple of days early. Linda remembers that Shaw had a female patient who was stalked by someone with the initials S.S. She wondered why Shaw used initials in a private report, and Chloe figures that Sandy was stalking one of Shaw's female patients. Dispatch calls Chloe to pass on a message from Dan that he wants Chloe to meet him at her place. Lucifer is angry that Chloe goes running off after Dan when he calls, and she insists that it has to do with another case. Linda says that it's worse than she thought.

Chloe returns home and finds Malcolm waiting. She goes for her gun, and Malcolm insists that he just wants to talk. He shows that he's not armed and insists that they're on the same side. Malcolm says that he's still looking into Palmetto, and doesn't believe Chloe's denial that she's dropped the case. Chloe says that she saw him meet with Nikolai and hand over cash, and Malcolm says that he was paying off a CI. He figures that it was a cop that shot her, and Chloe knows it as well. Malcolm was paying Nicolai for information on a crooked cop at their station. Chloe doesn't believe him, and Malcolm wonders how the crooked cop knew that he was there. When he realizes that Chloe still suspects him, he says that he was clinically dead and it made him appreciate the time he has. He isn't going to dig any deeper on Palmetto, and advises Chloe to drop it as well. Chloe wonders if he's threatening her, and Malcolm warns that whoever shot him is still out there

Chloe gets a call from Dispatch, picks up Lucifer and Linda, and heads to a parking structure where unis found Sandy at her car. Lucifer complains that Chloe was spending time with Dan, and Linda asks him why he's so defensive. He says that he asked Linda to figure out what was wrong with Chloe, much to Chloe's amusement. Linda says that there's nothing wrong with Chloe, impressing Chloe and disgusting Lucifer.

At the parking structure, Sandy insists that what she was doing in town isn't what Chloe thinks. Lucifer asks what her desire is, and Sandy shows them paper bags of poop in her car. She explains that her friend owns a horse, and she was going to throw the poop at the patient she was stalking, Tiffany. Tiffany is in a group therapy session for Shaw's clients. Sandy admits that Jonathan called to have a drink with Shaw, when Sandy thought the two men were already together having drinks. Shaw fell in love with Tiffany, and Sandy lied about her trip and then checked on her husband. Lucifer is irritated to learn that Sandy was jealous, and she insists that she loved her husband.

Dan arrives in response to Chloe's text, and she assures him that everything is fine. Her ex is ready to punch Malcolm, and tells her that they couldn't get any prints off of the 999 keys. Meanwhile, Linda tells Lucifer that Dan is anything but average. He findsa flyer for the group therapy session and goes to talk to them.

At the group service celebrating Shaw's life, Jonathan is starting when Lucifer comes in. Lucifer wants to talk about himself.

Chloe has the unis take Sandy in and then complains to Linda that Lucifer has disappeared. The therapist suggests that the case is hitting too close to home for her patient, and says that he's grown quite a bit since he's been working with Chloe. She readily admits that she's sleeping with Lucifer, and tells Chloe that it's not ethical. However, Linda can't stop herself... but figures that it's time she did. They discuss the case, and Chloe figures that Sandy isn't the killer. She wonders if there was anyone in Shaw's files that looked like a potential suspect, and Linda wonders why Shaw didn't tell Jonathan that he was using him as a cover story. Chloe suggests that Shaw did, and Jonathan told Sandy everything she needed to know to figure out her husband was cheating on her.

Lucifer brings the patients up to speed on the case and asks if they think he's jealous. The patients are more interested in his claim that he's the Devil, and Tiffany isn't thrilled to hear that Sandy was going to throw poop at her. Jonathan finally interrupts and tells Lucifer to leave, and Lucifer asks him what he desires that he can't have. The therapist finally admits that he wants Sandy, but she didn't want him. Jonathan killed Shaw, and Jonathan grabs a knife and puts it to Lucifer's throat. He insists that he had to kill Shaw because he cheated on Sandy. Lucifer is happy that Jonathan gave him the perfect example of unbridled jealousy, and Jonathan finally admits that he is jealous. The Devil is happy that their situations aren't at all alike. Jonathan prepares to kill him, but Chloe arrives and disarms him.

As the police take Jonathan away, Chloe explains that Jonathan and Shaw had the same security system. She asks if Lucifer saw any similarity between him and Jonathan, and Lucifer admits that he doesn't know. Chloe claims that the two have completely different situations, and explains that Malcolm woke up and claims that he's innocent. She's realized that the crooked cop tracked Malcolm using his GPS locator… and partners on the force share their locators. So Anthony knew Malcolm was at Palmetto.

Chloe and Lucifer track Anthony's GPS to Paddock. The bar is closed but the door is unlocked. They go in and find Anthony dead in a booth, apparently dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Chloe summons the police to secure the crime scene, and then shows Dan Anthony's supposed suicide note. In it he confessed that he was on the take and shot Malcolm. When Malcolm woke up, Anthony claims he couldn't take the guilty anymore and killed himself. Dan can't imagine that Anthony was guilty, and Chloe hugs him as Lucifer watches them.

The next day, Linda is putting the files away when Lucifer comes in response to her call. He starts to undress, and Linda stops him. She explains that they made a breakthrough, and they should keep their relationship professional from now on. Surprised, Lucifer agrees and starts to go. However, he comes back and asks about Canaan. Linda describes him and Lucifer realizes that he matches Amenadiel's description.

Dan goes back to Chloe's place and gets Trixie asleep. Afterward, Chloe thanks Dan for having her back. Dan thanks her for everything and they kiss. After a moment, Chloe tells Dan that he should go and he agrees. He apologizes and Chloe tells him not to be sorry. As he goes, Dan gets a text from Malcom. He meets with him, and Malcolm congratulates him and Chloe on catching the guy who shot him. Dan figures that Malcolm faked the entire thing, and Malcolm readily admits that he's guilty. He says that he could have told everyone that Dan shot him, but he didn't because he likes him. When Malcolm threatens to tell Chloe, Dan grabs him and tells him to keep his family out of it. Malcolm insists that he's not going to hurt anyone, and he has big plans for Dan. Dan drives off, furious.

Lucifer returns to Lux and tells Mae that he's learned that Amenadiel found Linda. He wonders how Amenadiel got such an idea, and Maze says that she worked with the angel to protect Lucifer. Lucifer figures that she did it for herself, and asks if the human world is rubbing off on her or him. he tells the demon that the two of them are done and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2016

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