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The Truth Recap


Sadie runs out of Jake's house, ignoring his protests. He finally catches up to her and asks for a chance to explain, and she demands to know what she heard on the tape player. When Jake claims that it's a drama performed by Russian actors, Sadie slaps him, well aware that he's lying. He can't look her in the face and say it, and a disgusted Sadie tells him to stay away from her before running off. Jake goes back inside and sees the casserole that Sadie brought him, and dumps it in the garbage.

The Present

Jake teaches his class about The Odyssey and asks the student what they would go back and change to help humanity if they could travel to the past. They talk about killing Hitler, Stalin, and Hussein

The Past

The next day, Deke calls Jake into his office. He knows from Sadie about the tape, and points out that he bailed Jake out of jail after he was arrested at a Dallas whorehouse. The principal reminds Jake that there's a moral clause in his contract, and advises Jake to resign rather than face termination. Mimi listens from her desk as Jake reminds Deke of what he's done for the students. Unimpressed, Deke tells him to go. Jake walks out and Mimi tells him that she can't find the termination form. He tells her to mail it to him and says that maybe it's for the best. Mimi insists that it isn't, and Jake thanks her for the thought before he goes.

The Present

Al admits to Jake that he didn't see Lee shoot at Walker. He didn't, and swears he would have shot Lee if he had known.

The Past

Jake and Bill drive to Walker's home the day before someone takes a shot at him. The teacher figures that once they see who takes the shot, they'll know if Lee is the shooter or a patsy. Bill admits that he's rooting for Lee to kill Walker, and the two men sneak up to the house. Jake reviews what will happen at 9 the next night when Lee fires from the crowd emerging from a nearby church. Walker will be at his desk but the shooter will miss. They work out where they can watch the spot the shooter has to use. Bill wonders why Lee would try and kill Walker when they both hate JFK, and Jake insists that it doesn't matter why.

Marina is at home with Junie, speaking Russian, and Marguerite reminds her that Lee wants her to speak English to their child. Bill listens on the surveillance equipment, and Jake interrupts to make sure that his ally has made sure their cars are in perfect working order when the past tries to stop them. After Bill assures Jake that everything is fine, he wonders what happens after Lee is dead. Jake says that he'll leave him Al's book so Bill can make enough money betting to buy a house. He'll go back to Maine, check out the present, and hope that they made things better. As the two men load up their car, Jake gives Bill a gun and says that he's going back to Jodie to erase any trace of Jake Amberson. He admits that he fooled himself thinking he could be with Sadie, and he has a mission.

In Jodie, Sadie drives home, unaware that Johnny is watching her from across the street.

Jake is cleaning out his house when the phone rings. He answers it and Johnny tells him to come over to Sadie's house. Sadie is tied to a chair with a bloody pillowcase over her head, and Johnny sets the phone down and goes over to his ex-wife. Jake calls Bill and says that he can't be at Walker's house, hangs up, and runs to Sadie's house. He goes inside and Johnny calls him into the bedroom. He has a gun and has Jake sit down, and says that he'll do the talking. Johnny pulls off the pillowcase and reveals that he's cut up Sadie's face. He then talks about how he thought Sadie would eventually come back to him. But then she sullied herself and Johnny blames Jake. He digs his face into the cuts, and then asks Jake if he loves Sadie. When Jake says that he does, Johnny tells Jake to kiss her. Jake has no choice but to do so, and Sadie whispers to him to get ready as she glances at a glass bowl of apples on the table.

Johnny pours a glass of bleach and tells Jake to drink it... or he'll shoot Sadie dead. Sadie grabs the bowls and knocks it to the floor, and then claims that it was an accident. Johnny doesn't believe her and insists that he's the product of another time. Sadie starts laughing, and then says that she didn't tell Jake about how Johnny's grandmother washed him when he was 12. She reminds Johnny that they took the grandmother away because of Johnny. As he yells at her to stop, the doorbell rings.

Bill goes to the Oswalds' apartment while Lee is sleeping. She goes out into the hallway with him, and Bill offers her a cigarette. Marina finally takes it and explains that she was trying to make a pie. Bill talks about how his sister Clara made him pie when he was little, and she died later. He shows Marina a photo of her, and Lee comes out and orders Marina back into the apartment to fold clothing. Bill says that they're neighbors and came by to ask for ice, and Lee asks if he's read Karl Marx. When Bill says that he hasn't, Lee gives him a book and tells him that they'll talk after Bill has read it.

Johnny has Jake answer the door, and he discovers that it's two of the students, Mike and Bobbi Jill. They explain that they came by to deliver a spring raffle prize that Sadie won, and Jake says that he's working on the sink. Mike offers to help, and Jake says that they should go. He whispers to them to get the police and closes the door, and Johnny has him lock it. Johnny warns that if he hears police sirens then he'll cut off Sadie's nose, and tells Jake to drink the bleach. He promises that he'll spare Sadie because she's his wife, and Jake throws it into his face.

As Jake takes Sadie to the door, the blinded Johnny fires at them and they take cover. He fires wildly, and hears them moving. Jake tosses his watch across the room and then grabs a poker and swings it into Johnny's head. As Johnny clutches at it, Sadie grabs his gun and shoots him dead before fainting.

The police and the ambulance attendants arrive, and they take Sadie to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Officer Stephens approaches Jake and says that they'll need a statement from him. Deke comes over and tells his former student that Jake teaches at his school. He tells Stephens that he can find Jake at the hospital and leads his friend to the car. As they walk away, Deke asks Jake if he killed Johnny, and Jake says that he did.

Bill watches the Oswald apartment from across the street, and sees Lee come out. He calls up to Marina, saying that he's going to the library, and Bill follows him as he walks away.

At Parkland, Dr. Jones visits Jake in the waiting room and warns that Sadie is in critical condition. Deke and the students are there, and they all offer to donate blood. Deke gets them organized, and Stephens arrives. He questions Jake in the hallway, pointing out that Jake and Sadie recently argued and broke up. Jake admits that it felt great cracking open Johnny's skull. Seemingly satisfied, Stephens offers his prayers for Sadie's recovery and leaves. Jake looks at the wall clock and realizes that it's almost 9... and the shooters goes after Walker at 9.

Bill watches Walker's house and remembers what Jake told him earlier. Walker sits down at his desk and Bill hears someone moving in the bushes. The church service gets out at 9 and Bill imagines seeing Clara coming out. He runs over, calling his sister's name, and realizes that it's not Clara. As Bill apologizes, a shot rings out from the Walker house.

As he waits at the hospital, Jake remembers Al telling him that the hardest thing about living in the past is that he'll have to lie to everyone and forget what he came for. Walker and his men arrive and the general insists that he's fine. The nurse says that they'll remove the shrapnel from Walker's arm. Jake calls a sobbing Bill, who admits that he screwed up and didn't see who the shooter was. They never found Clara's body, and Bill thought he had finally found her. Jake drops the phone and walks away.

Dr. Jones finds Jake and offers his condolences. He finally says that they don't have the technology to heal the scar on Sadie's face. Jake finally realizes that Sadie is alive and runs to her room. He assures her that she's never looked better, and that she saved his life. Jake finally tells her the truth: that he's from the future and was born in 1978. Sadie figures that he's joking, but quickly realizes that he's telling the truth. Jake confirms that he's really an English teacher from Lisbon, and reintroduces himself. He says that he loves her and it's not too soon for him. Sadie agrees and they talk about her favorite book.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2016

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