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Bang Recap

Temperatures soar in New York City, and Daredevil stands atop a rooftop listening. He finally hears gunshots and several robbers running from the scene of the crime. They shoot back at the policemen following them, and one cop goes down. Another manages to tackle the last robber, who hits him with a stolen case and picks up the officer's gun. As the robber prepares to shoot the cop, Daredevil yanks him back into an alleyway. He beats the robber unconscious, tosses him out, and disappears into the shadows.

The other robbers run through a restaurant kitchen, and Daredevil grabs one and beats him until he drops. Once the man is down, the cooks beat him.

The two remaining robbers run across an intersection, and a car hits one of them. He orders the driver to get out... and Daredevil knocks him unconscious and tells the driver to call 911. The last robber grabs a teenage girl off the street and ducks into a church. Daredevil knocks out the lights with his baton and the robber fires wildly into the darkness. He spots the vigilante approaching and fires.

The cops arrive a minute later and find the girl sobbing and looking down at the unconscious robber. As they take him and the girl out, Daredevil watches from the roof above.

The next day, Matt and Foggy are going to the office. Foggy talks about his date the previous night when he went dancing, and complains that she dropped. He wants Matt as a wingman, and notices that Matt is bleeding on the back of his neck. Foggy wipes it and warns that Karen has been asking questions, and says that he told her that Matt has a drinking problem as a cover story for all of the cuts and bruises. He worries what will happen to the firm fi Matt gets caught. Matt tells him that as Daredevil he took down a client's husband when he was going to kill her, and assures his friend that nothing will happen to him. Matt and Foggy arrive at their office and Karen reviews their cases. She finishes by warning that they're broke, and Matt assures her that they'll manage.

That night, an Irish mobster named Nesbitt goes in to the Burren Club past one of the guards, Thomas, and Thomas' guard dog. Inside, other mobsters have gathered for the meeting. One of Nesbitt's underlings, Grotto, goes to the bar to get his boss a drink. Nesbitt offers a toast to the future of their family, and talks about how they came to NYC two hundred years ago from Ireland. One of the younger mobsters, George, is less than impressed and Nesbitt cuts him off when he reaches for another bottle. The mobster then talks about how they got complacent, and Wilson took over. Now that Daredevil took him down, Nesbitt figures that they can take back what's theirs. As the other mobsters agree, someone fires through the window, gunning down Nesbitt. The other mobsters return fire, but go down one by one. Grotto takes cover behind the bar while the remaining mobsters die on their feet.

At Josie's bar, Matt, Foggy, and Karen are playing pool. Once Foggy goes to the bathroom, Matt says that Foggy just likes the three of them together. Karen misses a shot and Matt misses his. She helps him make the next shot, moving in close, and Foggy comes back as Matt sinks the eight ball. Thanks to Matt's heightened senses, he picks up the accelerated heartbeat of a man sitting at the bar. Foggy doesn't recognize him, and Matt points out that there's something in his coat, and he's wearing a coat despite the weather. Matt then goes over to the man and gently suggest that he find someone else. The man--Grotto--says that he's there to see Matt and Foggy.

The trio sits down with Grotto and he describes the hit on the mobsters. He figures that an army attacked them and suggests that they go to the Burren Club and see for themselves. Grotto admits that he does minor stuff for the Irish Mob, and warns that his surviving people on the streets figure him for a traitor or a rat. As Matt confirms Grotto is telling his truth by monitoring his heartbeat, Grotto says that he wants the lawyers to get him into witness protection. He insists that all he wants is a second chance, and he's heard that the lawyers put their faith in people. Foggy and Matt agree to look into it... and Grotto collapses from blood loss. Karen confirms that he's bleeding from glass that hit him earlier during the massacre.

As the police secure the Burren Club crime scene, Matt and Foggy arrive outside and approach Brett. As Foggy tries to get Brett to give them some information, Matt listens as the police confirm that the killers used high-velocity bullets capable of penetrating a bulletproof vest on one of the mobsters. Meanwhile, Foggy hints that they might have a witness but refuses to give his name, and Brett threatens to arrest him for obstructing justice. Matt wonders why a mobster would wear a bulletproof vest to a meeting given the weather. Impressed Brett offers a quid pro quo and privately tells them that the DA's office has no idea who the shooters are. There have been other similar hits, and the DA figures that it's a paramilitary organization. As they talk, Matt overhears a coroner talking about a similar hit on the Dogs of Hell. Once Matt and Foggy walk away, Matt tells his friend what he heard. He figures that he can shake loose some people to talk as Daredevil, and Foggy says that he'll see what he can find out from his street contacts.

At the hospital, Grotto wakes up and Karen is there. She tells him to stay there and explains that she told the nurses that they're husband and fight, and Grotto got wounded in a bar fight. Grotto tells her to go home because she doesn't have the balls for what's coming, but Karen refuses and tells him that she's the best chance he has.

Turk is selling shotguns out of the trunk of his car to some hoods that want weapons against the army after them. Daredevil takes one man out with a thrown baton, pins Turk's hands in the trunk, and takes out the remaining hoods. He stops Turk from driving off and asks who killed the Irish. Turk insists that he doesn't handle that kind of weaponry, but he heard that with Wilson put away, the cartel is making their move. Their bringing up military-grade munitions from Juarez. Turk gives Daredevil the address, and Daredevil takes Turk's car keys and throws them into the river, and then punches Turk unconscious.

Foggy goes to the Dogs of Hell biker hangout and claims that he's meeting a friend, Smitty. The doorman frisks him for weapons and then, satisfied, lets Foggy in. The bikers slam Foggy down on a pool table and the lawyer insists that he and Smitty knew each other in grade school. The biker president has his man take Foggy out back to show him how they feel about lawyers.

Daredevil enters the meat-packing warehouse and finds empty gun cases. He looks around and finally finds a cartel man hung up on a hook, his stomach cut open. There are more corpses hung up, and Daredevil hears a faint heartbeat. The vigilante finds the only surviving man and gets him down.

The biker, Leon, takes Foggy out back and tells him that Smitty is dead. Foggy shouts out the name of other bikers that he helped, and one of them turns out to be a man Leon knows. Impressed, Leon tells Foggy to get out. However, Foggy insists that he has to know what happened to Smitty so he can stop innocent people from getting killed. Leon tells Foggy that Smitty and four of their bikers were on a run and gunned down by an army of killers. He promises that they'll find out who was responsible, and advises Foggy to stay far away from the action.

Daredevil sets the cartel man on the floor, and the man says that just one man attacked them, and nobody escapes.

The killer enters the hospital and heads for Grotto's room. A security guard sees his gun and goes for his, and the killer easily knocks him out. Karen hears the nurses screaming and looks outside, and sees the killer coming. She runs out into the hallway with Grotto, and the killer opens fire, just missing. Karen and Grotto head down the stairs and out to Ben's car that Karen is using. They drive off and the killer draws a bead on Grotto from the hospital roof. However, Daredevil attacks the killer. The killer finally gets the upper hand and walks off. Daredevil goes after him and gets ahead of the man, renewing his attack. He takes the killer down, but the man draws a gun, says, "Bang," and shoots Daredevil in the head. The recoil knocks the vigilante off the roof.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 18, 2016

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