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9. The House Always Wins Recap

Harry heads for his flat.

At Harry’s flat, Alistair and Suri contemplate the severed head in Harry’s freezer. The superintendant admits that he isn’t thinking anything yet as far as Harry’s guilt or innocence. However, he reminds Suri that she brought him the casino tape showing Harry winning at the Green Dragon.

Harry sees the police outside his flat.

As the lab techs pack away the head, Steve asks Suri if she’s ever seen anything like it. She asks who made the call, and Steve says that it was anonymous. Harry comes in and asks what’s going on, and Suri asks why he has a man’s head in his freezer.

The next morning, Anna wakes up in Nicolai’s bed. He asks if she’ll come back that night, and Anna says that she doesn’t know. As Nicolai goes to get dressed, Suri calls Anna and tells her that they arrested Harry for murder and are going to interview him. Anna confirms that the public defender on standby will be there. Once she hangs up, Anna asks Nicolai to call her a taxi.

Alistair asks Harry to identify the head, and Harry says that it’s the man who kidnapped Kate Olsen and tried to kill her. Suri and Steve watch on the camera as Harry says that the dead man--Yury--was at Canary Dock the night they found Kate at the docks. Alistair points out that there was no description of Yury in Harry’s report, and Harry explains that he chased the driver of the forklift, and Yury assaulted him. He claims that when he woke up, Yury and the driver were gone. Harry points out that Suri and Steve were in the container with Olsen. Steve and Alistair both confirm that Harry doesn’t mention Yury in the report, and Alistair points out that they were unable to reach Harry for 12 hours after he disappeared chasing the forklift driver. Harry says that he was disoriented, drove away, and sat in his car.

Forensics has confirmed that Yury died three weeks ago, at the same time as Harry claims to have seen him. Harry insists that he didn’t kill Yury, and points out that he would have done a better job hiding thebody. He insists that Golding is setting him up and tells Alistair that he has the overalls that will place Charles at the site of Barbara’s murder. Harry asks Golding to test it, and Alistair suspends the interview. As he walks out, Harry tells him to pull up Maria’s case and it will show that Karl was involved.

Alistair meets with Steve and Suri in his office. Suri confirms that she never met Yury and suggests that they check out the overalls. Steve figures that the overalls are Harry covering his tracks, and Alistair tells them that they need more for a conviction. As he goes, he tells a DS to put a 24-hour guard on Harry’s flat

As Anna goes to the station, she calls her mother and asks her to hang onto Daisy for another couple of hours. The taxi arrives and Anna spots Alistair outside. She demands an explanation and Alistair insists that he can’t discuss a current case. Anna points out that Harry has been investigating Golding and suggests that Golding set the whole thing up. Alistair warns that he has no evidence that Golding exists, and warns that it doesn’t affect Harry’s case regardless.

Steve meets with Karl, and Karl says that he’s been keeping tabs on Harry’s case. He’s heard that Yury had a personal grudge against Harry, and Harry killed him. Steve says that he needs physical evidence, and Karl assures him that he has something for him. The Deputy Mayor tells him where he can find Yury’s headless body at the canal, and Steve calls a team there citing an anonymous tip. There’s a blood-covered knife next to the body.

Later, Alistair meets Steve at the morgue. Forensics has confirmed that Harry’s prints and blood are on the knife, and Yury died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. The head was removed post-mortem. Yury hada piece of paper with the Claytons’ old address on it, and Alistair points out that it’s odd that they’ve had two anonymous tips in 24 hours. Steve concedes that someone is trying to screw Harry over, but notes that they have enough to charge him.

As they lead Harry out, he runs into Suri. She says that the overalls are being analyzed, and Harry says that he has faith in her. DS Clark tells Suri that Kate has woken up at the hospital, and she can interview the woman the next morning.

Anna meets with her senior partner, Nate, and asks him to get the charges thrown out against Harry. Nate wonders of Harry is capable of murder, and Anna insists that he isn’t. He says that he’ll give it some consideration.

Harry is committed to Whitecross and led to his cell. It’s the same cell that Kevin was kept in.

Alistair pulls Maria’s murder file.

Anna meets with Nicolai at Whitecross and asks him to let her meet with Harry. Nicolai advises against it, but Anna insists and Nicolai says that he’ll try to get her in that day.

Harry goes out to the exercise yard and sees Nelson, the leader of the diamond robbers. He goes over to Rich, who warns him that they’re both dead. He explains that prisoners keep coming up to him and whispering that his days are numbered, and said that Harry is coming. Harry explains that he was framed for murder, and tells Rich that things will turn around. As the guards order everyone back in, Rich points out that Harry’s lucky bracelet hasn’t been lucky for him or for Barbara.

Alistair meets with an archive officer and points out that there’s a gap in Maria’s file concerning the surveillance logs for Karl and Jim. All other papers on the case are gone, and Alistair suggests that someone removed the information. The officer says that he’ll make sure nothing was misfiled.

Suri goes to the hospital and has Kate identify Yury as her abductor. She’s relieved that Yury is dead, and confirms that Vincent hired Yury. Yury held her at a houseboat and then the Lemontov vault. A nurse tells Suri that Kate needs some rest. Once the detective leaves, the nurse changes Kate’s IV bag and leaves. Suri notices the nurse quickly walking away and hears Kate’s monitor beep erratically. She goes in and calls in the other nurses, and they try to revive the woman as she crashes.

In the prison laundry room, Tim asks if Harry still has bracelet. He asks why Harry doesn’t try to use it to get out, and Harry points out that Rich would still be imprisoned. Tim warns that all of the prisoners are involved. When Harry grabs Tim, Nelson and another man come in and tell Harry to let Tim go. Once Tim leaves, Nelson warns him that the prisoners outnumber the Claytons over a hundred to one.

Forensics delivers the report on the overalls to Steve. It confirms that Barbara’s DNA was on the overalls, and Steve buries the report.

At Whitecross, Rich is cleaning up in the mess hall as Harry comes in. He watches as a guard leads Rich away, and several prisoners follow them. When Harry walks over, Tim watches him go. The guards deliberately ignore Harry, and he follows the hallway. Nelson and three other prisoners are waiting for him, and Nelson points out another prisoner holding a shiv to Rich’s throat. They fasten Harry’s arm down and prepare to cut through it with a power saw. The blade shatters, cutting off Nelson’s ear, and Rich hits the fire alarm. The prisoners run off and the guards drag him away as Rich shouts an apology to his half-brother.

Alistair arrives at the hospital and Suri tells him that Kate confirmed that Paul hired Yury. The superintendent agrees to put Paul under surveillance, and says that the forensic report on the coveralls hasn’t’ come in yet. Alistair assures Suri that she did her job, and he’s reviewed every decision that they’ve made. Suri asks what happened to Alistair and Harry in Muldive, and Alistair says that Harry led them into an ambush with a psychopath. Harry gambled that the man would be unarmed but he was wrong. Alistair assures Suri that whatever his feelings, they haven’t influenced what he’s done in Harry’s case.

At Whitecross, the guards take Harry to meet with Anna. She assures her ex-husband that she knows he didn’t kill anyone, and asks what’s going on. Harry says that he got too close to Golding, and tells Anna to be careful because Golding will go after her next. He figures that Nicolai got Anna in to see him, and asks her to have Nicolai isolate Rich from the general population. Anna agrees and Harry says that he can handle himself. She asks what she should tell Daisy, and Harry tells her to say nothing. He says that he’s sorry and leaves.

At the Green Dragon, Lily-Anne calls Kalim into her office the next day, claiming that she has a job for him.

Suri begins surveillance on Paul and watches as he leaves his penthouse.

Anna tells Nicolai what Harry said, and the governor says that they’re trying to break up the gang without success. He says that someone with political influence is controlling the gang from the outside, and says that he can’t abandon prison procedure to put Rich in solitary. Nicolai warns that he’s breaking the rules but agrees to think about it, and invites her to come see him the next day and bring Daisy with her. Anna finally gives in.

The guards take Harry to the main room.

Suri returns to her desk just as Alistair comes out and asks Steve how long he planned on sitting on the forensics report. Steve suggests that Harry may have tampered with the evidence, but Suri joins with Alistair in condemning the violation of procedure. She says that they have to get Rich released, and Alistair tells her to come with her. He signs off on a release order for Rich, and Suri reports that they lost Paul in traffic. She wonders how far the conspiracy goes, and Alistair says that Harry asked him to run surveillance on Charles just before they got the tipoff on Harry’s flat. Alistair warns that they have to sit on Karl until they have absolute proof, and Suri figures that Alistair suspects Karl is Golding. As she goes, Suri asks Alistair why Steve sat on Rich’s release.

The guards herd the prisoners back to their cells, and Harry realizes that Rich is gone. The guard orders him to his cell.

Anna tells Daisy that Harry had to go away. She says that they’ve been invited to spend the time with Nicolai, but Daisy clearly isn’t interested. Anna kisses her good night and turns off the light.

The next day, Alistair calls Marghai’s lawyer Linton. Linton finally confirms that Karl received the kidney, and Marghai will testify against him.

Nicolai receives Richard’s release order and tells the guards to get him. He then texts Anna with the news.

Alistair tells Suri that Marghai is going to testify against Karl. He tells her that Karl may have been turned on Maria’s case and the files are missing. Maria was a Traveler, and Alistair wonders why Karl and Golding went to so much trouble over her

Kamil arrives in Lilly-Anne’s office, and finds a plastic sheet on the floor. He quickly realizes what’s going on, and Lily-Anne says that she doesn’t have a choice. Kamil says that they all have a choice, and Freddie had a choice. Lily-Anne says that Kamil has to die because he’s been talking to Harry, and Kamil insists that Harry is finished. She warns that she doesn’t have a choice and then they’ll kill both of them. Kamil braces himself for the shot and asks if she has a message for her father. Lily-Anne shoots into the ceiling, and Kamil stares at her for a moment before running out.

The evidence officer tells Alistair that Karl and Jim brought in the same suspect for questioning--aweek apart--and the logs were buried. He calls Suri and tells her to meet him at City Hall... and says that he knows who Golding is.

At Whitecross, Harry goes out to the exercise yard. Tim tells him that Rich is gone, and insists that they didn’t touch Rich. He tells Harry to ask the guards what happened to Rich, and Harry asks the head guard, Sol. Sol says that Rich was sick and they sent him back to his normal cell, and takes Harry to see him.

At City Hall, Alistair tells Suri that Karl tampered with Maria’s file to cover up who really killed her. They confront Karl and Alistair reminds him that someone stabbed Maria in her caravan. He shows Karl the missing file.

Sol takes Harry to Rich’s cell.

Suri points out that Karl and Jim brought Nicolai in for Maria’s murder. A key witness places Nicolai near Maria’s caravan on the night of the murder. Jim retired a week later and the case was left unsolved.

Harry sees two prisoners beating Rich.

Alistair figures that Nicolai paid Karl off with the kidney and set him up as his inside man.

The guards drag Harry away when he tries to get into Rich’s cell.

Alistair places Karl under arrest and warns him that there’s nowhere he can hide. Eventually they’ll connect him to Nicolai.

Nicolai looks out of Rich’s cell at Harry and smiles at Harry.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 19, 2016

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