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Penny and Dime Recap

At a wake for the dead Irish mobsters, Seamus offers a toast to their fallen comrades. The father of one of the dead men--Finn--barges in. He says that he caught the first flight when he heard what happened, and Seamus offers him a drink. One of the underlings, Rory, brings Finn the drink. Finn goes to his son Kelly’s coffin and says that he didn’t want him to follow in his footsteps. Seamus reminds him that death is part of the deal, and Finn stabs him in the eye with an ice pick. Once Seamus is dead, Finn takes some pills and Rory offers him another drink. Everyone nods in agreement, and Finn says that he’s going to get back the $1.2 million that Punisher took from him.

Soon, the Irish mob hits the street and one bartender says he might have seen a gun. They go to a pet shop and question the owner, and shoot him in the elbow when the owner doesn’t talk fast enough. The owner says that Punisher has a dog and he saw him walking it once. Finn and his men soon track Punisher tohis apartment and recognize the dog. They search the place for the money but find nothing. The mobsters go back to their car, taking the dog with them, and Punisher watches from across the street as they go.

Matt is dressing when Karen comes by his apartment to pick him up. She helps him with his tie and asks if he’s okay, and Matt says that he’s “recovering.” Karen assumes that he’s talking about his supposed alcoholism, and they both talk around the subject. Karen mentions a brother but doesn’t provide any details. They go to the church where Father Lantom is holding a service for Grotto, and talks about how he sought and failed to find redemption. Matt, Karen, and Foggy are the only ones in attendance.

Once Lantom is done, Matt assures Karen that Grotto didn’t die alone. He asks his friends to go on without him, and then thanks Lantom for his words. The priest says that funerals are for the living, and Matt insists that Grotto’s death wasn’t his fault. He explains that there’s a new man in town killing people, and Fantom says that at least Matt tried to save Grotto. Matt finally says that he’s looking for forgiveness for not doing more, and Fantom is sure that he did everything that he could. The priest says that guilt is how someone’s soul tells them that something is wrong, and it means that Matt’s work is not yet finished.

At his mobile van, Punisher stitches up his wounds and contemplates the case with the money.

At the law office, Karen shows Foggy and Matt the file that Reyes has, including Punisher’s skull x-ray. She suggests that Blake gave her the file because Reyes is trying to cover something up about Punisher, and her best at protecting themselves is to find the vigilante. Foggy steps out to take a call, and Karen admits that Lantom’s eulogy got to her. Matt figures that she cares about Punisher, and Karen explains that she’s curious about the man and figures that there’s more to the story. He tells her that she’s compassionate, and Foggy calls Matt in to remind him that they have clients. They have to file for their new client today, and they realize that Karen has left... with the Punisher files. Foggy tells him to find Punisher first.

Later, Daredevil visits Melvin to get his repaired suit. The tailor boasts about the armor improvements, and says that there are some new people spilling blood on the streets. Melvin reveals that he’s wearing a bulletproof vest to stay strong for his girlfriend Betsy.

Karen tracks down George Bach, who is working as a journalist. She asks why he was fired from Metro General and offers to buy the man coffee. George explains that he was with Punisher when the x-ray was taken and he was admitted as a John Doe. Some people in suits and earpieces came to see the patient from time to time. They pushed for Punisher’s DNR, and he died for a minute before coming back. Then he grabbed George and told him to take him home. George did so, even though he knew it would get him fired, and Karen asks for the address.

Punisher sits in the park and looks at the carousel and the children on it. Once it stops and the lights go out, Punisher sits in the darkness and continues staring at it. He notices Rory sitting nearby, and Rory flashes his gun. More mobsters move out of the shadows, and Rory asks Punisher if he’s going to come with them or make a mess. Punisher disarms him and Rory manages to jab him with a syringe as Punisher takes him as a shield. Rory yells to his men not to shoot because they want Punisher alive. The vigilante guns them down, and Finn and more mobsters step out. As Punisher starts to pass out, Finn thanks him for thinning out the ranks. His men taser Punisher and he finally goes down.

Later, Brett is checking out another Hell’s Kitchen shooting and hear someone moving in the next room. It’s Daredevil, who asks what happened. Brett says that the Irish put a bounty on Punisher’s head, and tells Daredevil to stay out of it because he’s the problem. Daredevil insists that they’re on the same side, but Brett warns him that he’s on his own side. The sergeant gets a call about shots fired at the carousel. By the time he turns back from answering it, Daredevil is gone.

Karen takes a taxi to the address and finds a home in the suburbs. The name “Castle” is on the mailbox, and she breaks in.

Daredevil arrives at the carousel first and finds the bodies of the dead Irish. Rory is there, crawling away, and Daredevil disarms him and then asks who did it. The vigilante tortures him until Rory says Punisher did it. He promises that Punisher is good as dead when they’re done with him, and Daredevil repeats his question.

Pu8nisher wakes up tied to a chair and Finn tells him that he’s dying that night. However, he gives him the chance to die with his arms and legs attached, and has another man start beating Punisher. Once he’s done, Finn sends his men out and then asks where his money is. When Punisher doesn’t answer, Finn beats him and figures that he’s seeking retribution. Punisher agrees to tell him where the money is, only to lure him in close enough to head butt the mobster. Finn calls his men back And has them hold Punisher down while he applies a power drill to Punisher’s legs.

Karen searches the house and discovers that it’s abandoned. She finds children’s toys and goes upstairs, unaware that she’s set off a security system. There’s a child’s bedroom and photos of Punisher--Frank Castle--with his son and daughter. There are also photos and medals belonging to Frank.

Daredevil picks off the mobsters in the hallway outside where Punisher is being kept. Meanwhile, Punisher still doesn’t give up the money, and Finn brings in the dog and promises to do double to it. Punisher tells him that the money is in his van and gives Finn the address, The mobsters take the dogs out and Finn tells Punisher that he’llkeep him alive until he has the money. He then calls his men and tells them to get the money. As he leaves, Punisher work at the bandage on his arm.

Daredevil takes out more of the mobsters.

Two of Finn’s men go to the van and open it, and spot the case.

Punisher pulls a razor blade out of the bandage

The mobsters open the case and confirm the money is inside. One of them spots something beneath the money... and the case explodes. Punisher cuts himself free, cuts the throat of the mobster guarding him, takes the man’s gun, and shoots Finn in the shoulder as he tries to leave. Once he’s free, Punisher grabs a shotgun and prepares to shoot Finn. First he asks who was there and killed his family. Finn doesn’t care, and Punisher shoots him in the face.

More mobsters arrive and open fire, and Punisher takes cover behind a panel and returns fire. As they move in, Daredevil takes them out. Punisher is ready to make them pay, but Daredevil tells him not that night. When the mobsters run in, the two vigilantes take them out. When Punisher prepares to shoot one of them, Daredevil disarms him. with a baton throw. Punisher tries to hit him with the baton, but Daredevil knocks it outside and then punches him when he tries to kill a mobster with his bare hands.

Karen finds long-dead flowers sent by well-wishers. A van drives by and Karen hides in the shadows until it passes. There’s another photograph of Frank, his wife, and their two children at the carousel. The van drives slowly by again and then parks outside. Men in suits get out and Karen backs away.

Daredevil carries Frank to a cemetery and sets him down. Frank admits that he was wrong about Daredevil being a pussy, He tells Daredevil to go because he’s past saving, but Daredevil asks what the rhyme was that Frank muttered each time that he pulled the trigger. Frank is surprised that he heard it, and explains that One Batch, Two Batch: Penny and Dime was the title of his daughter’s favorite book. He talks about how he survived the war and got home, and was reunited with his family despite his fears that God would pull it all out from under him. Frank cried, but his daughter didn’t. They went home and his daughter asked him read her favorite book, even though she was too old for it. Frank said that he was too tired and promised to do it the next day... but there was no next day for his daughter,his wife, and his son. The next time he saw her, he was holding her body in his arms.

Brett and his partner arrives, and Daredevil turns Frank over to him. While Brett’s partner checks on Frank, Brett handcuffs Daredevil. Daredevil tells him to take collar because it has to be him. he insists that people have to know that the system works, and the police are in charge. After a moment, Brett releases Daredevil and tells him to go, telling him that whatever he is... he isn’t Punisher.

Later, Matt, Foggy, and Karen go to Josie’s for drinks. On the news, the anchor is talking about how Brett arrested Frank, and Foggy figures that Matt was involved. Karen points out that Reyes will have trouble making a reputation for herself prosecuting a psychopath, and the friends share a toast to Brett and a safe Hell’s Kitchen. Foggy goes to get the next round and Matt asks Karen if she’s okay. She says that everything that happened reminds her of how precious life can be, and Matt takes her hand. After a moment, he asks about her brother. Karen says that he’s sweet, and Foggy watches from across the bar, smiling.

After a few more rounds, Matt leaves, Foggy jokingly warns him to be careful about ending up happy. Karen joins them and Foggy heads home. She offers to walk Matt home and takes his hand, and they head off together. When they reach Matt’s apartment, Matt traces his finger along the raindrops on Karen’s arm. He learns forward and they kiss, and then invites her to dinner the next day. Karen immediately agrees.

They bid each other good night and Matt goes up to his apartment.A woman is waiting for him and greets Matt by name. He recognizes the voice and says her name: Elektra.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 20, 2016

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