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Red Means Stop Recap

A man wakes up in an abandoned restroom and discovers that his ankle is chained to a urinal. He yells for help and finally sees another man lying on the floor nearby. Bmen notice a stack of corpses nearby.

Henchman 21 is cleaning the car in the Morpho Cave. Monarch comes in and says that Dr. Mrs. the Wise was on the phone. The Guild are in sequester so they can go after their next victim. Henchman 21 complains that Wandering Spider was too much, and points out that Red Death is next. Red Death arches once a year and leaves a body count, but Monarch insists that he's a pushover. Henchman 21 isn't convinced and Monarch says that he'll deal with Red Death alone.

In the park, Dr. Mrs. the Wife meets Colonel Hunter Gather in privately. They agree that the OSI will help the Guild with their sting. Brock is on the bench nearby and makes sure that both the Guild will guarantee the Ventures' safety. Dr. Mrs. the Wife tells them that Blue Morpho's next target is Red Death. Phantom Limb arrives to join them.

The two prisoners try to cut through their chains without success. They try to figure out why they're there, and the first prisoner accidentally hits the second prisoner's finger when he tries to break his chain.

Monarch checks his dart gun and sits next to Red Death on park bench. Red Death is watching his daughter Lilah, who is playing. The villain recognizes Monarch and says that he's a fan, but warns that they have to separate their personal life from their work.

At Venture Tower, the guild comes in and ignores Hatred's objections. The OSI arrive next and Brock tells Hatred to take the rest of the day off.

Henchman 21 is eating when Monarch comes back. Monarch explains that he was talking to Red Death and discovered that he's the sweetest man in the world and terrifying. Henchman 21 refuses to kill him, and Monarch admits that if they do anything to Red Death, he will kill them in their sleep. However, he's come up with a plan and has to pee first in the sink.

At the penthouse, Rusty makes small talk with Dr. Mrs. the Girlfriend and suggests that she's drawn to him. She isn't, and they begin their operation. Snoopy is tracking their bait, Red Death, in Long Island. Phantom Limb isn't happy that the OSI is tracking Guild members, and prepares to kill Snoopy until Hunter draws a gun on him. Dr. Mrs. the Wife reminds Phantom Limb that they're all there to take down Blue Morpho. Meanwhile, Watch and Ward disguise themselves as Hank and Dean to act as decoys, and admit that the disguise kits haven't been used since the 70s. Hank offers them their own clothing to complete their disguise.

Shoreleave disguises himself as Brock in Brock's room, and they play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who will guard Hank and dean.

Billy and Pete tells Rusty to hurry up because they're having dinner with Billy's mother. As they leave, Billy still thinks that Rusty is Blue Morpho and tells him that he has his back.

The first prisoner prepares to eat the chicken that their captor has left them. The second prisoner warns him that it's poisoned, and finally admits that he has been there for weeks. He admits that he's been eating the corpses

At home, Red Death finishes his shower and prepares to go out to arch. His wife packs his dinner for him, complete with brownies.

The disguised Shoreleave takes Hank and Dean out to the Limelight, a church turned club. They discover that it's been turned into a mall. Red Death passes overhead on his way to fight the Ventures at the tower, unaware that the brothers are below.

Monarch and Henchman 21 arrive at Red Death's house disguise as Guild agents. They speak with Red Death's wife Kate and explain that Red Death has been compromised. Monarch tells her that she and her daughter should go to her mother and not take any calls. Kate immediately agrees.

At Rose's house, Rusty entertains the guests with stories of how he lost a kidney to one of Action Man's pranks when he was 8. Colonel Gentleman insists that Action Man killed a baby once, and Action Man insists that it was a werewolf.

The Guild agents set up around the tower and prepare to shoot. Red Death arrives and blasts the pool, and Brock comes out with Watch and Ward, as well as Hunter disguised as Rusty. It turns out the villain is using live rounds, and Brock tackles him into the pool.

The first prisoner thinks that the other prisoner is familiar and is sure that he met him before. He tricks the second prisoner into heating up his coffee with an energy blast, revealing that he's the villainous Maestro Wave, and explains that he's also a super villain: the Termite. However, he can't tunnel out without his helmet.

Watch and Ward are discussing the plan with Red Death when Monarch calls. He disguises his voice and tells Red Death to sign away his arching rights to Rusty to get back his wife and daughter. Red Death warns that whoever is calling has made a very large mistake, and vows to find and kill him if they don't release his family immediately. Monarch apologizes and hangs up, and Henchman 21 reminds his boss that they don't have the family to release.

Colonel Gentleman tells Rusty about how Jonas collected friends. Blue Morpho was one of his friends, and Billy suggests that the new Blue Morpho is someone with someone to prove. Colonel Gentleman explains that the original Blue Morpho is dead, and his valet Kano joined Team Venture and is the same Kano. He goes to bed and Rusty prepares to head out.

Maestro Wave figures that he has to kill Termite because their captor wants him to, and clubs him to death.

Red Death cuts his way into the Morpho Cave and finds them hiding in pods. Monarch hastily explains that Kate and Lilah are at Kate's mother. Red Death calls and confirms that they're okay, and then tells Monarch to explain everything.

Rusty returns and finds Dr. Mrs. the Wife leaving. She complains that Blue Morpho made a fool of her, and vows to find and kill him herself. The Guild and the OSI are having a pool party outside, and Rusty offers to make doc-tails.

Monarch tells Red Death that he's nothing without his hate for Rusty. Red Death admits that it's the rules that let them hate and kill, and explains that he killed his mortal enemy and slaughtered the man's family. He tells Monarch to finish his task and then change his way. Henchman 21 wonders why he never feels sad about killing, and Red Dwarf points out that he's killed dozens of villains. Sheepish, Henchman 21 says that he has to show them something.

Meastro Wave is eating corpses when Henchman 21 brings in Monarch and Red Dwarf. Shocked, Henchman 21 insists that they weren't supposed to kill each other. Red Skull is impressed, and offers to solve their problem while dealing with his own. He goes in to kill the remaining prisoner, and Monarch complains that Henchman 21 didn't tell him that there was a completed bathroom in the basement.

The next day, the OSI and Guild snipers wonder how they will recognize one another if they meet again. The OSI sniper reveals that she's a woman, and the Guild sniper reveals that he had the top of his skull removed and plastic tubes coming out of it.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 21, 2016

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