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Wrath of the Villains: Mad Grey Dawn Recap

At the Gotham Museum of Art, Edward secretly triggers a fuse explosive rigged to a sculpture of a bomb. As everyone runs out, the fuse reaches the sculpture and releases fireworks. Edward dons a mask and steals a painting and then sprays a green question mark in the frame. When the police come in, they find the empty frame and the question mark.

At the station, Barnes briefs Jim and Harvey on the robbery. The surveillance footage shows the robber but his face isn't visible. Barnes tells Jim to stay, and then informs him that Internal Affairs is opening the file on Theo's murder due to an anonymous tip. The tipster claimed that he saw Jim kill Theo that night at the docks. They provided a detail that didn't go out to public: the umbrella. Jim suggests that someone in the GCPD is trying to frame him, and insists that he wasn't there. As he joins Harvey, Edward comes up and says that he's ready to tell Jim what he knows about Kristin's disappearance. Jim begs off, saying that they're heading for the museum, and says that they'll talk that afternoon when he gets back.

Butch and Tabitha are reviewing blueprints when Butch's men drag a visiting Oswald in. Oswald insists that he's sane and shows them his certificate, and came by to say hello to his old friend. He offers Butch cupcakes, and Tabitha reminds Oswald that he killed Theo and messed with Butch's min. Oswald apologizes and Tabitha accepts his apology... and prepares to kill him. When Oswald says that he's a good person now, Tabitha talks about how she tortured Gertrud. Oswald just chuckles, and Tabitha figures that he's sincere. Butch releases Oswald, much to Tabitha's surprise, and says that his former boss is a pathetic loser. Tabitha wants Oswald to die, and Butch reminds her that he's the boss. He tells Oswald that they're square and takes the cupcakes, but Tabitha insists that Oswald has to receive some kind of punishment. Butch agrees and Tabitha turns back to Oswald.

At the museum, Jim tells Harvey that IA is opening the investigation into Theo's murder. Harvey asks if there's anything he can do, and Jim asks him to use his contacts to find out what IA has. Once Harvey agrees, the detectives meet with the curator, Mr. Thatch. Thatch explains that the painting is entitled Mad Grey Dawn and depicted a railway explosion at the turn of the century. The robber defaced two much more valuable paintings with the same question mark, and Thatch shows them the paintings. Jim figures that the robber is sending a message, and points out that question marks are directly over the painters' signatures. Their names are Marche and LaRue, meaning "market" and "road." They realize the robber is pointing them to Market Street, and Jim points out that there is a railway station on Market Street.

Edward goes to the railway station and takes a bomb out of the trunk of his car.

A few minutes later, Jim and Harvey arrive with the bomb squad. Edward lurks in the shadows as the security guards evacuate the station. Jim finds a locker with a green question mark on it, and Edward remote-triggers the countdown timer on the bomb. Jim uses a crowbar to pry open the locker and realizes that there's twenty seconds left. Harvey gets everyone back while Jim removes the bomb and tosses it into an ornamental tower. The bomb explodes just as Jim gets clear, and Edward slips away unseen.

Ivy is in her greenhouse watering her plants when Selina and Bruce come in. Selina explains that Bruce is staying with her, and Selina explains that Ivy grows psychedelic mushrooms for gangsters. Butch's nephew Sonny runs the gang, and Selina plans to rob them. Bruce asks how they do it, and Selina says that he doesn't need to because he has money. He insists that he wants to live on his own without being Bruce Wayne, and doesn't mind stealing from criminals. After a moment, Selina explains that Ivy put some of the mushrooms in the gang's lunch. They cause relaxed bliss, just as the gangsters in the apartment above collapse.

Barnes arrives at the station, and Jim figures that the robber is playing a game. The captain orders every available resource on the crime. Meanwhile, Edward has Pinkney sign a chain-of-evidence form and then approaches Jim. He congratulates Jim on saving the day, and Jim asks him to oversee forensics.

Selina and Bruce go upstairs and steal the money from the sleeping gangsters. One of them wakes up and grabs Selina's arm, and Bruce tells him that he's dreaming. He convinces the gangster to let go of the money just as a car pulls up outside. Selina and Bruce runbut Sonny and his men open fire on them. Sonny recognizes Selina and takes both thieves back upstairs.

Edward is at his apartment examining the crowbar Jim used when a tarred-and-feathered Oswald arrives. He asks to come in, and Edward is glad to oblige. Edward realizes that the people at Arkham did a job on Oswald, and Oswald says that he's a changed man. He suggests that Edward change, too, but Edward says that he's hitting his stride and is creating a perfect puzzle for Jim. Edward quickly escorts Oswald out,

At the station, Harvey tells Jim that the tipster claimed that Jim shot Theo after Oswald beat Theo. Jim realizes that either someone was there that night or Oswald talked. Harvey reminds Jim that Oswald may hold a grudge against Jim because he was imprisoned for Theo's murder. Jim doesn't believe it and Harvey warns that the witness has agreed to sign a statement.

Sonny leaves a message for Butch, and Selina warns that Butch won't be happy that they could steal the money so easily. She suggests that Sonny let them go but he refuses and slams her into the table. Bruce says that Sonny is a coward, and Sonny beats him. Unimpressed, Bruce calls him a coward again and Sonny hits him. As he lies on the floor, Bruce remembers Alfred telling him that to beat a big man, all he has to do is outlast him. Bruce gets back up and punches Sonny, who easily deflects his blows and beats him repeatedly, laughing. The boy continues insulting Sonny, and Selina hits the thug holding her. Bruce punches Sonny, and Selina grabs the money and drags Bruce out.

Oswald goes to Gertrude's tombstone and apologizes for missing her funeral. He admits that he doesn't know if he can make it without him. An older man, Elijah Van Dahl, comes by with lilies and notices Oswald. He leaves them at Gertrude's grave and says that he knew her a long time ago. When Oswald explains that Gertrud was his mother, Elijah asks how old he is. When Oswald answers, Elijah says that Gertrud never told him that he had a son.

Jim and Leslie have dinner and discuss the bombing case. He finally tells her that IA is reopening Theo's murder, and Leslie wishes that they left to raise their child somewhere safe. Jim insists that he'll find a way to fix it, but Leslie wonders what happens if he can't and walks away.

Edward goes to Pinkney's apartment and says that Jim is just behind him. When Pinkney turns to the TV, Edward beats him to death with the crowbar.

Elijah takes Oswald to his estate and gets him a bath and new clothing. He then explains that Gertrud worked as a cook for his parents as he serves Oswald a meal. Elijah admits that he was a foolish romantic boy, and his parents forbade them from being together. He stood up to them for the first time, but they realized that he was bluffing. The next day Gertrud was gone and they said that they would take care of her. Elijah never tried to find her, and never knew Gertrud was pregnant. He misses her terribly and figures that Oswald does the same, and hugs his son. Elijah tells Oswald that now he has a father and a family, and he's home. Sobbing, Oswald hugs his father.

At home, Jim is going over the bomber files when he gets a call. It's Harvey, who says that Forensics has confirmed that the bomb was activated by phone. The call came from a pay phone a few blocks away from the station, and Jim goes to check it out. He arrives at the building and hears a TV playing from an open apartment. Jim looks inside and realizes that it's Pinkney, dead. Barnes comes out of the next room, gun drawn, and Jim draws on him and tells him to surrender. When Barnes sees Pinkney's body, he tells Jim to drop his gun. After a moment, Jim does so and explains how he got there. Barnes says that Pinkney sent him a message that he wanted to talk outside of work about Jim. He tosses Jim a pair of handcuffs to put on and says that he hopes it's all a mistake.

Selina stitches up Bruce's injuries and figures that he must like pain. Bruce says that when Sonny was hitting him, it was like nothing else existed. All of his pain and confusion disappeared, and for the first time in a long time he knew that he was going to be okay and that Sonny—and no one else--could break him. Selina warns him that no one is unbreakable.

In the interrogation room, Barnes tells Jim that the murder weapon was a crowbar and it had Jim's fingerprints on it. Jim remembers using the crowbar at the railway station. Harvey backed up Jim's claim about the report. However, when Barnes checked it, there was no mention of a phone number. Pinkney was the anonymous witness that placed Jim at Theo's murder, because the IA form was at Pinkney's apartment and it matched the once he called in anonymously. Barnes figures that Jim somehow found out Pinkney was the witness and killed him... unaware that Edward set the whole thing up, getting Pinkney's signature and taking the Forensics report. Jim insists that he was set up, but Barnes tells him to admit what he did because Pinkney deserves the truth. After a moment, Jim asks to speak to his rep. Barnes says that he's a disgrace to the badge and walks Jim out. He has unis take Jim to County, saying that he doesn't want him there. Jim tells Harvey that the bomber set him up as they take him out.

Four weeks later, Jim's murder trial concludes and he's found guilty. The judge gives him a maximum sentence of 40 years. Bruce and Selina are watching and Bruce insists that it can't be right.

At Arkham, the radio is playing a report about Jim's conviction. Barbara wakes up from her coma when she hears it.

Leslie goes to see Jim and she says that they'll fight it. Jim says that she has to move on, and Leslie asks how he can't be with her and their child. He insists that Leslie still has a chance at happiness, and tells her to forget he exists and go somewhere fit to raise their child. Jim tells Leslie not to call him again and leaves.

At the Van Dahl home, Elijah thanks his wife Grace and his children Sasha and Charles for welcoming Oswald into their family. Oswald offers a toast to family and they all join in... and look way in disgust when Oswald isn't looking.

A van takes Jim to Blackgate Penitentiary. Harvey is with Jim and promises that he'll find who set him up. As the guards take Jim away, Jim tells Harvey that he was a good partner.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2016

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