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Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald Recap

Six Months Later - 10.16.63

At the Dallas Schoolbook Depository, Lee Harvey Oswald interviews for a job. After asking the standard questions, the manager, Marguerite, tells worker Barney Lee to take Lee over to payroll. As he leaves later, Lee finds an FBI agent, James P. Hosty, waiting for him. Hosty welcomes Lee back and says that he only talked to Marina because Lee was gone. Disgusted, Lee walks away and Hosty tauntingly asks if he has Marina's new address.

Lee goes to Marina's new house and her roommate Ruth Paine lets him in. In the backyard, Lee tells his wife that he got a job at the depository. He asks Marina to come home, and Marina asks him if he loves her. Lee insists that they're married and that he loves her, their daughter Junie, and their unborn child. When she hesitates, Lee snaps at her and Marina says that she'll think about it. As she goes inside, Charlene comes over and tells Lee to give Marina time.

Jake returns to the apartment and finds Bill sleeping. He wakes him up and points out that Lee got his job at the Depository, and says that he's been busy taking care of Sadie. Bill wonders why he can't use Al's notes to bet more, and Jake insists that they have to stick with small bets to avoid drawing attention. George shows up at Lee's apartment and Jake listens in on his conversation with Lee. The CIA man wonders how Lee missed Walker, and Lee says that he wouldn't waste his time with Walker. Lee agrees to go to George's house to have a drink with Jeanne, and Jake wonders if Lee was playing dumb. Bill suggests that Lee won't shoot JFK anymore because they've already changed the future, and Jake points out that they haven't interacted with Lee yet. He admits that he's still not sure that it's Lee so he doesn't want to kill him yet, Jake refuses to kill anymore, and says that they'll kidnap Lee if they don't tack it down by end of the month and hold him until after 11/22. Bill is clearly unconvinced.

Back in Jodie, Jake goes to Sadie's house and finds her play poker with Deke. Deke suggests that the disfigured Sadie come back to school to work, and asks Jake when he's going to marry Sadie. As he goes, Deke tells Jake that Mimi wants to talk to him. Once the principal leaves, Sadie says that the plastic surgeons want to move up her last surgery to the next day. She wants to be done with the hospitals, and worries about the cost. Jake tells her not to worry about it, and Sadie asks him why he doesn't call the police about Lee. The teacher says that the Dallas police screw up the case and he doesn't trust them, and Sadie admits that she's scared about her last surgery. Jake assures her that it'll be okay.

When Jake meets with Mimi, Mimi asks him to tell Sadie they want her back at the school. Jake admits that he won't marry Sadie because he doesn't want to hurt her. Mimi abruptly says that she has cancer and not much time, and refuses to go to Mexico for experimental treatments because Jodie is her home. Jake starts crying, and Mimi makes him promise to be a friend to Deke, and to marry Sadie.

Later, Jake goes to a bar and places a bet on a boxing match with the owner, Charlene. She calls the owner, Sam, to handle it because Jake wants bigger action. Sam gives Jake 4-to-1 and Jake bets $800.

When Jake goes back to the apartment, there's no sign of Bill. Jake listens on the surveillance gear and hears Lee's friends and family throwing Lee a birthday party. He listens as Marina thanks Bill for coming, and then goes upstairs. Lee's brother Bobby escorts him in and Jake tells Marguerite that he's looking for Bill. Bill and Lee are drinking together, and Lee dances with Marguerite. Jake talks to Bill privately, and warns him that he's messing with the past. Bill explains that he's come up there and had a couple of beers with Lee, and Lee has never said anything about JFK. Marina suddenly has labor pains, and Bill tells Lee to take Marina to the hospital. Lee figures that it isn't time yet.

George and Jeanne arrive, and Jake tells Bill that they're leaving. Bill refuses to go, and as they struggle they knock over a lamp it. Lee examines it and finds one of the bugs, and figures that the FBI planted it. He loses his temper and starts smashing things, and then storms out despite Marina and George's objections.

Jake goes back to the apartment and waits for Bill to return. As he waits, Jake sees Bill with Marina through the window. When Bill comes in, they fight and Bill finally shoves Jake away. He says that he and Marina love each other and threatens to tell Lee everything if Jake gets in his way. Bill draws a gun and orders Jake out, telling him to go back to Sadie and not come back.

Later, Lee goes to a shooting range. He can't afford the fee and offers to work to make the difference. Once the owner agrees, Lee goes out and shoots... hitting a bullseye every time.

As Jake and Sadie wait for Deke to take them to the hospital, he tells her what happened. He refuses to call the police, figuring that it will make things worse if he has Bill arrested. Jake says that after the operation, he'll go back and talk to Bill. Zeke arrives and takes them to Parkland. While they wait in the hospital, Sadie says that she wants the scar removed so that she never has to think of Johnny again. She asks for something about the future, and Jake assures her that he will love her now and in the future.

Later, Jake joins Deke in the hallway... and Jake sees the Yellow Card Man from Maine in the hallway. Jake tries to go after him and discovers the door between them is locked. He panics and Deke tries to calm him down, and Jake says that something is wrong.

The doctors begin the surgery... unaware that the nitrous oxide levels of the anesthesia are rising.

Jake breaks the door's window with a fire extinguisher.

The plastic surgeon, Dr. Gelberg, administers the anesthesia. Jake barges in and says that they have to stop the surgery. The anesthesiologist confirms that they have a technical issue and Sadie wasn't getting any oxygen.

Later at home, Sadie realizes that the surgeons were unable to fix the scar. Jake assures her that she's perfect, and Sadie asks him if she's in the way of his mission to save JFK. He assures her that she's not going to get rid of him that easily.

Jake drives back to the Dallas apartment and sees Bill out on the step. Lee comes out with a rifle and Jake sees Bill jokingly firing the gun. Jake realizes that he's the second shooter. He goes inside later and tells Bill that Marina is at the hospital alone having the baby, and she was asking for Bill. Bill insists on going to the hospital, and Jake takes him to a doctor, Moren. Moren introduces himself and asks Bill to come with him to talk. Jake apologizes and orderlies come up. Bill runs for it but the orderlies tackle him. When Bill rants about Jake killing Frank, Moren assumes that he's as insane as Jake told him. Jake confirms that Bill can't sign himself out because he's incompetent.

Later, Jake follows Lee and watches him meet with George and receive an envelope. Once Lee moves on, Jake follows George to a flower shop. When George goes back to his car, parked in an alley, Jake wraps a cord around his neck from the back seat and demands to know about his friendship with Lee. He implies that he's with the CIA and demands the truth, and George tells him that he told his handler that he was winding Lee up. After Walker was shot, George told his handler but nobody in the CIA did anything. As for the envelope, George admits that he paid Lee to water his lawn. He really did it to give Marina money because they're both from Minsk, but he's too proud to take money for his wife. George insists that he doesn't know of any plan to kill JFK, and that he supports JFK because he's fighting the Communists who took over Russia.

Jake remembers Al telling him that George was the only one who could have set Lee up to assassinate JFK. If Jake confirms that George wasn't involved, then the only thing he can do is kill Lee before Lee kills JFK. Jake wonders if there's another way to stop Lee without killing him, and Al says that there isn't.

Once he's satisfied that George is telling the truth, Jake tells him to never talk to Lee again. If he tells anyone about their conversation then George will be killed. That night, Jake calls Sadie and says that he know that Lee acts alone. He tells her that Bill is out of the way and now all he needs to do is what he came to do and then it'll be over. Sadie tells him to hurry, and Jake asks her to marry him. She tells him to come home and she'll give him an answer, and Jake agrees.

As Jake leaves the phone booth, Sam and his men get out of a nearby car. Jake runs and the men easily chase him down. They beat him, and Sam explains that he owns all of the gambling houses that Jake has been betting at... and where Bill made the same bet in three different places. Jake promises to get it back, and Sam says that he has to make an example of him first. He pistol-whips Bill and then leaves with his men. Jake tries to crawl away and passes out.

Later, Jake wakes up in a hospital bed. Sadie is there, and Jake hallucinates that she's his ex-wife Christy. He fades in and out of consciousness, and doesn't recognize Sadie. Dr. Jones tells Sadie that Jake has had a traumatic head injury, and doesn't know how long it will take for Jake to recover.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2016

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