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Kansas Recap

Zelena has David’s courage, Regina’s heart and Mr. Gold’s brain. She needs just one more ingredient to put her plan in play: Mary Margaret’s baby. The little one will be coming soon enough. Mary Margaret is in labor. Emma hopes protection spell will keep Zelena away. David convinces her to allow Hook to help in her war with the Wicked Witch. It’s time to end this.

Emma expresses regret about bringing Henry back to Storybrooke. This is moments before Zelena has Rumple force Hook’s head underwater. He’s drowning. There’s only one way to save him once he’s freed from the water and that’s mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Once Emma’s lips touch Hook’s, her magic dissipates. Zelena heads straight to the hospital. Robin Hood’s small defense group is quickly overtaken. Zelana knocks Belle unconscious as she storms through the hospital. Her target: Mary Margaret’s baby.

In Fairy Tale Land past, Zelena watches from afar as Rumplestiltskin attempts to teach Regina magic. Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, pops by to thank her for showing Oz the true colors of the wizard. She wants her to meet her real sisters. Glinda says the Witch of the North is all about wisdom. The Witch of the East represents courage. When they join forces, their powers are far greater than they’d ever be on their own. The sisters want Zelena to represent the west which is all about innocence. A Book of Records foretells of a powerful sorceress brought to Oz via cyclone, just like Zelena was.

Glinda gives Zelena a very special pendant. Each of the witches in the sisterhood wears one. It provides great power which will disappear should she ever take it off. As Glinda shows Zelena the west, they notice a cyclone in the distance. There’s something inside the storm. It’s a house. It crashes to the ground. Zelena and Glinda find a young girl inside. Her name is Dorothy Gale. She’s from Kansas. Glinda believes she must be a very special person to have survived such a storm. She wants her to meet their sisters. Zelena isn’t as thrilled as Glinda about this stranger coming to Oz.

Zelena believes that a prophecy suggests that Dorothy is going to take her place at the table with the other witches. She confronts the person who she believes can defeat her. Zelena tries to hurl a fireball. Dorothy fights her off by dousing her with a bucket of water. It causes Zelena to melt. Glinda assures Dorothy that this was her destiny as she leads her away down a yellow brick road to find the wizard. Once they are gone, Zelena reappears. She hasn’t melted at all.

In present day Storybrooke, Mary Margaret gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. This joyous moment is cut short once Zelena burst through the delivery room door. She promptly steals the baby right out of Mary Margaret’s arms. Emma lets the others know that her magic is gone. Henry believes his other mother can beat Zelena. There’s good inside Regina. Once upon a time she was a villain. Now she’s a hero. Henry and the others believe in her. But does Regina believe in herself?

Zelena puts the baby in the western spot of a circle that also holds a heart, brain and courage. A portal begins to open as tendrils of magic converge. Regina and the others enter the area. Mr. Gold says if they get the dagger then the Dark One will be on their side. That’s easier said than done. Regina summons the light magic inside her. She’s able to release the dagger and take away Zelena’s pendant. Gold wants vengeance until Regina stops him. Heroes don’t kill. Regina locks away Zelena’s pendant in her vault after warning her sister to change her ways.

In Fairy Tale Land past, Dorothy appears before the wizard. She wants to go home to Kansas. To do so she must click the heels of her slippers together three times. Dorothy does as she’s told. Moments later she’s gone. Glinda is surprised to see who is behind the curtain posing as the wizard. It’s Zelena, She banishes Glinda from Oz.

In Storybrooke, Belle is reunited with Gold. She gives him the dagger because she believes in him. Gold gives it right back because he knows she’s his future. He asks Belle for her hand in marriage. She happily says yes. Another reunion occurs at the hospital when David returns their son back to his mother’s arms. Emma introduces Henry to his new uncle right after letting Hook know that she’s planning to return to New York.

As for Mr. Gold, he never really gave the dagger back to Belle. That was just a sleight of hand trick. He holds the real dagger before a defenseless Zelena. Rumplestiltskin vowed he would avenge his son’s death. And Rumplestiltskin never breaks a deal. He stabs Zelena to the point where she shatters like porcelain. Elsewhere, green smoke wafts from the drawer which holds Zelena’s pendant. It flows through Storybrooke. It arrives at the spot where Zelena was initially setting forth her plan. It’s at this location where the time portal opens.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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