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Parting Shot Recap

Bobbi sits in an interrogation room at Interpol's black site in Moscow. Inspector Duval says that she's lucky that her government intervened to bring in Interpol for something as serious as what Bobbi did. Duval points out that three government officials were murdered on Russian soil by former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When the inspector asks Bobbi what she has to say, she asks for a cheeseburger and curly fries. Duval warns her that there is no one else to help her, and asks what she was doing in Siberia.

34 Hours Earlier

Lance and Bobbi get ahead of Malick's detonator, and lance hands his ex-wife the detonator. As the convoy drives past, Bobbi contacts Fitz on the Zephyr. Fitz is tracking the convoy and reports that it's heading for a decommissioned power plant. They figure that the Russians plan to build a concentration camp for Inhumans, and Fitz tells Lance that he'll need to procure transport. Lance knocks out a guard on a jeep and he and Bobbi get in.


Duval admires Lance's ability to spout nonsense, and Lance insists that it's the truth. He and Bobbi were on holiday picking mushrooms. Duval points out that Lance was standing over a dead man with the murder weapon, and asks who ordered the assassination. Lance insists that they were accosted in the woods by drunken soldiers, and all they did was try to get out of it.

31 Hours Earlier

As night falls, Bobbi and Lance approach the power plant. Fitz tells them that they can't get an internal scan of the plant, and Coulson tells them that he'll send backup with guns and surveillance. Lance asks if they have a green light to assassinate Gideon, and Coulson tells them to just find out what he is and get back to him. Once Bobbi signs off, Lance stares at her until she asks what he wants. He says that it's nice just the two of them alone in the woods, and tries to remember the last time they had a proper vacation. Lance points out that they've never had a vacation, and Bobbi insists that they have to sacrifice free time. She wonders why Lance is thinking about it, and he points out that they went on a mission with the man who killed two of their friends. He figures that leaving Gideon will end badly, and spots someone hauling an Inhuman prisoner inside.

Soldiers suddenly surround the two agents, guns drawn. The agents claim that they're picking mushrooms and they got lost, and then attack and knock out the soldiers. Someone announces over one of the soldier's radios that the Cabinet Ministers have arrived.

The Zephyr lands nearby and Bobbi and Lance meet them. They explain that Gideon and Anton are meeting with Russian Cabinet Ministers to show them an Inhuman. The team figures that they need to get inside, and they realize that Bobbi is the only one who speaks Russian. Melinda sends Bobbi, Daisy, and Mack to find the security hub, and Lance is with her.


Duval hooks Lance and Bobbi up to lie detectors and question them separately. The inspector knows that they were S.H.I.E.L.D. agents until S.H.I.E.L.D. disbanded. Neither one of them break despite hours of questioning. Duval shows Bobbi a photo of a dead man and asks why she killed him. Bobbi says that she didn't, and Duval says that she's confessed to Lance doing it. He figures that their weakness is each other.

29 Hours Earlier

Lance and May sneak into the plant and look for the Inhuman. They take cover to avoid the guards, and Lance finds a dead man wrapped in a tarp. Melinda realizes that it's the Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Olshenko's personal attaché, and says that they have to get their information to Coulson and Mack.

Bobbi and the others fight into the security hub, and Mack admits that he doesn't remember Bobbi and Lance ever taking a vacation. Daisy prepares to hack the computes but realizes that it's in Cyrillic. Mack spots Gideon and Anton on the security monitors, and Bobbi goes after them disguised as a soldier while Daisy and Mack pipe the video to Coulson.

Bobbi finds Gideon and Anton, as Gideon talks about creating a reservation for Inhumans. Bobbi plants a bug as the Cabinet Ministers arrive, and Coulson listens in as Anton explains that Olshenko sent his attaché to the plant to shut down the sanctuary. Anton admits that the attaché is dead at the hands of General Androvich, and Coulson recognizes Androvich as the Minister of Defense and a former KGB assassin. As Bobbi listens, Anton tells Gideon that Androvich is an Inhuman. Gideon asks where Androvich is, and Anton says that he's in restraints. As the team realizes that the captive Inhuman is Androvich, Gideon says that he can't help them because humanity will have to make some difficult choices about their existence. He insists that they must ally with the Inhumans, but they will need a leader and Olshenko is not that leader. Gideon suggests that they release Androvich, and Coulson realizes that the Hydra director is staging a coup.


Duval returns to Bobbi's cell and offers her water. She refuses, and Duval says that they know she and Lance aren't operating alone. He figures that S.H.I.E.L.D. is still in the shadows, and Bobbi wonders why Duval hasn't mentioned Gideon. Duval offers to spare Lance if Bobbi confesses to working with S.H.I.E.L.D., glances at the one-way mirror, and leaves.

28 Hours Earlier

As Melinda and Lance wait for the soldiers to move off, Lance figures that Melinda paired up with him because she doesn't trust him. Melinda points out that he put Andrew's life at risk for selfish reasons, and Lance says that he'd take a bullet for any of them because they're teammates. She points out that she was the person next to Lance, and S.H.I.E.L.D. works for the greater good. Lance apologizes for everything he did, just as Daisy calls to say that Gideon is on the move.

Bobbi is with the soldiers escorting Gideon and Anton out. As they go to get Androvich, a superior officer asks Bobbi where her tie is. She knocks him out but loses Gideon and Anton as they go to another wing and seal the door behind them. Meanwhile, Jemma confirms that the attaché was strangled to death. However, there are no external marks, suggesting that a psychic ability was used.

Lance and Melinda spot Gideon outside, and Daisy gets Bobbi through the door. Mack spots Androvich on the security cameras and confirms that he's free, and then sees his shadow detach from his body. Daisy rolls the video back so they can figure out what happened.

Fitz picks up incoming helicopters approaching the compound. It's Olshenko's personal detail, and they realize that he's coming there. Coulson realizes that Gideon plans to have Androvich kill Olshenko at the plant. As Bobbi makes her way through the plant, Androvich's "shadow" follows her and then fades through a wall.

Gideon and his men drive away at the same time that Olshenko's detail lands on the other side of the compound. Coulson tells Lance and Melinda to protect Olshenko. They head across the compound and spot Olshenko. Daisy and Mack arrive and Bobbi is in the group. Coulson tells Lance and Melinda to secure Olshenko, while the others contain Androvich and get him to a containment module. Jemma reviews the videos and says that she might know what Androvich's powers are.

Olshenko demands his attaché, and Anton looks over at Androvich. Anton then says that the attaché, Yuri, couldn't see the error of his ways. Olshenko realizes that they're all traitors, just as the S.H.I.E.L.D. team tosses a smoke grenade in. Lance leads Olshenko off while Melinda attacks Anton's men. Bobbi, Mack, and Daisy confront Androvich, who summons his "shadow" made out of Darkforce. It attacks Mack, and is incorporeal so that they can't hit it. Once the shadow knocks Mack unconscious, it fades into a wall and they realize that Androvich has slipped away. Jemma explains that the Darkforce manifestation operates independently of Androvich and can control its density. The scientist warns that she doesn't know of any way to beat it.

Lance leads Olshenko out, and shoots Anton when he comes after them.

Bobbi realizes that they have to take out Androvich, just as the shadow comes after them. It fades in and out faster than they can react, knocking out Daisy and then fading away.

The shadow confronts Lance and Mack tells Bobbi to go why he helps Daisy. Lance tries to fight the shadow but is unable to touch it. Meanwhile, Bobbi finds Androvich and shots him dead. She immediately surrenders and the soldiers take her prisoner.

The shadow disappears just as it prepares to kill Lance and Olshenko. More soldiers arrive and arrest Lance.


Duval brings Lance into Bobbi's cell and chains him down next to her. Once the inspector and his men leave, Bobbi says that they were lucky. Lance says that he was lucky and she was good, and admits that he doesn't see a way out where everyone lives. Bobbi says that perhaps not everyone should.

Olshenko meets with President Ellis and figures that Lance and Bobbi are working for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Ellis insists that there is no S.H.I.E.L.D., and points out that Bobbi and Lance saved Olshenko's life. Unimpressed, Olshenko says that when the incident goes public, he'll have to explain how three members of his government were murdered. Coulson steps forward and Ellis says that Coulson is an advisor to the ATCU. As Olshenko takes that in, Coulson points out that Androvich tried to assassinate Olshenko. Olshenko tells Ellis that someone must pay for what happened and it won't be him.

Coulson enters the cell and introduces himself as if he's a stranger. He uses a device to blank out the sound, and tells Lance and Bobbi to head out the door when Fitz triggers the EMP. The couple agree that they can't risk an extraction, and they'll sacrifice themselves to protect S.H.I.E.L.D.. Bobbi and Lance agree that it's time, and Coulson promises to have their things sent to them. The cameras come back up and Coulson finishes his scripted spiel. Coulson then turns over to Duval, and confirms that they don’t work for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Ellis says that Lance and Bobbi will never work for the government, and Coulson thanks them for their bravery. He points out that they saved Olshenko's life and wiped out his opposition, and suggests that they're free to go. Olshenko walks out, leaving the door open.

Back on Zephyr, Coulson returns alone. He tells the team that Lance and Bobbi have been disavowed and won't be coming back. They walked free but can't be agents again. Coulson assures the others that Bobbi and Lance never cracked even to save each other, and they did it for S.H.I.E.L.D..

Later back in the States, Lance and Bobbi go to a bar and discuss where to go on vacation. They're well aware that they're under surveillance, and a waitress brings Bobbi a drink. She says that Bobbi has an admirer and leaves, and Lance spots Jemma in a booth. The waitress brings another drink and another drink, and the couple spot the rest of their teammates in the crowd. Bobbi explains that it's the Spy's Goodbye, and they all share a toast at a distance. Coulson and his team leave, and Bobbi takes Lance's hand.

Gideon is out in a forest skeet-shooting. His daughter Stephanie joins him, and Gideon admits that the mission didn't go well. He confirms that they don't have a clue that Hive is back, and Stephanie is eager to meet him. She figures that Hive is going to change the world, and scores a direct hit.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 23, 2016

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