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2.0 Recap

The team try to shock Cameron back, but they're unable to bring him back. Ayo calls the time of death, but Kirsten insists that Cameron wants to go back. Maggie has them shock Cameron again but nothing happens, and Kirsten breaks into tears. After a moment, Cameron strokes her hair and she realizes that he's alive. Everyone sighs in relief as Cameron says that he isn't dying again.

Later at the hospital, Kirsten sits at Cameron's bed side. Linus and Camille come in to check on their friend, and Kirsten assures them that he's fine. She admits that she was a little overwhelmed, just as Cameron wakes up. He asks about Quincy, and Camille assures him that the police detective is out of danger. Kirsten asks Cameron if he remembers anything from the Stitch, and he asks what Kirsten saw what she was in his head. Camille drags Linus out and Kirsten remembers her feelings for Cameron. Before she can describe the Stitch, Cameron dozes off.

Out in the hallway, Linus and Camille discuss how Kirsten was so emotional when she thought Cameron was dead. Linus points out that Kirsten isn't the only one who has changed, and admits that he's been a jerk. He assures Camille that she did a great job during the Stitch, better than he would have, and figures that it's time that he grew up. Camille suggests that he sleep on it because he might feel different in the morning, and Linus hopes that he doesn't.

The next day, Maggie meets with Leslie and complains that he backed Cameron's decision. Leslie points out that Cameron made the decision and tells Maggie to take the day off and then they can focus on the threat of the team. Maggie says that Leslie is the biggest threat, and he reminds her that he's her boss. She reminds Leslie that he told her to hide the truth of the Stitchers program, from the team, and figures that he's keeping something from her. Maggie figures that Leslie killed Ed Clark, and Leslie only says that saving the world is a messy business. He asks Maggie how many people she's willing to kill to save the world, and Maggie assures him that she'd kill one person to save her team.

Kirsten wakes up as Cameron comes out of the bedroom. He says that he's feeling great and the doctors told him he could go. Linus comes in and explains that Kirsten has been emotionally raw since the last Stitch. He tells them that Quincy wants to talk to them, and they go to Quincy's room. Camille is with him, and Cameron thanks him for saving his life at the restaurant. Quincy tells Kirsten that Leslie orders him to stop looking into Ed's murder, and figures that Leslie killed Ed. Furious, Kirsten storms out.

At Leslie's condo, Kirsten finds Leslie dead on the floor.

Later at the lab, NSA agents escort Kirsten in. Linus is preparing Leslie's mind map, and tells Cameron and Kirsten that there's something wrong with it. Captain Stamperson, the head of the NSA security detail, is questioning Linus about the process. Maggie comes over and reminds Stamperson that she's in charge until new director is appointed. Once Stamperson leaves, Maggie feels that Leslie knew his killer because there was no sign of forced entry. She worries that Kirsten is emotionally vulnerable because of what happened when Cameron died. Cameron says that they want her to die something, and they present her with a new suit. It's reinforced with Kevlar, and Cameron figures that she'll feel stronger wearing a tougher suit so she'll be stronger in the Stitch. As they prepare for the Stitch, Cameron asks Kirsten what she was going to tell him in the office. The alert for the procedure begins and Kirsten says that it can wait.

The team begins the Stitch and Kirsten finds herself in Leslie's apartment. The memories are fragmented, and Linus is unable to unscramble them. Kirsten smells incense but then feels sick and bounces out of the Stitch. They analyze Leslie's map and they realize that Leslie may have conditioned his mind to make it unStitchable. Kirsten wants to go to Leslie's condo to check out something that she saw in the stitch, and Maggie tells Cameron to go with her. Stamperson assigns two agents to go with them.

At the condo, Kirsten spots a painting concealing a hidden door, and remembers numbers that she saw in the Stitch. They don't work, and Kirsten remembers seeing a grasshopper. Since Leslie was French Moroccan, Kirsten enters the French word for grasshopper. The door opens, revealing a panic room that someone has torn up. They search the room themselves and discover that the computer hard drive is missing. There's a federal inventory control sticker, and Cameron takes a photo of it.

At the hospital, Camille is sitting with Quincy. Cameron sends her a photof the sticker and asks her to check it out, and she tells Quincy that she has to get to work. Camille grabs a nurse's coat and uses the hospital computer to check the sticker.

As they wait, Kirsten suggests that when she Stitched into Cameron when it was live, it rebooted her emotions that she lost when she Stitched into her father as a child. Camille calls and says that Leslie's computer was listed as destroyed 15 years ago. She found the address the computer was sent to and texts it to Cameron. As they leave, the NSA agents inform them that Stamperson wants them back in the lab. Cameron leads them into the panic room and tells them to load up the computer can, then slips out and locks the door behind them.

Cameron and Kirsten go to the address and find a sealed building. Someone has been taking care of it, and Cameron climbs up a pipe to the roof. Kirsten is scared for his safety, but he makes the climb, finds a door, and comes down to let her in. Inside, Cameron tells Kirsten to calm down and complains that she's mothering her. They find an empty room with holes in the floor where something big was bolted. There's static electricity, and two security guards come in with tasers and demands to see their badges. When Cameron objects, Kirsten takes the taser dart meant for him rather than risk his heart condition. She goes down and the other guard tases Cameron unconscious.

Later at the police station, Cameron and Kirsten are handcuffed to a badge. He says that she shouldn’t have taken the taser for him, and figures that they're even. They slide closer together and Kirsten asks why Cameron is suddenly so brave. He says that he feels free after he died and came back, and refuses to live in any fear anymore.

In the past, a young Cameron assures Kirsten that her mother will be okay.

Kirsten tells Cameron that they met at the hospital when they were kids, right after her mother's accident. Cameron doesn't remember meeting her, and Kirsten says that he was sweet to a scared young girl. Maggie arrives and admits that she's tempted to let them stay the night there in cells. However, she gives them official badges so that they can do their job. However, Maggie tells them not to do anything stupid. She then has the police release them.

Back at the lab, Stamperson complains that Cameron ditched the security detail. Cameron flashes his badge and tells Stamperson to get out of his face. LInnus has defragmented Leslie's memories, but there's only one way to find out if they can be Stitched. They begin the second Stitch and Kirsten confirms the memories are better. Camille has them check a hot spot 15 years ago, at the same time that Leslie's computer was destroyed. Cameron directs Kirsten there, and she sees Leslie and a team working on Project Grasshopper. There's a subject in a pod, and the project failed. Cameron moves Kirsten to Leslie's murder, and she sees Maggie's discussion with Leslie. Kirsten smells incense again, and then sees someone shoot a gun: Maggie.

Maggie gets on the radio and tells Kirsten that she saw wrong. She admits that she was with Leslie before he died, and Stamperson prepares to take Maggie into custody. The agents draw their guns, and Maggie disarms one and uses him as a shield. She insists that she didn't kill Leslie, and tells Linus to figure it out in the two minutes that they have left. Linus realigns the memories and Kirsten sees the same thing. Cameron replays it and this time Kirsten warns that the memories are out of sync. Linus tells Camille to take over for Cameron, and Cameron goes to Engineering.

Kirsten wonders what's going on, and Linus explains that they need three controllers to realign the memories. They succeed and Kirsten sees the real shooter. She bounces out just in time, and tells Stamperson that she's sure the killer wasn't Maggie. Stamperson has his agents stand down, and Maggie tells the team to figure out who killed Leslie.

Later, Camille assures Kirsten that they'll figure out what happened. Camille is surprised that Kirsten is feeling, and Kirsten wonders how Camille deals with it. Her friend suggests that they go home and have some wine. As they take the elevator to the surface, Kirsten sees the readout and remembers one of Leslie's memories. It stopped at 163, and Kirsten hits the emergency stop. They open the elevator doors and find a hidden floor. Exploring, the two women find a covered body in a pod. Kirsten removes the hood and realizes who it is.

Camille brings Cameron and Maggie up. The body in the pod is Ed, and Maggie insists that she didn't know about the chamber. Cameron says that Leslie once had him design a drug protocol that would extend the four-day limit on brain viability. Kirsten is furious that Ed was the guinea pig for Cameron's experiments, and points out that Maggie said Ed was cremated. Maggie admits that what was what she was told, and Kirsten wants to Stitch into Ed's memories.

In the lab, Cameron warns Kirsten that Ed's memories are impossible to map. They're going to use the mind map they created when they Stitched him the first time. Kirsten refuses to let Cameron bounce her if anything goes wrong. When they begin the Stitch, Kirsten is unable to make out anything from Ed's last memories. She finally sees Ed and someone else fighting. Cameron prepares to boost the power despite the fact it will burn out the memory centers. Once they feed in the power, Kirsten hears Ed saying that "she" has suffered already. He struggles with the other person for a gun and it goes off. She smells incense and bounces out, and explains that she didn't see the killer. Kirsten figures that whoever killed Ed also killed Leslie. Stamperson wants to increase security, but Kirsten explains that Ed's death was an accident. She figures that Barbiero ignored his employer's orders and attacked Quincy forever, and says that the woman who called her said that they would come for her when she was ready to hear the truth. Until then, they do their jobs.

As Cameron and Kirsten head for the surface later, Cameron stops the elevator and insists that he didn't know about Ed. Kirsten says that everyone has their secrets, even Cameron, and he asks what secrets she saw in his head. Kirsten remembers his memories of her, and then says that she didn't see anything. Cameron realizes that she's lying and starts the elevator up again.

Later at home, Kirsten finds a cup that belonged to her father Daniel. She remembers that he shaved using sandalwood and realizes that it's the incense that she smelled in the Stitches.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 23, 2016

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