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Broken Hearts Recap

Cupid captures a newlywed couple and ties them up, and they promise not to tell anyone if she lets them go. She's amused by their agreement, and asks how much that they love them. When they say that they love the other more than anything in the world, Cupid says that it's pathetic and quotes Deadshot, saying that love is a bullet to the brain. She then shoots them both in the heart.

The bail hearing for Damien begins with Judge Sakow, and his lawyer moves for their motion to dismiss. Laurel objects and the defense lawyer, Fitzmartin, says that Damien was being held himself. Fitzmartin has papers confirming that Damien is Kenneth Bender, a citizen of Markovia, and says that there's no evidence to suggest that Damien is the man accused of crimes. Laurel says that she has evidence and will present it at trial, and the judge tells her to present it. She then remands Damien into police custody until the trial.

At the loft, Felicity is preparing to move out and tells her plan to Oliver. He congratulates her on her improved mobility, and Felicity asks him to cancel the wedding venue. Oliver agrees and says that the movers will swing by whenever she wants. Felicity says that she'll see him tonight when the team gets together, and Oliver assures her that she's a part of the team forever and always.

Five Years Ago

Reiter has Oliver and Taiana enter the caves until they reach an underground tunnel. The mercenary explains that he grew up in a small village in Africa, and bandits destroyed it and everyone there except Reiter. He swore that he would never feel helpless again, and Oliver asks how he's any different than the bandits. Reiter takes out a gun and shoots one of the slaves.


At the bunker, Oliver, Thea, and Diggle return and tell Felicity that everything was surprisingly quiet. Laurel arrives and tells them that the Ghost who took William killed himself, and there's no one to testify against Damien. Felicity points out that they can testify against Damien since he abducted them, and then explains that she and Oliver aren't engaged or living together. She refuses to talk about it further and walks away. Diggle checks on Oliver in the next room, examining the fragments of Damien's idol, and he assures Oliver that Felicity will come around eventually. Thea joins them and says that Quentin called with a case.

Green Arrow arrives at the crime scene and Quentin shows him one of Cupid's arrows. Quentin shows the vigilante the dead couple, arranged in the shape of a heart. Cupid left a note saying "Love is dead."

Oliver and Quentin return to the bunker and Diggle has Lyla confirm that Amanda had Cupid released after she worked her way off of Task Force X. Thea realizes that the dead couple are Blaine and Shannon, a high-profile couple. Oliver figures that Cupid will strike again, and Diggle says that they have to go to court. Felicity says that she'll stay behind and work up leads on Cupid.

In court, Diggle testifies that Damien attacked the Queen campaign holiday party. He explains that Damien took him, Felicity, and Thea hostage and called the shots. Fitzmartin confirms that Diggle was at the party working security, even after Oliver lost his job. He then has Diggle confirm that he helped Thea buy $74,000 worth of cocaine. Laurel objects and Fitzmartin suggests that Diggle is perjuring himself for Oliver. Outside, Laurel warns the others that Fitzmartin can tear potentially expose any of them. Quentin tells Laurel to put him on the stand, even though he might end up in jail with Damien. Felicity calls and tells them that she has Cupid's location. Cupid has kidnapped another celebrity couple, Allison Lee and Robert Joyce. She has tracked their cell phones and gives the team their location. Oliver tells Laurel to stay there while the rest of them go after Cupid.

Cupid is driving the couple's limo through town and spots Green Arrow and the others closing in on them. she takes evasive action but Speedy leaps on the limo. Cupid drives the limo into a warehouse, knocking Speedy off, and Green Arrow goes in after her. He shoots the limo with an explosive arrow and it crashes. However, when he opens the door, he discovers that the driver's seat is empty. Cupid attacks him and Green Arrow deflects her arrow. She says that she was in love with the Arrow but Green Arrow isn't him. Green Arrow snares her but she cuts herself free when he goes to free the couple. He manages to grab her sleeve but Cupid shoots a grapple line up and escapes through a window.

Back at the bunker, Felicity examines the torn sleeve and says that Cupid is going against love because it betrayed her. Quentin has assigned a protective detail, Felicity runs forensics on the sleeve, and the others hit the street. As they go, Oliver insists that he and Felicity are fine, but Diggle and Thea don't believe it. They advise him to tell her that he wants to get back together, and Diggle wonders what is stopping him.

Five Years Ago

Reiter tells Oliver to let the dying slave die, and the man's soul force leaves him and enters a nearby idol. The mercenary reaches for the idol and the runes on his arm glow red. Reiter tells the idol that he has dozens of lives above under his control, and orders his men to kill the slaves. Oliver attacks the mercenaries and Taiana grabs the idol before running out.


Quentin checks in on Laurel, who is working the case at her apartment. None of the other witnesses at the party will testify against Damien for fear of their lives. Laurel has talked to her boss but he won't give Quentin immunity for prosecution. Quentin doesn't care about immunity, and insists that he made the decision to work with Damien and he should pay the price. Laurel reluctantly agrees but insists that Quentin has to testify that he did it for fear of her life.

The team returns to the bunker and admit that they came up empty. Felicity cuts up the sleeve to run in her chronograph, and confirms that it has fibers from white lace and storage chemicals. She finds a wedding dress service that uses the chemical and gives them the address, and the team heads out.

At the dress service, Felicity doesn't track any movement. The team splits up to search the place, and Spartan finds a shrine with articles of couples who are getting married. Thea finds an article about Felicity and Oliver's engagement. They return to the bunker and Oliver tells Felicity that they need to get married. Felicity says that it's a horrible idea, but Diggle and Thea agree with Oliver. Thea says that she'll leak the news of their secret wedding to bloggers, making it a top story. Oliver immediately says that they can get married the next day, and admits that the venue still has their deposit. Felicity points out that he said he was going to cancel the venue, and Oliver admits that he couldn't bring himself to do it and admit it was over. She tells him that it is over and walks away.

Five Years Ago

Oliver and Taiana lose the mercenaries in the tunnels, and Oliver figures that Reiter won't kill the slaves without the idol. She tries to smash it but it doesn't break. Reiter calls them over the radio that Oliver took, and tells him that the only way out is back the way they came... through him.


In court, Quentin testifies that Damien had him obtain plans for the home of the chief of the fire department, and the next day it blow up. He describes everything else Damien had him do, and Laurel has her father explain that Damien threatened her. Fitzmartin cross-examines and asks Quentin if he ever saw Damien did anything illegal. Quentin says that he saw Damien with his ghosts, talking about how he was going to destroy Star City. He admits that he's risking his life and his career and insists that he's telling the truth.

Oliver and Felicity set up at the venue, and speedy stands guard while Diggle taps into the security cameras from the van. Felicity comes in wearing her wedding dress, and Oliver stares at her in shock. She irritably tells the officiant to get them married, and she tells them to recite their vows. Felicity briefly says something, and Oliver talks about how she changed everything when he met her and she brought him into the light. He says that he will never lie to her again and puts the ring on Felicity's finger. Cupid fires an arrow at their feet and Oliver tells the justice to run. He calls the others, and Cupid says that love means that Oliver is soft and soft is death. She shoots Oliver in the chest and then takes out a bomb trigger.

Cupid tells Felicity that once she's done, everyone will know that love is a bullet to the brain. Oliver says that it isn't and gets to his feet, and reveals that he's wearing Kevlar. He tells Cupid that she doesn't have to do it, but she explains that people need to know that true love is a joke. She says that she has loved two men in her life and they're both dead, and love always ends in death. Felicity says that it's not, and that love is life itself. She tells Cupid that if she dies then she was lucky enough to have experienced it. Felicity says that when Oliver walked into her life, and love brought them both more joy than Cupid can ever take away from them.

Shocked, Cupid says that she believes in love again. Spartan arrives and shoots the remote out of Cupid's hand, and he and Speedy attack her. She knocks them down and picks up the remote, just as Speedy shoots her with a line. Oliver picks up the gun and wounds Cupid before she can trigger the bomb.

As the police take Cupid away, Cupid thanks Felicity for giving the rest of them hope. Oliver suggests that they talk about what Felicity said, and she suggests that they wait until the next day when they've got some rest. Thea gets word from Laurel that Sakow is going to rule and Felicity goes to change. Diggle tells Oliver that he heard what Felicity said, and insists that she needs some time.

Five Years Ago

Reiter's mercenaries find the idol lying on the floor. They pick it up, and Oliver drops on them from above and takes one of them out. Taiana clubs the other one unconscious and tells Oliver to radio Reiter and let him know that they also have guns.


Sakow tells the court that there is no forensic or circumstantial evidence to ascertain Damien's guilt. However, she accepts that Quentin was telling the truth and denies the motion to dismiss. Sakow holds Damien without bail and binds him over to trial.

At the station, Laurel asks Quentin if they're okay since she questioned him. Frank comes over and tells Quentin that he's being suspended pending an IAD investigation. He takes Quentin's badge and gun, and Quentin says that he's fine either way. Laurel says that she'll represent Quentin with the IAD, but he tells her to focus on Damien and they hug.

Felicity returns to the bunker and finds Oliver watching the news. He tells her that he meant what he said at the ceremony, and Felicity says that she loves him. However, what she said doesn't apply to the two of them, and insists that she can't marry him. Oliver swears that there will be no more lies, but Felicity says that no matter what happens, Oliver will eventually lie to her again because that's the life they live. She apologies for thinking that they could have a normal life, and she can't stand to be with him and not be with him. Felicity says that they have to let each other go and hands back the wedding ring. They both say that they don't want to let each other go, but Felicity says that she's already gone and leaves.

The guards take Damien to his cell. Once he's alone, Damien removes his wedding wing from his mouth and puts it on his finger, and then smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 24, 2016

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