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Lycanthropia Recap

Two Nights Ago

Nick wakes up and slips out of bed so as to not wake Adalind. He gets a prepared backpack and enters the old tunnel, and hides the case holding the stick behind some bricks.

The world is full of obvious things which nobody by chance ever observes.

This Evening: Just Before Sunset

A man, Doyle Baske, is driving on a road through the forest, heading for his mother’s home. His tire blows out and Doyle slams into a tree. Once he recovers, Doyle staggers out and realizes that the sun is going down. Desperate, he runs down the road.

Nick is working on the vault door in the old tunnel and finally gets it open. On the other side is a shaft leading far down into the darkness.

Doyle runs down the road and hears people talking off to the side. He runs off the road and transforms into a Blutbad-like creature, and the talking people are soon screaming.

Sean calls Adalind and asks to talk to her privately the next day, and not tell Nick that they’re meeting. As Adalind hangs up, Nick climbs back up and tells her that he got the door open. He goes to take a shower.

A trucker is driving down the road and comes to Doyle on the road. He gets out to investigate, assuming that Doyle is dead, but Doyle gasps and stares up at him.

Later, Nick and Hank arrive at the road and Wu greets them. He gives them Doyle’s story, including the fact that he claimed a guy with a big dog attacked him. Doyle got away, and the paramedic found bites on Doyle but not animal bites. The man insists that he is leaving, but presents his ID when asked. As he does, Doyle explains that he does commercial real estate and was on his way to visit his mother. Hank offers him a ride back to his car, and Doyle agrees. They arrive at his car and confirm his story about the flat. Doyle says that he was attacked down the road and doesn’t remember much of what happened. Clearly skeptical, Nick suggests that Doyle might have a concussion, and Doyle promises to get himself checked out once he checks in on his mother

Adalind takes Kelly with her to the restaurant, and Renard sits down with them. She wants to know about Diana, and Renard says that she has seen Meisner. Renard explains that Meisner killed the king and took Diana, and says that they’ll have to be patient before they can see her. She telekinetically moves a glass, and Renard realizes that her Hexenbiest power is coming back. Adalind insists that he can’t tell Nick, and Renard reminds her of what happened to Juliette. He takes her hand and says that he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Adalind angrily says the same thing about Renard and leaves.

Hank and Nick drive Doyle to his mother’s house. Doyle asks them not to say anything to his mother about being attacked, and the detectives agree but say that they’ll need his shirt for evidence. He gets to the door and his mother comes out to greet him. Mrs. Baske says that she didn’t call when Doyle failed to arrive, because she thought he was at the office. Doyle gives the detectives his card and runs Mrs. Baske in. once they’re alone, Hank points out that it’s odd that Doyle didn’t want his mother to know he was attacked. Doyle returns and tosses them the shirt, thanks them again, and leaves.

At the station, Hank confirms that Doyle doesn’t have a criminal record. The family has owned the property since the 180ss. Wu returns with lab report on the shirt, which confirms that there were three blood types on the shirt. Nick suggests that the “dog” was Wesen, and has Wu check the hospitals.

The detectives pick up Monroe and Rosalee, then go back to the crime scene to retrace Doyle’s steps. Monroe picks up the blood scent from the shirt and follows it down the road.

Lucien calls Rachel and asks if Renard has committed to running as mayor. Rachel warns that Renard is playing it carefully, and Lucien tells her to persuade him. She then texts Renard asking if she can come by earlier

Monroe follows the scent and determines that it goes into the forest. He also doesn’t pick up any other scents.

Rachel leaves her home, unaware that Eve is watching her. Once Rachel leaves, eve breaks into her house and searches the place. She finds the Renard poster and takes a photo of it and the mailing address on the tube, then puts it back where she found it.

Monroe and Rosalee pick up the scent of death, and follow it to two dead hikers, viciously torn apart. Examining the scene, Monroe says that it’s somewhat Blutbadian, but not quite. The detectives confirm that the attacker didn’t take the victims’ credit cards. Meanwhile, Monroe points out that there was a full moon the previous night, and realizes that the killer wasn’t a Blutbad. He goes back to the detectives and says that they could be dealing with a Lycanthrope... and it’s not quite a Wesen.

Back at the spice shop, Monroe finds a reference to a Lycanthrope. It’s a genetic mutation specific to Blutbad, Lycanthropia manifests during the three nights of the full moon, and it drives Blutbad insane. Monroe thought the disease had been wiped out a hundred years ago, and there’s no known cure. The detectives figure that if Doyle is the Lycanthrope then he’ll kill on the next two nights.

Nick and Hank tell Renard what they suspect, and suggest that they bring Doyle in and lock him up to see what happens. Renard figures that Mrs. Baske would know about it, and tells them just to hold Doyle without charging him. Wu comes in with the lab report on the hikers. Their blood types match those on Doyle’s shirt, and the detectives head to the Baske house while Wu prepares the isolation cell. Nick figures that they’ll need something to knock Doyle out once he reverts.

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee look for a cure but find nothing. Nick calls and explains their plan. Rosalee says that she can prepare a tranquilizer. Nick and Hank drive to the Baske home. Mrs. Baske offers to get Doyle for them, and Doyle comes out a minute later. They say that they need him to look at some photos at the precinct house. When Doyle says that he can’t because he has dinner plans, Nick insists. He claims that they think the same person who attacked Doyle killed the hikers. Mrs. Baske objects but Doyle agrees. Nick circles the house and sees Doyle running. He and Hank go after him and soon tackle him, and Doyle insists that they can’t take him in because Mrs. Baske is alone. As they take him to the car, Mrs. Baske insists that Doyle didn’t anything but Hank tells her to stay out of it.

Rachel visits Renard at his office and shows him that Gallagher’s poll numbers are down because of Renard giving her the secret surveillance footage. She says that Renard has to decide and warns him to be on the right side of history.

Nick and Hank take Doyle to the isolation cell and lock him up. Monroe and Rosalee are waiting in the squad room with the sedative and a crossbow. Eve calls Nick and says that she needs to talk to him and Hank in the nearby parking garage. The detectives go there and Eve asks them if they knew about Renard running for mayor. She points out that the date on the shipping label is four days before Andrew was assassinated. Eve figures that Rachel planned the assassination, and says that they need to know if Renard knew. Once she leaves, Hank figures that Renard didn’t know during the shooting, and Nick wonders if the captain currently knows.

The detectives return to the squad room and tell Monroe and Rosalee what they learned. They go to the isolation cell but discover that Doyle is gone. Wu calls and tells Nick that they bailed out Doyle, and figure that he’s still in the building. They catch up to Doyle and drag him into an interrogation room, and he woges into his Blutbad form. Before Monroe can shoot, Rosalee realizes that Doyle isn’t a Lycanthrope. Nick realizes that it’s Doyle’s mother.

At the house, Mrs. Baske seals herself in a padded room and duct tapes her hands and feet. As the full moon rises, she woges.

Doyle explains that he lied to protect his mother. He heard the screams and tried to stop Mrs. Baske, but he was too late. She attacked him and he ran, hitting his head. Doyle warns that his mother doesn’t know what she’s doing, and he has to get back to the house or she’ll kill again.

The Lycanthrope breaks free.

The group drives to the house and Doyle tells them about the safe room. They explain about the tranquilizer darts and Nick, Hank, and Doyle go inside. Doyle realizes that they’re too late, just as they hear a howling noise outside. They run out and Nick says that he’ll try to tranquilize her, but he may have to shoot to kill.

In the woods, Monroe follows the Lycanthrope’s scent and they realize that Doyle has slipped away. Hank and Wu go after him, and Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee continue on. When Hank hears something, he goes on ahead. Doyle comes up on Wu and tells him to Wu, just as Hank yells to Wu. There’s the sound of gunshots, and Doyle slips away. The Lyncanthrope attacks Wu but Doyle returns, woges, and tries to hold off his mother. The others arrive but realize that the tranquilizer will take too long to knock the Lycanthrope out.

Doyle woges back and tries to get through to his mother. She lunges at him and the officers gun her down. Doyle runs to his mto0her and apologizes as she woges back to her human form before dying. He woges and howls in grief.

Later, Wu returns home and discovers that the Lycanthrope scratches his leg. Later as he lies asleep, Wu moans in pain, sweating as the full moon shines in through the window.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 26, 2016

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