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10. Leap of Faith Recap

Paul returns to his penthouse and enters an underground cellar. Eve is tied up on the floor, andPaul tells her that he’s not Golding. She doesn’t believe him, but Paul says that they work together. He assures Eve that he won’t hurt her because they’re family. When Eve insists that they’re not, Paul asks if Marie told Eve that her and Vincent were lovers 34 years ago. Eve doesn’t believe it, but Paul shows her a case of photographs he found after Vincent died. He insists that no one wants any harm done to Eve because she’s unique. Paul points out that she gave the bracelet to Harry, and Eve says that Vincent never wanted Paul to have the bracelet because he was unstable.

Nicolai visits Harry, who is handcuffed to the bunk in his cell, and says that his father Vincent botched the handover of the bracelet. He explains that Vincent was his adopted father, and the boys at the boarding school nicknamed him “Golding” after “Gold Foundling.” Harry wonders what he wants, and Nicolai tells him that he’s going to have Rich, Anna, and Daisy killed the next morning unless Harry kills himself.

Later, a guard takes Harry to the laundry room. Tim is waiting, and hands Harry a shiv made out of a toothbrush. He explains that no one will believe that Harry killed himself, so they’ll blame him. Tim asks if Harry is really going to do it, and Harry explains that they’ll kill his family if he doesn’t. After a moment, Tim says that they released rich the previous night, and the guard swill be back in a few minutes. As Harry looks for a way out, Tim says that he owes Harry after Harry saved his life. He has Harry move a dryer, revealing a tunnel below. Tim explains that it leads to C Wing and it has access to the roof. Harry nods and asks if Tim is coming, but Tim says that he’s never lucky and tells him to go.

Harry goes through the tunnel and heads to C Wing. A guard hears him close a gate and goes to investigate.

Sol and his men return to the laundry and soon find the tunnel. Tim refuses to say anything, and Sol heads into the tunnel.

Harry gets to the roof and hides over the edge just as the guard opens the hatch and peers around. Once the man goes back inside, Harry drops down onto a window ledge three stories above the ground. He braces himself and jumps, and manages to land safely. The guar don the surveillance cameras is reading a newspaper and doesn’t see him, and Harry makes his way to a van. He slides underneath it and hangs on as the driver pulls out.

In his office, Nicolai tells Charles that Harry will do everything he can to find Anna and Daisy. Charles figures that Nicolai has personal reasons for wanting the bracelet, but warns that if they pursue him then they will expose their operation. Nicolai tells him that he has one more chance and walks out.

Nicolai’s driver takes Anna and Daisy to the Ashton House in Hampstead. They go inside and the maid, Kirsty Danvers, tells them that Nicolai is on his way and wants them to relax. Anna points out that she can’t get a signal, and Anna warns that the signal is bad everywhere. Looking out, Anna sees a security man.

As the van stops at a light, the driver receives word of a prisoner escape. Harry drops off the bottom and the man with the driver spots him. He goes after Harry, who is forced to duck down an alleyway. A car hits the pursuing guard, and Harry runs off.

Steve tells Alistair that Harry escaped and wants to head up the recovery operation. Alistair tells him to get going, and then tells Suri to act as Steve’s second.The superintendant figures that Harry is too smart, and Suri suggests that they tried to kill Harry at Whitecross. Suri says that they have to assume Golding is chasing Harry before she leaves.

Harry walks down the street and picks up a discarded coin. He goes to a pub and puts the coin in a slot machine. It pays off big but Harry doubles down and wins again... and again. Once he hits the jackpot, he takes all of the money just as the news runs a story on Harry’s escape. A customer sees Harry and stares at him in recognition, and Harry quickly leaves. He buys a hoodie and a burner phone, and then calls Anna’s mother Ruth. She says that Anna said something about going to the country. When Harry asks for an address, Charles aims a gun at her and pushes a paper with an address toward Ruth. Ruth reads the St. Pancras Hotel address to Harry and he hangs up.

A police helicopter spots Harry, and Steve coordinates the search. Suri is with DS Clark and they move in.

Anna explores the house trying to get a signal. She enters Nicolai’s study As she looks for a phone, she finds a bill from her law firm to Nicolai, charging for their representation of Kevin. There’s an extra fee to engage Anna for representation.

Harry goes to the hotel.

Anna tries to leave and discovers that the doors and windows are locked. Kirsty says that the doors are locked for security reasons, and offers to get what she needs. A security guard steps out and Kirsty says that Nicolai will explain everything. She claims that there’s trouble at Whitecross and advises Anna to go back to Daisy.

At the hotel, Harry goes to the private apartments. He sees a housekeeper and the tether on her security badge snaps as Harry watches and she puts it on her cart. Once she goes in, he picks up the card and lets himself into the suite, then tosses the card back onto the cart before the housekeeper comes back. Harry looks around in the bathroom, and sees Charles hiding in the mirror’s reflection. He runs and Charles goes after him. They struggle next to the stairs and Harry manages to disarm his opponent. They fight down the stairs, and Harry finally tosses Charles over the railing to his death two floors below.

Steve, Suri, and the other officers arrive at St. Pancras. As they take the elevator, Suri spots Harry below as they take the elevator. Harry walks past and Suri says nothing. Steve gets word of the incident at the hotel.

Alistair calls Clark and confirms that Ruth reports Anna and Daisy missing. The address she gave is Nicolai’s suite at St. Pancras. Alistair tells Clark to mail a photo of Charles to Ruth and see if he was the man who threatened her. Clark then talks to the housekeeper and informs Steve that she saw Harry throw Charles over the railing.

Two officers are standing watch outside of Rich’s shop. Harry spots them and ducks down a side street, and enters the shop via the delivery entrance. Rich is there, badly beaten, and says that he told the police Harry wouldn’t be stupid enough to go there. Harry says that it should have been, and his half-brother tells him that the murdered Barbara and broke his arm repeatedly. When Harry asks for his help, Rich laughs and says that they’re done. Harry says that Nicolai has Anna and Daisy, and Nicolai is Golding. He gets the keys gun from Rich’s desk, says that he loves him, and takes off on Rich’s motorcycle.

Suri calls Alistair and tells him that Charles is dead. She warns that Steve will soon identify him as well, and Alistair tells Suri to leave the crime scene immediately. He explains that Anna and Daisy have been abducted, and Anna’s signal was lost in Hampstead. Alistair tells Suri that he’s coming to get her and hangs up. Steve notices her walking away and goes after her. She says that Alistair ordered her away to help interrogate Alex, and asks where the tipoff on Yury’s body came from. Steve ignores her question and goes back to the crime scene.

As Eve looks at the photos of her mother holding her as a baby, and moiré photos of Marie with Vincent, she finds photos of Vincent with Nicolai. Paul comes back in and explains that Nicolai is his adopted brother, and Eve wonders why Vincent let Nicolai kill Marie. Her captor explains that Vincent loved Nicolai more, and asks if Eve will cooperate or not. Eve says that she’ll cooperate.

Nicolai returns to Hampstead and tells Anna that the guards are for her protection. He warns that Harry has escaped from Whitecross and he’spsychologically unhinged. Anna asks why Nicolai paid for her to represent Kevin, and Nicolai chuckles and asks if Harry ever really appreciated her. When Anna wonders who he is, Nicolai says that she’s the man that she betrayed Harry for... and the man she’s been looking for. Anna tells Kirsty that they have to leave, and Nicolai has Kirsty take the girl out while the security guard restrains Anna.

Harry goes to Paul’s penthouse and the butler insists that Paul isn’t in. He punches the man and demands to know where Paul and Eve is, and the butler tells him that they went to Hampstead.

Alistair gets word that Anna’s signal was lost at Ashton House, and heads there while calling for backup.

Harry heads for Hampton.

Anna wonders what Nicolai hopes to gain by getting into her life, and realizes that it’s about Harry. Nicolai says that Harry has stolen something from him, but it isn’t money. He tells Anna that Harry stole his right to believe. Nicolai wonders Anna could have fallen for a broken man like Harry, and she sarcastically says that she can’t imagine. Kirsty reports that Paul is on his way, and Nicolai figures that Harry won’t be far behind. Once he leaves, Kirsty drags Anna out.

The security guards carry Anna upstairs. Paul arrives with Eve and Nicolai apologizes for killing Marie. She refuses to put the bracelet on him, saying that Vincent kept Nicolai secret because he didn’t want him near the bracelet. The guards restrain Eve, and Nicolai tells her that Marie said the same thing to him 15 years ago.

Suri meets up with Alistair and confirms that Lermontov Industries owns the house on Hampstead. Alistair. Alistair checks with his backup and confirms that they’re five minutes behind him.

Harry parks near Ashton House and enters through an open gate in the fence. He finally locates an open window and climbs inside.

The guards lock Eve in a room. She hears more guards taking Anna and Daisy out to the pool. They chain a weight to Daisy’s feet while Anna is forced to look on. Nicolai takes the key.

Alistair and Suri pull up to Ashton House. They spot Paul’s car parked outside, and go in. They find Harry, and Alistair says that he believes him. He apologizes for doubting him, just as Kirsty arrives and opens fire. Harry ducks out of the way and Kirsty hits Alistair in the chest. The clip ejects, hitting Kirsty in the forehead, and Harry kicks her unconscious. He then goes to Alistair and tells him tohold on. Anna screams and Harry runs to her while Suri calls for an ambulance.

Harry runs to the pool and finds Nicolai training a gun on Anna. Nicolai admits that he’s scared to try shooting at Harry, and explains that the bracelet will protect Harry in every way that it can. It won’t let Harry remove it, and it influences his entire life to keep itself unharmed. That’s why Nicolai needs Harry to kill himself. He kicks the gun over to Harry, and when Harry grabs Anna, Nicolai kicks Daisy into the pool.

Harry is unable to free her or get her up, and he swims to the surface. Nicolai tells Harry to shoot himself and then he’ll let Daisy live. Harry takes the gun and prepares to do so.

The police pull up and head into the house.

Harry ducks under the water and uses the gun to shoot off the lock on Daisy’s chains. Eve, watching from the upstairs window, sobs in relief. The police arrive and open fire on Nicolai’s men, and Nicolai runs off while his men go down. Once they free Anna, she runs to where Harry is administering CPR to Daisy. Anna help him, and Harry screams at the bracelet to work. Daisy finally gasps in a breath, and her parents hug her in relief.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 26, 2016

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