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Regrets Only Recap

The Yakuza hit squad take motorcycles to the penthouse that Elektra has rented under an assumed name. They confirm that the hacker is on the 9th floor, draw their guns, and prepare to go in to take all ten of the hacker’s fingers. Daredevil and Elektra drop down from above to attack them, and the leader watches from the side as his people are taken out. He finally leaps in and attacks Daredevil, who takes him down. Once they’re done, Elektra removes her mask and asks Daredevil if he’s hungry.

The next day, Matt and Elektra go to a diner and Matt demands answers. She admits that she lied about needing a lawyer and that she recognized him as Daredevil from the news. Elektra tells him that her family money is planted deep in Roxxon, and she didn’t know the Yakuza was involved until they came after her after she hacked the Roxxon computers. Matt warns her that the Yakuza are her problem, not his, and advises her to get out of New York. Elektra says that he didn’t defeat the Yakuza before, and they’ve just been lying low while he took out their rivals. Now they plan on taking the city, and Elektra says that once she helps him with the information she obtained from the computers, she’ll take down the Yakuza and leaves. Matt makes her agree not to kill anyone, and Elektra tells him that her rule is no sex.

Foggy and Karen meet with Christopher Roth, a public defender assigned to Frank’s case, who admits that it’s his second case. He draws up a statement, and Karen makes the numerous corrections. Matt arrives and they introduce him to Roth, who figures that they’re done because Frank will plead guilty. Once Samantha links Frank’s shootings to some of the Dogs of Hell from Delaware, he’ll get the death penalty there. Roth insists that Samantha is going to put Frank away for good. Karen refuses to sign the statement, and Matt tells Roth that they’ll be in touch. Once he leaves, Karen figures that Samantha wrote the statement. Matt suggests that they negotiate a plea agreement for Frank. Foggy warns that if they mess with Samantha then she’ll keep shutting them down. Karen agrees with Matt, and wants to ask Frank what happened to his family.

Foggy talks to Matt privately and reminds him that Punisher chained him to a chimney. Matt figures that Frank was trying to do something noble getting justice, He insists that Frank is a person, just like them, and he shouldn’t have to die. After a moment, Foggy tells Karen that they’re going to the hospital to see Frank.

At the hospital, the trio discovers that the waiting room is filled with reporters wanting to talk to Frank. Once the police lets them in, they find Brett waiting in the hallway wearing a suit. He explains that he’s a detective sergeant now, and insists that the area is restricted. Foggy explains that they’re there to represent Frank, and Brett warns them that every firm in the city has passed on the case. He says that they’re committing career suicide, but Matt points out that if they walk away then Frank dies.

Brett has them searched again, and lets them into Frank’s room. Matt explains to the handcuffed Frank that they’re there to represent him pro bono. He warns that the DA’s office wants Frank dead. Frank points out that they killed Grotto killed, and Karen shows Frank a photo of his family and says that they want answers. She explains that she got it from Frank’s home, just as Samantha arrives and orders them out.

Out in the hallway, Samantha tells the trio to go. Matt points out that Samantha talked to Roth, and she advises Matt to walk away from it. Samantha says that they have a conflict of interest because their former client Grotto was one of Frank’s victims. Matt points out that all evidence of their talks with the DA’s office about Grotto have disappeared, and Foggy points out that they have their case files to back up their story. Brett comes over and tells them that Frank has appointed Murdoch & Nelson his lawyers.

The trio goes into a room and they figure Samantha will settle quickly to end the whole thing. A chauffeur arrives and says that there is a car waiting for Matt. Matt tells the others that it’s the new client and explains that he scheduled a meeting with the client. Foggy is less than thrilled that Matt scheduled two meetings, but tells him to go. Matt kisses Karen on the cheek and Foggy, surprised, asks if they’re officially dating. Karen says that they’re not labeling it and walks Matt out, and he figures it will take Foggy to get used to the two of them together. Matt says that he’ll make the meeting go quick, and Karen asks for a dinner rain check for the next night. They kiss and Matt leaves.

Elektra is waiting in the car and she tells him to get undressed. When he wonders why, she says that they are going to a gala... and steal a secret Roxxon ledger that details illegal activities in Hell’s Kitchen. She knows that Stan is carrying a key card and will be at the gala, so she’ll pickpocket his cards. As he dresses, Matt warns that security will be tight. He insists on knowing every step of the plan, and reminds her of their deal.

Foggy and Karen go over the files and discover that the DA is filing 37 separate murder charges, and 96 lesser charges. They talk to Frank and confirms that he wants to enter a guilty plea on all of the charges. Frank finally says that he needs to talk to Karen alone. Once Foggy leaves, Frank asks Karen what he knows about his family. She tells him that Samantha filed a false charge about how they were shot in their car. Frank describes as best he can what happened at the carousel the day of the shootout. He blames himself for failing to protect his family, When Karen offers to give him some time alone, Frank asks her to stay.

Matt and Elektra arrive at the gala, and Matt picks up at all the men turning to look at her. Hirochi welcomes Elektra and leaves. Elektra spots Stan at the bar and goes over to the bar next to him. As she approaches him, Matt stops her when hears the security guards talking over their radios, watching Stan. Elektra spots the surveillance cameras and tells Matt that they have to get Stan alone. Matt tells her to leave it to him, grabs a glass of wine, and “accidentally” spills it on Stan’s white jacket. When Stan realizes that Matt is blind, he gets him another glass of wine and goes to clean himself off.

At the hospital, Frank tells Karen that she was never in any danger when he came after Grottto. He explains that he only hurts people who deserved it, and he deserves it. Karen is skeptical, and Frank says that as a sniper he learned the motto, “One shot, one kill.” If he wanted Karen dead, she’d be dead. Karen wonders why he asked her to stay, and Frank worries that his memories of his family are going to go away. He talks about his family and asks if everything was put away. Karen sympathizes and says that they loved him, and then gives him the family photo from the house. Frank thanks her for helping him remember.

Stan goes to the bathroom as two security guards watch over him. The lights go out and Matt takes out the guards and knocks Stan out with his cane. He takes the key card from Stan’s pocket and rejoins Elektra, and they take the elevator up. She has a device that will wipe the security recorders and loop the cameras, and they go to the stairs as the guards pass by.

Foggy returns and tells Frank that Delaware won’t be extraditing so the death penalty is off the table. He got Samantha down to one life sentence with possibility of parole in 25 years, but Frank will have to be in general population. Foggy figures that it’s the best deal possible and advises Frank to take it. Frank agrees and Foggy tells him to simply say, “Guilty, your Honor.” Once he does, he’ll never see them again.

Judge Cynthia Batzer and Samantha come in, and Batzer asks how he pleads. Frank finally says, “Not guilty” and tells Samantha that he’ll watcher her burn along with him. Batzer denies bail and leaves. As Foggy and Karen go, Karen says that Frank just wants the truth about the cover-up. The reporters are outside, and Foggy says that they need to reach Matt and tell him that everything is going to change.

Matt and Elektra continue through the building,

At the gala, Hirochi notices that Stan is gone.

Matt shoves Elektra into a side corridor just as two guards pass them.

Hirochi checks with security, who report that Stan is in the men’s room.

Elektra and Matt enter the office and she has Matt crack the safe. The ledger is gone, and Elektra says that they have to go. Matt hears something behind a nearby wall.

Hirochi and his guards find Stan, realize the key card is gone, and lock off the elevator.

Matt tells Elektra that there’s an electrical current running through the wall. He traces it to a bonsai pot, and Elektra turns it to reveal a hidden room containing the ledger.

The guards realize that the cameras are on a loop. Matt hears them and warns Elektra that they’re on the way, and the couple go to the elevators only to discover that they’re shut down. The lights go out and the gates close. Armed Yakuza head up the stairwell and search the floor, and Matt and Elektra take them out. Once they’re down, matt and Elektra head down the stairs as more guards come up. They search the new floor and hear Elektra giggling. They break in and find Matt and Elektra having sex in an office. The guard confirms that Matt is blind, and Elektra feigns being drunk. He tells them to go and they quickly leave.

Elektra and Matt get to her car and Elektra confirms that the ledger has a record of drugs... and labors from Japan shipped into New York. There’s a coded entry and Matt wonders what Roxxon is hiding. The limo arrives and Elektra jokingly asks if they’ll meet at the same time tomorrow.

The guards bring Stan to Hirochi’s office. Hirochi accuses Stan of aiding the thieves, and Stan insists that he had nothing to do with it. Unimpressed, Hirochi has another man shoot the two guards that accompanied Stan. The accountant insists that he has nothing but respect for the Yakuza, and Hirochi points out that he never said he was Yakuza.

Matt returns home and finds Foggy waiting for him. He tells Matt that Frank pled not guilty and Samantha fast-tracked the trial. Frank agreed so he could stick it to the DA, and Foggy warns that they go on trial in a week

Written by Gadfly on Mar 27, 2016

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