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Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners Recap

Jim goes through his days at Blackgate Prison, following the daily rituals. He works, eats, and exercises, day after day after day. Each night he looks at a photo of Leslie.

One day Warden Carlson Grey orders Jim out of line. Once they're alone, Grey points out that Jim hasn't started any incidents despite his reputation as a troublemaker. He says that it's time to move Jim to F Wing, General Population. Grey points out that Jim has been abandoned by anyone who knows him, and assures him that there are many of familiar faces in F Wing... some of which Jim arrested himself.

The guards take Jim to F Wing and the prisoners eye Jim. Grey asks if Jim is a team player, and Jim sarcastically says that he loves it. As he enters his cell, Grey passes on Loeb's greeting and says that if Jim follows the rules, he won't have a problem. However, he warns that F Wing is nicknamed "World's End because no one leaves except in a body bag.

At the Van Dahl manor, Oswald eats dinner with his new family and Charles talks about how he saw a ghost. Oswald says that he's seen ghosts, and Elijah says that the manor has several ghosts but they're all friendly. His grandfather built the house and died there with his wife and two sisters, as well as Elijah's parents. Oswald asks how Elijah and Grace met, and Elijah explains that he found a diner nearby and went there every day. Grace was his waitress and Elijah grew fond of her. Charles and Sasha were her children of her first marriage and their father beat them. Elijah took them all in and was happy. He then points out that Oswald is his only true blood relative. Sasha drops her glass and apologizes, and Elijah offers a toast to family.

At the station, Harvey calls Dent to tell him that they put Jim in General Pop. Edward listens in as Harvey suggests that Dent call for a mistrial. Once Harvey hangs up, he calls Edward over and vents about how the real killer is still free. Edward points out that all of the evidence indicated Jim killed Ian, and asks what Harvey is going to do about it. Harvey says that he doesn't know and walks off.

At the Van Dahl manor, Elijah meets with Oswald in his study and pours him a sherry. He says that he was an apprentice in his father's tailor shop, but when his father fell ill, Elijah's mother home-schooled him. Elijah is sorry that he abandoned Gertrud, while Grace listens from the hallway. Oswald says that Gertrud didn't have a happy life, but she had a good one. He admits that he wasn't always a good son, much to Elijah's surprise, and Oswald says that he's done bad things in the past. Elijah assures him that they're all sinners, and Grace comes in and gives Elijah his medicine. Once Grace leaves, Elijah explains that the pills are for his heart. In the hallway, Grace replaces the pills with mints.

At Blackgate, Jim watches prisoners hanging over contraband. A guard, Wilson Bishop, tells Jim that he has a visitor, just as another guard drags a prisoner out of his cell. The prisoner complains that it wasn't his agreement with Grey, and Jim looks up to see Grey watching. As they go, Jim asks Wilson if Grey gets a cut of the business but the guard ignores his question. Meanwhile, Grey tells a prisoner, Henry Weaver, that he wants Jim dead by the end of the week.

Jim meets with Harvey an thanks him for checking up on him. Harvey says that Dent is looking into reopening Jim's case, while he tracks down Oswald and see what he has to say. Jim says that Leslie was writing to him up to room, Jim a few weeks ago, and asks why. Harvey tells him that Leslie lost the baby and offers his condolences, and explains that she moved south and nobody has heard from her since. Jim walks out as Harvey tells him not to give up hope.

Back in the main hall, Weaver confronts Jim and insults him. He reminds Jim that he shot his brother's head, and grabs the photo of Leslie from Jim's pocket. When Weaver threatens to send his people on the outside after Leslie, Jim doesn't respond and Weaver head-butts him. Another prisoner, Puck Davies, intervenes before a fight can break out. Weaver punches him and the prisoners start kicking Jim and Puck. Wilson and his men run in and order everyone to their cells, and Wilson sends Weaver to the Hole while the guards take Jim and Puck to the infirmary.

Oswald is sleeping and having nightmares the people he's killed and mutilated in the past. He wakes up screaming, and then goes downstairs. A figure in white passes by and Oswald realizes that it's Elijah, sleepwalking. Elijah is outside his father's office, and asks Oswald to help him back to bed. Oswald takes his father to his bedroom, and notices the medicine on the table. Elijah explains that his heart has a hole in it and its getting bigger. When he says that his demons are feeding on it, Oswald is surprised that he has demons. Elijah figures that they both do, and Oswald admits that he was a criminal and has done horrible things for power and revenge. When he says that he's killed people, Elijah says that he forgives him for all his past transgressions and tells Oswald to live there in peace.

At Blackgate, the prison doctors tend to Jim and Puck. Jim tells Puck to stay away from him, and Puck says that Jim is a hero. Two years ago, Jim found Puck's missing sister and busted the men who took her. Puck explains that he stole a car to impress a girl, and the judge gave him six years. He says that his grandfather died in prison and isn't going to be like him and die. Jim advises Puck to stay away from him, just as grey comes in and orders both prisoners back to their cells. As they go, Grey tells the guards to watch Jim because he lost a child, and that makes men mad. The warden assures Jim that he knows everything Jim knows, and Jim says that he knows one thing Grey doesn't. Grey wonders what it is, and Jim says that he knows what kind of man Grey is.

At the manor, Grace and her children tell Elijah that they learned that Oswald is a notorious killer. Elijah reads the newspaper that Charles found, and says that Oswald already told him. He's impressed that Oswald was so famous, and assures Grace that Oswald has changed. Oswald assures him that he's not such that man anymore and Elijah says that he's looked into Oswald's soul and seen his beautiful heart. Grace and her children leave, and Grace says that they go to Plan B: Sasha.

The next morning, Oswald wakes up and finds Sasha sitting on his bed. She says that she wants to spend more time with the bad boy Penguin. She opens her robe and tells Oswald that she wants in on whatever he has planned for Elijah. Sasha says that she'd be glad to squeeze Grace and Charles out, and shoves Oswald back on the bed. He slips away and tells Sasha to restrain herself, and she storms out. Grace and Charles are waiting, and Sasha says that Oswald didn't fall for her. She figures that he's kind of simple and walks off.

Wilson approaches Jim in the main hall and warns him that Weaver is coming out of the Hole ahead of schedule. Grey comes in with Weaver, and Weaver walks over to Jim and says that his day is coming. He has his men beat puck, and the guards restrain Jim when he tries to help his new friend. Wilson whispers to Jim to let it go, and Jim looks up at the watching Grey.

Harvey goes to a diner and meets with an old "friend" to ask for help. Carmine Falcone points out that it's rude for Harvey to wear a hat indoors.

Elijah makes a new suit for Oswald at Oswald's suggestion, and then breaks into a fit of coughing. He collapses and Oswald calls for an ambulance. Grace and her children hear him, and Sasha and Charles insist that they didn't do anything. Grace goes to clean up the mess and tells them to call the doctor.

Jim is working in the laundry room and Wilson approaches him. The guard suggests that Jim visit his friend Puck in the infirmary. When Jim says that Puck isn't his friend, Wilson points out that Jim thinks he is. Jim agrees and Wilson escorts him to the infirmary. The badly beaten Puck says that they told him he has a clot, and thanks Jim for coming to see him. Puck tells Jim not to give up hope and choose life. Before he goes, Jim tells Puck to learn the lesson and stay away from him. Wilson tells Jim to be ready because it's movie night and everyone will be in the main hall with the lights off.

Once the doctor checks on Elijah, he tells Oswald that Elijah's condition has gotten worse and there's an infection. He warns Oswald that Elijah may not have long and leaves. Grace is with Elijah and says that she'll have them make some chicken soup for him. Once she leaves, Elijah tells Oswald that he's proved the doctors wrong before. He promises that they will have many more years together. Before Grace can leave, Elijah says that they should meet with their lawyer again because so much has changed recently.

The convicts gather in the main hall for movie night. Once the lights go down and the movie starts, a guard has Jim take his seat in the middle of a row.

At the Van Dahl manor, Grace tells Charles and Sasha that Elijah will change his will and Oswald will get the money that belongs to them. She insists that she's the one who made Elijah feel young, and she deserves the money. When Charles wonders how they can get Oswald to go, Sasha realizes what she means. Oswald joins them for dinner and Charles realizes what his mother is talking about.

Weaver enters the main hall and takes a seat behind Jim. Another con slips him a shiv, and Jim sees Weaver's shadow from the projector when his killer stands up. Another prisoner leaps in and stabs Jim, insisting that Jim is dead. The guards pull him off as Grey arrives, and Wilson tells him that they need a body bag.

Wilson and another guard take Jim out on a stretcher. Jim sits up, gasping, and Harvey dressed as a guard clubs the other guard unconscious. Wilson unzips the bag and helps Harvey get Jim into the ambulance. Harvey says that he's surprised the fake blood and retractable knife worked, and Jim wonders if he deserves to be in prison. Harvey says that a lot of good men put their butts on their lines to help Jim, and tells Jim to dump his self-pity and get in. Jim agrees but says that he needs one more favor, and looks up at the infirmary window.

The guard in the infirmary hears someone whistling in the next room. When he goes to investigate, Jim knocks him out from behind and tells Puck that they're escaping. Puck tells Jim that he's a hero and gets up, but Grey comes in with a gun. Jim says that friends brought him back to life, and Wilson knocks out Grey from behind. He thanks Jim for the chance to do something good, and tells Jim to punch him unconscious.

Elijah and Oswald are talking when Grace brings in a decanter of sherry. As Oswald pours drinks, Elijah says that he lied to him. His father was plagued by evil thoughts of violence, and many in his family had the same affliction. Elijah describes how he learned that his father shot himself, and figures that Oswald understands the torment. He tells Oswald to never give in to the pain and assures him that he's not alone. Oswald thanks him for his support, and Elijah takes a drink. He tells Oswald that he wants him to have the house and everything it and keep their history alive. Elijah then clutches at his chest and collapses. Grace comes in and is shocked that Elijah drank the sherry instead of Oswald. As Charles comes in, Sasha goes to call an ambulance and her brother knocks over the decanter, letting the poisoned sherry spill out.

Harvey drives the ambulance to a bridge where Carmine is waiting. As they get out, Harvey explains that Carmine made everything happen. Jim thanks Carmine, who says that he was happy to help an old friend. Harvey wonders what Jim is going to do now, and Carmine says that he can arrange a safe place for Jim in Gotham or get him out of the country. Jim says that he wants to find Leslie after he clears his name, so he has to go back to Gotham. Carmine warns that Jim will have to live with running, and Harvey assures his friend that he's a fighter. He asks if Jim is going to stay down or keep on fighting. Jim asks Puck what he thinks, and realizes that he died in the ambulance.Shocked, Jim looks down the river at Gotham.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 29, 2016

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