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Pops Recap

Lucifer flirts with a clerk at a market, but she ruins his mood when she says, "Oh, God." Chloe gets Lucifer's attention and reminds him that they're working a case. Their victim is a 60-year-old male who collapsed in broad daylight. It looks like he was poisoned, and Lucifer says that it is Chef Javier Aries. He's upset that the man who made the most exquisite Mexican cuisine he's ever had is dead. The store staff have confirmed that Javier came there every morning after having breakfast at his morning, and the ME has confirmed that Javier was poisoned 90 minutes before he fell. Javier had a temper and Chloe figures that all of the staff are suspects and heads to the restaurant to interview them.

At the Aries restaurant, the uni assembles the staff. One waitress is surprised that they think one of them killed "Pops," and the woman explains that they were like a family. Lucifer is intrigued that they all saw Javier as a father figure, and tells Chloe that it's a case of patricide. Chloe figures that Lucifer is mad at God, and tells him not to project onto the case. Lucifer insists that he understands what it's like to escape the clutches of a difficult father. The uni comes in and tells Chloe that her sister is there to see her. Chloe's mother Penelope comes in, and Chloe explains that Penelope is her mother. Lucifer recognizes Penelope as the Vampire Queen from her movies. Penelope is flattered and Chloe wonders why she was there. Her mother points out that Chloe wasn't answering her phone so she got her location from the department. She knows Javier's cooking and wants to talk the case. Chloe wants her out, and Penelope suggests that they have a family dinner. She invites Lucifer, who immediately agrees before Chloe can object. Once Penelope leaves, Chloe focuses on the case and tells Lucifer that they have to check anyone who might have dealt with Javier's food.

Chloe and Lucifer interview the restaurant shaft and the staff admit that Pops worked them to the bone and had a nasty temper. However, they all insist that Javier was like a father to them. His son Javier Junior finally talks with them and explains that he hasn't worked there for a while. He came to the restaurant when he heard about his father's death. Javier Jr. admits that he and his father had a strained relationship, and Lucifer is intrigued. He figures that Junior tried to come up to Javier's standards but realized that he couldn't, so he rejected everything that his father stood for. Lucifer wonders if Junior came back for a reason, asking him what he desires. Junior says that he wanted to have one more meal with his dad. He tells them that he had breakfast with his father and there was nothing unusual, and then Javier made his daily run to the market. Before he left, he said that he had something to tell Junior. Junior insists that he didn't deserve the restaurant and Javier knew that, and Chloe tells him to stay in town in case they have more questions. Once junior leaves, Chloe wonders who is inheriting the restaurant.

Maze visits Linda and says that she came because she likes her. She explains that she's stuck in a place where she doesn't belong and isn't going anywhere soon, and wonders how to be normal. Maze tells Linda to tell her what to do, and Linda says that it isn't how it works. the demons wonders if she also has to sleep with Linda, and Linda hastily declines. She suggests that Maze embrace the environment and the people in it, and suggests that she engage in making friends. Disgusted, Maze figures that it was a mistake and walks out.

Malcolm and Dan are out on patrol, and Dan finally asks his partner what the gun he stole is for. Dan tells Malcolm to tell people about how he shot him but promises to stop whatever he's up to. Malcolm says that he's doing Dan a favor and plans to kill Lucifer. When Dan wonders why, Malcolm says that he wouldn’t believe him if he told him. However, he warns that if Dan takes another shot at him then he'd better not miss.

Chloe talks to Anne Martin, Javier's sous chef and his number two. Anne cooked Javier's last meal, but insists that anyone could have poisoned the meal. Chloe points out that she talked to the estate lawyer and confirmed that Anne inherits the restaurant. Anne denies killing Pops, just as Chloe get a call. Lucifer uses his ability on Anne and she admits that she wanted to surpass Pops. The police report Chloe received shows that Pops was murdered with mercury. There was traces of heroin in Pops' bloodstream, and Chloe asks to check Anne's arms for track marks. She objects... and vomits blood before collapsing.

As the EMTs wheel the unconscious Anne out, Chloe wonders if she ingested the same poison by mistake and why she survived. Lucifer suggests that Junior might be the killer. Dan arrives with a file on Naomi Austen, who worked at the restaurant a year ago as a hostess. She was fired and has two arrests for heroin possession in the last year. One of the cooks said that Naomi showed up two days ago and was yelling at Pops and Anne. As Dan goes, Chloe asks him to come to dinner with her mother that night. He figures that Chloe needs a buffer and she readily admits that she does.

Once Chloe gets Naomi's address from her PO, she and Lucifer go to Naomi's apartment. Naomi doesn't answer the door and Lucifer walks in. He finds clothing belonging to Junior, and figures that the two of them took drugs after plotting to kill Pops. Chloe reluctantly agrees to search now that they're in, and Lucifer hears a couple in the next apartment having sex and yelling "Oh, God." He complains that God is spoiling his life and figures that Chloe wouldn't understand because Penelope is desired. When Chloe says that Penelope made everything about her, Lucifer suggests that she could murder her. His partner readily agrees, but says that she didn't and Lucifer still isn't proving his point about Junior. Lucifer wonders how she handled it, and Chloe says that she focused on something else. She notices a painting hanging ajar and takes it down, and finds a packet on the back.

Naomi comes in and she realizes that they think she killed Pops. Chloe explains about the heroin in Pops' bloodstream and the argument, and Naomi says that she knew Junior was coming back and just wanted to make peace with Pops. She and Junior were dating a year ago, and Pops never approved. Naomi told Pops that Javier got clean on his travels, but Pops didn't care. She says that she wasn't at breakfast and went to see her sponsor, and Lucifer asks why Junior wanted to see Pops alone. Naomi explains that Junior wanted to confront his father and settle things, and Lucifer figures that Junior is the killer. The woman doesn't know where Junior is.

After Chloe puts out an APB on Junior, she wonders why Lucifer has something against Junior. Lucifer explains that he could never escape his father, but Junior did. Chloe gets a call and tells Lucifer that it's an emergency, and drives off without him.

Chloe gets home and finds Penelope dressing up Trixie. The detective says that she got a call from the babysitter saying that Penelope let her off early, and Penelope explains that she's taking Trixie to their first audition. Penelope is up for a new role and wanted to play off of someone. Chloe objects to her mother using Trixie as a prop, and tells Penelope that she can't push Trixie into acting the way that she pushed Chloe. Penelope reminds her daughter that she owns the place, and Chloe realizes that Trixie is gone. Chloe gets a text confirming that Trixie ordered a ride from her Uber account.

Trixie arrives at Lux and asks Maze if Lucifer is there. The demon tells her that Lucifer isn't there and Trixie says that she'll wait. Maze pours them both drinks and asks what she wants with Lucifer, and Trixie says that Lucifer cheers her up. She describes how Chloe and Penelope are fighting over her, and she just wants to be the first president or Mars or a zookeeper. Maze says that she used to be a zookeeper in a way and starts to drink. Chloe comes in and Trixie says that she made a new friend. Touched, Maze tells Trixie that she can call her Maze but tells Chloe that she can't.

That night, Junior climbs into Naomi's apartment through the window. Lucifer is waiting and asks how it felt for Junior to kill his father. Junior insists that he didn't kill Pops, and he came for a knife. He explains that Pops gave it to him and it's all he has left of him. Lucifer realizes that Junior isn't relieved, figuring that Pops tried to force Junior to be someone he wasn't. He realizes that Junior didn't kill Pops.

Chloe returns home with Trixie and tells Penelope that they'll just have dinner. Dan arrives and Penelope says that Lucifer provided the meal. She explains that Lucifer and his friend have been there for a while. Junior is with him and they're cooking dinner together. Dan quickly sends Trixie to bed with chocolate cake so she isn't around Lucifer, and Chloe privately asks Lucifer why he brought a man suspected of poisoning to cook dinner. Lucifer insists that Junior is innocent and he convinced him that Chloe would hear him out.

Junior serves dinner and Chloe tells Penelope not to eat it. Lucifer catches Penelope up on the fact that Junior is suspected of poisoning Pops. However, he believes that Junior was after reconciliation. Lucifer points out that Chloe said earlier that she wants to kill Penelope because Penelope is a child. Dan warns Lucifer that he's out of line, and Lucifer figures that he and Chloe are close to getting back together. Penelope is happy to hear it, and Chloe admits that they had one kiss. Lucifer figures that's why she won't have sex with him, and Penelope is amused that Chloe is juggling both men. They start arguing, and Junior says that he left because he and Pops fought over the dumbest stuff. However, no matter what he did, he couldn’t get away from Pops because he's a part of him. Junior says that in the end, Pops made him the man he is and he's proud of it. He came back home to tell Pops that he was clean and wanted to be a chef again, and the meal he's serving is the meal he was going to make to prove it. Junior tells Chloe to either arrest him or let him go, and Chloe says that she'll have to get a statement from him. Dan says that he'll do it rather than hang around. Before he goes, he tells Lucifer that he wanted just one reason to stick up for him. Penelope excuses herself and Lucifer admits to Chloe that he's disappointed because Junior turned into his father, and it doesn't apply to Lucifer at all. Disgusted, Chloe walks away.

Later, Chloe is going over the case files and Lucifer finishes cleaning up. She admits that Lucifer was right and the lab confirmed that the heroin in Pops' bloodstream doesn't match Naomi's. Chloe figures that Anne poisoned herself and took exactly enough to be non-fatal. Lucifer wonders why Anne would do it if she was going to inherit, and Chloe suggests that Pops changed his mind and was going to give the restaurant to Junior after all. She calls the hospital to check on Anne and discovers that she checked out an hour ago against orders.

At the restaurant, Junior is removing the heroin when Lucifer and Chloe come in. They think that she's destroying evidence, but Anne insists that she would never kill Junior. Chloe realizes that Anne meant to kill Junior. She used the heroin in the hopes that the police would think Junior got a bad fix. Junior became a vegetarian while he was away, so he didn't eat the poisoned meat. Anne insists that Junior was given everything and threw it away, but he was still the favorite.. Lucifer says that Junior was his father's son and had a chance at redemption until Anne ruined it. Anne knocks over the grease cooker, sets it on fire, and runs.

As the restaurant burns, Chloe realizes that they're trapped. Lucifer insists that he's not going to die by fire, and then covers Chloe with a blanket and carries her out. He's burned and Chloe chuckles... and shows Lucifer the drug sample that she grabbed.

As the firemen put out the fire, the paramedic bandages Lucifer's arm. Chloe confirms that Anne was arrested a few blocks away, and thanks Lucifer for getting her out. Junior is looking at the ruins of the restaurant, and Chloe tells him that Pops was going to leave him the restaurant. Considering, Junior says that he does want it and that maybe he can rebuild it and make it his own.

That night, Maze visits Linda and says that she made a friend: an eight-year-old girl who wandered into the bar. She then asks if Linda is busy.

Chloe returns home and Penelope asks what happened to her. She offers her daughter a drink, and explains that she has an early flight and didn't want to leave without saying behind. Penelope apologizes and says that she wanted Chloe to be happy. Chloe says that she knows, and Penelope suggests that sometimes she should just take a leap. Once Penelope goes to bed, Chloe looks at the phot of her, Dan, and Trixie.

Dan calls a meeting with Malcolm and agrees that Lucifer is insane and dangerous, and deserves everything he gets. He then tosses a pair of handcuffs to Malcolm, draws his gun, and says that he can't let Malcolm kill him. Dan doesn't care if he goes down with Malcolm, and Malcolm attacks him The two men fight and Malcolm finally manages to choke Dan unconscious. He then takes Dan's phone and discovers that Chloe called.

At Lux, Lucifer is drinking when a drunk Chloe arrives. She pours herself a drink and tells Lucifer to have a seat. Lucifer wonders if something happened with Dan, and she says that Chloe ended it with her via text. She blames herself for caring about Dan again, and Lucifer says that it's because she's a person who cares about others. Chloe starts to kiss Lucifer, and he holds her back. Much to his surprise, Lucifer says that he's saying no and has no reason why. Chloe wonders why she's throwing herself at Lucifer, and figures that it's something Penelope would do. Lucifer holds her and says that they don't always turn into their parents. Chloe dozes off and Lucifer looks up and says, "Oh, God."

Written by Gadfly on Mar 29, 2016

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