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Watchdogs Recap

In Naperville, Illinois, Mack and his brother Ruben are working on motorcycles together. Ruben complains that they never got to take the trip that Mack promised, and Mack insists that he got buried in his work. His brother thinks that he works in insurance, and Mack says that his job hasn't been that great recently. The management is out of control and new people keep coming in with no experience. Mack says that his two friends got transferred for good, and tells Ruben that he's sorry about his layoff. He assures his brother that it's just a temporary setback.

Mack and Ruben go into the house and Ruben prepares to cook stakes. They turn on the TV and see a broadcast from a masked group calling themselves the Watchdogs. They've gathered outside a supposed ATCU facility in South Bend, and the Watchdog leader says that they want all of the information about the Inhumans released. The Watchdogs blow up a government facility with implosion grenades and run off, and Ruben says that it's awesome.

Coulson soon calls Mack and says that he needs Mack to check out the incident since he's the closest agent. When Mack says that he was hoping for some time off, Coulson points out that he's down a couple of agents and his resources are limited. He tells Mack to figure it out and hangs up, and Mack tells Ruben that he has to take off for a couple of hours because of an accident he has to assess. He promises his brother that they'll have lunch, beers, and bikes when he gets back.

At the base, Coulson tells Daisy to rendezvous with Mack at the site and report back when they have something. Daisy warns that she's been following the Watchdogs online for a while and until the attack it's been rhetoric. She figures that something has changed, and says hello to Lincoln as he joins them in the hanger after returning from his S.H.I.E.L.D. evaluation. Daisy wants to take Lincoln with her, but Coulson says that the Inhuman is going to sit the mission out. He walks off abruptly and Daisy has no choice but to agree.

At the attack site, Fitz begins examining the debris. There's a Watchdog symbol painted on the ground. Mack tells Daisy that the site was an ATCU facility, and somehow the Watchdogs found out about it. Fitz determines that there are traces of an explosive, nitramene, that cause implosions. They realize that the watchdogs have figured out a way to stabilize it, and Fitz has a substance that will neutralize the nitramene.

Once Mack gets the report from Daisy, he tells her that he knew someone who was fixated on stabilizing it and add it to the S.H.I.E.L.D. arsenal. When the agent got out of the hospital after Deathlok broke his spine, he took a lot of S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets with him.

The Watchdogs meet with their leader: ex-agent Felix Blake. He says that he has a new plan of attack.

At the base, Jemma is practicing on the firing range when Melinda comes in and asks what it's about. She figures that Jemma doesn't like feeling vulnerable and blaming herself, and Jemma says that she points out that Will died trying to save her and Fitz nearly got himself killed. Melinda assures her that it's not her fault that Andrew, the Inhuman that Jemma freed, killed the other Inhumans. Jemma doesn't believe it and says that she's learning to defend herself. Melinda insists that it wasn't her fault and leaves, and Jemma goes back to shooting.

On the Zephyr, Mack says that even his brother is cheering on the Watchdogs. Daisy has been tracking them online and suggests that they pick one up and see what he knows. Mack isn't happy that they're picking people up without evidence, and Daisy insists that she's trying to save lives. They argue briefly and Mack says that he's not going along with it. He goes back to see Ruben and Daisy tells Fitz that he's with him.

Lincoln finds Coulson, who explains about Blake. He knows where Blake's safehouses are and is taking Lincoln with him to check them out. Lincoln asks about his S.H.I.E.L.D. evaluation, and Coulson admits that he wasn't happy with what he saw but he wants to see it for himself.

Mack returns to his home and finds Ruben drunk. Ruben complains about Mack leaving, and says that there's a lot going on. He tells Mack that his health benefits are running out and the mortgage is shot. Mack wonders if he wanted to ask him for money, and Ruben says that he'll handle it just like he's handled it. He reminds Mack that he's never been there for him, and the system is rigged to keep people down. when Mack says that he sounds like a Watchdog, Ruben quotes their manifesto. Mack tells him to stay away from the Watchdogs, but Ruben asks if he has the answers and walks away.

Melinda calls Jemma into the conference room and shows her everything she has on Andrew's location. She says that Andrew is dangerous and he's the one responsible for everyone he kills. When Jemma wonders how Melinda deals with the guilt, Melinda says that she channels it. Looking over the files, Jemma says that she's looking in the wrong place.

Coulson and Lincoln fly to Blake's safehouses, and Lincoln finally asks what it said on his evaluation. His boss tells him that he's there because of Daisy, not the cause. Lincoln is also having control issues. Lincoln points out that Coulson is testing him continually, and Coulson points out that Lincoln is the only member of the team that he hasn't vetted. He tells Lincoln to maintain control and follow orders, and he'll determine if Lincoln can be an agent or not.

One of the Watchdogs, Dallas Wyatt, is out driving when his truck goes out of control. Daisy is standing in the road ahead of him as he brakes to a halt. She gets in the cab and addresses Dallas by name, and shatters the window with a gesture. Daisy says that she's one of the freaks, and Fitz arrives and trains a gun on Dallas. When Dallas refuses to tell Daisy where the Watchdogs meet, she shatters the rear window with her seismic abilities.

The next morning, Daisy calls Mack and tells him that the Watchdogs are at Easterling Farms and planning their next attack. Mack reluctantly agrees to meet her there and hangs up. Ruben has overheard him talking and says that he's making lunch. Mack says that he has a thing and walks out.

Jemma reviews Melinda's date and explains that Andrew is an Inhuman. She suggests that Lash is being driven by basic instincts and they need to think like a doctor rather than a spy. Melinda admits that if she catches Andrew then she'll kill him because there's no choice, and Jemma says that there may be a choice. She suggests that the vaccine will work on Andrew because he hasn't finished his transition. Melinda tells Jemma not to give her hope because she doesn't want it.

Daisy, Mack, and Fitz sneak into the farm and take out the guards with icers. Fitz sends a drone into the barn where Blake and his men are going over their plan. Daisy recognizes Blake's voice and texts Coulson.

In Atlanta, Coulson and Lincoln break into one of Blake's safehouses. They hear something moving and continue in.

Fitz tries to spot Blake, and Ruben pulls up. Mack tells him to go home, and Daisy says that they have to get Ruben out. The Watchdogs come out and Mack stuns them with his icer. Daisy takes out another Watchdog with her powers, and Ruben drives off. Meanwhile, Mack says that they're outnumbered and tells Daisy and Fitz to get out while he puts a lid on it and heads for the barn.

Coulson and Lincoln check out the safehouse basement.

Daisy tells Fitz that she's going to take out Blake rather than fall back. She gets to the barn but there's no sign of Blake.

Coulson and Lincoln find a man standing in the middle of the basement. It's Blake, who turns with a gun and says that he's everywhere.

A Watchdog shoots a nitramene capsule into Fitz's neck. Daisy knocks him out and injects the nitramene with the neutralizing agent. It slows down the reaction but doesn't stop it, and Fitz warns that it will soon go off and he'll implode.

Blake admits that he expected the ATCU to show up at the compound, and figures that Coulson is keeping S.H.I.E.L.D. inside of the ATCU. He says that when he got out of the hospital, he discovered that Coulson is using the Inhumans. Coulson insists that S.H.I.E.L.D. protects mankind, but Blake points out that they've caused nothing but chaos. Suspicious, Coulson realizes that Blake is stalling and asks why.

Daisy takes Fitz to the Zephyr and enters a containment module with him. Dallas is locked up inside. The bomb is digging into his neck, and it's too unstable for Daisy to blast off. Daisy orders Dallas to tell them what they put in the bomb. He says that he doesn't know, and she slams him against the wall. All Dallas knows is that Blake suspended the nitramene, and Fitz realizes that they have to stop the substance housing the nitramene. He tells Daisy to freeze it, and she goes to get a canister of liquid nitrogen.

Blake tells Coulson that the cell in Indiana is only one of many. Coulson holsters his gun and says that Hydra fed the ATCU target's location to Blake. Lincoln says that Blake is spreading fear, and Blake says that people are already afraid and want the truth. He figures that Coulson has killed someone because he hates him, and Coulson says that Lincoln is also filled with hate. Coulson says that Lincoln is an Inhuman and hates Blake, but isn't hurting Blake because of his orders. He then orders Lincoln to kill Blake. Lincoln insists that there's another way, and Coulson says that sometimes they do the wrong thing for the right reason because it has to done. The Inhuman fires an electrical blast, and it goes through the hologram of Blake.

Daisy freezes the bomb and it deactivates. As Fitz peels it off, Daisy tells Dallas that she's turning him over to the ATCU.

Lincoln realizes that Coulson knew "Blake" was a hologram. He knows that Lincoln didn't fire a kill shot, and says that Lincoln did it right: gave a dissenting opinion but finally obeyed orders.

Mack returns home and finds Ruben waiting. He demands to know who Mack is and wonders why he's helping Inhumans. Mack insists that their humans, but Ruben figures that it's all lies and walks away.

Lincoln and Coulson check Blake's files and discover that he has a second target. They realize that Blake wanted to keep them from talking with Daisy and others, and he wanted an Inhuman for his men to go after.

Dallas chuckles and says that if they had known Daisy was an Inhuman, they would have gone after her.

Mack follows Ruben out to the garage and says that he wanted to keep his brother away from his life with S.H.I.E.L.D.. A car pulls up outside while Mack says that he joined S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect the people he cares about. Watchdogs set their motorcycles on fire, and then burst into the house and prepare to kill the Inhuman.

Realizing that they're trapped, Mack tells Ruben that they're being hunted. Ruben points out that they're not Inhumans, but Mack warns that the Watchdogs will kill them anyway. The Watchdogs search the house and Mack realizes that there are five of them. He gets his father's old shotgun loaded with bird shot, and tells Ruben that they'll slip out through the college and escape.

Mack shuts off the lights and takes out one of the Watchdogs. He gives the man's assault rifle to Ruben and they head for the kitchen. Another Watchdog jumps Mack, and a third one opens from above. Ruben fire at him, and Mack knocks out the watchdog that he's fighting. Mack realizes that two Watchdogs are unaccounted for, and looks outside to spot the remaining two men covering their escape route. One of the Watchdogs inside the house recovers and shoots Mack in the arm. As he advances on Ruben, Mack grabs a cleaver and kills him.

As the remaining Watchdogs break in, Mack shoves the cleaver into the barrel of the shotgun. He shoots one Watchdog in the leg and then blasts the other. Ruben goes to his brother, who says that's why he didn't tell him what he does.

Later, the medics take Mack out. Daisy tells Ruben that Mack will be okay, and assures him that everything is okay. Ruben is surprised to learn that Mack works for S.H.I.E.L.D., and Daisy suggests that they could Ruben on their side. She admits that she should have been there for Mack, and that Mack is the person she wants when she needs someone to watch her back. Ruben smiles in satisfaction and Daisy offers him a ride to the hospital.

Later back at the base, Daisy shows Coulson surveillance video from an hour before the implosion. A van pulls away, and the plates belong to Hydra. Coulson figures that it was a distraction and a cover-up, and wonders what Gideon took from the facility.

The van arrives at a garage and Giyera greets it. Blake emerges from the shadows in a wheelchair, and says that he kept his end of the deal. He demands real weaponry so he can hunt down Inhumans. Giyera says that if everything goes as planned, they'll both have what they want and looks at the missile inside the van.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 30, 2016

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