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Hack Me If You Can Recap

Linus takes Camille to his new smart apartment and assures her that it's tricked out with appliances. He uses an app to turn on the stove and make her some tea, and figures that living on his own will be great. As Camille admits that it's a big step, Linus' parents come in. They happily greet Camille and then Samir complains that Linus moved out on them. Meanwhile, Getti wonders if Linus and Camille are moving in together, and they both insist that they're not.

A man walks down the street and gets a text. He looks at it and his hand shakes, and the man drops it and clutches at his stomach. A car tries to brake but runs him over.

Kirsten and Cameron are out looking at motorcycles for sale, and she explains that thanks to regaining one of her memories, she's learned the house that she thought was Ed's actually belongs to her parents. She wonders what her father meant when he talked about "moving the asset," but Cameron tells her not to obsess about it. He invites Kirsten to sit on a motorcycle with him and she finally agrees. A saleswoman comes over and says that they're a hot couple. Kirsten tries to deny it, but Cameron decides to play along and Kirsten goes with it. She says that Cameron died a week ago and she brought him back, and Cameron buys the motorcycle. They get a call from the lab and Cameron has the motorcycle set aside for later.

At the lab, Maggie tells the team that she's meeting with Mitchell Blair, their division head. She doesn't know what Blair wants, and tells Kirsten to stay focused on the case rather than ask questions about her father. Camille isn't there because she's babysitting Quincy, who has been out of the hospital for a week. Linus begins the briefing on the dead man, Derek Steelman, and was on the FBI Most Wanted hacker list. The FBI offered Derek a deal to work with their off-the-book agencies, and they figure he was killed because of something he learned. The photo shows an insulin pump and the witnesses reported that Derek looked disorientated before he wanted into traffic. They don't have the 48 hours to get the tox screen, so they begin the Stitch.

The team sets up the Stitch and Cameron says that he's getting a new motorcycle. Kirsten finds herself in Derek's workshop, filled with computer equipment, and he talks to a woman named Lucy Woods by webcam. Derek tells her to cut him loose if she can't deal with it, and Lucy warns him to do what she says or he's dead. The team moves her to Derek's time of death and Kirsten sees him receive an email. She moves her consciousness closer to him and reads the email, which says that $5 million was sent and tells Derek to destroy the list. It's from a site where people go to have affairs. Derek clutches at his side and Kirsten realizes that he's checking his insulin pump. They figure that he's overdosing, and the team pulls Kirsten out. She tells them that the car finished Derek off but he was already dead from an insulin overdose.

Later, Linus confirms that Derek died of insulin shock. The pump was one of the most reliable on the market, and Maggie suggests that Derek was blackmailing Jacob Maguire, the founder and CEO of the website. If Derek stole their client list then it would have put the company out of business, so Jacob had him killed. Kirsten suggests that the insulin pump was hacked but they don't know why would the company would have Derek killed if they didn't have the list. Maggie tells them to find Jacob while she meets with Mitchell.

Quincy is at home punching a bag and Camille tells him that he's looking good. He thanks her for getting him off his back at the hospital, and asks how Kirsten is holding up. Camille asks about his bag and says that she wants to learn how to protect herself. Quincy hands her a pair of gloves and tells her to take a couple of shots. It doesn't go hard and Quincy gives her some tips. He winces in pain when he demonstrates

Kirsten and Cameron arrive and Quincy gives Kirsten some tips on tracking down Daniel. They explain about their case and how Jacob wouldn't talk to them without a lawyer. Kirsten suggests that they check Jacob's bank records, figuring that he used a private account. Quincy prefers that they do it the legal way, but Camille would rather do it her way. Cameron confirms that they have RFID scanners in the lab and she goes to get dressed.

Later, a well-dressed Camille finds Jacob outside a restaurant and starts flirting with him. Jacob flirts back but Camille leaves after getting a scan of his credit cards.

Kirsten checks the taxi trip sheets and discovers that Daniel went to the airport after leaving Ed. Camille joins them and confirms that she got Jacob's account numbers from his credit cards.

That night at the lab, Maggie is still waiting for Mitchell to show up. As she closes up, Mitchell steps out of the shadows and introduces himself. He explains that he built the place and was able to get in despite the security, and says that Maggie is a legend at the agency. She points out that he's an unknown, and Mitchell tells her that she's the acting director of the Stitchers program. Maggie asks what Leslie's job for now, and Mitchell tells her that her purview is the program. She suggests that Daniel killed Leslie, and Mitchell refuses to confirm or deny. He tells her that maybe he made her think that he called Daniel to make her think he had a close relationship with the man, and advices her to do her job.

At Cameron's apartment, Kirsten confirms that someone diverted Jacob's money to an off-shore account. She figures that the people responsible were a team of black-hat hackers. Linus checks the connection log from Derek's insulin pump and confirms that it was hacked through the cellular connection. He's traced the signal to Lucy, and Kirsten recognizes her photo from the Stitch. They bring Lucy in for questioning and she admits that she was on Derek all the time about his diabetes. Kirsten doesn't think that Lucy kill Derek, and they explain that someone from Lucy's IP address hacked Derek's insulin pump. Lucy says that she knows nothing about computers.

At the lab, Camille confirms that someone spoofed Lucy's IP address to hack Derek's pump. The super-hackers used Derek as a cover, blackmailed Jacob for five million to return the list, and then killed Derek. Jacob can't go to the police because he'd have to reveal his client list was stolen, and all the loose ends are tied up. Camille has traced the insulin pump hack to a fixed address in Eagle Rock.

Kirsten and Cameron arrive at the address and discover that there's nothing there but a parking lot. A woman, Ellie, calls Kirsten and rattles off her address. She explains that she's the only hacker and insists that Derek's murder was justice. She describes what they're doing and they realize that Ellie is watching them via a nearby surveillance camera. Kirsten asks why Ellie chose Derek, and Ellie refuses to say. Kirsten suggests that they meet, and Ellie says that if Kirsten finds her then she'll tell her whatever she wants. Ellie gives her name and hangs up.

The team goes to Quincy's place and have him log into the LAPD system. He brings up Derek's file and confirms that he had no connection to anyone named Ellie. Cameron says that he's going to get his new motorcycle and Quincy laughs. Kirsten says that Ellie made one mistake by talking to her. They figure that Ellie and Derek were competing and Derek cheated, so she killed him. Kirsten goes to work on Quincy's computer while he trains Camille.

Cameron goes to the motorcycle shop but the saleswoman says that all of his cards are cancelled. He realizes that Ellie is responsible and heads out. He calls Kirsten at her home, and she says that she has a list of hacking competitions. Kirsten figures that Ellie is listening and tells her to come after her. Cameron asks about Daniel, and Kirsten admits that her father could have been anywhere. Two police officers arrive at Kirsten's door and say that they have a warrant for her arrest... for prostitution.

When Cameron gets there, the police are gone. Kirsten explains that the warrant disappeared from the LAPD server, and figures that Ellie just wanted to show what she could do. Ellie calls and confirms that she was listening in on their calls, and Kirsten says that she's just getting warmed up about tracking her down. The hacker says that she has bigger fish to fry and knows that Cameron is friends with Linus. She's hacked his smart apartment and started a gas flow from his stove. Ellie has also upped the voltage in his unit. When he turns on the lights, they'll explode and set off a gas explosion. Cameron calls Linus but Ellie has blocked his line.

Linus arrives home and prepares to turn on the light... and Cameron tackles him before he can.

Back at the lab, Camille explains to Linus that Ellie was going to kill him to toy with Kirsten. Kirsten arrives and points out that Ellie couldn't hack Derek's memory. She figures that the Derek betrayed Ellie but felt badly about it, and he felt guilty about it. Kirsten wants to Stitch into the guilt center of Derek's brain. Maggie collects their phones, figuring that Ellie is tracking them. Kirsten refuses, pointing out that it's their only link to Ellie, and promises that she won't let Ellie use the connection to kill any of them. Maggie reluctantly gives in.

Kirsten Stitches back into Derek's memories and sees his getting married. The memories jump to Derek with another woman, and his wife--Ellie--catching him in the act. Kirsten recognizes Ellie by her voice, and watches as Derek used Jacob's website to cheat on her. The next memory shows Derek finding all of the photos that Ellie burned. Among the scraps is the house address. Camille discovers that there's no record of Ellie or Derek living there. They bring in the owner, Lorna Beliansky, who never met the previous owners. Ellie calls Kirsten and asks where they took Lorna, and Kirsten invites her to come over.

Lorna tells Cameron that Ellie had an accident.

Kirsten asks Ellie if she felt better after killing Derek. Ellie insists that he was her ex-husband, and Kirsten figures that she had time to plan her revenge because she's all alone. She keeps calling Kirsten because she wants someone to make her feel she's still worth talking to. Ellie hangs up, and Cameron comes over and explains that Derek's wife had a car accident. Her name was Linda Edwards: LE, or Ellie.

In the conference room, Linus confirms that Linda Edwards died three years ago. Quincy and Camille come in, and they tell them what happened. Cameron suggests that Ellie stole all of her hospital records and the identity of someone who did die. Camille cross-references the three people who died at the same time that Ellie was at the hospital, and discovers that one of them is ordering a lot of takeout. The delivery address is a few blocks away, and Quincy takes command. He tells Kirsten and Cameron to go with Maggie to pick up Ellie, while Camille brings up the building plans and Linus gets him coffee.

Kirsten and the others go to the apartment and Maggie orders Ellie to open up. The door is open, and inside they find an empty medical bed and monitoring equipment. Maggie has Camille shut down all of the elevators, and they run downstairs. When they open the elevator, they find Ellie inside... in a wheelchair.

Later, the NSA takes Ellie to the interrogation room. She will only talk to Kirsten, and wonders how Kirsten knew so much about her, things that only Derek knew. Kirsten avoids answering the question and tells Ellie that she wanted a friend. She admits that she didn't find one, and Ellie explains that nobody visited her after the accident. Kirsten says that Ellie is going to get the help she needs, and Ellie wonders how Kirsten beats her. Kirsten says that she cheated, but Ellie says that Kirsten found her because she didn't really want to disappear. Getting an idea, Kirsten asks how she would find someone who did want to disappear. Ellie realizes that she's talking about Daniel.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 30, 2016

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