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Purgatory Recap

A woman, Wynonna Earp, is riding cross-county on a bus. She's seated across from another passenger, Kiersten Lesko, who says that it's her first time out west. Wynonna explains that she doesn't live there but is coming for her uncle's format. As they approach the town of Purgatory, Wynonna remembers her parents defended her house against attackers, and her and her sister taking cover as her father grabbed a gun.

A tire on the bus bursts out, and Kiersten prepares to go outside to go to the bathroom. Wynonna reminds her not to, saying that it's dark, but Kiersten isn't concerned and goes out. Meanwhile, the driver checks the tire and finds a shard of metal in it. He hears something howling in the distance, and Wynonna hears it as well.

In the forest, Kiersten hears something moving and nervously goes back.

The driver tells the passengers that they're leaving, and Wynonna says that she's heard the howling noise before. When the driver says that there's someone outside, Wynonna points out that Kiersten is still outside.

Something grabs Kiersten and drags her into the forest. The passengers hear her scream and all of them want to leave except Wynonna. She goes after her new friend anyway and the bus drives off. Wynonna calls to the creatures, saying that she'll kill them if they hurt Kiersten. She keeps going and finds Kiersten's corpse. A humanoid creature leaps at her and then an unseen force sends Wynonna flying into a tree. She gets up and screams at the creature, wondering what it wants from her. Wynonna grabs a branch and backs up, ready to defend herself, and the trips and falls. After a moment, she smiles and gets back to her feet, and attacks the possessed man as it lunges at her. Wynonna impales him in the eye, but it laughs and runs off.

Wynonna walks into town and as the sun comes up, she calls 911 and says that an animal attacked her. When the operator asks for her name, Wynonna "accidentally" hangs up and removes the chip from her phone. She sees a group of people gathered for a funeral at a nearby farm, and goes over to investigate. A woman, Gus, is talking about her dead husband Curtis. Wynonna joins the funeral for her uncle and several of the attendees recognize her and mutter among themselves. Afterwards, the mourners gather in the house for the wake. Wynonna finds Gus and apologizes for running late. When Gus says that the doctor determined Curtis died of a stroke, Wynonna doesn't believe her aunt. The older woman says that Hardy Champ was with Curtis when he died, but didn't see what happened. Wynonna asks if Curtis was intact when they found him, and Gus refuses to discuss it. She tells Wynonna to let it go for once and walks away.

In the forest, Sheriff Neadley and Agent Xavier Dolls are investigating Kiersten's body. Neadley points out that Xavier has investigated three cases of dead girls in the last six months. Kiersten's head is missing, and Xavier points out skid marks showing that Kiersten was killed elsewhere and was dragged there. The lacerations indicate bite marks, but Neadley dismisses them as caused by coyotes. Xavier says that he'll be there as long as it takes, finds a key in the dirt and bags it as evidence.

Wynonna continues into Purgatory and goes to Shorty's Saloon and the owner greets her by name. He admits that business has been bead and the dead woman didn't help. Wynonna says that she phones in Kiersten's death anonymously, and reminds shorty that she's still wanted for several minor crimes. Shorty pours her a drink and Wynonna says that she's there to find out what happened to her uncle.

A local boy, Carl, hails Wynonna and wonders why Wynonna's great-great grandfather Wyatt Earp would have settled in Purgatory. He figure Earp was a fraud and gets in Wynonna's face, but Champ comes over and sends Carl on his way. They go up to his bedroom above the saloon, and Wynonna asks why he didn't go to Curtis' funeral as she takes off her jacket. Champ says that he doesn't like funerals and confirms that he found the body. Wynonna shoves him on the bed, rips his shirt open, and draws a knife. She demands answers about Curtis' death and puts the knife to Champ's throat. Champ hastily says that he heard screaming, ran, and called the sheriff. When Neadley arrived, he discovered that Curtis' head was torn off. Wynonna asks who did it, and Champ says that Curtis died on the homestead, Wynonna's land. She tells him that he's going back there with him.

Wynonna's sister Waverly comes in and opens fire with a shotgun, furious that Champ is cheating on her on her birthday. Wynonna and Champ take cover, and then Wynonna pops up and greets her sister.

Carl goes out to a ranch and tells his boss, Malcolm Ramaker, that he planted their birthday gifts. Malcolm is furious that Carl was running off his mouth before they got what they need, and pulls out Curtis tongue. He tells Carl and his lieutenant John that they stick to the plans and then kill the girls, and stomps on Carl's tongue.

Wynonna and Waverly leave the saloon, and Wynonna explains that she's trying to find out what happened to Curtis. Waverly hugs her sister, relieved to see her after three years, and Wynonna explains that Curtis sent her an email: "They've caught up with me." Waverly figures that it's starting again and insists that they need Wyatt Earp's gun. Wynonna reminds her that she told Waverly never to talk about it, and insists that the only thing right that she ever did was leave Waverly behind. Waverly doesn't believe it and says that she could help Wynonna fight the curse. Wynonna tells her that there is no curse... and then draws a knife on Xavier as he comes up behind her. Unimpressed, Xavier shows her the key and figures that it belongs to her, and says that they got her charge.

At Gus' house, Wynonna insists that she had nothing to do with Kiersten's death. Xavier agrees and explains that he's with the U.S. Marshals on a cross-border task force. He has a charcoal star and works with the Black Badge Division. There's been recent unexplained activity in the area, and figures that Wynonna saw what killed Kiersten. He wishes Wynonna a happy 27th birthday and asks where Waverly went, and Wynonna warns him to stay away from her sister. Xavier says that she's one of the only survivors and tells her to call him if she remembers anything. As he goes, Wynonna confirms that she's Wyatt Earp's great-great-granddaughter. Xavier wonders if she's good with guns, and Wynonna claims that she can't shoot. Once Xavier leaves, Waverly comes down and wonders why Wynonna looked so spooked when Xavier mentioned her birthday, and Wynonna says that she's going home and walks out.

Wynonna drives Gus' truck to the abandoned Earp farm. Yellow police tape marks off a square on the front yard. Inside, Wynonna remembers the past.

Her father shows her Wyatt's Peacemaker and explains that he took down 77 outlaws with the gun. Now the outlaws are resurrecting as revenants coming for them, and won't stop until they escape their earthly prisoner. Willa is the eldest and the next Earp heir to inherit Wyatt's abilities. Later, seven revenants attack the house and grab Willa.

Wynonna finds a welcome-home note and angrily walks out. She realizes that they need Wyatt's gun and drives off... unaware that Malcolm is secretly watching her. He calls and says that Wynonna took the bait and she'll fetch the Peacemaker for them.

Wynona returns to Gus' farm and gets a shovel. Gus confronts her and warns that she isn't going to stand for Wynonna's behavior the way that Curtis did. Wynonna says that someone took Curtis' head, and deserved better. Her aunt warns that Wynonna is manic and paranoid, and probably off her meds. She says that Waverly has worked hard to get out of Wynonna's shadow, and gives Wynonna a birthday present: enough money to get out of Purgatory. Gus says that Wynonna is as broken as she comes and walks away.

Later, Wynonna goes to an old well, climbs down, and recovers the Peacemaker. Xavier is waiting for her and says that he might be the one person who can help her. He warns Wynonna that things are going to get worse, and Wynonna figures that the revenant that killed Curtis will stop once she leaves town. Xavier wants Wynonna to join the Black Badges, and admits that the situation is desperate. She warns the agent that she doesn't do authority, and Xavier threatens to recruit Waverly. He figures that he's talking to the wrong sister, and Wynonna says that they took the good sister into the hills and slaughtered her. She figures that deputizing her father got him killed. Xavier says that his bosses will do whatever it takes to protect their interests, and asks what she got from the well. Wynonna tells him not to follow her again and he walks off. Wynonna unwraps the Peacemaker and remembers shooting the revenants as they dragged her father off... and hitting him by mistake.

Wynonna drives to a town sign and practices shooting the Peacemaker. She doesn't do well.

A man crawls out of the well.

Wynonna returns to Purgatory and Neadley confronts her. He wonders why she came back when the people who love her have suffered, and Wynonna figures that they have before she walks away. She goes to Champ's apartment but finds no one there. Wynonna goes in and notices a curtain in the back. It covers a wall of clippings about the Earps. Waverly comes in and says that she's ready to help, and Wynonna irritably says that Waverly is the one who is supposed to be safe. Her sister that she never found a reason why she can't broke the curse, and sees the Peacemaker that Wynonna was carrying. When she tries to take it, Wynonna says that it doesn't shoot straight and it's worth enough for them to move away. Waverly insists that she'll protect their home and kill their enemies. Wynonna reminds Waverly that she killed her father with it, and Waverly insists that it was an accident. Her older sister says that it ruined her life and she's not going to let it ruin Waverly's life. She tells Waverly to come with her and meet her on the 6 am bus. Waverly says that she's a coward and Wynonna walks out.

Later down in the saloon, Wynonna is drinking and the man from the well sits down nearby. She figures him for a Wyatt fan. The man admires the Peacemaker and asks if he can see it. Wynonna refuses, and the man says that he knows it belonged to Wyatt. He pulls it away before Wynonna can react, and points out the initials on the handle. When Wynonna says that crazy runs in the family, the man hands the revolver back and says that he figured she was a prostitute. Wynonna says that Wyatt was good at killing, and the man says that Wyatt wanted to be a farmer until he entered the OK Corral. She sarcastically compliments the man on his old west outfit, and he tips his hat to her and leaves.

That night, Wynonna goes back to Gus' house to say goodbye and discovers that someone has torn the place up. She finds her aunt dying on the floor, and Gus says that they took Waverly. She figures that Wynonna will fix it, and says to meet the abductors at high noon the next day. As Gus passes out, Wynonna sees a message written on the window: "Bring the gun."

The next day, Wynonna finds Xavier and he offers his condolences. He assures Wynonna that their monitoring the situation, and that demons took Waverly. Wynonna points out that they had her committed for saying the same thing, and wants to find them. Xavier points out that they look just like humans, and warns that Waverly is already dead. Wynonna punches him and walks off, saying that they took Waverly where the whole thing began.

Wynonna goes to Shorty's, tells Neadley to stay out of her way, and says that she needs the best motorcycle from Shorty's stable. She pays for it with Gus' money and drives out to the homestead. Waverly is tied up by her neck with a stool underneath her. Malcolm comes out and introduces himself, and explains that Wyatt had him hung in 1866. John and Carl come out and Malcolm explains that when the Earp heir turns 27, everyone killed by the last heir resurrect. He killed Curtis to lure Wynonna back so she'd get the Peacemaker.

Waverly tells Wynonna not to hand over the gun, but Wynonna puts the Pacemaker on the bike. Malcolm sends John to get it, and tells Carl to grab Wynonna. As Wynonna shoves Carl away, she hits a remote and the motorcycle explodes. Wynonna grabs Waverly and holds her up, and then tells Waverly to take a deep breath and knocks Malcolm down. She puts the stool back under Waverly's feet and grabs the Peacemaker. When Malcolm--his eyes glowing red--draws his own gun and threatens to kill Waverly, Wynonna says that no one shoots her family but her. She shoots through the pulley holding up Waverly, and the bullet ricochets, hits a nearby windmill, and knocks the gun out of Malcolm's hand. Malcolm stares at Wynonna in shock and admits that she is the heir, and Wynonna shoots him dead.

The demon is dragged back to hell, and Wynonna goes to Waverly. Carl draws his gun and prepares to kill Wynonna, but someone guns Carl down. Xavier drives up and tells the two women to get in, and then drives off with them.

Later at Gus' house, Waverly tells Wynonna that Gus will be discharged the next day. She figures that Wynonna is staying, just as Xavier pulls up. He points out all of the charges against Wynonna and promises to prosecute her unless she works for the Black Badges. They want Wynonna to identify and eradicate the revenants before they leave the territory and slaughter everyone in the country. Wynonna says that they can't leave Purgatory, and thanks Xavier for covering them from the trees. He tells her that things will go smoother if she follows his lead, tosses her a badge, and says that she has a team

The man from the well--Doc Holliday-- moves into a trailer outside of town with the revenants, and one of them figures that it'd be better if the man lived in town with others of his own kind. He says that some of the revenants figure doc provided cover for Wynonna. Doc says that Wynonna is a disgrace to the Earp name, and the revenant advises him to stay on the outskirts. He joins the other demons as they prepare a war party to go after Wynonna.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 3, 2016

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